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Author Topic: EARTH  (Read 2424 times)

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« on: 11 January 2009 07:49 PM »
If Star Trek Online were started today, what species would you want to be and where would you want to be in the galaxy with regards to current events?

This room is for anyone who would want to be a Human (or any species), on Earth or in the Earth(Sol) system during the presented time-line.  For anyone currently in a guild and role playing in this system.

The goal is to put together a system by system picture picture of how people's are feeling
TIME-LINE is now @ 2384.   

Any information may be presented through United Federation of Planets Media services like FLEET RADIO on the Hailing Frequency podcast
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« Reply #1 on: 12 January 2009 08:40 PM »
After the graduation party with the fellow cadets the asignement of the fresh promoted Ensign Moppy C.G. Daniels was to report on Planetia Utopia werft. He transported to one of the orbital habitats of the Earth first thing in the next morning. From the transporter pad in the spacestation he took a shuttle to Tycho City on Earth's moon, where the Ensign boarded on one of the inner Sol system ships.

While he arrived in Mars orbit he had some time untill the mission briefing for the launch of a Stargazer class ship. So Moppy took a runabout for surfing on the nearby Saturn moon Enceladus.