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cheap Forza Horizon 3 Credits It's still all about the action driving in this case but the accouterments make you feel like you're playing in an actual world that's populated by actual people. While there weren a ton of surprises on tap images and specs of the Xbox One S were leaked a day prior and Project Scorpio has been something of an open secret it was a wide reaching roster of games and gaming hardware.. Comme The Crew ce titre promet des explorations infinies aux amateurs de grosses cylindr ainsi que des courses sur circuit pour ceux qui pr un cadre pr pour se mesurer aux autres.

There are equal parts frustration and elation to be had here. Hopefully Horizon Zero Dawn will repeat the trick when it's released next month making it three in quick succession.. The 1968 New Orleans (or New Bordeaux as it is called in game presumably for licensing reasons) is one of the best settings I seen in an open world game of this type with all the style cool cars and a great licensed soundtrack with many of the best bands and artists of the time.

It's almost like the Miami Heat of racing developers.. Suffice to say it's accessible enough without being pandering. Instead of joining the annual Horizon Festival as a participant the new game will put you in charge of the popular racing event. Just like Forza Horizon 2 you unlock radio stations as the game progresses. 3. You can check out the discounts here. While previous iterations from the "Forza Horizon" series were used to first introduce and fine tune the open world mechanic "Forza Horizon 3" feels like the series grand crescendo as all of that work has lead up to the best "Forza" game I've ever played.

You start with nothing in the game's career mode and only winning earns you money to buy better cars. While not an amazing sale (the PS3 is only $10 off) just getting your hands on a backwards compatible PlayStation 3 is a challenge these days. Same thing with peripherals like mice and keyboards. Yes it's going to disappoint "Battlefield" fanbots but you know it's going to be a blast. Signal Studios the developers behind the hit franchise "Toy Soldiers," is pleased to announce its new action role playing game (RPG) "Ascend: New Gods." Enter the world as Caos a gigantic breed of mighty warriors created to serve the will of the Gods.

I have finally finished building my PC and I very pleased with what I built and pleasantly surprised that I was able to build it myself without any issues or stress apart from the odd fiddly bit. Killzone Ryse Killer Instinct. The console boasts some amazing exclusive games some incredible features and has been supported by a massive multi milllion dollarmarketing push but it still lags behind its arch rival the PlayStation 4,in terms of units sold..

You can thank Ubisoft for this experience. It's content to drive a straight line which is a little disappointing given that we're now supposed to be at the dawn of a new era of gaming. It was instantly noticeable when I ran into corners and slowed down drastically. Minecraft comes full circle. But the big news is the return of Porsche. Of course the original code had to be reworked in order to offer the performance we wanted to reach and that was the real hard work," he admits.
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Star Trek General Discussion / Star Trek Discovery
« Last post by BLZBUB on 09 October 2017 09:28 AM  »
 Discovery is now past its fourth episode: "The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”.

 We have seen the 'new' Klingon physiology, the 'new' USS Discovery, and the 'old' lens flare of the JJ-Verse Kelvin timeline.

 And already, 3 of the Discovery character's have been incorporated into the Star Trek Timelines game:
 Desert Philippa Georgiou (Command and Diplomacy skills);
 Lieutenant-Commander Saru ( Command and Science skills);
 T'Kuvma (Command and Security skills).
  Also, Saru is available as First Officer Saru (Command and Science skills - up to 4-star).

 So, first I would like to point out that personally, having watched The Man Trap first air on television in '66, that I am in no way a fan of the Kelvin timeline ... even though I did like the premise of new Star Trek. Having said that, I see Discovery as a continuation of the TOS timeline universe, and look forward to seeing what CBS can do to keep the fan base excited for more.
 And they (CBS) will have to do a lot, as the show is available only on CBS All Access in the USA, and a day later on Netflix most everywhere else.

 Being Canadian, I get it free on Space Channel here in the Great White North.  :startrek078: :startrek078:

 So feel free to add your thoughts on the new series ... its fast incorporation into Timelines ... and if you *sigh* prefer Kelvin to TOS/TNG/DS9 timelines.
Latest Star Trek Gaming News / Re: Bridge Commander 2 ends, rebranded as \
« Last post by temp89 on 20 September 2017 11:51 PM  »
I mean, it's easy to complain about something if you don't pay for it to begin with right?

It's easy to complain when there are so many things wrong with the project. You don't have the technical skill or the talent to deliver a project of this scope. You fleeced people of their money on the promise of a Trek game you knew you couldn't deliver.
Latest Star Trek Gaming News / Re: Bridge Commander 2 ends, rebranded as \
« Last post by Xsnip3rX on 20 September 2017 05:16 PM  »
"Stop pointing out the project's total failure to deliver and me running off with your money!"
I mean, it's easy to complain about something if you don't pay for it to begin with right?

There's a lot of negative comments, but out of the thousands of people who saw everything happen, only a handful are complaining, the rest are completely behind the rebranded project.

The thing you are failing to realize is that it's a Space Simulation game, It will have modding support, mod your own trek into it.
Latest Star Trek Gaming News / Re: Bridge Commander 2 ends, rebranded as \
« Last post by temp89 on 20 September 2017 01:35 PM  »
I am shocked... shocked I tell you /s

What *some* of you are completely failing to understand is that...

Instead of saying "nevermind, CBS is too strict, trek is too hard, etc etc"

I'm saying, "You know what? these people (even the ungrateful ones) deserve a game, and i'm going to finish *A* Game for them, be it trek or a custom genre, the fact is, it will be a game that people will enjoy"

So, in short, stop bitching, click the like button on this post, don't complain, i honestly don't care if there's some people who don't like the fact that i abandoned the trek genre, if you unlike this game and follow a different one, fine, sorry to see you go, don't complain on the way out.

But if you're staying.... stop complaining, wait for updates.

"Stop pointing out the project's total failure to deliver and me running off with your money!"

After over half a decade in development, the fan project “Bridge Commander 2” has ceased development and re-branded as “Stellar Expanse”.

The project will no longer make use of the Star Trek universe or any of its familiar ships, characters or locales and will now be an entirely original project.  The project creator insists that no cease-and-desist was ever received from CBS and that this move has been made as a way to release a game faster, unbound by the requirements, rules or limitations of the Star Trek universe.

The move has come as a surprise to some fans who have in the past supported the project financially on the basis that it is set in the “Star Trek” universe.

One supporter commented:

Being one of the supporters who shelled out 200 bucks to help with a Star Trek game, I’m pretty upset about not even having a Star Trek game. I’m really looking forward to your answers.

The project creator replied:

There’s just some things that I’m not at liberty to discuss in public, i really am sorry about that, but just know that it’s for the better.

There are an array of other comments from folks disappointed in this move and it is unclear as to whether those who financially supported will be able to request their money back given that the game they supported will no longer be released.

As a Star Trek Gaming website, Hailing Frequency will no longer be providing coverage of this project; therefore if you do wish to continue supporting the project, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

Latest BC2 News / Re: Game developer has now conned people out of money.
« Last post by Zach on 20 September 2017 04:29 AM  »
Hailing Frequency has provided and always will provide limited hosting and sub-forum support for any fan game or mod project that requests it with the caveat being that endorsement of the project is neither implied or provided when doing so.

You will notice that the forum section in question has not been used by the project creator in quite some time. In fact, the author has not logged into this forum since 2013. 

Now that this has come to my attention and given the lack of usage, I will archive that sub-section.

Furthermore, it would seem that as of today, the project itself has been re-branded and is no longer associated with "Star Trek" at all.

You will note that this website has not provided any news coverage on the project in quite some time, whilst at the same time we continue to support other projects and endeavors. 

We always attempt to remain impartial in our coverage and will always attempt to do so.
Latest BC2 News / Re: Game developer has now conned people out of money.
« Last post by temp89 on 16 September 2017 10:14 PM  »
Darkthunder I would like to know how exactly you have gotten it into your head that I specifically supported this project over any other and/or defended it?

I do not really show a bias towards any specific project.  Please show me where I have supported this more than any other project.

Well, it's the only project to have its own dedicated sub-forum, so clearly it was supported over any other project.

A cursory glance would have shown this project to be a fraud. You're the site admin, and you are responsible for giving this con a platform by making HF its de facto forums.

You can certainly be forgiven if you have not heard about the Star Trek Voyager Game Project.  It is one of a number of high quality “fan” projects to have popped up in the last year or two. Whereas Stage 9 is focused on The Next Generation, as you can probably guess from the name, The “Star Trek Voyager Game Project” is focused on Deep Space Nine!  No, I kid; it is of course focused on Voyager.

Unlike Stage 9, there are not currently any publicly released builds that you can play and it is unclear as to whether these will be forthcoming in the future.  That said, the project releases regular updates via their Facebook page at and it is well worth a look!

The end goal of the project is to have a faithfully recreated version of Voyager for us to explore and hopefully some interesting missions for us to embark upon!

Here is one of the latest video updates which is focused on the Shuttlebay area:

I am trying to look for persons to help build a star ship from the tv TOS show back in 1966s,
I was told it can be dun. but there are others who say it can't. I tell a lot of person to try to build it on a computer and see?. a lot of you's will say it can't be dun but just try to keep a open mined, is all I can say. I have 2 areas in California for the star ship first. I will need to here a lot of you's first. thisw is my first time here.
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