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Author Topic: Trek Battles 3 Map Contest  (Read 2314 times)

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Trek Battles 3 Map Contest
« on: 27 April 2009 04:52 PM »
Trek Battles is looking to the community to create a map that will be placed in the very first slot in the upcoming release of Trek Battles 3.  There are only two requirements for submitting a map in the contest; it must be a 4, 6, or 8 player map and be created in either the unmodified game or Trek Battles 2.  All other map content is subject to the designers time and ability.  The TB team will vote on the best map submitted and it will take the top spot and be awarded with the first map position in TB3.  Depending on the number of maps submitted, 3 - 5 additional maps will be selected for map slots in TB3.

Maps may be submitted here until May 31, 2009, and you can send in as many maps as you want. If there is any custom content in the map you submit, please include the odfs and such in a zip file. Also, you can add a readme file containing further information on your map (build time, description, history, etc.).

  • 4-8 players
  • Must be submitted to Legacy Files until May 31st
  • created in Trek Battles 2 or Stock Legacy

What can improve your chances of winning:
  • Custom Content (make sure you have permission if you're using other peoples work)
  • Description of your Map
  • A short summary of the idea behind it

This is what may help you when creating the map:
  • Legacy Modding Tools List - Includes Instructions on how to enable the Map Editor
  • STL Tools - These Tools can be used as launcher for the Map Editor; the Map Editor also does not have to be enabled then.
  • Legacy Files Tutorials - This download section on STL Files contains several Mapping Tutorials