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Author Topic: Star Trek: Elite Force RPG-X  (Read 4633 times)

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Star Trek: Elite Force RPG-X
« on: 02 September 2010 08:53 PM »
I dunno if this has ever been discussed here before, but my all time favorite Trek game is Elite Force: RPG-X, a free mod for the (also excellent) Elite Force FPS game.

Basically, RPG-X is a freeform roleplaying mod that runs in a live, multiplayer 3D environment. You can roleplay with other people on any of multitudes of ships, colonies, bases, and so on - and it's all entirely controlled by the players, who take positions (like captain, chief medical officer, chief security officer, first officer, and so on) and create their own plots and stories - there are even regularly scheduled "serial" roleplay games that run every week.

RPG-X is a really different and incredibly fun way to roleplay, and a great game in its own right - its official site is, and it's free (though you'll need Elite Force, which costs about $5 used off Amazon). It's worth a look for anyone who loves Star Trek and wants to play in their own open world - it's as close to a real ship as you can get (without a holodeck ;)).

While I'm not one of the creators of RPG-X, I do run (with others) an RPG-X group, The Last Outpost, which is a relaxed community geared towards roleplaying and having fun with Trek in general. We have about 30 members right now (and growing) and we offer special events, frequent serial roleplays, and easy guides to getting RPG-X set up - we even have an academy program geared to help new players learn the ropes. The Last Outpost has its own clan thread, here, so go there if you're interested, or visit the RPG-X site at

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Re: Star Trek: Elite Force RPG-X
« Reply #1 on: 17 December 2019 07:52 AM »
The story makes me very confused. You make it clear