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Author Topic: Production Pause for 4-6 weeks  (Read 2514 times)

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Production Pause for 4-6 weeks
« on: 03 June 2009 10:55 AM »
Hi There Everyone,

As some of you may know and others might not, I recently experienced a drive failure on 2 of my hard drives.  This resulted in almost a terabytes work of information and backups being lost and included a large portion of my Hailing Frequency Files.

Now, we had already been considering a production pause for around six weeks anyway to take some time to revamp the show in the same way we revamped the website at christmas and this drive failure has now prompted me to go ahead and do this.

Following a discussion this past weekend, we are now on a production pause for the Hailing Frequency Podcast.  During this time, we are going to be searching for a musician who can re-vamp and produce some new intro music for us as well as outro music and bumper music. (if you are a muscian or know of one, please contact us ASAP

In addition, we are also issuing a call out to the commmunity for new segments! We are still activly searching for someone to revive the Mod Weekly segment and in addition to this, we have a couple of concepts in progess for new segments.  We are also open to any ideas that you, our community, might have for new segments, so if anyone has any segment ideas or is interested in producing Mod Weekly or one of our other concepts, please contact

Finally, we are going to try to tighten up our live shows a little bit and bring back some of the fun factor that we feel has been lost since late last year when we first switched to the live format.  Our 2 hour live shows are going to be cut down to between 1hr 20mins and 1hr 35mins to give a much tighter feel to the show and we will also return with some scripted content at the beginings and ends of the show.

The website will of course be fully online and our forums and shoutbox are open for your discussions.  All the latest news will continue to be posted to the front page of so be sure to keep checking us out for all of your latest news!

See you in four-six weeks folks!

The Hailing Frequency Team