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Author Topic: Hailing Frequency Episode 5 August 2005  (Read 2874 times)

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Hailing Frequency Episode 5 August 2005
« on: 31 March 2007 03:59 PM »
Hailing Frequency Podcast #5

Show Notes

    * Chess isn't Here.....Its Zach21uk
    * Advert
    * Star Trek Online News
      Star Trek: Online Website
    * Birth of The Federation II News
      Convergence News
      Fleet Operations News
      Star Trek: Birth Of The Federation II
      DS9:Convergence Mod
      Star Trek: Fleet Operations
    * Fleet Radio: Club Nights - Minus
    * Advert
    * Mod Weekly Pilot Episode - Klingon Academy
    * Message from Victor1st
    * Question 1 For Debate - Submissions to
    * DaNos Commentary regarding STGU
    * Ion Particles Advert
    * Slice of Sci Fi Advert
    * Question 2 for Debate, Coming up next week, and Goodbye

=/\= Direct Download Link =/\=

Hey Everyone - Welcome to Episode 5 of Hailing Frequencies........Zach21uk Style

This is my first major length production, so please forgive any dodgy bits.

If you have any audio to send in, or if you want to e-mail a comment for
readout on the show, or anything like that, send it to

I accept audio in any format, although if sending in WAV format try and keep
it under 10mb......i highly recommend getting Goldwave if you want to make
recordings, just turn it on, hit record, and then it allows you to save in any
format you could think off.

Additionally, you can contact me on skype under ID: zach21uk - if you want to
make any comments for the show, i do have a recording setup for skype, so just
lemme know and ill hit the record button.

You can also leave me a message on gizmo, under ID: zach21uk