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You can certainly be forgiven if you have not heard about the Star Trek Voyager Game Project.  It is one of a number of high quality “fan” projects to have popped up in the last year or two. Whereas Stage 9 is focused on The Next Generation, as you can probably guess from the name, The “Star Trek Voyager Game Project” is focused on Deep Space Nine!  No, I kid; it is of course focused on Voyager.

Unlike Stage 9, there are not currently any publicly released builds that you can play and it is unclear as to whether these will be forthcoming in the future.  That said, the project releases regular updates via their Facebook page at and it is well worth a look!

The end goal of the project is to have a faithfully recreated version of Voyager for us to explore and hopefully some interesting missions for us to embark upon!

Here is one of the latest video updates which is focused on the Shuttlebay area:

I am trying to look for persons to help build a star ship from the tv TOS show back in 1966s,
I was told it can be dun. but there are others who say it can't. I tell a lot of person to try to build it on a computer and see?. a lot of you's will say it can't be dun but just try to keep a open mined, is all I can say. I have 2 areas in California for the star ship first. I will need to here a lot of you's first. thisw is my first time here.

The latest update has been released for Stage 9’s Enterprise D virtual recreation.  Whilst still very much a work in progress, development on the project is roaring ahead with regular updates and regular videos from the developers showing what has been accomplished.

In the latest update video, the creators talk about work that has been done on the turbolift system.  In addition, work has been done on tricorders, padds and system warping!  Improvements have been made to the shuttle systems as well!

It is also worth noting that this game is available with versions for Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive and those of us here at Hailing Frequency have had bucket loads of fun testing the VR versions recently!

Check out the latest video below and be sure to head to to download the latest version.

Latest BC2 News / Re: Game developer has now conned people out of money.
« Last post by Zach on 10 August 2017 04:35 PM  »
Darkthunder I would like to know how exactly you have gotten it into your head that I specifically supported this project over any other and/or defended it?

I do not really show a bias towards any specific project.  Please show me where I have supported this more than any other project.
People tried to warn about him (myself included), and people like Zach publicly silenced the BC2 critics for speaking out. Turns out, now we've been proven correct.

Excuse me? When have I ever "publicly silenced" anyone?
Introductions (The Landing Bay) / Re: Hello!
« Last post by BLZBUB on 13 June 2017 07:35 PM  »
 Welcome to Hailing Frequency Dori. Yeah, we like to keep things 'cozy' around here.
Introductions (The Landing Bay) / Re: Hello!
« Last post by DorindaVoges on 13 June 2017 05:06 PM  »
Hey everyone!
My name is Dori and I'm new to this place :D
It feels pretty cozy here, so I'd like to wish everybody having a good time on this forum :3
Introductions (The Landing Bay) / Re: Hello!
« Last post by BLZBUB on 08 May 2017 06:05 PM  »
Welcome to Hailing Frequency Jeesieword. We do hope you find us to your liking.
Writers Den & RPGs / Re: Trek Into the Wild with the USS Pandora
« Last post by Temple on 23 February 2017 07:03 AM  »
Watch our promotional video here.

Winner of Task Force 72's Sim of the Month Award for December
Winner of Task Force 72's Player of the Month Award for January
And awarded the Active Command At Sea Award in January

We still require Chief Officers for:
  • Engineering
  • Intelligence
  • Flight Control / Helm
  • Diplomacy
  • Recreation Facilities
We also have many Assistant Chief and Departmental positions open. We especially are looking for:
  • Scientists
  • Operations
  • Security
  • Engineers
  • Marines
  • Medics
Join Today:
Fleet Directory (Clans/Guilds/RPG) / Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet Introduction =/\=
« Last post by [LF] Caltern on 20 February 2017 08:33 AM  »
Hello everyone,
I'm Caltern, former RP Administrator of Lotus Fleet, current RP Captain of the Luna-class refit USS Hoshea, and newly commissioned as one of Lotus Fleet's recruitment officers.

Lotus Fleet is bringing our latest Season of roleplay online with several new ships.

  • As mentioned, the USS Hoshea is a Copernicus refit Luna-class vessel. The Copernicus refit retains the initial mission of the Luna-class series that Captain William Riker's USS Titan established: Science, Exploration, and Cooperation in a post-war Starfleet. The refit, designed at the Copernicus Shipyards for which it derives its name, focuses on important upgrades for Science and Diplomacy, while retaining the Luna-class deep space exploration capability.

  • Another starship joining Lotus Fleet's roster is the USS Discovery, a Vesta-class DeSilvo refit. From her logistics file: "This refit is planned to convert the Aventine NCC-82602 from a "McKinley" (NX) pattern to a "DeSilvo" pattern (NCC). While labeled as an "NCC" the Aventine currently is identical to NX-82600. (U.S.S. Vesta) with exception of the added experimental quantum slipstream conversion. NCC-82602 is subject to refit earlier as expected because of the destruction of NX-82600 during the war against the Borg. The refit is scheduled to start at stardate 88668.7 and will take up to 4 months. Currently the Aventine is docked in drydock 18 here at Utopia Plantitia. Drydock 18 is an enclosed dock that requires a higher security clearance and is off limits to all normal personal, including medical staff.

    Upon completion of the refit, the vessel will be rechristened U.S.S. Discovery to serve as long range explorer with Lotus Fleet"
  • Yet another starship joining Lotus Fleet's roster is the USS Millennium, a Millennium-class explorer. With increased threats posed by alternate universe invaders like the Undine and the Mirror Universe, and increased time incursions by hostile forces like the Klingon, Borg and Romulan Empires, Starfleet has seen a need to develop a Transdimensional Explorer - an initiative finally made possibly by utilizing advances made possible by Quantum Slipstream technology.

  • Finally, though not new to Lotus Fleet is our very own Flagship: the USS Horizon, Lotus-class. Equipped with a fully operational transwarp drive, the Lotus-class is designated a Galactic Exploratory Starship. The Lotus-class starship entered service in 2410, marking the crowning achievement of over a century of engineering advancements, starting with the Transwarp Development Project in the late 23rd century and the Galaxy class design of mid-24th century. With currently only one in service, the Lotus Class is servicing the Federation and Starfleet.

    Lotus-class vessels are to be the largest in the fleet along with the capital class of the Odyssey design, on par with the massive Romulan D'Deridex, built to boast Starfleet's most advanced technology and show the Federation's presence as if a core member world was next door with it's own mobile space station or outpost.

All four of these vessels are crewed, but positions are still available. You can quickly join up at and once registered, click on the Welcome Center portion of our forums. You may also contact me directly for assistance, or through our shoutbox.
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