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Author Topic: Canon Star Trek vs. Non-Canon Star Trek vs. False Information in The Novels  (Read 3040 times)

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I don't know about alot of people, but I sure hate it that many of the Star Trek novels aren't fully related to canon Star Trek and then that also William Shatner's novels aren't even considered to even be part of the Star Trek Universe and are in a universe of their own.

I also hate how the Star Trek Enterprise novels say that Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III's death at the end of the final episode "These Are The Voyages.." is a hoax especially when that episode was set  in the year 2161 and not 2155 when Terra Prime was still in effect and the episode before the final involved Terra Prime.

Also I hate that the authors Andy Mangels and Micheal Martin keep the Trip and T'Pol relationship going because T'Pol personally ended that right after the incident with Terra Prime, this is seen on screen not only in that episode but also is mentioned in "These Are The Voyages..."

Ok, getting to my point, I am a Star Trek author and write novels that Paramount and Pocket Books don't want to publish because I do not support the facts that Mangels and Martin have in their books, worse in the Romulan War the book gets it all wrong about the Daedalus-class and they had been created and brought into service after the United Federation of Planets was chartered in 2161, not in 2151 like Martin has in "The Romulan War - Beneath The Raptor's Wing".

In my Star Trek novels, Captain Jonathan Archer and T'Pol are married, they are set after the founding of the Federation in 2161 and Trip IS DEAD like he is supposed to be. I stick to canon and kept the hinted on relationship from Seasons 1 & 2 in line with the novel. Jonathan and T'Pol have a daughter, T'Lin too.

Who supports me in this? Who is interested in my Star Trek novels? Who wants to see the one that I am currently revising?