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Author Topic: The Week in Review  (Read 3033 times)

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The Week in Review
« on: 03 May 2009 10:06 PM »
This is the Week in Review for Sunday, May 3, 2009. 

It has been another busy week for the developers of many Star Trek mods and fan games.  The dedication of all the teams involved in the programming can only attest to the quality that will exist in each new addition.  In this review, we will touch on a Trekwar, Elite Force 2, Star Trek: Armada 2, and Trek Battles 3 & Resistance. 


Trekwar has a new forum that has been established for general discussion, feedback, and requests.  The forums can be found at the Birth of the Federation website, and any comments that you have can be posted there.

Elite Force 2

I am sure that many of you remember The Adventures of Captain Proton holonovel that was featured on ST: Voyager.  Well, a modification for Raven's Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and the Elite Force Expansion Pack is currently in development to bring you the single player Captain Proton Mod.  The mod will be episodic and span multiple maps; bring you familiar characters as seen on Voyager and introduce some new ones; and new models to include rockets and weapons will be implemented.  The mod is set to be released this summer and will contain at least five episodes, with future episodes being released as add-ons.

Star Trek: Armada 2

The A2Files Welcome Home Mod contest has been extended until the end of May.  There are four categories for entry and they are as follows:

  • Best New Gameplay Concept - Nothing ever seen before.
  • Best New Ship - Submitted separately from regular downloads with no max poly count but playable.
  • Best Stock Game Improvements - Anything that's added or modified using just the stock elements.
  • Best New Starbase - The central station of the race you're building for and can be any known race from any known universe, but shouldn't be a kitbash.

Files can be submitted here!

Trek Battles 3 & Resistance

The New-Gen Mod Team will be releasing two total conversions, Trek Battles 3 and Resistance.  Looking at Resistance first, it will encompass several different sci-fi themes to include Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate.  It is speculated that other sci-fi generas will be added, but that has not been confirmed since Resistance is still in the concept stage.  There is also no identified storyline or release date, but the New-Gen Team hopes to have Resistance released sometime during the 2009 calendar year. 

Moving on to Trek Battles 3, the New-Gen team has stated that there are several improvements that have been made since TB2.  First off, several different game modes have been implemented into TB3.  There is a Capture the Starbase mode that is somewhat similar to a Capture the Flag game mode.  There is also a Custom Mission mode that is simply a Deathmatch where you can choose your own opponent.  And lastly, there is another mode in development that is an Escort Mission; basically escorting a convoy of freighters that are being attacked by AI Fleets. 

There has also been some minor modifications to the race configurations.  The Breen have been removed and replaced with a Multiplayer race that contains duplicated ships from all non-stock ship types and the Romulans.  The menu systems has been updated to have the feel of the TCARS system seen on the USS Relativity, a 29th Century timeship.    And, speaking of ships, there will be a host of new ships added to TB3, plus several of the stock ships will have a quality enhancement done on them for this new version.  With the new ships come more intensive graphics, so New-Gen is trying to optimize the particle effects for slower video cards and is also developing a tool that will scan the user's system to identify whether or not they can use the latest shaders or not;  basically this is to help reduce lag.

Also hoping to release TB3 in the 2009 calendar year, New-Gen is working hard to get this quality mod released to the public.  Of course, I am sure that the wait will be well worth it when TB3 finally does arrive.
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Re: The Week in Review
« Reply #1 on: 04 May 2009 09:19 AM »
Cool - There has been alot going on this week!  Great article Tryjo - Good idea to summarise alot of the smaller items into one topic :)

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Re: The Week in Review
« Reply #2 on: 09 May 2009 09:14 AM »
Tryjo -

Thanks for the heads-up about Laz's latest project - the possibilities of it (and Starbase 11) are wide reaching.

I reckon it's one step away from being a holonovel in itself!


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