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Author Topic: Participating in Hailing Frequency  (Read 5008 times)

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Participating in Hailing Frequency
« on: 05 April 2007 02:35 PM »
Greetings Everybody,

Something that Hailing Frequency always has been, and always will be, is a community podcast - that means that the podcast will always be supporting the community in any ways that we can. The bulk of content on Hailing Frequency comes from community submission or people who choose to join our highly skilled team - people such as Croesus, MrJuliano, and K'suan'indra, are all regular members of the community like everybody, who choose to participate in the shows.

We also regularly play out adverts, for other trek websites, for fan-made game projects. for mods.......anything that is trek related.

To expand on all of the above, i will answer the question - how can YOU contribute, participate, or advertise in Hailing Frequency:


If you are a Star Trek Clan, Guild, Website, Fan Game, Modification, or in fact anything releated to Star Trek - we invite you to advertise on Hailing Frequency - but the question alot of people ask, is what do i say?

Well the basic things to include are the name of your website, tell people what you are, give them a little bit of information about what you do, ask people to visit your site or message boards.

If you are feeling a little bit more confident, you can include more information, however, we ask that you limit your adverts to 60 seconds or less.


If you have an idea for a full blown segment, (a segment being defined as a mini show, within the overall podcast such as mod weekly, fleet radio) - then great! Contact us via e-mail at - tell us a little bit about your segment, what it would cover, and how long you envisage it lasting per show - we will work with you to develop your segment and produce a pilot, which will be played out on the show - if the community responds well, we will ask you to make it a regular production!

If you have an idea for a segment, but do not want to be responsible for recording it yourself - again, contact us at and tell us about the segment, but be sure to stress that you do not want to record it yourself - we will work with you to develop the idea, then search for someone who would like to record the segment


If you own or run a clan or guild, or are spearheading a game mod or fan-creation - please contact zach at - we are always looking for leading community members to interview on a show by show basis

How to Record an Advert, Segment, ETC

Recording a sound file is very easy - all you need is a microphone, and some recording software - those of you who have windows installed on your computer, already have recording software called "Windows Sound Recorder" - below is a step by step guide on how to access this program and use it to record a sound file:

For Windows XP or Vista users - Click Start then go to All Programs:

Then go to Accessories and then go to Entertainment and click "Sound Recorder"

Once sound recorder is open, click File, and Properties, as we need to change the quality of your sound file

Once the Sound Properties come up, under Format conversion, press convert now

In sound selection, set the format to PCM, and the attributes, to 172kb/sec

Hit OK, and OK again, and you will be back to the main sound recorder screen - hit record and start making your file

When you are done, simply save the file

You now have your sound file, and all you have to do, is e-mail it too

For the More Experienced User

The more experienced user, may wish to try a different program for recording sound files, the two programs we recommend are:

Audacity - Freeware Advanced Audio Recording and Editing Program

Goldwave - Shareware Advanced Audio Recording and Editing Program (better than Audacity)

This pretty much concludes everything you need to know on how to contribute to Hailing Frequency - we hope you enjoy the podcast, and look forward to your participation!

Best Wishes
The Hailing Frequency Team

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Re: Participating in Hailing Frequency
« Reply #1 on: 08 May 2009 02:29 AM »
you showed the process well and its helpful to everybody

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Re: Participating in Hailing Frequency
« Reply #2 on: 08 February 2010 08:15 PM »
Very well put.

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Re: Participating in Hailing Frequency
« Reply #3 on: 08 February 2010 10:28 PM »
A shame no one ever sends in anything.