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Author Topic: ST Armada II: Fleet Ops Veteran Abilities +2 Screens  (Read 2415 times)

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ST Armada II: Fleet Ops Veteran Abilities +2 Screens
« on: 27 April 2009 03:14 PM »
Optec, a dev team member for Star Trek Armada II:  Fleet Operations, recently posted an update referencing Veteran vessels and their unique abilities.  Optec revealed that veteran abilities will be similar to the officer abilities that are already built into the game;  some of these abilities being passive, applying continuously, and some gaining new active abilities.  Stating that most of the veteran abilities will be linked to a model effect or weapon change, not all of these visualizations will be included in the patch update that introduces them but instead released in future patches.  However, the veteran abilities patch (3.0.6) will feature the complete gameplay aspect of veteran abilities. 

Below you will find some of the features that will be included on veteran vessels.

Federation Akira Class:  Modified Torpedoes
  • Torpedoes break through shields and deal direct hull damage.  A quite powerful ability, ignoring the opponents shields and directly crushing its hull can blow smaller vessels to bits in seconds, exspecially combined with the highly increased offensive value of a veteran Akira.

Klingon Neghvar Class: Warship Cannon
  • Fires two ultraheavy pulse disruptors, dealing double damage to battleships.  Ever wondered why the Fleet Operations Neghvars are missing the two giant cannons you saw on some of them during the Dominion War in Deep Space 9? Here they are, make sure to stay out of the line of fire!

Romulan Norexan Warbird: Dagger Doctrine
  • The rate of fire increasment when opening combat is doubled, lasts twice as long and only requires 10 seconds to refresh.  As already noted in the last news post, Romulan vessels do now fire faster when opening combat. This effect is greatly improved for Veteran Norexans. They unleash a great volley of disruptor shots in no time, the perfect hit and run vessel.

Dominion S-2 Escort Cruiser: Ammunition Lock-On
  • Special targeting systems allow Tetrion Torpedoes to lock on the ammunition depots of hostile vessels, dealing twice damage against vessel with torpedoes and disabling their weapons.  Akiras assaulting your base, Sang' Class bird of preys harrassing your troops - a Veteran S-2 Escort Cruiser will take care for all those torpedo-vessels out there.