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Author Topic: Star Trek Online audio interview: Meet Nicole Hamlett  (Read 5081 times)

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Star Trek Online audio interview: Meet Nicole Hamlett
« on: 23 January 2009 06:16 AM »
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1:00 About Nicole and her previous Community Management roles.

1:30 About Star Trek in her life and how she landed the Cryptic Community Manager job.

2:45  Who is the most influential Star Trek captain and why?

3:45 Favorite episode.

4:45 What is your role as Community Manager?

6:00 Will you be moderating the community in-game and how?

7:05  Have you played the internal build of STO?

8:00  On giving your community updates and experiencing an MMO on your own.

8:45  The impact of ATARI buying Cryptic.

9:50  When is the beta?

10:30 Community asked question: Can you tell us something truly mind blowing about STO?

11:10 Community asked question: How do you manage the fanatics in the community? Appreciating community ideas and input.

13:40  On the number of people currently signed up on the STO site.

14:30  On the number of submissions thus far for the Cryptic Planetary Exploration Contest.

15:15  Break/Commercials  (Personal note: I Love all the commercials...but the ARIES FLEET commercial still cracks me up!  --Kinneas )

17:45  Back

18:10  How many moderators do you have and how much time do they put in?

19:20    On the next rounds of content that will be coming out

19:51   Schedule on new content releases

20:00 the NX-91001

20:12   B I G G E R   S H I P S

20:26  The time-line

20:44  An aside: The Time-lines and role-playing. Getting into the spirit of things.

21:16 Personal thoughts on the time-line and working with CBS...

21:28 Content writers.

21:37 On Christine Thompson.

22:00  Will there be a 'Spotlight on' section on the web-site?

22:40  New game-play videos? When?

22:57  CRYPTIC BETA SLOT GIVE AWAY: Why limited to North America? When will there be world-wide contests?

25:05  Support for current Fleets, Clans, Guilds, etc.

25:48  (( Repeat question???  --Kinn??))  How will you get updates in-game. (( Support Hailing Frequency/UFP Media/Fleet Radio in STO!  :)   --Kinneas))

26:45  Any words to reassure the folks out there who are terribly worried about the direction Star Trek Online is taking?

27:27 Design plans

27:36 Fun, exploring customizing, making it your experience.

27:53 A WOW buster?


You have been assigned to take refugees to Starbase 187 when you receive a distress signal from a medical ship ferrying critical supplies to Pacfica, which has been struck by a plague of unknown origin. When you reach the medical ship, you find that the ship is surrounded by two Gorn Cruisers and five Gorn frigates. The medical supplies must reach Pacifica, but not only are you carrying innocent civilians on your ship; you limited weapons capability.  Will you assist the medical ship that has medicine on board that may save thousands, or ensure the safety of your passengers? Choose quickly or all is lost!

BETA SLOT GIVE-AWAY! Get your 'Planet Exploration Contest' submissions into CRYPTIC STUDIOS A.S.A.P.! GOTO:

My video submission so far: (audio portion included in the episode 59 podcast)
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The audio submission is:
3: Only Me (Audio submission for the Planet Exploration Contest) 
Artist: Arthur Yoria

Please use the power of DIGG to get this interview spreading!
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Re: Star Trek Online audio interview: Meet Nicole Hamlett
« Reply #1 on: 27 January 2009 12:42 AM »
As usual, good interview guys!


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