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Author Topic: May 1st - Kobayashi Maru Vol. 11  (Read 1086 times)

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May 1st - Kobayashi Maru Vol. 11
« on: 01 May 2009 09:21 PM »
[img align=right][/img]STO has posted another volume in their Kobayashi Maru scenarios.  Provided by Arrgg, this edition is definitely one to debate over many times.  As the officer in charge, what will your orders be?

After reading the challenge below, collaborate with others and provide your responses here.

(As posted at

As captain, you are on a diplomatic mission to negotiate a trade agreement between the Betazoids and the wormhole aliens known as the Prophets. The agreement is based on exchange of knowledge.

As you arrive at the Bajoran wormhole your Betazoid representative is overwhelmed by a telepathic cry for help from the Gamma quadrant. The message is, "We are the Douwd our existence is in danger from the Q- continuum, we seek Federation assistance."

As you contemplate this, a Prophet appears before you and tells you, "You cannot pass, you cannot assist,
any interference by your federation will cause immediate expulsion from this solar system permanently."

As the Prophet fades, Q himself appears and make a cryptic comment about a famous starship captain, then focuses on you and says "If you interfere we of the Q will deny your irritating pathetic federation access to warp space" With a sly smile Q fades.

The Betazoid then shares images of horrific pain and destruction with you that the Douwd sent with the message.

What do you do? Attempt to save a powerful race of beings that perhaps can protect the federation from the Q yet plunge the federation to a crawl with no warp access and the ire of two powerful races?

Ignore the plea and conduct the trade agreement possibly making an enemy of a powerful race?

You have the resources of the Bajoran, Federation technology, and your crew to assist in your decision.