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Author Topic: Hailing Frequency Episode 1  (Read 3745 times)

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Hailing Frequency Episode 1
« on: 31 March 2007 03:46 PM »
Hailing Frequency Open

Welcome everyone to the grand opening of the Hailing Frequency Podcast! Hailing Frequency is the first podcast dedicated to covering the many aspects of Star Trek gaming. From the latest news and information on the upcoming games such as the MMOG Star Trek Online, to the older games such as Armada, Bridge Commander, Starfleet Command and more. We'll talk about the Fleets, RPGS, arcade games, board games, flash games... any game that has the Star Trek name attached! You can find interviews with developers, publishers, modders, and people who develop fan based Star Trek games. Hosted by me, ChessMess, a stand up guy *cough* who has spent the last 32 years watching Star Trek and nearly as many playing the games that surround it. I'm fired up about this and am proud to announce the very first episode is now available!!

You can download the file directly by right-clicking the following icon and then doing a save-as to download it to your computer:

=/\= Direct Download Link =/\=

Alternatively you can point an RSS aggrigator such as ipodder or doppler at the following feed and have the file auto-downloaded whenever a new one becomes available:

RSS Feed with MP3 enclosure

About Todays Show

Today's show, recorded at the end of April (2005) (yes it took me a bit of time to get it out), is an introduction episode where I talk about what we want to do with the show and give you a little background on myself and Star Trek Gaming Universe.

Feedback for the episode can be made in the comments section here or at the Hailing Frequency dedicated board at the Star Trek Gaming Universe forums.

Here are the show notes:

    * Intro montage courtesy of Perpetual Entertainment
    * Show Id
    * Audio montage for a answering machine but seemed to fit well in this context
    * Introduction to Hailing Frequency
    * Who is the host?
    * History of Star Trek Gaming Universe
    * Call phone # to leave audio messages for show (206) 350-7848 not toll free
    * End of Show
    * Outro partial song "Run don't stop having fun" by Sonny Jim

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Re: Hailing Frequency Episode 1
« Reply #1 on: 30 April 2007 08:09 AM »
I think the link is broken because according to my explorer the site cannot be found.

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Re: Hailing Frequency Episode 1
« Reply #2 on: 01 May 2007 11:35 PM »
... lol