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Author Topic: UUM TWOK Battle 2009 HD edition plus an update on what to expect in UUM2.0  (Read 2368 times)

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Watch directly from ldisc66 Youtube channel

 "Sauce for the goose Mr. Saavik, the odds will be even..."
The Ultimate Universe mod for Star Trek Legacy -- showcasing the graphics in this loose recreation of the battle between Kirk and Khan. Video production by Laserdisc and Soundtrack remix by Mindwipe from the scripted mission for UUM 2.0


as well as that though:

Ultimate Universe Mod 2.0 for startrek legacy is due for release this fall. Included in the release will be:
1. Ultimate Universe tools that allow either random or 'ship selectable' skirmishes. Infinite Combinations

2. Many scripted historical missions from the TV series and movies

3. Many new original scripted missions

4. Full Exploration mode

5. Many new high quality ship models for all UUM races

6. Improved graphics and gameplay for modern gfx cards and pc systems that bring the game fully up to date with current shader 3 technology as well as older pc's for smooth compatible gameplay

7. New music and custom audio effects exclusive to 2.0 to enhance your gameplay experience both generic skirmish and scripted missions

8. bonus behind the scenes extras and video interviews with the game and mod writers.
the mod will be a complete revamp of 1.0 with with so many extras that v1.5 gameplayers have had snippets of and will provide hours of fun and replayability. the current 1.5 version is available at  for those who cannot wait till fall.