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Author Topic: Hailing Frequency Episode 7 September 2005  (Read 2830 times)

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Hailing Frequency Episode 7 September 2005
« on: 31 March 2007 04:03 PM »
Hailing Frequency Podcast #7

Show Notes:

    * Opening Welcome

    * Interview With Gavin Turfrey, Lead Dev Birth of the Federation 2

    * Star Trek Gaming News

    * Fleet Radio - Cargo Cult : Alchamy

    * Mod Weekly - Koyasyashi Maru mod for Star Trek: Bridge Commander

    * Fleet Radio - Spine Car : Can't Sleep

    * Closing Comment

    * Outro Song

=/\= Direct Download Link =/\=

Welcome To Episode 7!

One Hour Long this week - wowzers!

If you have any audio to send in, or if you want to e-mail a comment forreadout on the show, or anything like that, send it to :

I accept audio in any format, although if sending in WAV format try and keep it under 10meg. I highly recommend getting Goldwave if you want to make recordings, just turn it on, hit record, and then it allows you to save in any format you could think off. Audacity, a free audio editing program, is another good one as well.