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Author Topic: Hailing Frequency Episode 15 March 12th 2006 Interview with Daron Stinnett  (Read 3365 times)

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ailing Frequency Episode 15 Released!

Here it is folks, finally, Episode 15 of Hailing Frequency is out!

Show Notes:
Hosted by Zach & Kinneas
Interview with Daron Stinnett- Executive Producer of Star Trek Online
Fleet Gossip Episode 4 from Faxxer of STOnet
Fleet Radio - Arthur Yoria - Just Like You
Danos Commentary
Hailing Frequency Competition!

=/\= Direct Download Link =/\=

All i Can say is WOW!

What a Fun time everybody had making this week's episode!

Chatting with Daron was such an honour, and a laugh too! He is a funny guy!

Add on too all that a Rap-Tastic episode of Fleet Gossip from Faxxer, and another fantastic arthur yoria fleet radio, and we have a hit!!