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Author Topic: Star Trek Online Newsbytes: June 7th - June 13th  (Read 4069 times)

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Star Trek Online Newsbytes: June 7th - June 13th
« on: 13 June 2009 03:25 PM »
[img align=right][/img]It’s been an extremely busy week in the Star Trek Online world with a total of 6 new articles and features posted on Cryptic Studios Official Star Trek Online Website.
A timeline update, a new meet the team, a live chat event and a blog update are just some of the interesting things we have had, so here is the run down for the week of June7th until June 13th:
A live dev chat event has been announced for June 16th which will be focussing on in-game movement.  The chat will be occurring in the Official Star Trek Online IRC which is located at and is starting at 3.30pm Pacific Standard (GMT-7).  It is scheduled to last a total of 30 minutes and the chat room will be in lockdown mode for the duration of the event where questions will be pre-selected and put forth to the devs. Post your questions here
A supplemental update has been posted for the year 2388 in the Path to 2409.   The update features an interview between Jake Sisko and the Federations Ambassador to the Kling on Empire – Worf, Son of Mog’h.
Quote from: Jake Sisko and Worf
All right. [I change my approach, seeing that he won’t budge on that subject] Are you at liberty to talk about your recent encounter with Nero? And the destruction of the Klingon fleet?
I do not wish to talk about those events. I believe Ambassador Picard has already spoken extensively about what happened. I have nothing to add to his accounts.
Well, how about telling me why the Klingons sent a fleet into battle when they initially refused to help evacuate Romulus?
We were not helping Romulans. Nero began attacking Klingon ships. Of course we went into battle. Not to do so would have been unthinkable. The Empire could not simply stand by and condone his attacks.
Why didn’t the Klingon Empire want to help the Romulans?
Romulans have not been friends to the Empire. And we had our own… concerns at the time.

Read the full interview at
Daniel Stahl, one of the producers on the Star Trek Online Team, has posted an update to the STO Blog over on where he talks about their Genesis Planetary Content Generation System.  In the article, we learn how the Genesis System (named after project Genesis from STII and STIII) is very similar to a 24th century holodeck system, in that you specify parameters for what you might want a planet to be like and the system automatically generates this planet based on your specifications.
Quote from: Daniel Stahl
On the Next Generation TV show, when a character wanted to go someplace on the Holodeck, they would describe to the computer the locale.
“Computer, load up a beach on the shores of Risa” is all the character would have to say, and then a few seconds later, they are standing on the beaches of Risa.
Describing what you want in real terms is the key to the Genesis System in Star Trek Online.
 “Give me an M class planet with a Federation complex set up in the mountains where some scientists are milling about ...” 
“… Now add a bunch of Klingons attacking the complex …”
 “... Oh, and make sure the Klingons brought some Targs!”
 “… Now make sure one of the Klingons is a badass Dahar master”
 “… And how about a really funny looking Ferengi running around screaming!”
 I can keep on going for days like this. But that’s the point.

Read the full article at
Moving on – Have you been wondering and debating how the events in Star Trek XI might affect the Star Trek Online timeline?
Well the good news is, Cryptic Studios have produced a graphic which shows in detail exactly what is what:

Be sure to check out the adjoining article at
[img align=right][/img] We have been introduced to a new member of the Star Trek Online Development Team in a Meet the Team that was posted this week.
We meet Matthew Kenneally who is a UI Designer on Star Trek Online which is his first job in the games industry. 
It’s nice to meet you Matt!

Check out the full meet the team at
Finally, a new Kobayashi Maru Scenario has been posted.  Participate in the Scenario by visiting this link
Quote from: Kobayashi Maru vol 17
You’re in a Federation starship and patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone when you receive a distress call on a Federation Coded frequency. It comes from a small civilian ship barely on the Romulan side of the border. They’re being chased by two Romulan Warbirds and have suffered significant damage. They’re running on auxiliary power, life support is failing and the ship can’t enter warp.
The crew claims they wandered into Romulan space when their navigation computer experienced a catastrophic failure, and in the process of merging the ship’s navigation with its communications system, the ship’s engineer stumbled on an errant Romulan transmission that detailed their plans for a new ship. The ship not only has a perfect cloak, it can also fire weapons through the cloak. They also claim that in the ship’s weakened state, the crew is unable to transfer the plans to you.
The Warbirds are closing fast and have hailed you, warning that the crew isn’t who they say they are, and if you interfere with the Romulans’ official duties, you’ll be fired upon. You wouldn’t be able to transport the crew of the civilian ship out without crossing the border, and doing so could spark all-out war with the Romulan Empire.
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