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Author Topic: Zinkievich Interview with Skewed & Reviewed  (Read 931 times)

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Zinkievich Interview with Skewed & Reviewed
« on: 28 April 2009 03:11 PM »
[img align=right][/img]Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer for Star Trek Online at Cryptic Studios, recently sat down for an interview with Gareth Von Kallenbach at Skewed & Reviewed.  Most of the information covered in the interview is already known by the community, but Zinkievich expanded on certain aspects of the game.  Details on what was covered in the interview can be found below.

For the Federation Faction, Zinkievich revealed that there will be more than a dozen different ship types or configurations, and within each of these configurations, players will be able to modify different aspects of their ships to give them a unique look.  Ascetically, players will be able to modify the nacelles, the pylons, the saucer, the bridge, change the color details, and windows.  Of course, each player’s ship will still maintain the original configuration to allow other players to be able to readily identify its class.  However, not all ship modifications are limited to being strictly cosmetic.  The weapon systems installed, the systems that have been upgraded, deflector dish configuration, and what skills the bridge officers know, will be the determining factor in defining what it is that a player’s ship is truly capable of doing.  These different aspects will play a vital role in space combat, which is to be a paced and tactical experience. Positioning, timing, power levels, monitoring the ship’s shields, and utilizing the abilities of the bridge crew are all important to being successful in starship combat.  Starting out in a light cruiser may limit the amount of combat one initially takes part in, but as players advance through the game, larger and more specialized ships will become available. But, being able to upgrade their ships and train their bridge crew members throughout the game will allow each player to build a ship and crew to fit their own particular style of play in STO.

As stated in previous articles, Cryptic is renowned for giving the player the ability to uniquely customize their avatar.  True to fashion, STO will encompass this same customization ability by allowing players to design their avatars from one of the well-known races of the Star Trek universe.  In addition to the predefined races offered, Cryptic is bringing an Alien Creator to STO.  The Alien Creator will allow players to design their own unique race and introduce it as a completely new race to the STO universe.  As for where the player will be able to take their avatar once created, Zinkievich relayed that just like an actual Star Trek episode, players may find themselves aboard a ship, a space station, inside a holodeck, or planet-side.  No matter where a player may find their avatar, exploration will be a prevailing theme throughout STO.  Transwarp conduits and wormholes will aid a player in long distance travels, but sometimes a player may just want to pick a direction and engage the impulse engines.

Guilds, or Fleets as they will be called in STO, will definitely be a large part of most players’ in-game experience.  Zinkievich could not release any new information on how Fleets will operate as Cryptic is still trying to determine how they will function.   Among Fleet members, group or team play will most undoubtedly exist.  It was revealed that teams will be limited to only five players for team instances.  However, Zinkievich went on to say that large scale Fleet Action would require many teams to work together.  These large scale events could be part of random events that will be occurring in STO.  A Borg invasion or an attack by a quadrant-threatening entity would require such action by a Fleet.  Lastly, to run a successful Fleet, it can be inferred that resources will be needed.  Resources will be able to be gathered in a variety of ways:  mission rewards, tours of duty, gathering, crafting, and trading.  However, looting corpses will not be in the game.  There will also be resources or salvage (yes salvage) in space or on planets.  Players might find a piece of technology that can be studied and used on a ship.