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Author Topic: Another Return, Another Try  (Read 2485 times)

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Another Return, Another Try
« on: 10 February 2010 09:28 PM »
Well, I am back again. Wanting to try modding STL, again. Every time it seems I try, and I have been since its release, I am always caught up with other things. Then POOF, offline for another several months. Prior to STL, was trying to mod A2 and never had time for that either. I still have my STL wish list, growing, drooling over its digital signature. Still want to learn. Still want to learn. Would help with my degree (bachelors in game and simulation programming) too if I can find the time. Always a long story on why I start to read up on how to do these things, and then one distraction to another stops me. Think that is bad, I still have yet passed in my pastoral protection application and I have been doing it for a year already. Have missed the past 11 TKD tests. Even took me, a few years ago, an entire year to put my grill together only to find in the inside lid, "free assembly available". Yup, always distracted. Sometimes playing/testing other games takes up time to, but not sure why...

Anyway, am here again. Glad to see this board up. usually when I vanish from the Star Trek world for a year, a forum is gone and I have to find a new one (my FileFront account seems gone this time around).

I am hoping this time I can try and stick around long enough to not only ask the questions, but see the answers within a reasonable time frame. On other boards for years, since days of A1, I am BorgInva if you ever see my name elsewhere.

I just obtained Trek Battles 3 to pull out STL Tools 2. I am anxious to see if any suggestions I put in last year (from using v1) got in there.

I still want to make STL the space combat game I was hoping it was going to be after its release. Been trying then, and probably will still keep on trying. Got to pass the "try" stage and actually "do" something. Even modify an odf file. That would be some progress!

I know people rather grab whole conversions and such, and God bless the people who make them, but we all have our taste. That is why I always have the want to try myself. People may take out stuff I want in. I am all for the additions but not the subtractions of certain things. Eh, i got a wish list maybe I will post sometime.

Ramble ramble.

So... "hi".

Grab your bets. Let us see how long I get to stay focus a bit on STL this time around.
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Re: Another Return, Another Try
« Reply #1 on: 11 February 2010 06:57 AM »
Sounds like we both came here at the same time hoping to do the same thing :) I want to try and port my Armada 2 mod (KA2 The General War) to Legacy and i'm encountering some problems (pulse based weapons having NO sound effects for example...) but I have managed to get a lovely TOS-Era Langley Class BBX ingame in all her glory (except for her QCB Weapon, but I think most A2 special weapons will fail to work in Legacy sadly, which raises more problems)

If you'd like to collaborate and see if we can overcome these issues together (i'll happily help solve any you might encounter), drop me a PM or an email :)