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Author Topic: Upcoming interview with Awen (Our STO Community Leader) Post your Questions !  (Read 5181 times)

Offline Caltern

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How in-depth will career paths be in STO? For example, will medical officers be basically using hypos as healing potions, or will it be more of a Fallout 3 sort of thing where players are given bonuses to using abilities and also the occasional bit of information that only a medic would know, or will it be a full fledged separate mini-game (Star Trek: Operation ...extract the tumor without hitting the funny bone!) Perpetual, the prior game development studio who had Star Trek Online developed an engineering mini-game as another example, utilizing an LCARS interface to interact with the warp engines.

Thank you once again Awen!


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I've my 2 cents on eventhough it may be asked before is the timeframe of the release definatly spring 09 & what will the specs be?

Offline Amasov

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Would it be possible for there to be a section on the official website that can begin to give us information on what ship classes are going to be in-game along with some screenshot examples of the kind of customization that each ship class can have?

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Hi Awen, I have a couple of questions for you that i would love to hear the answers to.

1) What types of restrictions/parameters are going to be placed around fleets in respect to size and any other important aspects?

2) What, if any, types of support options will be available for these fleets? Specifically are they going to be able to build large capitol ships, shipyards, outposts and starbases or are those items only going to be controlled by NPC faction controls like in WoW?

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Hey my questions are a bit more technical about actual gameplay:

1) How much freedom will you be allowed to just explore the corridors of your ship?

2) Will you be able to interface with systems that arent normally rerouted to bridge control such as Stellar Cartography?

3) This kinda jumps back to question one, but how much will you be able to interact with your crew whether its senior staff mission briefing in the briefing room or just talking to a fellow crewmember?

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"Although I like the working title STO (Star Trek: Online), is that truly the game's name, and if not, do the developers have any other names that they are considering? And as an interesting side question, if the developers are thinking about a different name(s) will they have a contest so the fans can decide, or some kind of voting poll on the forums?"

Offline Zach

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GREAT question there JDunbar!!

Offline wizenwolf

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I have a question about how STO will cater to the different player types. Would you describe STO as being an in depth experience that requires a player to invest many hours of gameplay to achieve the higher "level" or "prestige"? If this is the case, how would you go about keeping the more casual players active and constructive in the world of STO and working together with the more hardcore players?

Still on topic... Would the more experienced and higher leveled/ranked/prestige players have cartain responsibilities that come with it? Or would the Captain have as much free roam ability as a casual red shirt?


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I would like to know, if they have decided on what type of payment system they will go with and if so have they considered micro transactions.



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Hey Awen!

I've got a question concerning space combat. We've seen the first stats of one of the ships, namly NX-91001. There we were able to see the Offensive Systems and other stuff. One offensive system was called "Additional Weapons Classified". Can we consider this to be some sort of slot for unique alien technologie I found somewhere on a planet or as slot for upgrades though the crafting system Jack is working at?

Thank you very much,