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Author Topic: BEST SPACE RTS OF ALL TIME  (Read 4182 times)

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« on: 30 September 2010 12:27 AM »
BEST RTS OF ALL TIME        in my opinion

The Gamer Access reviewed Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity  gave Sins: Trinity an 8.5!

    “All in all, Sins of a Solar Empire is an absolute must-have if you enjoy strategy games. The game successfully finds the middle ground between difficult-to-learn 4X games and click-heavy RTS games. SoaSE gives you time to relax instead of constantly building stuff (like Command and Conquer), but you are still doing something (research, bounties, pirates, trade) most of the time, especially when your empire grows. So Sins of a Solar Empire actually pulled it off. It takes the best of real-time strategy games and 4X turn-based games and combines them with enough polish to produce an awesome title.”

and there is a Star trek mod!!!!