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Author Topic: Entire Shoutbox History (Upto July 2008 Posted So Far)  (Read 92388 times)

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Entire Shoutbox History (Upto July 2008 Posted So Far)
« on: 04 February 2009 10:16 AM »
[] Zach Nicodemous: Testing

[] Zach Nicodemous: Testing 2

[] Zach Nicodemous: Testing 3

[] Zach Nicodemous: T4

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: t

[] Zach Nicodemous: gh

[] Zach Nicodemous: Test

[] Zach Nicodemous: Test

[] Zach Nicodemous: Test

[] Zach Nicodemous: Test

[] Zach Nicodemous: est

[] Zach Nicodemous: Test

[] Zach Nicodemous: Test

[] Zach Nicodemous: est

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have installed a new shoutbox, more efficient than the previous one!

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have also upgraded the forum software to the latest version

[] Zach Nicodemous: Enjoy!

[] Zach Nicodemous: I also just re-vamped the Gallery!

[] lrdnova: much nicer interface

[] lrdnova: looks nice

[] Zach Nicodemous: :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: I  added a Lotus Fleet Banner to the rotation too

[] lrdnova: oh very cool thank you

[] Zach Nicodemous: Least i could do

[] Zach Nicodemous: The Gallery is now fixed. :)

[] lrdnova: is closing down. I have mentioned this site in the thread

[] lrdnova: so hopefully  people will fall back to here.

[] Crazyfist: They are

[] Crazyfist: Because nobody can stop trekkers from gathering :P

[] Crazyfist: So watsup dudes

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey hey folks

[] Zach Nicodemous: welcome newcomers to Hailing Frequency

[] Zach Nicodemous: Stand by while i create a dedicated STO Section for these forums

[] lrdnova: awsome thanks Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: Forums added and announcements made to our existing users, and on STOnet

[] Zach Nicodemous: Now please, post to your hearts content, LOL!

[] Crazyfist: I will

[] Crazyfist: And you may call me Master

[] Crazyfist: lol j/k

[] Crazyfist: Another Voy episode down the hatch

[] Crazyfist: next one: Faces

[] Zach Nicodemous: Good Ole Voyager. Ive seen all the episodes so many times i can practically play them in my head

[] lrdnova: man Zach that was really quick

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: OK - STOnet have removed my post announcing the launch of the STO Forums here, so, tell all of your friends at STOnet!

[] Kinneas: yeah. he's quick.

[] Kinneas: welcome folks.

[] Zach Nicodemous: OK - STOnet have removed my post announcing the launch of the STO Forums here, so, tell all of your friends at STOnet!

[] lrdnova: now see thats kinda rude they are going down but they dont want to keep the community together by allowing others to goto another site?? whatever

[] Random Redshirt: Gotta agree with my esteemed colleague lrdnova. That was pretty crappy what they did.

[] Crazyfist: Oh man

[] Crazyfist: Even redshirt is in here

[] Crazyfist: Thats awesome

[] Random Redshirt: Greetings Crazy!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Test

[] Crazyfist: better

[] Crazyfist: What was that all about?

[] Crazyfist: Second time today

[] Zach Nicodemous: I tthink the shoutbox exploded

[] Zach Nicodemous: LOL

[] lrdnova: to much activity

[] Crazyfist: Lol

[] Crazyfist: Maybe it needs some fine tuning

[] Crazyfist: Im sure itl be fine

[] Zach Nicodemous: i'll keep an eye on it. its all in the history still

[] Zach Nicodemous: If you see anyone on STOnet posting that they need a forum to goto, PM them and let them know to come here. Jaedon Removed my Announcement Post

[] Crazyfist: Why did he do that

[] lrdnova: jerk

[] Zach Nicodemous: they are worried about advertising!

[] Zach Nicodemous: just sent out 3 pms to people i saw in the closure thread

[] Crazyfist: But what does that matter since theyreclosing

[] lrdnova: he he my post is still there

[] lrdnova: so hopefully many will see it and come here

[] Zach Nicodemous: Kinneas is working on a banner as well that you could put in your sigs on STO-Net

[] Random Redshirt: We'll do all we can to help.

[] Crazyfist: He does have an excellent banner already

[] Crazyfist: Hey, i have to reinstall photoshop and create some imagery for you to watch in the arts section if there yet is one

[] Crazyfist: I must hone my skills, otherwise i get rusty

[] Random Redshirt: I need to hone my Photoshop and Illustrator skills as well

[] Crazyfist: Most intriguing

[] lrdnova: whats that

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have increased the height of the shoutbox slightly

[] Random Redshirt: Hey, any way the shoutbox could be Left justified? Would make it a bit easier to read.

[] Zach Nicodemous: It should be - mind you, i use Firefox, lemme check IE hold on

[] Zach Nicodemous: OK - Im on it. Gimme 15mins

[] Random Redshirt: coolness

[] Crazyfist: Im going to see if i can get some of the UFP in here

[] Crazyfist:  in a rowdy convo with 22 UFP dudes, and everybody is rioting for they wish to play Elite Force

[] Crazyfist: so it will have to wait

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: this place is about to explode lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: im running a site backup at the moment, things might be going a bit slow

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Random Redshirt: Rock on, the shoutbox is easy to read!

[] lrdnova: worried?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Think i fixed the shoutbox

[] Crazyfist: Glory to the Nicodemous

[] Random Redshirt: You bet this place is about to explode. Lots of people were still active at STOnet

[] Random Redshirt: They will migrate here

[] Zach Nicodemous: IF we can advertise it enough

[] Random Redshirt: And this site will be even tighter a community than STOnet ever was.

[] Random Redshirt: I'll send a PM to EVERYBODY if I have to

[] lrdnova: well the way I look at it, HF is going to be good for the STO community because they offer news about things other then just STO, because of that I hope the time will pass quickly for the community

[] Crazyfist: True

[] Crazyfist: Nova you forgot my MSN TS info lol

[] Random Redshirt: I am especially interested in that new game coming out, sounds interesting.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yes, PM Everyone!

[] lrdnova: ah yes

[] lrdnova: sorry crazy

[] lrdnova: Admiral Redshirt, im going to send out a Fleet wide email asking that everyone please register here and also inform there friends on STO, where we will be migrating to.

[] lrdnova: sent

[] Uzelth: Hey guys, can I recommend ye enable email validation for all account registrations? SMF is decent software, but even with image validation ye'll find ye might still get loads of spambots registering.

[] Crazyfist: oh man

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have had it turned off  for a year now and never had a problem with bots, might turn it on if things get out of hand tho

[] Crazyfist: should be getting to bed

[] Random Redshirt: Well sending out PMs in masse on STOnet sucks. 60 seconds between messages makes it dang hard to advertise. But I got out 4 messges to people about this site.

[] Random Redshirt: I'll keep sending them out to anyone I see when they appear on STOnet.

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: i would help you but i really need to sleep now

[] Crazyfist: night everybody

[] Random Redshirt: night Crazy

[] lrdnova: alright guys im out of here, see you when i get home.

[] Kinneas: Good to see you.  :)     Now, c'mon...STOnet does not suck an did not suck.  That was our home for years.  I can see it returning in the future.   

[] Kinneas: Thank you for the help!  The Fall Out Shelter is getting prepped for the refugees!!

[] Kinneas: ::  runs to the shuttlebay to direct traffic ::

[] IanD967: hail all! :D

[] IanD967: glad to see this site isnt going to close down anytime soon :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey ian!

[] Zach Nicodemous: we'll be here for years to come!

[] Random Redshirt: Kinneas, I did not say STOnet sucked I said their message system sucks for trying to deliver a high volume of PMs.

[] Random Redshirt: By the way, hey Kinneas! :)

[] Kinneas: forgive me. knee jerk reaction!   It is a pleasure having you!

[] Random Redshirt: It is a pleasure to be here

[] Zach Nicodemous: Things around the forum still seem to be aligned to the center in IE instead of how it should be, to the left, im working to track it down peeps

[] Zach Nicodemous: BTW folks - We dont give infractions here, just bad karma

[] Zach Nicodemous: I am working on implementing an awards system

[] Random Redshirt: Any plans for an SDB type page? I really enjoyed sharing designs with the community.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Depends what SDB means?

[] Random Redshirt: Starship Design Bureau

[] Zach Nicodemous: Can you link me to it on STOnet so i can see what you mean?

[] Random Redshirt:

[] Zach Nicodemous: consider it done

[] Random Redshirt: WOOT! - Now I'll have to get around to taking my USS Nehalem plans from 30% CPs to 100% Design complettion!

[] lrdnova: Zach I really want to tell you how appreciative and happy I am to see you and the rest of the HF team stand up and take up the huge task of giving all us STO refuges a new home. Thank you

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ship Design Forum added - With a COOLER name i might add

[] Zach Nicodemous: See "Community Services and Features"

[] Random Redshirt: Ditto on my esteemed colleague lrdnova. You guys have really stepped up, and the community as a whole owes you all a debt of gratitude.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Gimme a minute folks, just trying out a code changes - Shoutbox my go down for a mo

[] Zach Nicodemous: Interesting

[] Sheriffnl: ah, so that was it :) i kept refreshing like hell :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sorry about that :)

[] lrdnova: its so quite

[] Zach Nicodemous: I PM'd about 30 people on STOnet who posted i nthe closure thread lol

[] lrdnova: lol talk about spamming, Redshirt and I have been PMing everyone we can too, but doing only 2 people per every 1 PM gets really tedious lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Indeed. When can we expect more people from Lotus?

[] lrdnova: We have our weekly meeting scheduled tonight so we will be discussing todays events tonight

[] Random Redshirt: It'll take some time to get them over here, but I believe Admiral of Starfleet, Squirrel and Captain Crowl will join us here once they get a chance, and the others will filter in sporadically.

[] Kinneas: ::  start making a fresh pot of coffee ::   

[] Starbear: Oh I see you PM all of those people but not me... humph!

[] lrdnova: breaks out the whiskey

[] Kinneas: Hiya. Good to see you, Starbear.   Coffee?

[] Kinneas:  : slides mug towards lrdnova :   ooo.  May I have a wee bit?

[] Random Redshirt: You weren't online when I was PMing people. Besides, I kinda figured that you already knew about HF, like the rest of the Mods at STOnet ;P

[] Starbear: Hey Kinneas, I decided to check this place out... love the podcast stuff, and I needs my STO fix!

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'll have a tea, earl grey, hot, with 3 sugars

[] Kinneas: : Slides to the replicator to get that for Zach ::

[] Starbear: True, to be honest I didn't know they had forums, now I do... and once goes down I'll probably move to this one, I'm gona miss that place

[] Random Redshirt: I'll have some Johnny Walker Black Label, with a Johnny Walker Black Label chaser....

[] Random Redshirt: We all will Starbear. We all will.

[] Starbear: Well I've gota run, I will talk to you all later, here or there :D

[] Random Redshirt: See ya

[] lrdnova: brought all of us together in one form or another. for this once again Star Trek has impacted our lives.

[] Random Redshirt: Eh Nova, what do you say we break out this whiskey tonight and do our weekly meeting in style? LOL

[] Random Redshirt: Here here. Without STOnet, I would not have become a member of Lotus Fleet, and would have much more time on my hands. :)

[] lrdnova: lol i dont know about you but ive already started the meeting. 99 bottles of whisky on the wall 99 bottles of whiskey take one down drink it all 98 bottles of whiskey..... burp

[] Random Redshirt: I'll be on TS by 6:30, with a nice tall glass of scotch!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Kinneas: ::slides out drinks: Sorry was distracted a moment

[] lrdnova: ill be here 86 bottles of whiskey .....

[] Random Redshirt: Huzzah to Kinneas the Trek barkeep!

[] lrdnova: maybe

[] Kinneas: how does one get in on that conversation tonight! Help a newb out :)

[] Random Redshirt: Hook up with Nova, he'll get you set up with login and P/w info

[] lrdnova: if you goto our site, the connection info and guest password is there on the main page

[] Kinneas: ::Wipes hands on a bartowel and slips it up onto his shoulder::    Thanks.   

[] Kinneas: What time?

[] Random Redshirt: 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time

[] lrdnova: official around 10pm EST

[] lrdnova: 10:30 EST

[] Random Redshirt: Something like

[] Kinneas: so....7:30 mst?

[] Random Redshirt: 10-4

[] lrdnova: yep

[] Zach Nicodemous: My god this chat box is more active than its ever been

[] lrdnova: you can cruise in anytime you want really

[] Random Redshirt: Too bad Crowl can't make it tonight. Would be a good night for him to be there.

[] lrdnova: all of you are welcome to come we love talking about our Trek

[] Kinneas: ok great. Hey howabout a link for anyone

[] Kinneas: i'll need a break. I'd like to visit.

[] Random Redshirt: Yeah, it might be a Fleet meeting, but we talk about more than just Fleet biz.

[] Random Redshirt:

[] Random Redshirt: There is a TeamSpeak interface on the page

[] Random Redshirt: Microphone and speakers are handy

[] Random Redshirt: :)

[] lrdnova: computer is too

[] Random Redshirt: Doh, how do I always forget that?

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Random Redshirt: I better get my work done so I can get home on time. I'll catch you all a little later.

[] Kinneas: ok great

[] lrdnova: later

[] Kinneas: ok I have the site pulled up and ready to go for later. Thanks!

[] lrdnova: make sure you have teamspeak client downloaded and installed

[] Kinneas: ok :)

[] Kinneas: See everyone tomorrow.  : runs out for the eve :::

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey Demosthenes

[] lrdnova: welcome Demo

[] Demosthenes: morning =)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Welcome to our little corner of the internet

[] lrdnova: Thank you for your time, money and effort. STO helped change a lot of lives

[] lrdnova: and with out us ever knowing if it gives you any peace of mind, allowed many people that may have not had a lot of friends to find a group of really good people to share something that they love.

[] Demosthenes: It was fun while it lasted, I've no doubt we'll eventually see a Star Trek MMO, and I'm certain it's even under active development as we speak, but I guess we just ran out of steam!

[] Demosthenes: Yup, it was a fun community to build and be a part of, even if we didnt get it right all the time ;) Like I said over there, long term we'll probably not come back, but hey, if Cryptic start banging their drums soon...

[] Demosthenes: who knows.

[] lrdnova: well this is just an idea, and maybe something comes to mind, but I would like to show my appreciation for STO by placing some sort of image or something on lotus fleet website so that people will remember

[] lrdnova: if anything comes to mind for you I would appreciate it

[] Zach Nicodemous: Be sure to get STOnet into the site archive gallery!

[] lrdnova: there we go, thats a great idea

[] lrdnova: you know what Ive got ask as I am looking through the SDB, SO MUCH blood sweat and tears has gone into that thread, is there any way to have the information transferred for the members?

[] Demosthenes: We're considering some public preservation methods on various aspects of our content, I'm sure it will be discussed in the coming days

[] lrdnova: alright good, I cant imagine all that information going away

[] Zach Nicodemous: Cryptic 2 - Mysteriousnous ZERO

[] BLZBUB: lol Zach...two -  nothing is the wrong order! it is mysteriousnous 2 - Cryptic 0

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thats what i meant

[] BLZBUB: heh. So we're getting a few members now eh? How's the bandwidth holding out? :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: It'll be fine. The new package has an extra TeraByte of Bandwidth per Quarter

[] BLZBUB: terabyte? and you didn't go with petabyte? for shame! heh heh

[] * BLZBUB wonders what comes after peta...?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Lets ask google

[] BLZBUB: Good lord...there's three more after 'Peta' 8\


[] lrdnova: if we keep going the way we are with memory increases we will be there within 20 or 30 years

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have like, 1.2 Terabytes of space on my PC, i thought it was alot, now i feel insignificant

[] BLZBUB: reading trivia on that page...the amount of info loaded onto the internet doubles every 6 months

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thats pretty amazing

[] lrdnova: yes and star trek knowledge takes up 1/4th the space avaiable on the internet

[] lrdnova: lol***

[] BLZBUB: and...lawlz !

[] lrdnova: hey BLZ you should have been here earlier, we crashed the shout box earlier

[] lrdnova: hehehe

[] BLZBUB: crashed? overload?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Overload, cos i was backing up the site at the same time

[] lrdnova: dont know probably

[] Zach Nicodemous: All 7gb of it

[] BLZBUB: heh...good timing then

[] BLZBUB: not 7 TB?

[] BLZBUB: just GB?

[] lrdnova: I kinda pictured the Shout box as a old man getting dragged out and force to run a 10K marathon this after noon

[] lrdnova: thats why it crashed lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yeh, just 7gb, which is weird cos the Hailing Frequency Folder on my Hard Drive is 57gb

[] BLZBUB: I can still run a 10K marathon! I just call it a week well wasted  though

[] lrdnova: lol

[] BLZBUB: heh...better put all that stuff back into the "Cutting Room" then Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its cos i keep all the raw HF files in WAV Format.

[] Random Redshirt: Whew, TGIF folks

[] Random Redshirt: Glad that work day is done.

[] lrdnova: you home already?

[] BLZBUB: Well...for some. it's early morning in Europe! :)

[] lrdnova: um.,.. TGIS?

[] BLZBUB: and Star Trek folder on my HD is only 119KB. mostly still pics :(

[] Random Redshirt: Yes, I'm home Nova and about to log on to TS

[] * BLZBUB has to work on Sat. yet

[] BLZBUB: :(

[] Random Redshirt: Bummer

[] Random Redshirt: How does one work after a day like today? I feel much the same way as when my best friend moved to Alaska.

[] Random Redshirt: Oh, never mind, I have alcohol!

[] BLZBUB: Hey RR? is it true you have 9 ribbons on ST:Online?

[] lrdnova: Hey Redshirt, did you manage to send out the memo to all of Europe informing them that they need to conform to the US's timezones

[] Random Redshirt: No? I have 4

[] Random Redshirt: Polt has 9

[] BLZBUB: hmmm...must have been someone else


[] Random Redshirt: But today I hit 2 bars of rep!

[] BLZBUB: we share a few...but I never made any ships

[] BLZBUB: your rank? Rep was good too though.

[] Random Redshirt: My rank is Lt. I was the first to hold the Starship Mark of Recognition though!

[] BLZBUB: why US timezone's nova?

[] Zach Nicodemous: You know, I am in GMT, and this forum is set to enough talk of evil us timezones

[] BLZBUB: my skillz with the Blender prog. are sadly lacking for ship design :)

[] BLZBUB: but...but...I am connected to those evil us time zone's!

[] lrdnova: Flatfingures just joined!

[] BLZBUB: me pouts

[] BLZBUB: we all best use keep it straight once we enter a UFP style utopia! ;P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Whats the Lotus Fleet TS Addy Nova?

[] Random Redshirt:

[] BLZBUB: I'm gonna miss Quarks

[] Random Redshirt: There is gonna be a ton of stuff I'll miss.

[] Random Redshirt: Mostly people, and I was GOING to miss the SDB, but now there is one here.

[] BLZBUB: to quote Bugs Bunny...."REALLY!"

[] Random Redshirt: Look below for the Utopia Planetia Yards

[] Zach Nicodemous: Need to get some people to POST in it now!

[] Random Redshirt: My construction plans aren't ready yet....

[] BLZBUB: thats MARS below the Utoia Planatia fleetyards! :P

[] Random Redshirt: rofl

[] BLZBUB: next thing you know they'll start handing out awards too! rofl

[] Random Redshirt: Actaully.....

[] Zach Nicodemous: I thought about that, but we already have Karma.

[] BLZBUB: Mmmmm..K A R M A ... argllglrlgl

[] BLZBUB:'s late an I get up at 5 am...laterz people

[] Zach Nicodemous: GNite

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hello Khar!

[] Khar07: aloha

[] lrdnova: hello hello hello

[] Khar07: so how many other refugees are here?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Like 30 so far i think

[] Khar07: good

[] Random Redshirt: me

[] Random Redshirt: <---STOnet refugee

[] Khar07: your a given

[] Random Redshirt: aloha Khar

[] Khar07: aloha and i still get to keep the red shirt right? >P

[] Random Redshirt: you bet

[] Zach Nicodemous: Aizar Kel, Flatfinders, Suricata, BLZBUB, Starbear, Crazyfist, Demosthenes, Jaedon Rivers, all here, the list goes on

[] Khar07: execlent

[] Zach Nicodemous: knightofhyrule730, Pruchnicki,  IanD967.......

[] Zach Nicodemous: Uzelth...Hyper...

[] Zach Nicodemous: I cant remember any more

[] Random Redshirt: Lots of good folks, and more to come!

[] Random Redshirt: So you actually on the islands Khar?

[] Khar07: on oahu

[] Random Redshirt: Nice, I love Hawai'i. I'm in Oregon myself

[] Khar07: honestly id rather be home in cali

[] Random Redshirt: Really? Man, I loved Oahu when I was there.

[] Khar07: i miss the snow

[] Khar07: and it rains too much

[] Random Redshirt: Come to Oregon and head up to Governement Camp where roofs are collapsing and such!

[] Khar07: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sounds like fun. Britain definetly has the most random weather though

[] Zach Nicodemous: "The Following Statement is True, The Previous Statement is False" - Did anyone ever get that?

[] Random Redshirt: rofl

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey Amasov!!

[] Kinneas: :: strolls back in for a coffee:   Hey what are you all doin up so late?         Hey, Amasov :)   

[] Khar07: it aint that late

[] Kinneas: Hey, Khar07 :)

[] Khar07: >P

[] Kinneas: coffee?

[] Khar07: already had some thank you

[] Zach Nicodemous: Headin to bed folks, 4am here, night

[] Crazyfist: Im back

[] Crazyfist: And lol late for the party

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey DaBruuzer!

[] Sarevok: Hiall :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: HEy Savevok

[] Zach Nicodemous: How are you today?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Our new domain just came online -!

[] Sarevok: Hi Zach

[] Sarevok: cool

[] Sarevok: do I need a new login for it?

[] Sarevok: because either someone is already using the name Sarevok, or'something is wrong...

[] Sarevok: *logs out of hailing frequency*

[] Sarevok: that didn't work

[] Sarevok: :(

[] Zach Nicodemous: The domain just points to this forum

[] Zach Nicodemous: You dont need to re-register

[] Zach Nicodemous: A new banner will be going up later though :)

[] Sarevok: but I can't login there... it says something aobut cookies

[] Sarevok: oh, it seems I can get in, now :)

[] Sarevok: it's also the same page now... when I looked 30 min ago, it wasn't... :s

[] Zach Nicodemous: It shouldnt have been....

[] Sarevok: there were only about 7 forums on it,then...

[] Zach Nicodemous: If you click directly onto it takes you into the STO section of the forum specifically, there are 7 forums there, maybe thats what you saw

[] Sarevok: ah, could be :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: :-)

[] Kinneas: : yawn :   Mornin  :yawn:

[] Kinneas: ::sleepily goes to put on the coffee :::

[] * Zach Nicodemous looks at Kinneas

[] Sarevok: Hi Kinneas

[] Sarevok: is there any way to recognize the new from the old post in the thread?

[] Zach Nicodemous: New posts should have a little "new" graphic next to them - Like this:

[] Sarevok: uhm.. that goes for threads with new posts in them, but I haven't found it for the new posts in the thread

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hmnnnnnnnnnnnnn

[] Sarevok: it's annoying to have to goes search through the thread to have to find where the new posts start

[] Kinneas: Hey there. Good morning, Zach...,Sarevok.  Sorry so long to respond.  I'm waking up still and checking posts and mail.      : refills coffee ::   coffee?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Oh i see what you mean sarevok. Yes that is an annoying bug with this version of the forum; We will be upgrading to the BRAND NEW version 2.0 of our forum software soon, which will have alot of new features and bug fixes

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are in the process of texting it now and redoing our forum design. I think about 2 weeks until its done

[] Zach Nicodemous: *testing

[] Sarevok: ah, good :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: botany bay...............BOTANY BAY?!?!?!? keptin...we must!!!! KHHAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

[] lrdnova: hello all

[] Zach Nicodemous: Our new banner is online :)

[] Kinneas: Hiya, Botany Bay!

[] Random Redshirt: Good Morning HF!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Morning Random Redshirt!!

[] Random Redshirt: Hey Zach. Get much sleep? :P

[] Random Redshirt: Love the new banner

[] Random Redshirt: I get a kick out of the fall out shelter idea

[] Zach Nicodemous: Only slept 6 hours last night. Woke up early and started flesing out the Shipyards. Now i am trying to find 3 dollars.

[] Zach Nicodemous: *fleshing

[] Zach Nicodemous: and 50 cents

[] Zach Nicodemous: lolz

[] Random Redshirt: I see you are pulling over the old designs. That's awesome!

[] Random Redshirt: If you get a chance, please try to save the Nehalem. I don't care about the rest of mine, just the Nehalem.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Spent 4 hours on it this morning, got half way through the SDB, will do the rest later

[] Random Redshirt: Hey what is a good 2nd party site for storing photos that links easily into this site?

[] Zach Nicodemous: photobucket

[] Kinneas: imageshack

[] Kinneas: youtube :)  : for photo slideshow :

[] Random Redshirt: ok, thanks

[] Random Redshirt: back in a bit

[] Zach Nicodemous: k

[] Random Redshirt: what section is the picture thread located?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ready Room

[] Random Redshirt: t.y.

[] Zach Nicodemous: The evidence is mounting!

[] Random Redshirt: say what about evidence?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Stand by

[] Random Redshirt: I saw it. It's intriguing, but not yet concrete evidence.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hi Philip!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hi Crano!

[] Khar07: aloha all

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey Khar

[] Zach Nicodemous: Aloha

[] Kinneas: Hey, Crano Orden! Hey, Phillip!   Hiya, Khar!

[] Khar07: any1 know if titan-aramanth has come here?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Not yet

[] Khar07: damn

[] Zach Nicodemous: Im sure if you ask him he will come

[] Khar07: he was helping me with my ship desgign

[] Khar07: am i the only one having trouble staying on the forumn?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I am just making little updates sorry

[] Khar07: ah ok

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm done now :)

[] Khar07: cool now i can stop rfing

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Khar07: im srry but rfing ever 10sec can get anoying fast

[] Zach Nicodemous: True

[] Khar07: well ive gota get got a lot to do ( including going to a concert>P) so ... may honor and reace foolow

[] Khar07: *peace

[] * Zach Nicodemous wonders what concert Khar is going to

[] Crazyfist: hows it goin fellas

[] Zach Nicodemous: not bad, jsut trying to track down some annoying forum bugs

[] Zach Nicodemous: scouring lines of php code :(

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: im getting all kinds of strange anomalies

[] Zach Nicodemous: such as?

[] Crazyfist: perhaps the quantum singularity we encountered a few hours ago is affecting our systems

[] Crazyfist: all kinds of template errors, weird misdirectionrs n such

[] Crazyfist: right now i can see no forums

[] Zach Nicodemous: template errors should vanish a second after happening

[] Crazyfist: they do

[] Crazyfist: now i see them again

[] Zach Nicodemous: im making live changes to the code

[] Crazyfist: prolly why

[] Crazyfist: so zach

[] Crazyfist: the UFP might be doing some clan stuff here soon

[] Crazyfist: well prolly want to see what can be done aobut an ad, like the lotus fleet has

[] Crazyfist: its a cool idea

[] Zach Nicodemous:  I think i have an advert on file for UFP already

[] Crazyfist: really? whered you get that

[] Crazyfist: can i see it?

[] Zach Nicodemous: United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet, that you?

[] Crazyfist: were not focusing much on STO now since theres so many other things going on, tournaments, wars, etc etc

[] Crazyfist: no, thats UFDF

[] Crazyfist: were the UFP}

[] Crazyfist: eh

[] Zach Nicodemous: oh ok, dont have one for ufp then

[] Crazyfist: {UFP}, United Federation of Planets

[] Crazyfist: thought so, well prolly wanna make our own anyways

[] Crazyfist: no wait thats not UFDF

[] Crazyfist: UFDF is United Federation Defence Force

[] Crazyfist: maybe u mixed the words? or then its a separate fleet

[] Zach Nicodemous: Captain Robert J Collins did the advert i have

[] Crazyfist: Never heard

[] Crazyfist: Probably one of the new STO based fleets

[] Zach Nicodemous: Well, if you guys wanna do an advert, feel free, i can help if needed

[] Crazyfist: imgonna add ur msn

[] Crazyfist: is it same as ur email

[] Zach Nicodemous: yeh but im never on msn. Skype = zach21uk

[] Crazyfist: oh skype

[] Crazyfist: skype r00ls

[] Crazyfist: well, im off to bed again, good night fellow trekmasters

[] * Zach Nicodemous thinks crazyfist sleeps alot

[] * Crazyfist 's subconscious might be reading the shoutbox

[] Kinneas: :: Runs in for some coffee ::   

[] Starbear: Bwhaha I get the first shout of the day... its mine... allll miiinnneee!!!

[] Sarevok: grats :)

[] * Sarevok checks time

[] Crazyfist: starbear :D

[] Crazyfist: sarevok :D

[] Sarevok: what timezone is this site using??

[] Sarevok: somewhere in the middle of the atlantic?

[] Sarevok: Iceland, maybe?

[] Starbear: well all I know is I'm PST

[] Sarevok: Hi Caryfist :)

[] Starbear: oh yah and hi to both of you haha

[] Sarevok: Hi STarbear

[] Starbear: so what are you guys upto... the forums at are dead right now so I came over here to see what was up

[] Starbear: well I'm actualy going to run... I'm starving so going to grab some food, I'll drop in later and say hi again, I've been doing some triming over at :p

[] Sarevok: I'm watching Battlestar Galactica :)

[] Sarevok: bye Starbear

[] Crazyfist: anyoone got BC

[] Sarevok: what's BC?

[] Crazyfist: bridge commander

[] Crazyfist: theres gonna be a big game soon
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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #1 on: 04 February 2009 10:30 AM »
[] Sarevok: ah

[] Sarevok: I had it once..

[] Sarevok: (hated it)

[] Zach Nicodemous: YAY my net is back!!!

[] Sarevok: congrats, Zach :D

[] Zach Nicodemous: Bloody thing crashed last night

[] Zach Nicodemous: Grrrr competition

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] Crazyfist: sarevok how dare u hate BC

[] Crazyfist: download km 1.0 and ull have fun

[] Sheriffnl: hey zach, could you pm me you MSN address?

[] Sheriffnl: want to talk about some rss related issues ;)

[] Kinneas: Hey, Zach. Hop on Skype

[] Kinneas: Mornin', Sheriff!    Mornin', Crazyfist... Mornin', Sarevok.     :: goes to get coffee ::    : yawn :

[] Sarevok: Hoi SHeriff, Hi Kinneas

[] Crazyfist: Greetings and Salutations

[] Sarevok: Hi again Crazyfist

[] Crazyfist: I should post in the STO:ned forums a topic about I WANT STONED

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sorry so silent folks. Im working with kinn to get a proper site up for

[] Sarevok: cool :D

[] Crazyfist: why does it display users active in the past 15 minutes

[] Crazyfist: why not 5

[] Zach Nicodemous: its a setting

[] Sarevok: I'd say because someone who hasn't done anything in 10 min might actually still be here

[] Sarevok: like me right now, for in stance :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are planning to launch a beautiful site at

[] Sarevok: nice :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Our article "Cryptic Hints STO at GDC 08" was posted on Warcry!!!!!

[] Zach Nicodemous: At least the shout box isnt exploding today

[] lrdnova: how exciting! So does this mean that Hailing Frequency has hit the big time?  I hope so, it is certainly well deserved.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Warcry is certainly up wit hthe likes of IGN

[] Random Redshirt: Hello, anyone here?

[] Kinneas: Jiya...just got back in from watching the Oscars

[] Kinneas: Hiya, even.

[] Kinneas: Sorry we missed ya.  We'll be back in the morning.

[] Random Redshirt: I'm here

[] Random Redshirt: Just been checking some posts

[] Zach Nicodemous: Good Morning

[] Sarevok: Good afternoon all

[] Sarevok: (I won't be here for long, just saying hi)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey

[] lrdnova: good morning all

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey hey

[] Sarevok: Hi Ird :)

[] lrdnova: Hey what do you guys think of having a meet and greeet between the CO's and XO's of the many Fleets that are here and also have the Hailing Frequency crew in. I was thinking that aside from getting to know each other

[] lrdnova: we could also discuss how each of the Fleets can do there part in the HF community as well

[] lrdnova: anyways let me know if you guys are interested.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sounds Like a good idea!!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Would you be able to organise it or would we need to?

[] lrdnova: I am working on organizing it, I would first like to see how many active Fleets there are in this community

[] lrdnova: from there we can open up a one on one discussion with them. I have posted additional information in our Clan Forum

[] Sarevok: maybe you'll want tto post that in a more general forum as well

[] Random Redshirt: Morning ladies and gents

[] Sarevok: morning?

[] Sarevok: me thinks RR is in the USA?

[] Random Redshirt: aye laddie. West Coast, United States

[] Random Redshirt: But I gotta run. I'll be back around later.

[] Sarevok: bye RR

[] Sheriffnl: i awaiting the launch of the sto-zone site :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Arnt we all?

[] Sheriffnl: :) any idea when this is gonna happen? .. today? this week? next month? :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Today.

[] Zach Nicodemous: As soon as Kinneas wakes up

[] Sheriffnl: \o/ jeeeej

[] Sheriffnl: you have his cellphone number? :P:P:P

[] Zach Nicodemous: I do.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Someone responded to your dutch post btw Sherif, down in international section

[] Sheriffnl: i replied :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: wha'd you say bout me?

[] * Zach Nicodemous looks at sherif

[] Starbear: wait I didn't know you guys were actualy launching a full flredged site... I thought the STO-zone was just that little child board bellow the shout box

[] Sheriffnl: lol

[] Sheriffnl: i said: that we have discussed some great ideas last night

[] Starbear: oh ok I must have read that wrong :p

[] Sarevok: The person that responded to his Dutch post was me :)

[] Sheriffnl: yup .. it's all his mistake :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: STO Zone will be launching as a FULL FLEDGED site in a few short hours

[] Random Redshirt: Does that mean the STO content that is already here is gonna get moved?

[] Zach Nicodemous: No

[] Zach Nicodemous: Wait and See

[] Random Redshirt: ok, no prob

[] mindwipe: i shall be promoting this site through my podcasts as im sick of the biased nature of memebers of stgu. not chess. but the hard core followers. i much prefer this launch than what was announced by the former stgu.

[] mindwipe: good work ppl in setting this up :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: give it another couple of hours mindwipe and you will be even more impressed :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: especially when you see what i am doing with  wimpy

[] Falin: what's this? a shoutbox?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Indeed it is!

[] Kinneas: Hiya, Falin!!

[] Falin: cool, another place to chat when i'm at work

[] Kinneas: Welcome aboard the UFP Devil Fish!    :: gets a coffee:   Hiya folks.  Welcome aboard.   We are in orbit over Risa.  Next uplink to the UFP for HF is next weekend.

[] Falin: hmm..still backing up ship designs seems there a lot missing iun the shipyards

[] mindwipe: look forward to what you do with wimpy bud

[] mindwipe: hope it's a useful addition for u guys :)

[] mindwipe: lol... and ppl say im a nasty guy lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yeh still backing them up

[] Starbear: So Zach you said somthing about a site not being up yet ealier today, are you planing on opening somthing new?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yes, we are opening a proper s ite at later today

[] Zach Nicodemous: About 2 hours i think

[] Starbear: ahh ok, will we need to make new accounts or will they use the same database?

[] Starbear: Hehe with being quiet and nothing to moderate I'm over here chating it up :p

[] Zach Nicodemous: Same database. sorry so long to reply, was working on it

[] Starbear: its ok haha, cool, glad to not have to make a new account... also will you eventualy support PMs I've noticed I can only directly email people?

[] Zach Nicodemous: You can pm people.........or you should be able to.......ive got 57 pms in my inbox from various people...........

[] Starbear: Hmm I will have to play with this lol

[] Starbear: I'll use RandomRedshirt as my test subject bwahaha!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey, Zach Nicodemous, you have 57 messages, 0 are new. Total time logged in: 8 days, 1 hours and 37 minutes.

[] Starbear: where do I access that stuff, I notice I have "Home, Help Treasury, Gallery, My Callsign, Logout"

[] Starbear: I figured it out haha

[] Starbear: ok afk for a bit dinner time bwahaha!

[] lrdnova: hello

[] Kinneas: :: strolls in to get a coffee:   Evening, folks.  I'm just taking a few minutes  break from doing new STO pages with Zach. They will be up shortly.

[] Kinneas: Hey, Starbear. Welcome aboard.

[] Starbear: Hey Kinneas, I've been here since the 22nd haha

[] Starbear: so how is development on the zone going?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Should be out  within an hour i think barring any major erros

[] Starbear: ahh ok great to hear... so will it look very similar to the rest of the site or do you have a new template your going with?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I need caffeine before i pass out

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its 4am **crys**

[] Starbear: suck it up man its only 7:50pm here!

[] Starbear: I kid I kid haha

[] Zach Nicodemous: This is the third late night in a row working on this

[] Zach Nicodemous: So close though, i cant stop now

[] Zach Nicodemous: I must go on.........something must be wrong

[] Zach Nicodemous: FLEET RADIO RULES!

[] Starbear: Fleet Radio?

[] Falin: hmm..that really shouldn't be a command

[] Starbear: umm wow... nice Falin... thats alot of numbers haha

[] Starbear: we should totaly spam that thing away haha

[] Falin: yea it needs to go away, wait till mario finds it ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: What happend?

[] lrdnova: way back when I found a PI generator to see how long it would take before my computer would lock up

[] lrdnova: did take very long at all

[] Zach Nicodemous: stop trying ti explode the new shoutbox

[] Falin: lol, sorry tis my nature, dang soteware engineers ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: negative karma for you :p

[] Falin: err software

[] Falin: btw, the box needs a scroll bar so we can scroll back on the chat a bit

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thats what history is for

[] Falin: bah if there's a lot of chat and i miss 1 line cause of it, history is such a pain :D

[] Falin: but hey i shouldn't complain, we have a shout box!

[] Demosthenes:  Hey Guys

[] lrdnova: *breaks out the whip* Zach enought socializing back to work you! no food and no alcohol until work is done.

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Falin: hey demo!

[] Falin: what ever you do don't type /pi 9000

[] Zach Nicodemous: dont say that

[] Zach Nicodemous: now he will

[] lrdnova: /pe 9000 = years before they release a game

[] Falin: well i really didn't test it's full capabilities ;)

[] Falin: i could have tried 1 mill ;)

[] lrdnova: OH MY GOD Starbucks is going to be closed tomorrow

[] lrdnova: NOOOOO

[] Zach Nicodemous: huh?

[] lrdnova: *cries* oh my god what is this world coming too

[] Falin: go to dunkin doughnuts, it's got better coffee ;

[] lrdnova: in the US Starbucks is going to be closed for mandatory training

[] lrdnova: well it is Cheaper

[] Zach Nicodemous: Can you get coffee flavoured coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts?

[] Starbear: do they have dunkin don in UK?

[] Falin: but don't get their doughnuts, go to krispie creme if you want good doughnuts

[] Starbear: wow that sounds... waste full Zach haha

[] Starbear: coffe flavored coffe haha

[] Kinneas: I have agood supply here  : pat pat :

[] Falin: hmm...good question, is dunkin doughtnuts in the UK? i know it's in india

[] Starbear: probably not health codes are to tough in the UK :p

[] Falin: kinneas, you hording the krispie kremes again?

[] lrdnova: Kin I think your Blood is 1 part Coffee 1 part blood

[] Starbear: nah its all coffee

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Kinneas: No I don't eat those things anymore.  They are some of the best though.  lamar's Donuts too.

[] Falin: 90% coffee, 20% alcohol

[] Kinneas: yeah.  mostly coffee.

[] Starbear: Irish cream anyone?

[] Falin: hmm..bah math tonight

[] Kinneas: No. No alcohol here.  Very rare

[] Starbear: that makes two of us Kin :D

[] lrdnova: recovering Alcoholic......brb need another beer

[] lrdnova: lol JK

[] Kinneas: I feel for ya. I was never good at math. I am not going to make a very good engineer in the long run

[] lrdnova: anyone watching any of the TNG era Fan films

[] Kinneas: Oh. I missed your Irish Cream comment.  Mmmmmmm sooooo tempting.

[] Falin: i like a bit of brandy in my english tea though

[] Starbear: haha, yah I'm horrid at math also... infact I had to drop my math class this time around, I'll have to wait till fall to try it again

[] Kinneas: No. Wish Zach and I had time.  We are pusing the engines to safety limits to get these new STO pages done.

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are waaaayyyyy beyond safty limits now

[] Falin: funny i got A and B's in math, yet i can't do simple math without a calculator ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: My heads spinning so much i feel like im smokin something i shouldnt be

[] Starbear: so whats the status of.... the zone of no return... err um STO zone

[] Kinneas: Hours? :looks at Zach :

[] Zach Nicodemous: Within an hour i reckon.

[] Kinneas: :: sip :

[] Starbear: I think you said that an hour ago :p

[] Falin: i'm wondering whatt hsi new zone is gonna be like, if it's like anything these guys do, it'll be col

[] Kinneas: Just the basics though at this point.

[] Starbear: hey you guys have worked your sanity off doing this soo thanks to ya!

[] Falin: yea, they said within an hour 5 hours ago, definate engineers

[] Kinneas: What else are we going to do while we wait.  This activity was started to pass the time.

[] Falin: work on a new short podcast? ;)

[] Starbear: indeed, well I do play LoTRO from time to time... and an asortment of other wonderful games

[] lrdnova: I love the fact that the shout box is so busy now! lol

[] Kinneas: The next podcast is next weekend.

[] Zach Nicodemous: This weekend

[] Falin: I need podcasts i can listen to at work (aka under 15 min long ;) )

[] Starbear: well it wasn't this busy and hour ago :p

[] lrdnova: lol wish full thinking Falin

[] Zach Nicodemous: everyones getting home from work now in bush land

[] Kinneas: I do an do not, Nova. I forget to check it regurlarly.  Not used to it being busy.

[] Kinneas: I miss a lot

[] Falin: get  more STO.Netters here and it'll be hopping

[] Zach Nicodemous: start tellin em about us then

[] lrdnova: actually as of late this Shoutbox is busyer then STO.nets was

[] Kinneas: Hmmph. They should know.    < VBG >

[] Falin: umm..if the 8 PM"s i got were any indication, i'm sure they all know by now

[] Kinneas: : smiles and sips coffee ::

[] Zach Nicodemous: All Their Members are Belong to US!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: sorry Falin

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] Falin: unless i was thatpopular and only i got 8 PM's on joining here

[] Zach Nicodemous: i think i only sent 1.........

[] Zach Nicodemous: who sent the other 7?

[] Falin: umm...RR, Irdnova, and a few others

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: cool, at least people are talkin about us

[] Kinneas: I would love to see the whole crowd here.  It won't be the same without them.

[] Zach Nicodemous: If Demos can make an appearence anything is possible

[] Zach Nicodemous: He was here a few mins ago

[] lrdnova: most of the major players have joined or renewed there accounts as of late so hopefully

[] Falin: as crazy as i sounded on the STO forum, ya think people would want to forget me ;)

[] Starbear: yah RR is totaly sold on HF now haha its even in his sig

[] Kinneas: : raises mug ::  :)

[] Kinneas: Yeah that is really nice of him.

[] lrdnova: yeah he was sold as soon as Zach put the Utopia ship yards up in the forums

[] Starbear: People did forget about me... I think I was the lowest profile mod there ways haha

[] Kinneas: nah

[] Falin: lol, you hardly did anything, at least post wise

[] Kinneas: nobody ever forgot you.

[] Falin: unlike a fw, you weren't deleting peoples posts left an right

[] Falin: delete 1 post and you're talked about forever ;)

[] Starbear: haha true I was still there, but I found the topics went in cycles... you know I had posted so much in my first year or so and then the repeated a bit so the next time around I moded them haha

[] Starbear: well I got a few people, but I tryed not to be to hardcore about moding... I wanted people to have fun in my area

[] Falin: you know, the one thing that got me was the quality of ship submissions in the last 2 months, i was reallt irked on some fo them

[] Starbear: yah actualy most of my time was spen writing stories (RP stuff) with writerguy

[] Kinneas: good work takes time. yeah I want to see the ships keep evolving.

[] Starbear: well I hope to submit another in the future, I have no programs or such so I have to do it all by hand

[] Falin: i need to work on mine more, but i got side tracked with a new model

[] Kinneas: Nothing wrong with by hand.

[] Starbear: I will admit from a posting standpoint I do feel refreshed a bit since STO is... reboted rofl my mind is racing with ideas

[] Falin: hand drawn can be great, if at least color in the lines

[] Starbear: haha, well Zach already grab the design I put up just before I became a mod, I actualy was thinking of adding color to my next one

[] Kinneas: I'm startung to get re-energized too.

[] Falin: i'm a horrible hand drawer/2d'r, so i try best with 3d, but i'm pretty much non-artistic, to much logic in my head

[] Kinneas: one of these days I will get my head around 3d. I am amazed at people's 3d work.

[] Falin: i liiked that little design you had

[] Kinneas: : bow :  : Bow :

[] Starbear: Well I never was a good artist I just picked it up after I graduated high school and I just keep drawing... I don't care if it looks bad as long as I have fun :p

[] Kinneas: 30 minutes a day and you will be a pro.

[] Kinneas: speaking of...

[] Falin: yup, fun is the point, i'm working on a fuerized Chinook transport deal right nw, notST, but fun none the less

[] Starbear: I agree, the only 3D stuff I can do is when I get on second life and use there engine, oh and thanks Falin (if you were talking about my old ship)

[] Kinneas: Zach need me to get back to work...he's crashin'.

[] Kinneas: *needs

[] lrdnova: alright guys off to bed i go

[] lrdnova: good night

[] Falin: night zack, nova ;)

[] Kinneas: Goodnight:)

[] Kinneas:   ::: back in an hour ...or so ::

[] Starbear: ok sounds good Kin good luck, and remember the force is wi... err umm wrong Star <thing> haha

[] Falin: yea your hand drawn runabout s kinda nice, keeps the feel

[] Falin: dunno why there were like 10 "pointy" saucer ships in the last month

[] Falin: hmm..where's RR, i need a contriversial post to be in ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: omg nova is in the states and he is in bed before me.......thats just.......wrong

[] * Zach Nicodemous sobs

[] Starbear: haha yah he went wild with that last post of his, he posted it over on and then ran over here and posted it again :P

[] Falin: bah you're young, you should be able to pull 6 all nighters in a orw, without beer

[] Falin: 3 if you have beer

[] Starbear: hehe I'll be up late tonight, nothing to do tomorrow since I droped my math class due to low test scores... its a bitter/sweet thing

[] Starbear: is it just me or did the site suddenly get a bit... slow are you guys doing somthing big?

[] Falin: ah school, fond memories, the parties, the classes, the parties, the beer, te girls, the parties, the classes

[] Starbear: ehh I'm kinda tired of school... its all I've realy done in my 23 years of life haha

[] Falin: ships haven't been saved yet (might be a good thing)

[] Random Redshirt: Greetings sports fans!

[] Random Redshirt: Ooops, my bad, thought this was

[] Random Redshirt: :)

[] Starbear: hey RR, oh guys check out very nice interview with the king of game design Will Wright... if he was the lead designer of STO it be the MMO..

[] Starbear: to rule all mmos

[] Starbear: well I'm going to minimize my browser for a wee bit (about an hour) and play LoTRO and then come back and see where Kin and Zach are on the zone

[] Falin: lol, been playing eve this whole time ;P

[] Starbear: hehe, well LoTRO is more "active" than EVE... I can't set my Dwarf Hunter to auto run from Bree to Lone Lands haha

[] Starbear: well I will return, (in about an hourish)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Anyone still therE?

[] Random Redshirt: I'm thinking of logging into NavyField for a bit and blowing the 'censored' outta some foes

[] Falin: sort of

[] Random Redshirt: Oh, hey Zach!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Can either of you remember the month and year PE's STO was announced, its 5am and i cant remember

[] Falin: nice intervierw, liked how he said the industry is unwilling to take risks, but it's starting to change a bit

[] Falin: umm..03 or 03 wasn't it?

[] Falin: err 04

[] Random Redshirt: Ummm September 16th, 1973?

[] Random Redshirt: :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Gee Thanks

[] Random Redshirt: Seems like it's been that long

[] Random Redshirt: I'll look it up for ya

[] Random Redshirt: brb

[] Random Redshirt: Sept. 7, 2004

[] Random Redshirt: Only off by a few days, plus a decade or

[] Random Redshirt: you get that Zach?

[] Falin: i thought it was sept, but wasn't sure of the exact year

[] Random Redshirt: SAN FRANCISCO — Sept. 7, 2004 Perpetual Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it has secured the exclusive worldwide rights from Viacom Consumer Products to develop and publish a massively multiplayer online game base

[] Falin: Sept 7th, 2004, a day that will live in infamy

[] Starbear: whew good thing it wasn't Sept 6th thats my birthday haha

[] Random Redshirt: Oh, hey now, let's not insult Oahu....

[] Falin: luckily, they never announce anything gamewise on my birthday. i mean who announces game news in the middle of summer? ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Fans

[] Falin: ah well, been a long day, gonna crash now. night all, and GL zach on the project

[] Zach Nicodemous: and i was just uploading it too

[] Random Redshirt: uploading the new site?

[] Zach Nicodemous: who can say

[] Random Redshirt: /applaud!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Still uploading

[] Zach Nicodemous: 20mb...

[] Zach Nicodemous: 21mb....

[] Zach Nicodemous: Transfer of Data is Complete

[] Zach Nicodemous: Just need to tweak this....

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ah ha

[] Starbear: so its all done?

[] Zach Nicodemous: No, there are still pages that arnt completed, but they will be soon

[] Zach Nicodemous: the main areas are up though

[] Starbear: wow very nice, umm is there a plan to get the shoutbox in there?

[] Starbear: I'm surfing around it right now... its the board the same as the Star Trek Online board thats bellow the shoutbox that we've been using thus far?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Same board yes

[] Starbear: I've gota admit it looks very nice, I've already book marked it and everything

[] Zach Nicodemous: :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: The last 3 days of work have been worth it then

[] Zach Nicodemous: WELCOME STARSTREAK

[] Starbear: Yah its got a ton of content and thats only 3 days of work (hard work that is /clap to you) and I can only see it getting better in the future

[] Random Redshirt: great job Zach and the rest of the HF team

[] Starbear: well now that its up and running I say you get some rest :p

[] Random Redshirt: Agreed

[] Random Redshirt: BTW Starbear, I liked your comments in the STO Era thread. I hadn't thought about it to the extent that you did, but that would be a fantastic era to explore, and could feature some interesting feature events

[] Random Redshirt: Imagine being a ship out near the Neutral Zone, getting the communication from Starfleet that Kirk and McCoy had been arrested, or being near Earth when the probe attacks looking for whales, so your ship looses power!

[] Random Redshirt: And for some of those events, you might be able to convince the stars to do some voice acting so you could pick up an occasional mission from Capt. Sulu or Kirk!

[] Random Redshirt: If you were on the science track, maybe your Oberth class shiip gets sent to the Genesis Planet for the initial scanning missions before Grissom arrives or goes to survey the destruction of Genesis

[] Random Redshirt: On the Engineering track, maybe you get assigned to track down Scott's handiwork on the Excelsior in order to get her running again

[] Random Redshirt: So much Trek goodness!

[] Zach Nicodemous: uh oh...i think im gunna pass out.......bye

[] * Zach Nicodemous stumbles to bed and collapases.........if a tree falls in the middle of nowhere....does it make a sound?!

[] Starbear: Well I do like the Golden Era as you said, but it would be nice if the timeline progressed as the game ages, so eventualy we'd hit the bold frontier of the lost era

[] Kinneas: :: Strolls back in::   Hiya.   ::Tops off coffee and reads ::  What a fun conversation.

[] Kinneas: Five year lengths could be nice.  5 years in tos, 5 years in lost years, 5 in TNG,   Hmmm.   20 years of subscriptions.

[] Kinneas: whew that is  lot of cash.  $46,800 ?

[] Kinneas: Man, I would love to see the entire STO community in revisioned TOS ships for a few years.  I hope AMARILLO DESIGN BUREAU gets to the design of the combat.

[] Starbear: haha sorry I just droped a massive post, so I was here but also not. Yah its an interesting concpet I'm a big fan of that era so I'd like to see them doe it

[] Starbear: Hey Kin, here is a though for the STO-Zone... remember the good old days of when the whole site looked like a LARCS... would it be possible to do the same or similar theam for the STO-Zone... in the future that i

[] Kinneas: I like changing things all the time and get bored with themes very fast. :)   Yeah I'll keep pushing LCARS as much as possible as we evolve.

[] Kinneas: I really liked the hints at LCARS we saw on STOnet for STOnetV2

[] Kinneas: Beautiful work

[] Starbear: yah, that was around the time I joined the site, I realy did like that theam it was solid and realy helped get you in the mood for STO chat rofl

[] Kinneas: Changing subjects a moment:   I would like folks to consider ADB (Amarillo Design Bureau) be consulted when it comes to combat design for STO . Now that the option is open again.

[] Kinneas: If we are going old-school awhile...whomever is going to do it should talk to the experts on old-school Star Trek combat to revision/reboot it too.   SFB-esque combat for STO.

[] Starbear: I've never played there games (I want to but have no friends in the area that are interested in Trek PnP) but I have played Star Fleet Command 2-3 and liked them a ton

[] Starbear: Yah that is if they go old-school, I just hope they chose a time period with a fair ammount of conflict, I find wars make great backdrops... just look at star wars and indiana jones

[] Starbear: Indy was during WWII but wasn't the focus, but added a layer of drama to the whole thing

[] Kinneas: I believe combat will be the bread and butter of the MMO.

[] Kinneas: "could be' anyway.

[] Starbear: I agree, all the major action in the movies and shows (the stuff that had you on the edge of your seat that is) was all based around combat

[] Kinneas: I would like to get Steve Cole of ADB in for a 30 minute interview. They are still making Star Trek game stuff and we do not cover it at all.  :(

[] Starbear: Aww that sucks yah I just got interested in ADB's stuff, so having HF being a news outlet for them would be great

[] Kinneas: odd question:  Are 3d starships with smoothe, highly reflective  hulls less memory intensive than hulls with lots of small details?  Would it be better to return to smoothe hulls with regards to a MMO for at least...

[] Kinneas: he first five years?

[] Starbear: I would think reflective would cause more of a lag, the reason is all objects flying aorund the hsip would need to be rendered twice, once in reality and in the reflection

[] Starbear: then partical effects like phasers and such would also have to be rendered twice... thats not including the overall stary backdrop or nebula backdrop, and planets

[] Kinneas: ty

[] Starbear: Back in 2003-2004 I was studying at the Art Institute of Los Angeles to be a game artist (never finished), now small details would cause lag also, but only as they are loaded

[] Starbear: See with reflections you'd have a constant formula/program running that would be cyncing up the two images so they corisponded together

[] Kinneas: WOW!  How cool (the studying at the Art Inst of LA)

[] Kinneas: ahh

[] Kinneas: I wonder how much the 'real time raytracing cards' will eventually change things. I can not wait for that tech to become the 'norm'.

[] Starbear: haha well it'd be the norm if we could all afford them :p

[] Kinneas: everything eventually becomes the norm. :)  oy is it finally getting exciting.

[] Starbear: ehh I ended up ducking out of the game art type feild because of how kill or be killed it was... just look at PE haha, I wanted a more "stable" carrier

[] Kinneas: You stay in the Art field at least?

[] Starbear: nah its more a hobbie for me now, I'm studying Geography, though I write (with spell check) and draw as a hobbie, mabey I'll publish somthing one day

[] Kinneas: :)

[] Kinneas: is great for self publishing.  : lesigh :

[] Kinneas: I need to get to doing some myself.

[] Starbear: hmm lulu, never heared of it, I'll check it out. I actualy have a storyline that was based in the post nemisis time period in the works, its a fan thing realy I was doing ti for STO haha

[] Kinneas: I think you will like LULU.

[] Kinneas: Did folks do a lot of fan fiction on    I never participated in those things.

[] Starbear: actualy I'm in writerguys fleet, and we did some fan stuff there, though the site has been dead for a while... he wants to wait untill the game is in its finaly phases of RP push

[] Starbear: sadly I haven't heared from him since PE announced its news, heck even becca just dissapeared, notice you haven't seen her posts as of late

[] Kinneas: Hmm. AWOL, huh?   

[] Kinneas: Becca.   Hmmm.   I'd probably better not say anything.

[] Kinneas: We did not get along.

[] Kinneas: Best wishes to her though.

[] Kinneas: I do not want any bad karma on me.

[] Starbear: yah I dunno what happened to them, the main group of people that held it together were the mods, with demo at the helm we faught off unsermountable odds! hehe

[] Kinneas: I miss all the folks who were around at the start of STOnet

[] Kinneas: I look forward to seeing them all again someday.

[] Kinneas: having had the experience we did will (to me) only make seeing them again in STo much greater.

[] Starbear: yah I remember some of them, they all just disapeared, probably ran out of things to talke about... heck I even remember AraonH when I first met him haha, he deffended me

[] Starbear: in a topic about children on Star Ships

[] Kinneas: :)

[] Kinneas: I like your post on Star Quest.

[] Kinneas: I need to check that out.

[] Kinneas: What a trip

[] Kinneas: o.k. Have a goodnight. I am off to bed. :) ty for the great posts.

[] Starbear: sounds good, yah I should get off also, and thanks. Its a bit "random" in structure but I hope projected my main though :p

[] Sarevok: morning, all :)

[] Sheriffnl: meuning :)

[] Sarevok: Hoi SHeriff :)

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #2 on: 04 February 2009 10:31 AM »
[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin All!

[] Falin: hmm..shouldn't you be in bed?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I just woke up

[] Sarevok: Morning Zach and Falin

[] Sarevok: Zach, weren't you int he UK?

[] Falin: he was up till the wee hours working on something good, is it done?

[] Sarevok: ah :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its done-ish

[] Falin: ah man, wit PE closing there doors, that makes G&H officially vaporware :(

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yeh it does. ill never understand the reasons behind not releasing it. They still could have made some money of it and fixed bugs post release

[] Falin: yea, well the beta players were very upset when they changed the Minion system from very cool to a WoW pet clone system. pretty much it would havetaken 6 months to get it fleshed out good enough for a solid relese

[] Falin: plus they could never get the servers to stop crashing, way to many server bugs

[] Zach Nicodemous: hmn

[] Falin: was a good game, if they had kept the original minion system, it ewould have been a major success on launch

[] Crazyfist: Why cant i log into wingows live

[] Sarevok: *checks his own connection*

[] Sarevok: works fine for me

[] Crazyfist: Argh

[] Crazyfist: Windows live messenger sux ass

[] Sarevok: it usually works for me...

[] Sarevok: I see you got in :)

[] Falin: bah i haven't used messenger in ages

[] Sarevok: hmm, it does seems like it has problems

[] Sarevok: Í can't get on on my other account

[] Zach Nicodemous: who needs msn when u got this awesome shoutbox

[] Sarevok: I do

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(

[] Falin: ah 'censored', mom just crashed the car again

[] Sarevok: "again"?? :|

[] Zach Nicodemous: that sounds serious

[] Falin: yea 2 years ago she let a semi back onto the hood, now it seems she let a pickup back nto it

[] Falin: I can't afford t get her a new car right now either <sighs>

[] Kinneas: :: Strolls in ::: :: YAWN ::::   Mornin'....    :: stumbles to the coffee :::   Morning, Zach. O.k.   What is on the 'To-Do' list this morning?   

[] Kinneas: Welcome, Zeke.

[] Sarevok: morning Kinneas

[] Falin: hey kin

[] Kinneas: Hey fellas :)

[] Random Redshirt: Good Morning everybody, and good afternoon to my friends across the pond

[] Zach Nicodemous: Afternoon!

[] Random Redshirt: BTW, what time is it over there in jolly ole England?

[] Kinneas: Hey, RR :)

[] Kinneas: I'm back to doing work now. I'll check in every now and then.

[] Zach Nicodemous: right now its 1724hrs

[] Falin: hey RR, hope i'm not to racists for this site ;)

[] Random Redshirt: LOL

[] Random Redshirt: I found that slightly amusing. I don't get what they found so offensive about your post?

[] Kinneas: Tellarite: The other, OTHER, white meat.   

[] Kinneas: I like signing up for long distance voyages with a lot of Tellarite onboard.    ~ I want my baby back, baby back, babyback, babyback ~~~

[] Falin: oh the fact that i called the British newspapers tabloids i guess ;)

[] Kinneas: called em what?

[] Falin: just soem silly article in a UK paper stating they have facts that say the US Governement ahs "spies" actively playing WoW and other MMO's looking for terrorists

[] Sarevok: rofl

[] Random Redshirt: Kind of a slow day on the baords here. Very dead over at STOnet, although I am suprised there are still people hanging aaround there at all. Newbies, I could see doing that, but even some mainstays have as well.

[] Falin: well no one wants to admit it's dead yet ;)

[] Falin: Hmm...need mroe commands, /pi and /me are just not enough fun ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Theres a cool impersonate command for us admins, i can impersonate any one of you

[] Falin:  Buahahaha

[] Falin: lol

[] Falin: that could be dangerous in the wrong hands zach

[] Falin: Hmm..did you grab he starship names database as well?

[] Zach Nicodemous: not yet

[] Zach Nicodemous: im bored. we need to install an arcade

[] Kinneas: I would probably be looking on Counter Strike and more war based games.  LOL...   I can not imagine a terrorist playing WOW and getting anything valuable from it.  eheheh ahahah

[] Kinneas: Project Eschelon may be what you are refering to.

[] Kinneas: it can scan everything...Skynet.

[] Kinneas: Bored? With all this work

[] Crazyfist: Greetings citiziens of earth

[] U.S.S. Hyperion: Greetings all

[] Kinneas: Hey...good afternoon.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey hyperion!!

[] Crazyfist: Yo kin

[] Crazyfist: Yo kin

[] Kinneas: hey :) :raises coffee mug:   commander

[] Crazyfist: How do u know im a commander

[] Crazyfist: Long time no see, good to see u m8

[] Kinneas: You are here.

[] Kinneas: Who else but commanders are about at this time?

[] Crazyfist: :O

[] Zach Nicodemous: oooooooooooo

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Kinneas: I think the Vulcans would appreciate my logic there.

[] Crazyfist: I disagree

[] Crazyfist: Hyperion, is a cadet. He is here.

[] Kinneas: Must mean he's made of great stuff.

[] Zach Nicodemous: he has his own ship though

[] Kinneas: : raises mug :

[] Crazyfist: He is, he is.

[] Zach Nicodemous: is he one of yours?

[] Crazyfist: yes

[] Crazyfist: btw... our team death match didnt go well lol

[] Crazyfist: there were only like 5 of us who wanted to play BC

[] Crazyfist: 15 others were online... but nooo. we were crushed

[] Crazyfist: hype showed true starfleet officer material :P

[] Crazyfist: Btw i have a suggestion

[] Crazyfist: Any1 lissenin?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ya

[] Crazyfist: When activity skyrockets

[] Crazyfist: We should consider SCE sessions again. Assuming theyve announced a dev

[] Kinneas: i'm listening on and off...lotta work going on here.   

[] Kinneas: yeah o.k.

[] Crazyfist: they were popular, interesting, produktive and FUn

[] Kinneas: Yeah I agree.

[] Zach Nicodemous: A French STO site just contacted me by e-mail and asked if they could migrate here!!

[] Kinneas: oui!!!!

[] Crazyfist: WOW

[] Crazyfist: that rules

[] Kinneas: : raises mug!:

[] {UFP}Sharpkiller: cool

[] Crazyfist: *snatches mug*

[] Kinneas: I was hoping we would connect with SFC Paris.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hello Sharpkiller

[] Crazyfist: yo sharp, i couldve told u u didnt need tags but it doesnt rly matter, as long as u got the sigz

[] {UFP}Sharpkiller: meh, might aswell wear them :p

[] Crazyfist: check around, u should listen to some podcasts they are AWESOME.

[] Crazyfist: 45 is particularly good

[] Crazyfist: they speak of teh excalibur, the mod weve been waiting for for a year now

[] Zach Nicodemous: SMF allows you to have a different display name if you want

[] Kinneas: :raises mug for E X C A L I B U R :

[] Zach Nicodemous: Excalibur isnt a mod anymore lol, full fledged fan game

[] Crazyfist: yeah but i got used to it as a mod

[] Crazyfist: been following it closely for so long

[] Zach Nicodemous: Fair enough.

[] Crazyfist: you guys should get BC

[] Crazyfist: so you can have fun with us

[] Zach Nicodemous: Im glad they become a fan game. They will be able to do soe much more with the new engine. We have BC

[] Zach Nicodemous: We play KM 1.0

[] Sharpkiller: Everyone plays KM 1.0 :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: We dont play it very well though

[] Sharpkiller: lol

[] Kinneas: We love playing when we have time!

[] Kinneas: I'd love to join you!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Doubt it would work on this damn proxy im on kinn

[] Crazyfist: then, hamachi is the way

[] Crazyfist: i have to leave you, bed calls

[] Crazyfist: i salute you kinn and zakman

[] Crazyfist: gnight

[] Kinneas: Goodnight, ty! :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Night Night

[] Kinneas: Hey, Suricata  :raises mug :

[] Starbear: So how bout them Risan Flyers... they realy showed those Kro'nos Naktas a lesson!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Risan Flyers?

[] Kinneas: Risa???  Eh!??   Ohmanineedavacation.

[] Starbear: yah they dominated in the Splurgball champion game last year

[] Kinneas: ahhhh! :)

[] Starbear: you know how that works, the shoutbox is dead so you come up with some random topic... like, how 'bout that local sports team :P

[] Starbear: Oh I noticed that the board is now 1000+ posts

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ooooooooooo

[] Kinneas: The History of the Horgon.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Tellerite...the Other OTHER whie meat

[] Zach Nicodemous: *white

[] Starbear: Haha I was going to play Tellerite if they had them in the game

[] Kinneas: MMM  mmmm.

[] Kinneas: They are great engineers

[] Starbear: I wasn't sure what I was going to do

[] Zach Nicodemous: I wanted to be klingon

[] Kinneas: I'm xenophobic. I'll stay human.

[] Starbear: well it'll be interesting to see what race lineup Crytek... er umm the "C" developer goes with haha

[] Kinneas: Most aliens give me the heebie jeebies.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ideally i would be half human half Klingon but i dont know if "they'll" do that

[] Kinneas: I stay with the idea of 'Only UFP space' space for the first five years and allow all the classic races in that zone.

[] Kinneas: *I'd

[] Kinneas: Hmm maybe i should take that back.

[] Kinneas: hmmmm

[] Starbear: I dunno the concept of an alien girlfriend is... interesting ;P

[] Kinneas: : shiver :

[] Zach Nicodemous: Orions..BRING IT ON....or vulcans :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Deltans...

[] Kinneas: update: Speaking of C R Y P T I C...still no word. We have been playing phone tag and have yet to make connection.

[] Kinneas: Keep your fingers crossed for an interview!

[] Starbear: *crosses fingers* on the upside I can't get enough of the Alter-Ego Show haha

[] Zach Nicodemous: i'd settle for a cookie.

[] Starbear: cookie? I wants a giant STO cookie then

[] Zach Nicodemous: Double chocolate

[] Zach Nicodemous: So holodecks in STO...think we'll ever see the vulcan love slaves program?

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] Zach Nicodemous: from ds9

[] Starbear: if they give us a powerful creation tool... possibly haha

[] Kinneas: :: shakes fist: Curse the ALTER EGO!

[] Kinneas: I think we will see it, Zach.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I wonder what JJ Abrams cell phone number is

[] Kinneas: :: back after dinner and a break!: See ya on the flipside!

[] Falin: JJ Abrams cell phone number is 1-bad-dir-ectr

[] lrdnova: serious?

[] Falin: yea i was gonna try sucky director, but doesn't fit the us numbering scheme

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are going to try and get JJ on Hailing Frequency

[] Falin: ask him why he casts pretty boys instead of solid actors

[] Starbear: I thought Cloverfeild was ok, and he... produced that or somthing didn't he?

[] Zach Nicodemous: directed and produced

[] Zach Nicodemous: Soooooooooooo

[] Starbear: yaahhhh

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hello

[] Starbear: hey AoS

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Starbear

[] Starbear: so what is up with everyone in the shoutbox right now?

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Well im fine dont know about the other people

[] Starbear: that slow eh?

[] Starbear: ahh ok, I'm brewing up a few ideas/concepts about what STO 'could" have, and debates about what sto "should" have haha

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sweet - look forward to them

[] Zach Nicodemous: Maybe we can make 2000 before the end ofthe month :p

[] Starbear: I may even bring up some classics

[] Starbear: well the forum is upto 1040, I know at least 10 of those was just today, if the trend keeps up I'm sure we will haha

[] Admiral of Starfleet: great let the debate begin1

[] Zach Nicodemous: hehehehe

[] Zach Nicodemous: We need to get even MORE people here from STOnet

[] Starbear: wow I should have said, 10 of those "were" just today... curse my mutli tasking attempt and thus my butchery of english!

[] Starbear: I'm sure some will come here, I know a fair ammount of the community is taking a breather untill actual information is release, untill then your going to be stuck with the real diehards

[] Admiral of Starfleet: STO discussion  is not for the faint of heart lol

[] Starbear: Zach where can I find all the podcasts about STO specificaly? I agree AoS, you just have to be tough and know that not everyone will agree with you and everyone...

[] Starbear: has their own image of what STO should be

[] Admiral of Starfleet: True

[] Zach Nicodemous: Well there are three shows that have interviews with Perpetial about STO - episodes 18, 20 and 34

[] Zach Nicodemous: The Alter Ego page on the STOzone site has a few AE Shows which are STO

[] Starbear: ahh ok thanks Zach yah I noticed the one that was made right after the PEs anouncment

[] Kinneas: test

[] Kinneas: hmm   

[] Falin: I agree, no one ever agrees with my opinions and beliefs ;)

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hu Kinneas

[] Kinneas: LOL so true, Admiral!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi

[] Kinneas: Hiya : waves :

[] Starbear: hey Kin

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are a factory that produces apple pies for whales.

[] Falin: bah i want cherry pies for sharks instead

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Ask a ninja is funny!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Would that make STO news a giant cherry pie

[] Kinneas: K'Suan is a Cherry Pie.   :: runs and hides :::

[] Kinneas: After some of thie things she said lately...I swear I am going public with her 'Vulcan's Gone Wild: Pon Far edition pics and video!

[] Zach Nicodemous: You're supposed to share pie :p

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] Kinneas: She aint as sweet as she lets on!

[] Zach Nicodemous: She is vulcan, vulcans dont lie

[] Kinneas: Och. I'm gunna get neck pinched for that.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Only if she  sees

[] Zach Nicodemous: Speaking of which, how  comes she never visits here  anymore

[] Starbear: I don't know who she is haha

[] Falin: you scared her away?

[] Zach Nicodemous: You dont know who K'suan is?

[] Zach Nicodemous: She is our sexy vulcan Star Trek gaming News Presenter on Hailing Frequency

[] lrdnova: shes kinda a mix between Vana White and Barbra Walters, Vulcanized of course

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: I dont know either of the people u just mentioned

[] Zach Nicodemous: scary

[] lrdnova: ever hear of wheel of fortune

[] Zach Nicodemous: Of course. We brits invented that show

[] lrdnova: well Vanna White is the letter turner

[] lrdnova: that dresses really sexy in every show

[] Zach Nicodemous: Must be the american version

[] Starbear: yah it is

[] lrdnova: while Barbra Walters is a former News Anchor that then became a person that interviews celebrities and such

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey Nova - RR has waaaayyy more posts than you. Thought u wasnt gunna stand for that?

[] lrdnova: RR is a Psycho forum poster

[] Zach Nicodemous: Good!!

[] Zach Nicodemous: ill have 10 more of that model

[] Starbear: heck I have more :p and I'm not even trying to build up posts, I just have various things to say haha

[] Zach Nicodemous: First person to a hundred gets a smiley made in their honour :p

[] Starbear: oh boy... SPAMTASTIC TIME!

[] lrdnova: **goes and starts the 3 word Star Trek story Thread***

[] Kinneas: hey yer assignin woork I aint approved.    Sounds like a good idea though.

[] Kinneas: You should set up the 'In My Pants' one too.   ehehhe

[] Kinneas: Remember that one at all?

[] lrdnova: no i dont

[] Zach Nicodemous: Dare i ask?!

[] Starbear: bwahaha I'm just goint to do a one letter post on the pros and cons of PSI... I'll be at a thousand in about 10 mins

[] lrdnova:  but reading the stories was like reading ad libs

[] Kinneas: You had to end every statement with 'in my pants'.

[] Zach Nicodemous: **sets minimum post length option in admin panel***

[] Kinneas: in your pants?

[] Starbear: I'm playing with my Wii in my pants!

[] lrdnova: lol zack

[] Kinneas: lol

[] lrdnova: ahhhhh Star!

[] Starbear: you can do the same thing with <random thought> in bed

[] Kinneas: That gets me thinking how I was so upset the first Star Trek offering for Wii was Conquest.   

[] Kinneas: They could not do an Elite Force, Batleth game first!??  I mean. c'mon....   who are these people?

[] Starbear: in my mind star trek needs to get off its bum, star wars has gaming nailed down these days, and its time trek catches up to that

[] lrdnova: The same people who created that sorry excuse for a UI in Legacy

[] Kinneas: totally

[] Kinneas: in a big bad way

[] lrdnova: Tactical Assualt for the DS was better

[] Zach Nicodemous: Agreed - TA was a CLASS game

[] Zach Nicodemous: classic SFC gaming style

[] Kinneas: I hear that one was great. Zach did the coverage on that one.  I did 'Encounters'.

[] lrdnova: that and the story was great

[] Starbear: so you guys recomended it? I avoided it due to the ratings on Gamespot

[] lrdnova: nah TA is a really good game

[] Kinneas: Encounters for Ps2 was fun.  Very nice graphics at times too.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Jolly Rogers is here!!!

[] Kinneas: JOLLEY!!!

[] lrdnova: if you liked Starfleet Command youll like TA

[] Starbear: hmm I'll have to check it out now, I have a DS and I wouldn't mind some Treking on it

[] Starbear: yah I loved SFC

[] Kinneas: I   a d o r e   Starfleet Command.     

[] Kinneas: <---   Supporter of ADB combat for STO

[] Starbear: I'd play SFC3 but my comp for some reason won't install/run it since I upgraded my hardware... I also like Bridge Commander though

[] lrdnova: what was the DS9 game that let you import ships from shipbuilder?

[] Starbear: nah it was the game that sat you in the captains chair and let you command your bridge crew, it was an action/stratagy game

[] lrdnova: HEY! you guys should have a top 5 or top 10 best Star Trek Games in one of your shows!

[] * Zach Nicodemous thinks lrdnova missed the "Players Choice Awards" show

[] lrdnova: No I saw it

[] Kinneas: Ty, Zach. You read my mind

[] lrdnova: did you guys have like a count down though all all time best ST games?

[] lrdnova: ok ok

[] Kinneas: :)

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: point taken

[] Zach Nicodemous: :)

[] Kinneas: I can not wait till the next Player's Choice Awards

[] Zach Nicodemous: Only 11 months :p

[] Kinneas: I believe there will be a lot more voting

[] Starbear: The problem is that we haven't had any real Trek games for around a year now

[] lrdnova: I would love to have a new Real time Strategy game like Armada or Even new worlds again

[] Zach Nicodemous: NOOOO not new worlds

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Starbear: To be honest, and it probably be a good thing for examples and creative though for STO devs, but a Trek RPG

[] Zach Nicodemous: WORST GAME EV-ER

[] Zach Nicodemous: I think Bethesda will do an RPG

[] lrdnova: really

[] Zach Nicodemous: I found a Trek mod for Neverwinter Nights a few months ago, very good mod

[] lrdnova: oh thats cool

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Starbear: weird, its funny seeing the fantasy UI mixed with trek style chracters haha

[] lrdnova: hey is Immersion Core FX++ still in Beta for BC

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its still being worked on but the guy who made it joined the Excalibur team

[] lrdnova: ooooo

[] * Zach Nicodemous considers jumping on Bridge Commander for 20misn

[] lrdnova: ill join you

[] Zach Nicodemous: Km 1.0?

[] lrdnova: yep

[] Starbear: I'm not sure what you mean, or what not nova :p

[] Starbear: oh wow shoutbox lag... haha my bad

[] Starbear: I'm watching the awards show, good stuff guys

[] Starbear: good to know that BC got best game ever... hear that dev of STO BC IS THE BEST!

[] Zach Nicodemous: :)

[] Starbear: well that was fun good show guys and gal (who hasn't been on in a while)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thanks Starbea

[] Zach Nicodemous: starbear**

[] Zach Nicodemous: We're playing BC sorry - trying toanyway

[] Jolley Rogers: well bridge commander was a good game and all but starfleet command is where the real action was

[] Starbear: yah, I realy want STO to feel as good as Bridge Commander did

[] Random Redshirt: Greetings folks!

[] Starbear: hey RR!

[] Random Redshirt: How goes it?

[] Random Redshirt: I read earlier that you are from Cali Starbear. Greetings from your neighbor to the north!

[] Starbear: yep I'm from the southern half, around LA... so your in Oregon? Nice I was thinking of moving nort eventualy (I like the rain and wet weather)

[] Random Redshirt: Salem is nice. I'll be moving there in the next couple of weeks. Portland isn't bad if you like the Metro lifestyle.

[] Random Redshirt: But personally, I perfer the High Desert, around Bend, Redmond, Prineville and La Pine

[] Random Redshirt: You come up to Oregon, we'll get together some time and go for some brewskis

[] Starbear: sounds good haha, and then we can have a STO party... if its out by than hehe

[] Starbear: Well I'm going to run and grab some dinner, I will return later, have fun everyone!

[] Random Redshirt: later Starbear

[] Zach Nicodemous: Night All! Great Day! Hope you all sleep well.

[] Starbear: I'm back... mmmm Panda Express

[] Starbear: oh good night Zach

[] Sarevok: morning all :)

[] lrdnova: morning all

[] Sarevok: afternoon, Ird :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: G'Mornin

[] Sarevok: morning, Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: I cant believe i slept so late. My bodys operating on US time almost and im in the UK

[] Zach Nicodemous: Could be a problem lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: I need to run tothe store, back in 20mins

[] Crazyfist: greetings

[] Sarevok: bye Zaxh

[] Sarevok: Hi Crazyfist

[] Zach Nicodemous: Back

[] Zach Nicodemous: 'censored' i was 40mins. Must have been a temporal anomaly

[] Crazyfist: Im rendering a prometheus and a intrepid

[] Crazyfist: then ill do a photoshop picture of em

[] Zach Nicodemous: Cool! Be srue to post em somewhere

[] Crazyfist: is there an arts n graphics section

[] Zach Nicodemous: There will be in a few moments

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Sheriffnl: hi guys... care for a little get together tonight? on Skype or TS ... i asked lotusfleet aswell

[] Sheriffnl: he's in for it, he just said

[] Sarevok: Hoi Sheriff :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: We could meet up on the HF/STOzone TS, being hosted by Lotus Fleet :)

[] Sarevok: or the st-online TS

[] Zach Nicodemous: sorry guys, running around doing housework >_< ive gotten behind the last 4 days cos of workin on the site

[] Sarevok: I gtg now

[] Sarevok: bye all :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: have a nice day sarevok

[] Sheriffnl: rather use the Lotusfleet one... it has better codecs :)

[] Sheriffnl: Sarevok might be logging in later this evening to chat along

[] Kinneas: :: Yawn ::   Good er... : looks at clock :  morning.   Good.  it is still before noon.  :)    :: Gets a coffee :::

[] Crazyfist: Hello kinn

[] lrdnova: Hey Crazyfist, a few of us are going to be meeting up this evening on Lotusfleets Team Speak to chit chat and what not. I know Zach and Shefiffnl is going to be there so in all we will have Reps from Lotus Fleet

[] lrdnova: Aries Fleet and HF there

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are on the phone, RIGHT NOW, with Cryptic

[] Crazyfist: Nice

[] Crazyfist: Nova when is it

[] Crazyfist: Shall i bring a few friends

[] Zach Nicodemous: Talking about STO

[] Zach Nicodemous: !!

[] Crazyfist: Awesome zach!

[] Crazyfist: What do they say!

[] Zach Nicodemous: I dont think we can say YET - emphasis on yet....

[] lrdnova: It would be Nice to get someone from UFP in on this

[] Crazyfist: but cryptic called u tho ?

[] Zach Nicodemous: YES

[] Sheriffnl: what?

[] Sheriffnl: :P

[] lrdnova: WOW

[] Crazyfist: Nova, i might be able to come but the UFP is quite busy so i doubt i can bring many ppl

[] Crazyfist: If i take too many people away the frontline will break

[] lrdnova: thats fine

[] Crazyfist: front

[] lrdnova: you guys still in BC

[] Crazyfist: That too

[] Crazyfist: So when is it

[] Sheriffnl: oooh it will begin on 19:30 greenwich time

[] lrdnova: Well I actually want to begin organizing that kind of stuff between all of the Fleets that use HF as its Home Community

[] Crazyfist: check out generalchat for my latest picture and comment please

[] Crazyfist: does that include us?

[] lrdnova: yes

[] Sheriffnl: Crazyfist, you will be joining the meeting this evening?

[] lrdnova: so far from what I can gather the Fleets that use HF as its home community are: Lotus Fleet, UFP, and Aries Fleet

[] Crazyfist: Maybe, i gotta go sleep atleast before 12 gmt+2

[] Crazyfist: Ok  :D

[] Crazyfist: Did u chek the pic

[] Sheriffnl: general chat on which board?

[] Crazyfist: the general discussion board, sry

[] Crazyfist: ''Here Goes Again''

[] Crazyfist: A tribute to our succesful war :P

[] Sheriffnl: on which site? ufp?

[] Crazyfist: here

[] Crazyfist:

[] Sheriffnl: nice :)

[] Sheriffnl: so Crazyfist, will you be joining on the TS meeting tonight?

[] Sheriffnl: sorry, i missed the answer, i see it now

[] Zach Nicodemous: I dont think me and Kinenas can come on TS

[] Sheriffnl: aaahw?

[] Sheriffnl: why not?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Um. Somethings come up. We gotta do something else.

[] Sheriffnl: thats a shame, i hope it will be good things for you :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: For all of us

[] Sheriffnl: nice :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: sshh

[] Crazyfist: :O

[] Zach Nicodemous: sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh

[] Sheriffnl: absolutly :P

[] Crazyfist: Dam

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: no shh

[] Crazyfist: ok

[] Sheriffnl: 10/4

[] Sheriffnl: he's good!

[] Sheriffnl: fun to see :) all realtime :) ajax rules :D

[] Crazyfist: oi chek teh pic

[] Crazyfist:

[] Crazyfist: oops

[] Sheriffnl: smapper :P

[] Sheriffnl: euh

[] Sheriffnl: ammer :)

[] Crazyfist:

[] Sheriffnl: +p *sigh*

[] Sheriffnl: what's changed?

[] Sheriffnl: brb ...

[] Crazyfist: nobody wants to comment my picture.... *cries*

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Starbear: Wow thats actualy a realy nice shot you've got... how'd you make it again Photo Shop... it looks realy 3D... is it also a composite of renders as well?

[] Crazyfist: the ships were 3d renders, all else in photoshop

[] lrdnova: hello

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey

[] lrdnova: man Aries Fleet and UFP are awesome

[] Sharpkiller: Bonjour, mon ami

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey sharp

[] Sheriffnl: *blush* ...

[] Crazyfist: *blush* ...

[] Zach Nicodemous: ?

[] lrdnova: we will fill you in later Zach

[] Crazyfist: its gonna rock

[] Crazyfist: i think bed is a factor for me once again

[] lrdnova: alright Crazy good night.

[] Fvillha: Joluan Tru

[] Zach Nicodemous: Jolan Tru!

[] Fvillha: dratz out of ale again

[] Random Redshirt: A Romulan out of Ale is a disgrace to the Empire and a crime punishable by death!

[] Sheriffnl: lol :)

[] Random Redshirt: How is everyone today?

[] Sheriffnl: fine thank you, having a blast today :)

[] Random Redshirt: Good to hear!

[] Random Redshirt: Just went over to STGU to read the supposed "inside story" on STO like they posted on STOnet, what a joke. There is nothing there but a teaser. I just lost a ton of respect for that site.

[] Random Redshirt: If I wanted false advertising, I'd dis-engage my pop-up blocker.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Any fans of Alter Ego here?

[] Random Redshirt: Alter Ego should be shot for stranding MrJuliano in the sinking Perpetual base!

[] Falin: what's wrong with alter ego? he's a good comic releif

[] Zach Nicodemous: For a quick 60 second dose of AE - Click this > >

[] Falin: about disgusting: Court: Man put abortion pills in lover's yogurt

[] Sheriffnl: love the add zach :P

[] Sheriffnl: Ad .. i mean ...

[] Starbear: Wow thats great stuff... I want more episodes of Mr. Juliano, Kin, Zach the rest of the crew and... dun dun dunnnnnn! Alter Ego, in the continued adventures of going where no gamer

[] Starbear: has gone before, in search of interesting the ever elusive STO!!!

[] Falin: better watch out, they may drag you in as a special guess one f these days ;)

[] Falin: and 'm off to go cook dinner, cyas

[] Sheriffnl: im off to bed guy ... i'll be here tommorow ofcourse :) see ya l8r

[] Sheriffnl: guys ...

[] Zach Nicodemous: GNite

[] lrdnova: home

[] Zach Nicodemous: so nice that you consider this place home :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: welcome home

[] lrdnova: just about!

[] lrdnova: Hey what are you guys doing to the site its seems to be timing out quite a bit

[] Zach Nicodemous: ...Nothing

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: still doing it?

[] Kinneas: that is not good.

[] Kinneas: I did not do it : gets a coffee:  promise. I've been busy doing other artwork.

[] lrdnova: not so much now

[] lrdnova: no i think its back to normal

[] lrdnova: just sent you two a PM

[] Zach Nicodemous: Responded

[] lrdnova: Saw it, cool

[] Zach Nicodemous: jump on TS a sec need to ask u summin

[] Zach Nicodemous: Wow Quiet Evening

[] Zach Nicodemous: Allo?!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Anyone?!

[] Starbear: Boga boga boga!

[] Kinneas: ha ha ha    :runs in for a refill  ::::

[] Kinneas: Anyone, what?  :)

[] Sheriffnl: Gooooood morning everyone!

[] Kinneas: Good morning.

[] Sheriffnl: kinneas would you be so kind to send me the .doc i sent yesterday? to my ahvanwijk account?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin All!

[] Sheriffnl: good morning!

[] Sheriffnl: or could you do that zach?

[] Sarevok: Hi all :)

[] Crazyfist: Sup d0ds

[] Zach Nicodemous: E -mail sent Sheriff.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin Sarevok. Morning Crazyfist!

[] Zach Nicodemous: You're all awesome btw. Glad your all here :)

[] Sheriffnl: thank you zach your the greatest!

[] lrdnova: morning everyone!

[] Zach Nicodemous: G'day mate!

[] lrdnova: last night fir some reason I couldnt get back on to HF, I tried it again this morning at home, hmm I guess there is something going on with my laptop. no matter, ill have my new computer up soon he he

[] lrdnova: Zach did Sheriffnl, send you a word document about our little meeting yesterday

[] Zach Nicodemous: He did, didnt get achance to read it yet sorry. Been busy working on other HF/SZ stuff

[] lrdnova: alright cool

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ill read it today

[] Zach Nicodemous: Should be significantly less of a crazy day for a few hours at least

[] lrdnova: its nothing to important

[] lrdnova: just a conceptual Idea at this point

[] Zach Nicodemous: Is RR going to post his ships here from STOnet, or do i need to back them up for him, here

[] lrdnova: no he will

[] lrdnova: he has some new updates to a couple

[] Zach Nicodemous: :)

[] Sarevok: Ird, it wasn't just you who couldn't get on HF, I couldn't get in either, this morning

[] Sarevok: Also, Is your name with a capital i or lower caes L ?

[] lrdnova: L

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ive made some changes to the domain and server, hopefully will fix it. Was it JUST Hailing Frequency you couldnt get on? or too?

[] Sarevok: sto-zone was fine

[] lrdnova: from what i could tell yes

[] Zach Nicodemous: Weird.

[] lrdnova: STO-zone was good until i accessd links that where attached to HF like the forums and such

[] Zach Nicodemous: We. the domain for HF had a couple of erroneous entrys in it which iveremoved. wil ltake 24 hours to propogate the changes tho

[] Zach Nicodemous: *well

[] lrdnova: Kk

[] Sarevok: yup, forum and podcast were down too, anything that linked to

[] Sarevok: Strange thing is, Sheriff could get into HF, but I couldn't

[] Zach Nicodemous: Very Odd.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Maybe the Pakistanis have been blocking HF accorss the whole interent cos its offensive to islam.........

[] Zach Nicodemous: Like they did with youtube

[] Sheriffnl: whehehe

[] Sarevok: hehe

[] Falin: youtube is a communist propoganda tool  (j/k)

[] Crazyfist: Lol

[] Crazyfist: Im bored

[] Falin: BTW, did you have probs this morning, tired 3 hrs ago and got a site not found

[] Crazyfist: Maybe i should do another pic

[] Crazyfist: Any ideas`? Requests?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hmmnnn.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I wanna know what program you used to render, and where did you get the models from?

[] Falin: hmm...a nude kes?

[] Crazyfist: 3ds max

[] Crazyfist: i got them from trek mesh communities

[] Zach Nicodemous: which communitys?

[] Crazyfist: or should i do a video

[] Crazyfist: for example, trekmeshes

[] Crazyfist: the UFP fleet admiral does AWESOME pics

[] Crazyfist: hes a damn genius

[] Crazyfist: i idolize him

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hmn. I get models fro m there. they never look good. must be Vue 6 and Mojoworld rendering them badly

[] Falin: this is what i've been working on when bored lately:

[] Crazyfist: nice, what is it

[] Crazyfist: i never got the hang of modeling

[] Falin: near future space troop transport ;)

[] Crazyfist: :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Nice

[] Falin: loosely based off the Chinnok helicopter

[] Falin: *chinook

[] Falin: I really need to get back to my Fed ship, it needs some love still

[] Falin: and my tholian ships are really desperate in need of an overhaul

[] Crazyfist: ifalin what program do u use

[] Falin: right now, Truespace 7.51, but trying to save up for 3dmax

[] Sarevok: is that ship for atmosferic flight?

[] Crazyfist: save up.. pff :P

[] Falin: in a lubering way, sort of

[] Falin: flies more like a harrier in VTOL when in atmosphere

[] Falin: the 4 outer engines can rotate 360 and tilt 10 degress each way, for a semi-controledflight

[] Falin: whelp, off to play some eve for a bit

[] * Zach Nicodemous needs to renew his eve subscription

[] Sarevok: ah

[] lrdnova: ugh so tired, this week has been such a long week, I dont think i have gotten to bed any earlier then mid night, ::laughs and looks at Zach for a responce::

[] Zach Nicodemous: YOU, have had a long week? Scuse me but what time have I been going to bed?

[] Zach Nicodemous: 4am

[] Zach Nicodemous: 5am

[] lrdnova: LOL

[] lrdnova: exactly what i was wating for

[] Zach Nicodemous: getting up at 11am and 12pm, like...6 hours later

[] Zach Nicodemous: I should give you negative karma

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: I might have to impose "infractions" just for you

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] lrdnova: oh come on now

[] lrdnova: :(

[] lrdnova: BTW you up for some BC tonight?

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: im up for  some bc right frakkin now

[] Zach Nicodemous: err,,,freakin

[] lrdnova: lol I wish i could

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'll have a look later and find a good system for us to use. with warp, etc.

[] Zach Nicodemous: PROPER warp.

[] Zach Nicodemous: not that in system 'censored'

[] Zach Nicodemous: And err..i promise you use a different ship :p

[] Zach Nicodemous: *to use

[] lrdnova: no kidding how many kills did you get!

[] lrdnova: that ship was a beast!

[] lrdnova: i mean I lasted longer against you in a Shuttle because I could get in really close and you couldnt target me as easy but its not like I could do any damage!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: We'll have to take some screenshots to post

[] lrdnova: you know what would be cool is to have a BC modder make the USS Devil Fish fo you guys lol

[] lrdnova: lol or have it built into Excaliber!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thats what we are looking for. A Moddler who can do it for us

[] Zach Nicodemous: For months now

[] Zach Nicodemous: omg me and kinn just came up with an excellent s how plot hehe

[] lrdnova: for the upcoming show?

[] Zach Nicodemous: the one after

[] lrdnova: how about Hailing Frequency "THE EARLY YEARS" where it focus on each of the main characters early life and how they finally came together.

[] Zach Nicodemous: thats actually not a bad idea

[] lrdnova: lol, you can have K'suans vulcan college years where years later from those events a series of Vulcans gone wild pon far edition images surface

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: perv :p

[] Zach Nicodemous: everyone wants to see ksuan neked

[] Zach Nicodemous: ur  all terible

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Sheriffnl: ghehehe

[] Sarevok: lol

[] lrdnova: alright which would be more entertaining, Mr Julianous getting mad and crazy at his console playing STO day in and day out, or Ksuan

[] Zach Nicodemous: We should make it a limited release "married men only" cos then they cant do the dirty to the pictures. NO SINHLE MEN

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: *single


[] Zach Nicodemous: It on ly took a combined 10 hours of work!!!

[] Sheriffnl: congrats~! great job!

[] Sarevok: congrats

[] lrdnova: Gratz

[] Crazyfist: Nice work

[] Crazyfist: i got a image idea

[] Crazyfist: USS Ares(UFP flagship), USS Lotus(lotus flagship) USS Something(aries flagship) at a HF station with HF insignia on the hulls

[] Crazyfist: you like?

[] Sarevok: Aries flagship is Alpha Arietis

[] Sarevok: but since we're a Dutch fleet, we're considering using HMS

[] Crazyfist: naaaah

[] Crazyfist: srsly?

[] Crazyfist: like the idea tho?

[] Zach Nicodemous: wow cool idea!

[] Zach Nicodemous: I love it

[] Crazyfist: i wud wanna speak with u zak first

[] Crazyfist: some details

[] Crazyfist: like what kind of station, what insignia... etc etc

[] Sheriffnl: we're not considering... we ARE using HMS ;)

[] Crazyfist: aww

[] Crazyfist: well sheriff u like the idea rite?

[] Sheriffnl: :) .. check the logo on

[] Sheriffnl: absolutly!

[] Sheriffnl: well im heading home... see ya in a bit!

[] Crazyfist: k

[] Sarevok: ... now I missed the idea you were talking about... what was it?

[] Crazyfist: the image

[] lrdnova: Sare are you a member of Aries Fleet?

[] Crazyfist: yea he is

[] lrdnova: thats what I thought

[] Crazyfist: if not, he is going to be :P

[] lrdnova: couldnt remember

[] lrdnova: where the heck has Gemini Fleet been

[] Crazyfist: tryjo doesnt answer my hails

[] Crazyfist: theyre faring as always, active, not in the public community

[] Sarevok: lrd: yes

[] Sarevok: I'm a member of Aries

[] lrdnova: they used to be really big and active

[] lrdnova: well when Admiral Morgan ran things

[] Zach Nicodemous: I posted over at Gemini Fleet yesterday

[] lrdnova: I know a couple of them lurked around every so often

[] Crazyfist: does anyone know what phpBB3 does

[] Crazyfist: cus where upgrading our forums to that right now, and using a standard ugly template temporarily

[] Crazyfist: and i have no clue what it does

[] lrdnova: not sure

[] lrdnova: omg omg MrJuliano is online, quick some one hurry get me a pen and paper, ive got to get his autograph!

[] lrdnova: um scuse me Mr Juliano, I really must say that I loved your work in HF 43 someone should give you an Oscar for your performance, absolutly genius!

[] Sarevok: *gives a pen to lrd*

[] Sarevok: *gives paper to lrd*

[] lrdnova: Thanks! :)

[] lrdnova: lunch be back

[] Sarevok: lol, lrd is getting lunch and Sheriff is having dinner :)

[] Crazyfist: im havin dinner shortly

[] Zach Nicodemous: I just had breakfast

[] MrJuliano: Thanks for the kind words, Irdnova!

[] MrJuliano: I'm about to have some lunch myself

[] Sarevok: Zach: you should just get back to a normal day/night rithm

[] Zach Nicodemous: Not gunna happen this week i dont think

[] MrJuliano: We'll get you some ambien, Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: whats that

[] MrJuliano: its like sleeping pills

[] Crazyfist: hey juliano

[] Crazyfist: honored to meet u :P

[] MrJuliano: heya

[] MrJuliano: why thank you, welcome to HF!

[] Sarevok: Hi Juliano

[] MrJuliano: Hey, what's going on?

[] Sarevok: not much

[] Crazyfist: lies

[] Crazyfist: :P

[] MrJuliano: Haha

[] Crazyfist: so juliano, u seen my latest pic

[] Crazyfist: ?*

[] Sarevok: back :)

[] MrJuliano: No, I haven't, where at?

[] Crazyfist: star trek general, arts n graphics

[] MrJuliano: One word: WOW

[] Sarevok: hehe

[] Zach Nicodemous: Anyone speak french here?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I need someone to translate something from english to french for me

[] lrdnova:

[] lrdnova: there you go

[] lrdnova: try that

[] lrdnova: its not perfect but it gets close

[] Sarevok: how much do you need translated?

[] Sarevok: I guess I could manage one sentence :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: I just want to know how to say "Welcome to our Community" in french

[] Sarevok: bienvenue a notre... uhm...

[] Sarevok: no idea :s

[] lrdnova: Accueillir à notre Communauté

[] lrdnova: thats exactly how you say it

[] Sarevok: is it?

[] Sarevok: accuellir looks like a verb?

[] lrdnova: not sure about that, but Know that those words translate exactly into Welcome to our Community

[] Sarevok: well, I've always seen a welcome translated as bienvenue

[] Sarevok: I think accueillir means "to welcome"

[] lrdnova: ah that makes since when put into the context of "Welcome to" out community

[] lrdnova: our*

[] lrdnova: but what your saying is that it actually translates to "To welcome our community"

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #3 on: 04 February 2009 10:32 AM »
[] Sarevok: yes

[] Zach Nicodemous: So is it accuellir or bienvenue

[] Sarevok: actually, it says ""to welcome to out community"

[] Sarevok: Zach: Bienvenue, IMO

[] lrdnova: bienvenue is probably the correct context for what your saying

[] Zach Nicodemous: shall i just ask babelfish?

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Sheriffnl: Goooood evening all :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hallo

[] Sarevok: Hi Sheriff

[] Zach Nicodemous: woah at the same time

[] Sarevok: Zach: for about 5 min, I couldn't get on HF: 406 error: Not acceptable

[] Sheriffnl: gheheh Sarevok told me he could not connect again to HF boards ... so i tried and voila... :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: grrrrrrr

[] Zach Nicodemous: did it say anyting else?

[] Sarevok: An appropriate representation of the requested resource / could not be found on this server

[] Sarevok: error could also be on my side :s

[] Zach Nicodemous: No ive seen that error before

[] Zach Nicodemous: How do you normally get to the forums - by clicking the button on one of the websites, or do you come here directly?

[] Sarevok: this time, I was refreshing this window to check for new posts

[] Sarevok: but I had the same error this morning, and then I also tried to get in vie sto-zone, with no luck

[] Zach Nicodemous: ok

[] Random Redshirt: Hey everybody

[] Zach Nicodemous: RR! You @ home?

[] lrdnova: RR whats up

[] Sarevok: usually when I go here I just type the beginning of the URL in the adress bar, and click the one takes me here

[] Sheriffnl: hi all ;)

[] lrdnova: Sher

[] Sheriffnl: lrd ;

[] Random Redshirt: I'm at the office. I don't get home till about 7:00 PST.

[] Sarevok: brb

[] Sarevok: back

[] Sheriffnl: wb man :)

[] Sarevok: ty

[] Sheriffnl: yw :)

[] Sheriffnl: ghehehe here we go again :P

[] Sarevok: where do we go?

[] Sheriffnl: brb....ok....back ...wb..ty..yw...

[] MrJuliano: hey sheriff

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Sarevok: Hi Juliano

[] MrJuliano: heya. just got my net back, it was down for over an hour!

[] Zach Nicodemous: go on skype

[] MrJuliano: let me figure out why it broke first

[] MrJuliano: give me like ten mins

[] Sarevok: I'm going to bed, maybe watch some tv

[] Sarevok: good night all

[] MrJuliano: Later sarevok

[] Sheriffnl: goodnight ;)

[] Sheriffnl: hey there Mrjuliano :)

[] MrJuliano: heya!

[] Sharpkiller: Bonjour, mon ami! Voulez-vous moi a parle en anglais?

[] MrJuliano:

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: i only speak english

[] Zach Nicodemous: Bonjour. Comment appelle tu?....err.....Je'maple....Zach....errr......Merde

[] Zach Nicodemous: Vou le Vouz

[] MrJuliano: um...ok

[] Zach Nicodemous: i have no idea wat im sayin

[] MrJuliano: oh, wait, i know this one: hasta la vista, baby!

[] Zach Nicodemous: isnt that austrian?

[] MrJuliano: absolutely

[] Sheriffnl: whehehe

[] Zach Nicodemous: Wow more lotus fleet peeps are coming all the time

[] Zach Nicodemous: scary

[] Starbear: Hey Zach, was the site down last night because I couldn't get on it at all

[] Zach Nicodemous: A Couple of people had issues. I reported it to the datacenter they are lookin into it

[] Starbear: ahh ok, well put me on the list of people with issues haha

[] Zach Nicodemous: There were some issues. IVe reported it to the data center

[] Starbear: nice, yah I was able to log onto but not the forum

[] MrJuliano: i had the same issue. you are not alone!

[] Starbear: good to know... well its not good, but I'm just glad its not my computer or connection :p

[] MrJuliano: hehe

[] Random Redshirt: Hey Zach, you ever gonna confirm my Star Trek trivia answer so I can go about creating the next brain teaser?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sorry! New to the game!

[] Random Redshirt: no problem. Basically one person asks a question. when someone responds correctly, the poster of the question says correct or incorrect. If correct, the person who answered correctly asks the next question

[] Zach Nicodemous: eHurry up and get home

[] Zach Nicodemous: siiillleenntt nigghttt....

[] Starbear: indeed ;D

[] Random Redshirt: Greetings fellow Trekmeisters

[] lrdnova: hey man you going to Team speak later

[] lrdnova: or is this going to be a short night for you?

[] Random Redshirt: I'll get on TS in a few minutes

[] Random Redshirt: Once I finish stuffing my face that

[] Random Redshirt: Anyone around?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yes

[] Starbear: I'm around, but that was about an hour ago that you asked haha

[] Sarevok: I'm here :)

[] Sarevok: k, is officially gone :(

[] Suricata: yup, a page is been woked on atm that will contain a listing of alternate fansites, should be up this weekend

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin all. Thats really sad its gone.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I was wondering if it would ACTUALLY happen

[] Zach Nicodemous: I must run to the bank, be back in an hour

[] Sarevok: bye

[] lrdnova: good morning, good afternoon, good evening

[] Sarevok: lol, Hi lrd

[] lrdnova: kik

[] lrdnova: ol

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: cant type

[] Sarevok: I see that :p

[] Sheriffnl: *sigh* i was just SECONDS to late to post in the shoutbox at STOnet ... it died in front of my eyes ...

[] Sarevok: awww

[] * Falin hits a button the tactical station. Taps plays throughout the ship in memory of

[] Falin: ohhh i see Suricata made it over here, cool :)

[] lrdnova: *sniff, sniff*

[] MrJuliano: RIP STOnet

[] MrJuliano: gm all

[] Falin: uh oh, we're in trouble, Mrjuliano is here

[] MrJuliano: no, no, no, Alter Ego is the one you have to look out for

[] Falin: bah, I don't fear alter ego, Us tholians can handle him easy enouigh

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: you tell him

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] Sarevok: Hi Juliano and Falin

[] MrJuliano: Heya!

[] Falin: ah saravok has arrived, must mean it's breakfast time

[] Sarevok: actually, I've been here for about 5 hours now

[] MrJuliano: i just finished my breakfast

[] Crazyfist: Sup duds

[] Zach Nicodemous: Juliano - I have activated the shoutbox in all forums as you requested

[] Sarevok: Hi Crazyfist

[] Crazyfist: zach, no u havent :O

[] Crazyfist: nvm u have

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] MrJuliano: Thanks you Zach

[] Sarevok: ah, good :D

[] Sarevok: now I don't need to have 2 HF windows open anymore :D

[] Crazyfist: :D

[] Sarevok: but I'll just do it anyway, it's still easier

[] lrdnova: by the way guys as of last night Random Redshirt is now in a official capactiy Lotus Fleets Executive Officer.

[] lrdnova: just an fyi for those who care

[] Sarevok: ah, I'll congrat him when I see him :)

[] Crazyfist: me too

[] Falin: hmm....

[] Sarevok: btw, lrdnova, I checked on and the academy is gone?

[] Sarevok: or just no longer visible to non-members?

[] Crazyfist: i wonder, what is that academy for?

[] Falin: tom torture young ensigns

[] Falin: *to

[] Sarevok: *cadets

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] lrdnova: what do you mean gone.

[] lrdnova: our LCARS academy stuff

[] Sarevok: I can't see it...

[] Sarevok: yes

[] lrdnova: if your talking about the LCARS themed stuff then yeah that was only going to be there temporarly so we can give a preview into the style and design direction that the academy and the site as a whole will be going

[] Sarevok: ah, k :)

[] lrdnova: the look and feel will be converted over to a whole new website

[] Sarevok: k, I was wondering where it went :)

[] Falin: dang that's 3 times trying to do the same thing that Treuspace has crashed, ok tiem to find a different wat to get the look

[] Zach Nicodemous: I've added a new function to the link bar above the shoutbox. waiting for kinn to wake up to do the button

[] Zach Nicodemous: "Show all new Posts"

[] lrdnova: looks very cool

[] Zach Nicodemous: nice button i made eh?

[] lrdnova: although "show all new Posts" and "Treasury" are much smaller then the rest

[] Zach Nicodemous: hit refresh

[] lrdnova: ah much better

[] lrdnova: Treasury is up there twice

[] Zach Nicodemous: yeh thats cos one of them links to a search function - need a button for that too

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] lrdnova: I C

[] BLZBUB: good morning people! :)

[] lrdnova: morning

[] Sarevok: I look away for 5 min and this chat takes off :| and hi BLZBUB

[] Falin: hmm..did a refresh, now see a funny yellow button ;)

[] BLZBUB: heh. hi Sarevok

[] Falin: i know what ya man saravok, steppedaway for 2 min for the phone and pow

[] Sarevok: and now there are 2 yellow buttons :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: two funny yellow b uttons lol. need kinn to come make buttons lol

[] BLZBUB: if it is between treasury  and treasury...I'd be suspicious about it

[] Sarevok: this shoutbox should have a scroll function like had

[] Zach Nicodemous: i aint now art wizzard

[] Zach Nicodemous: *no

[] Zach Nicodemous: the poor guy should be awake soon.

[] Falin: i see 2 blue treasury buttons with a yellow button in between. dropping ahint on the trasurey are we Zach? ;P

[] Zach Nicodemous: refresh falin

[] Falin: ah now i see two yellow buttons

[] Zach Nicodemous: They will be replaced soon

[] Sheriffnl: hey zach, have you noticed those two weird buttons here? :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: ugh

[] Zach Nicodemous: KINNEAS.....WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[] lrdnova: yeah I mean they kinda stick out beyond the rest

[] Sheriffnl: lolz.. nice btw that the shoutbox stays here when i got to The STO-Zone!

[] Sarevok: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: ggreeaaattt...i have to manually reinstall the awards sytem

[] lrdnova: another late night then?

[] * BLZBUB instills dreams of sugarplums into Kinneas' dreams to keep him sleeping longer

[] Zach Nicodemous: well thats counter-productive to the situation.

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] * Zach Nicodemous smites BLZBUB

[] * BLZBUB rubs a new sore spot on his head

[] lrdnova: we need a STO-Zone link to get us back to the main page from here

[] BLZBUB: what? You don't have a scroll wheel on your mouse Irdnova? ;P

[] lrdnova: huh

[] lrdnova: I know the STO-zone forum link, but the actually page that has the news and such

[] lrdnova:

[] lrdnova: this page

[] MrJuliano: thats why when you click on Forum on the sto-zone page, it opens in a new window. but, a homepage link is never a bad idea, we can work something in, I'm sure

[] Crazyfist: *jumps out of hiding*

[] Crazyfist: BOO!

[] MrJuliano: AHHH!H!!!!

[] MrJuliano: you scared me

[] * BLZBUB smites Crazyfist

[] Crazyfist: :P

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Post added about our post ranking system

[] Crazyfist: what post

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] BLZBUB: yah...about that Zach... :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: send me a PM plz with what you would suggest

[] BLZBUB: er, actually, I posted in the thread!

[] Zach Nicodemous: i mean in terms of, your suggests for rrank versusthe number of posts

[] BLZBUB: ah, I sit corrected :P

[] Sarevok: hehe

[] Falin: i posted in the thread

[] Falin: i thi8nk

[] Zach Nicodemous: Well, thats one failed attempt to implement the awards system

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sorry about that folks

[] Crazyfist: no probs

[] BLZBUB: if you hit 10 failed attempts, we'll start calling you "Perpetual Zach" :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ouch thats hutts :(

[] * Zach Nicodemous smites BLZBUB again

[] Kinneas: ::  Yawn :::    Good morning... Wow...I slept longer than normal....sorry Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: I guess BL|BUBs spell worked

[] Zach Nicodemous: *BLZBUBs

[] Kinneas: :: Sips coffee and liiks over todays 'to-do' list.::   Another full day.

[] Kinneas: * : looks, even :

[] Sarevok: back

[] Random Redshirt: morning trekkies!

[] Sarevok: afternoon, RR

[] Random Redshirt: Hey Sarevok

[] Kinneas: :: Yawn :  Good morning  :)  :raise coffee ::

[] Sarevok: WOW, check Suricata's post on the forum:

[] Sarevok: forum --> Star Trek Gaming --> STO-Zone --> Game News and Announcements --> P2 entertainment closes down

[] Kinneas: : nod nod : O.k.    Glad to see Suricata has joined us.  That is great.

[] Sheriffnl: pfew...heavy stuff :P

[] Kinneas: Morning, Sheriff!

[] lrdnova: Morning Kin, sleep well

[] lrdnova: ?

[] Kinneas: Yeah, actually. Longer than normal.

[] Kinneas: Good morning, btw, Nova.  Thankd for the games last evenining. Sorry I was soo tired.

[] lrdnova: I seriously did not want to get up today lol

[] Kinneas: me neither

[] lrdnova: Preaty soon I am going to have a machine that I was thinking about making it a dedicated BC server, what do you guys think

[] Sheriffnl: sound like good news nova!

[] Zach Nicodemous: OK - I have a working model for the awards system. I am going to start restoring peoples awards now.

[] Sheriffnl: need testing?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I already tested it hehe. Look at any posts i have made. there is awards under my av

[] Sheriffnl: Homer simposn voice "nice!"

[] lrdnova: no more yellow buttons?? :(

[] Kinneas: cause they were soooooo pretty

[] Falin: ah got a -1 karma, i knew i was bad luck ;)

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Falin: but apparently not as bad luck as RR, he's got -22 Karma

[] lrdnova: RR or Zach

[] lrdnova: RR has Zero, Zach has 22

[] lrdnova: lol if my newest post does spark a debate or even a couple argument ill be disapointed

[] Falin: hmm...

[] Falin: must have looked at zachs, thoyght it was RR's

[] Falin: ok, why do some people have pips and others bars for the same rank?

[] lrdnova: Those who have the Captains Pips, Donated money to HF

[] lrdnova: the Cadet bars that you see are the actual ranks based on the number of posts you have

[] Falin: hmm..weird. sorry was responding to your post ;)

[] Falin: sites a bit sluggish

[] Zach Nicodemous: It is?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Seems fast to me

[] Zach Nicodemous: Whooooossshhh

[] Zach Nicodemous: >>.....>............................>......................>.....................>....................>>>>..................>>

[] Zach Nicodemous: Look at the arrow go!!

[] Falin: lol

[] Falin: 10 sec for that to post

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hmmnnn

[] Crazyfist: i have a slight remake of my picture

[] Crazyfist: anyone interested in a link to it?

[] Sheriffnl: nah ....

[] Sheriffnl: ghehehe sure!

[] Sheriffnl: give it to me baby ... ahah ahah

[] Crazyfist:

[] lrdnova: looks good

[] lrdnova: as always

[] Crazyfist: notice the  slight improvements?

[] Crazyfist: added light from quantums and phasers to the hulls, the charging arcs now look more realistic, nebula and planet weaks...

[] lrdnova: yes very good.

[] lrdnova: your artwork is amazing

[] Crazyfist: thanks, i try :P

[] lrdnova: you should try designing your own Starship

[] Crazyfist: blaaaaahhhh

[] Falin: nce pic, but i hink the panets a bit to sharp

[] Crazyfist: :O

[] Crazyfist: sharp?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Falin - what was your username on STOnet?

[] Crazyfist: falin

[] Zach Nicodemous: Those of you who posted in the Awards thread - You now have your awards!

[] Crazyfist: awards thread?

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Falin: Falin ;)

[] Falin: yes Crazy, it's to sharp, need to fuzz the atmosphere a bit

[] Crazyfist: maybe

[] Suricata: hehe, see my fans followed me across to give bad karma, least I've had no crude offensive PM's 'yet' :P

[] Falin: lol, mine gave me bad Karmo too

[] Suricata: I'm ex-navy, so i'm used to bad languge, but some of the PM's I recieved even made me cringe, lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: PMs here?

[] Falin: oh they just flat out printed tem on the forums to me

[] Suricata: nah, over on sTOnet

[] Suricata: nah, not like these, lol

[] Suricata: we had a fair few posted on hte forums too, but some of the mails the staff got were really really horrid, lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: If anyone gives you trouble here Suricata please let me know, everyone gets a clean slate here.

[] Suricata: amazing how many people though STOnet was paid by PE

[] Suricata: I've got a tough skin

[] Falin: bah i never sent a rude PM to a mod, just yelled at the wall occasionally

[] lrdnova: Thanks for the advice Suricata, this will be very helpful!

[] Suricata: np Nova

[] Falin: what? he's giving out free advice agin? shame on him

[] Suricata: heh, he thinks its free, but the bills in the post :-)

[] lrdnova: I needed help choosing between Red Carpet or Blue Carpet for my new Starbase over at Lotus Fleet

[] Suricata: bbl

[] Falin: lol, Red's best, hides the blood better

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: and its traditional

[] lrdnova: thats what I thought aswell but you know once yous Plasma Grease on the red it just looks horrid

[] Falin: well put red in all the common areas, and green in the plasma grease areas

[] lrdnova: hey thats not a bad idea maybe we could have departmental color matching floors

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Falin: could follow TMP and have each deck a different color

[] Crazyfist: kinn, zach, in the unitypicture ill make, any requests how the Hailing Frequency station should look like?

[] Falin: anything but the DS9 station, unless it's being blwon up by HF

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Crazyfist:

[] Sheriffnl: whehehe

[] Crazyfist: that any good?

[] Crazyfist: standard issue :P

[] Falin: direct linking forbidden

[] Crazyfist: rly?

[] Crazyfist: hm

[] Falin: that's what it said, whatstation was it?

[] lrdnova: you can still get to where you need to go

[] Crazyfist:

[] Crazyfist: try that

[] Falin: i like starbase 201

[] K'Suan'Indra: Zach and Kinneas are currently in an interview, but as soon as they are out, I shall let them know you've a question for them...

[] Crazyfist: not a bad choice

[] Falin: or the imerse starbase

[] Falin: why are't you in he interview?

[] Falin: errr immese station

[] K'Suan'Indra: They are interviewing Aftermath right now. I would not have the right questions for him. :)

[] Falin: ah, well ask a wroing question then ;;)

[] K'Suan'Indra: I can give you an answer instead. I am not a figment of anyone's imagination. I actually exist.

[] lrdnova: Aftermath is the Legacy Expansion, or a person named Aftermath

[] Falin: really? hmm....funny I heard you were a holodeck creation

[] K'Suan'Indra: A person named Aftermath.

[] lrdnova: ah ok

[] K'Suan'Indra: Falin, some in the community think I am, being a female and all...

[] Falin: i've heard the name before, just can't place the person and what they do

[] lrdnova: See I heard that Kin and Zach tried to recreate the Weird Science experiment but accidentally droped Suraks Teaching in with the mix and that how we got K'Suan

[] Falin: naw, i belive you're real, i doiubt rommie thugh, as they say you are. i was thinkig more andorian myself

[] K'Suan'Indra: If that were true, Lrdnova, I'd look like Kelly LeBrock in her prime. Alas, that is not the case...

[] lrdnova: lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: And Aftermath is another mod designer, if I remember correctly...

[] Zach Nicodemous: Aftermath is the name of the mod, we we're interviewing Gamemaster

[] K'Suan'Indra: Of course. Faulty memory. I shall be quiet now.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Dont be like that lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Here....have a plum **passes k'suan a plum** how are you today?

[] K'Suan'Indra: As well as can be expected. Why do I have a plum?

[] Zach Nicodemous: ....To eat?

[] lrdnova: cause peaches are over rated

[] lrdnova: and apples are just stuck up

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: I do not see them as stuck up. They are quite the workhorse of the fruit category. Much can be made with them.

[] lrdnova: well you may have a different prespective on them after this

[] Falin: confusious say, be wary of man bearing plums

[] Random Redshirt: Howdy folks

[] Random Redshirt: TGIF

[] Random Redshirt: Will this infernal work day ever end?

[] K'Suan'Indra: After viewing that, I have to say that condiments are the true enemy. Apples are as I thought they would be. :)

[] K'Suan'Indra: Condiments and water bottles.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Lol Ksuan

[] K'Suan'Indra: I speak true. :)

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Crazyfist: zach

[] lrdnova: lol hey Zach did you ever think that this shout box would be active with conversations about fruits and Condiments ::wonders if that came out the way it was intended::

[] Crazyfist: go to and chek out station meshes, tell me plz which one u want me to use in my pic

[] K'Suan'Indra: Fruity condiments sounds much worse, so you are fine.

[] lrdnova: alright good

[] Sheriffnl: hey guys, would HF be interessted in having an IRC channel?

[] K'Suan'Indra: Did have one?

[] Sheriffnl: yeah, for a while, but it went offline

[] Zach Nicodemous: Do we need an IRC given that this shoutbox is realtime?

[] Falin: IRC died over there when they added the shoutbox

[] Falin: anwho, gotta run for a bit

[] Zach Nicodemous: And our shoutbox is better than theirs

[] Zach Nicodemous: Faster i mean

[] lrdnova: yeah no idle 'censored'

[] K'Suan'Indra: It might be best for an ooc/unrelated area in the ready room, mayhaps. For all the random bits and pieces that need more space.

[] Sheriffnl: idd it does work well, and it provides hits aswell :)

[] lrdnova: I know that occasionally they used a IRC channel to have specialized discussions that the shoutbox couldnt handle

[] Zach Nicodemous: We have enough hits :p

[] Sheriffnl: i believe you :P

[] Crazyfist: zach?

[] Zach Nicodemous: We have gone from 300-500 hits a day on these forums to...looks like we'll hit 5000 today

[] Zach Nicodemous: yes?

[] Crazyfist: could u go to for me and search for a station ud like me to use in my picture

[] Crazyfist: for the HF station

[] Zach Nicodemous: en route

[] lrdnova: 5000 hits!

[] Crazyfist: woa

[] Crazyfist: how long has this forum been up gain?

[] lrdnova: thats just todays count

[] Zach Nicodemous: yes

[] Sheriffnl: damn ... sweet!

[] Zach Nicodemous: the whole forum has been up for two years and its had more posts in a week than all that time

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Sheriffnl: lol :) all for the better!

[] Zach Nicodemous: we never really pushed the forums

[] Crazyfist: pwnage

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Crazyfist: u like that one

[] Zach Nicodemous: thats a lovely station

[] K'Suan'Indra: People need a place to gather. Hailing Frequency will take in the ones left behind. Simple, really.

[] lrdnova: thats the one that Lotus Fleet Choose for our roleplaying

[] lrdnova: its a really nice starbase

[] Random Redshirt: Ummm, sir, bout that kinda got blown up this morning.

[] Crazyfist: smooth :P

[] Random Redshirt: No biggie. Without money in Starfleet, should be cheap to replace.  :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Random Redshirt: It was the new Academy CO. His party got a little out of hand, one thing led to another, and soon the EPS conduits had champange coming out of them.

[] Crazyfist: Thats hard to do

[] Crazyfist: Howd they manage that?

[] Random Redshirt: I was amazed for sure, until the station started exploding around me. I knew after that, it was time to leave.

[] K'Suan'Indra: I was going to ask how one 'kinda' blows something up.

[] lrdnova: Redshirt, you had better get ahold of a ferangi and find me another Starbase, cause when i get back from earth if my star base is missing I am going to put everyone in the Fleet on double duty cleaning the Plasma vents

[] Random Redshirt: Beats me but I'm pretty sure it involved an Andorian, a shuttlecraft and a Jem'Haddar who has been without White for a week

[] K'Suan'Indra: Logic dictates ful demolition or none at all when it comes to explosions.

[] Crazyfist: Oh, your JemHadar slaves have a shortage of white? :P

[] K'Suan'Indra: *full

[] Crazyfist: We have some extra

[] Random Redshirt: Ummm, how can I scrub plasma vents? There aren't any left!

[] Zach Nicodemous: LOL

[] K'Suan'Indra: Cannot dispute that statement.

[] Random Redshirt: Oh, and bad news about your flagship. We couldn't undock it in time....

[] lrdnova: Lotus Fleet will become Starfleets one stop shop for fuel and Cleaning

[] Crazyfist: LOL

[] Random Redshirt: If we can find a new starbase

[] Crazyfist: u could project a holografic temporary starbase :)

[] lrdnova: your fired, first day as the Fleets XO and you blow the Starbase AND the Fleets Flag ship amazing!

[] Crazyfist: make sure its holo matrix is stable tho

[] Sheriffnl: aaah, just lemme check what i have lying around up my attic :)

[] Random Redshirt: Crazy, how do I put holo emitters on what is essentially debris?

[] lrdnova: I dont know either but if you dont figure it out I am sure youll be able to learn how at the Academy as a Cadet

[] * Sheriffnl found one ...*blows dust off it* ... its a ... its a ... hmm, can't seem to read the numbers ...

[] Crazyfist: true

[] Random Redshirt: Maybe it's time to join the Romulan Fleet. I'm pretty sure if I stick around much longer, Nova is gonna have my head for a hood ornament

[] lrdnova: lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: Might be better at this juncture just to let floating debris float.

[] Sheriffnl: why are you guys green?

[] lrdnova: Vulcans! you cant ever tell if there with you or against you!

[] K'Suan'Indra: Simply being logical.

[] Kinneas: :)

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Kinneas: :: strolls in for a refill ::

[] Kinneas: Hiya, K'Suan. Status report?

[] lrdnova: is it logical that a person is on the job for ONE day and manages to mess up so bad, i mean really what are the odds ;)

[] Kinneas: :: sips coffee ::

[] K'Suan'Indra: We are fully operational and intact. As opposed to others. Names shall not be released.

[] Crazyfist: u shouldnt have asked a vlucan for the oddds. it will spam the shoutbox

[] Crazyfist: weird, my keyboard must be malfunctioning

[] Sheriffnl: lol

[] Random Redshirt: I didn't mess up, it was the Jem'Haddar! They can't hold their liquor!

[] lrdnova: was that Sarchasim in your voice

[] Kinneas: Understood.  I've been opening all the non-used quarters and have been getting guests set up.

[] lrdnova: Ksuan

[] K'Suan'Indra: Sarcasm? No. Then again, it was not on the Devil Fish a party was held.

[] Kinneas: The shuttle bay is backed up. They are stacking up.

[] * Crazyfist gets annoyed by Kinneas continuous coffee drinking, and snatches his coffee and hides it.

[] K'Suan'Indra: We simply have toast and tea here.

[] Kinneas: whoa.

[] Kinneas: Hey now!

[] lrdnova: grrrrrrr... Kin dont worry about quarters for Redshirt. hes going to take a long walk out a short airlock when i get my hands on him

[] Kinneas: That is a capital offense round these parts.

[] K'Suan'Indra: As to the back up, I am directing stewards to the shuttle bay to help the passengers find accomodations.

[] Random Redshirt: In this corner, weighing in at 185, the welterweight from the Rockies, Kinneas......

[] Kinneas: Heavyweight Champ.

[] Kinneas: :)

[] K'Suan'Indra: Kinneas does need his coffee. It settles and grounds him.

[] K'Suan'Indra: Grounds.

[] Kinneas: as you like to say, K'Suan.     'Indeed'.

[] lrdnova: At any rate Admiral Redshirt, I suppose whats important is that everyone is ok

[] Kinneas: :nod nod :

[] K'Suan'Indra: I attempted a pun and it was not acknowleged.

[] lrdnova: ah Coffee grounds ha ha he he :-\

[] K'Suan'Indra: I do not know if I wish to study human humor anymore.

[] Kinneas: O.k. I gotta get back to opening quarters and putting in new air scrubbers.   : gets another mug and a refill :::   Call me if needed.   :: Exist in turbolift ::

[] Kinneas: *exits, even.

[] Sheriffnl: brb

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Crazyfist: hm

[] Zach Nicodemous: poor ksuan

[] Crazyfist: i just became idle in the shoutbox

[] Crazyfist: i thought it died, when i pressed refresh it un died

[] Zach Nicodemous: might have been a glitch

[] K'Suan'Indra: I am going to check on the status of the shuttle bay personally.

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::slips out::

[] lrdnova: going home later

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mr J - if you can see this mesage, plz jump on skype for a sec


[] Zach Nicodemous: And for the week too

[] Starbear: Wow did I do that, I belive I have the most recent post? ;P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yeh, you

[] lrdnova: ok home now

[] Zach Nicodemous: welcome home!!

[] lrdnova: so quite

[] Starbear: Just a wee bit

[] Kinneas: yup.

[] Zach Nicodemous: it was so busy in here earlier

[] Zach Nicodemous: must be dinner time lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: if i command my own starship in STO i want a pet cat

[] Kinneas: You gonna dress it up in little Starfleet clothes?   

[] Kinneas: Sir message coming says:  " I can has cheeseburger "

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmfao

[] Zach Nicodemous: i must revive that old thread

[] Sheriffnl: i was busy messing up my site :o|

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Sheriffnl: im off to bed people, see you later!!

[] Random Redshirt: lrdnova, you around?

[] lrdnova: i am

[] lrdnova: whats up

[] Random Redshirt: Got your email, yes, I will be on TS once I get home

[] lrdnova: alright cool

[] Random Redshirt: Be about 30-40 minutes

[] BLZBUB: is it just me or is everyone turned to stone!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Indeed

[] Zach Nicodemous: Stone

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its that time of night lol, and its friday - and lots of people havent found their way here yet

[] Falin: they have?

[] Falin: well off to play a little eve before bed

[] BLZBUB: that new EVE patch bolluxed up my settings...or something :(

[] Startrekker123: Hello

[] Startrekker123: Well i dont know some of you might know me form the

[] BLZBUB: yes I do Startrekker123, how are things?

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey startrekker! welcome aboard!

[] Startrekker123: Good good

[] Startrekker123: Well its nice to know that there is another active commuinty

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ya we are slowly growing. about 100 posts a day at the moment

[] Startrekker123: Still better than some fourms

[] BLZBUB: oh...we're an active bunch alright! ;P Zach and Kinneas are soooooooooo amused with all of us

[] * BLZBUB ducks the incoming SMITE wand

[] Startrekker123: *Gets the popcorn*

[] BLZBUB: Ooh! Pass me some!

[] Startrekker123: *hands Empty Bag to Blzbub*

[] BLZBUB: :{

[] Startrekker123: I will have the replicator pop some more

[] BLZBUB: :)

[] BLZBUB: Mmm...popcorn ...Grlglgrlglrglrglrggrll

[] Zach Nicodemous: no smites for you BLZBUB

[] Zach Nicodemous: gotta wonder about this devils advocate award though

[] BLZBUB: yippee! smite free for the month of march!

[] Startrekker123: Free Klingon Bubble bath for everyone

[] Zach Nicodemous: Extra Acidic?

[] BLZBUB: well, I have no idea about that....ask AlterEgo what he thinks! ;P

[] * Startrekker123 will have to get use to smf

[] BLZBUB: a devil's advocate is someone who takes a position for the sake of argument.

[] mrt: yarr or in this case kapla

[] mrt: or however u spell it :)

[] BLZBUB: although in my case, I take a position of argument for arguments sake...or something like that

[] * Startrekker123 pulls out klingon dictonary

[] BLZBUB: and hiya Mrt

[] * BLZBUB pulls out a Romulan dictionary

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey MRT!!!!

[] mrt: had my pew pew today now wifey says time for beddie

[] mrt: sry no time to check out this new look

[] BLZBUB: nite nite Mrt

[] Startrekker123: Good night

[] Zach Nicodemous: byye mrt

[] Zach Nicodemous: ok so according to the forums it is now officially march 1st. targets for this month, at least 2000 posts and 65000 page views

[] Kinneas: most impressive, captain.

[] Zach Nicodemous: quite, quite

[] BLZBUB: there ya's go...only 1,999 more posts to go for this month! :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: 1,999 posts to go, 1,999 posts, post one...up...the number goes down...1998 posts to go..............ok that was poor

[] Zach Nicodemous: ive been up over 24 hours, sorry

[] BLZBUB: sigh...I guess it is time for me to say goodnight too guys. See ya's tomorrow! * it is still February here :)*

[] Kinneas: Goodnight, mr. B

[] Crazyfist: nova u there

[] Sarevok: morning all :)

[] Crazyfist: wtf

[] Crazyfist: this shoutbox is making me idle all the time

[] Sarevok: it does?

[] Sarevok: I never had that problem here, only at

[] Sheriffnl: goodmorning all :)

[] Sarevok: good... afternoon, Sheriff

[] Sheriffnl: :) about that idling ... most shoutboxes increase the refresh count as your idling ...the first minute its almost realtime, en after a minute it wil be 2 seconds ...etc ..

[] Sarevok: regarding that, your own (st-online) takes forever to update, at least for lines I make

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Sheriffnl: jup i know ... the server where st-online is hosted on, is pretty busy the last few days ..

[] Sheriffnl: hopefully i can find a chance to move the site to our other server which has less to do

[] Sarevok: that would be nice :)

[] Sarevok: if Zach reads this: I just got that 406 error again

[] Sarevok: (all good now)

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #4 on: 04 February 2009 10:33 AM »
[] Zach Nicodemous: Morning Everyone

[] Sarevok: morning, Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: How y'all doin today

[] Sarevok: good enough, Sheriff is working on the new :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Cool

[] Crazyfist: Im goog

[] Sarevok: btw, fyi, I got that 406 error again, about 1 hour ago

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Sarevok: Hi Crazyfist, and you're what?

[] Crazyfist: Zach, my Fleet Admiral is going to make the picture maybe

[] Crazyfist: Hes10 times better than me :P

[] Crazyfist: I wanted the pic to be perfetto

[] Crazyfist: comprende?

[] Falin: don't you all ever sleep?

[] Zach Nicodemous: i comprende

[] Sarevok: sleep?

[] Sarevok: it's almost 3 pm

[] Falin: almost 8am here ;)

[] Sarevok: ah

[] Sarevok: USA, central time?

[] Falin: yup

[] Sarevok: :)

[] mrt: sup

[] Zach Nicodemous: mornin MRT

[] mrt: squat happening in eve atm

[] mrt: really dissapointed to findout sto delayed

[] Sarevok: Hi MRT

[] Sarevok: hmmm, you found out just now? come to the community late?

[] mrt: no just don't get on much.   

[] Sarevok: ah, k :)

[] Sarevok: I'm off, I'll be back later today

[] lrdnova: good mornign all

[] Zach Nicodemous: Top O The Mornin To ya laddy

[] lrdnova: top of the morning, bottom of the afternoon, its all the same

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmao

[] Zach Nicodemous: I started some new threads today hehe

[] Kinneas: :yawn: afternoon.

[] lrdnova: bottom of the afternoon to you

[] Kinneas: Hey, Daemon Fortune!  Good to see you!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Why Y'all so quiet today?

[] Zach Nicodemous: DO i smell?

[] lrdnova: well didnt really want to say anything but

[] BLZBUB: aw, go ahead...say it! I want to see someone smited today! :)

[] BLZBUB: Jus tto clarify Zach...I was posting in my RP  ship in another now that it is up...I'll try and be more...vocal? heh heh

[] Random Redshirt: Good morning ladies and gents

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin'

[] BLZBUB: 'bout time you got up RR.. ;P

[] Random Redshirt: lol

[] Random Redshirt: I slept late today, cause I gotta go to work tomorrow

[] Zach Nicodemous: u work on sundays?!?!

[] Random Redshirt: I will have to the next few weeks. I am working on a project that involves 3D Scanning technology, and our schedule is driven by when the scans are completed.

[] Zach Nicodemous: meh

[] Random Redshirt: It's ok really, because it means overtime, and overtime means move money, and more money means I'm going to Vegas in August

[] Zach Nicodemous: Wish i could go to vegas :(

[] Zach Nicodemous: Wish i could have overtime LOL

[] Random Redshirt: There are drawbacks to overtime. Last year, over $12,000 of my salary came from OT, and I had 8 days where I worked 24 hours straight. It's not all fun and games. lol

[] * Zach Nicodemous makes note to self - be really really REALLY extra nice to RR as he is rich and can donate lotsa lotsa lotsa :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: ehehehe

[] lrdnova: * Notes to self what Zach was noting to self

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmao

[] * BLZBUB believes notes to self are redundant

[] * lrdnova *notes to self that havinga  double redundant note to self will remind the self of the notes to self

[] Random Redshirt: lol

[] Random Redshirt: Let me dispell the myth that Civil Engineering Technicians are not rich.

[] BLZBUB: that is a myth? Really? No kidding! I'll have to make a note to myself to remind me of that fact in the futture! eheh

[] * BLZBUB smacks his "T" key

[] BLZBUB: illy key...always wanting more exposure

[] BLZBUB: methinks I have consumed waaaaayyyy too much coffee today :)

[] Random Redshirt: your average CET only makes about 25-45k per year. Senior Techs that have been around for a while, like me, can make 55-70k a year, but that is about the top range unless they are doing some super high level stuff.

[] Random Redshirt: back in a while everyone.....Random Redshirt to Lotus....Energize.

[] BLZBUB: Lotus???

[] Zach Nicodemous: i think that was sposed to be the name of his ship.....i thought he crashed it though

[] BLZBUB: Or Lotus Fleet? If they are monitorinf RR...we're in trouble! aheh heh

[] lrdnova: BLZBUB?

[] BLZBUB: sry...was afk for a bite

[] BLZBUB: *bit

[] lrdnova: be back gotta go to computer geeks toy store

[] Sarevok: back :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: wb

[] Sarevok: thank you, Zach :)

[] Sarevok: I replied to the loading screen thread

[] Startrekker123: afternoon

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey  startrekker

[] Sarevok: Hi Startrekker :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sarevok - what connection speed are you on?

[] Sarevok: *goes check*

[] Zach Nicodemous: I need someone on 1 meg or less

[] Zach Nicodemous: To testsomething for me

[] Sarevok: 3 Mb/s download 500 kb/s upload

[] Sarevok: well, I'm the wrong person for the job, then :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: hrmph

[] Sarevok: what are you testing?

[] Zach Nicodemous: new hf website

[] Sarevok: ah

[] Zach Nicodemous: kicks the ass of any previous HF  website

[] MrJuliano: Hola

[] Sarevok: ah, so a cool new look for HF?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yo

[] MrJuliano: Yup, and it looks AMAZING

[] MrJuliano: Kinneas and Zach are so damn good at this stuff

[] * Zach Nicodemous wonders if the Alter Ego will ever register on the forumk

[] MrJuliano: Ugh, I hope not. Who wants to listen to his 'censored' anyway

[] Alter: Everyone except you apparently

[] MrJuliano: I thought I smelled something

[] Sarevok: and *looks forward to seein g the new sire

[] Sarevok: *site*

[] MrJuliano: Heya Sarevok, be sure not to look over in that direction, you'll see a deep-throated butthead

[] Sarevok: ah... :|

[] AlterEgo:  Shut up, Juliano

[] Sarevok: hehe

[] MrJuliano: whatever

[] Sarevok: I'm going to bed now

[] Sarevok: good night all

[] MrJuliano: night sarevk

[] MrJuliano: *sarevok, rather

[] AlterEgo:  Fool! Do you really think sleep can help you?!

[] MrJuliano: can help him what?

[] K'Suan'Indra: Lovely...just in time for the battle 'tween good and evil...

[] MrJuliano: heya K'suan

[] K'Suan'Indra: Good afternoon, Mr. Juliano...I trust you are well today?

[] MrJuliano: I am, and yourself?

[] K'Suan'Indra: Fairly well, thank you for asking.

[] K'Suan'Indra: Enjoying your time with your split personality? ::Vulcan arch of a brow::

[] Kinneas: :: strolls in to get a coffee :::   

[] Kinneas: Don;t talk about 'HIM'.

[] Kinneas: Hmmph.  :strolls to the replicator :

[] MrJuliano: He Who Must Not Be Paid Attention To?

[] Kinneas: he who must get his neck wrung.

[] Kinneas: :: sip ::

[] MrJuliano: hehe

[] K'Suan'Indra: But he is running amock, evidently.

[] K'Suan'Indra: It is illogical to ignore the blatant.

[] Kinneas: : Looks over the sensor data ::             Looks like good weather tween us and the UFP upload relay for tomorrow. This should launch eaxctly on time.

[] MrJuliano: yes, but ignoring him makes him even angrier, which is hilarious

[] Kinneas: ~I'd like to meet his tailor ~

[] Kinneas:  Ahhhoooo   :: slides into a chair ::

[] MrJuliano: good, i was afraid that ion storm you mentioned might delay things

[] K'Suan'Indra: Then you may be the one to scrub the obscene graffiti he leaves in the hallway.

[] Kinneas: create some nanites to do it and make a mint.

[] MrJuliano: hehe, good idea

[] AlterEgo:  SILENCE!!!

[] K'Suan'Indra: Of course, make the Vulcan create the technology to make it all easier...::sighs and steps off the bridge::


[] K'Suan'Indra: d you behave yourself...::another arch of a brow:: We have airlocks that need testing.

[] K'Suan'Indra: *do

[] Kinneas: Where is his voice coming from...isolate that!

[] MrJuliano: i've been trying, he's using some sort of jamming signal

[] MrJuliano: plus, he's a complete butt-nugget, so it's difficult

[] AlterEgo:  You cannot stop me. Victory is Mine!

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::leaves to go make the cleaning nanites::

[] Kinneas: :: runs to the turbolift clicking com badge:   Security! Lock down all decks.  ::

[] MrJuliano: he's not on board, Kin. he's probably somewhere still in Orion Space.

[] Kinneas: :: in the turbolift :  I'm going to do a check to be sure. Back in a bit.

[] MrJuliano: ok, let me know if you need anything

[] Crazyfist: I made another picture

[] Crazyfist: Just a quicky tho

[] Crazyfist: check it out

[] Crazyfist: ?

[] Crazyfist: im alone out here

[] Starbear: not realy, your just the onlyone using the houstbos ;)

[] Starbear: wow how the heck did I type houstbox!! I ment to type shoutbox... what the heck... I'm weireded out now

[] Crazyfist: check my pic in star trek general discussion - arts and graphics

[] Crazyfist: both of em :P

[] Crazyfist: then u wont be weireded anymore

[] Falin: i figured you meant houseboy, but decided to let it be ;)

[] Starbear: yah I saw them, they are both veyr good. If you make them widescreen you could do a fanbased backroud for STO, I know I'd put them up

[] lrdnova: Where Alter Ego!

[] AlterEgo:  I'm HERE!

[] lrdnova: So.... you can come in here and talk all big but of course you dong leave any posts or nothing to back up your claims

[] AlterEgo:  I destroyed Star Trek Online. What more backup do you want?

[] lrdnova: your Pathetic and I cant wait till STO does come out so I can put you in the cross hairs of Lotus's phasers!

[] AlterEgo:  Ha Ha Ha! Star Trek Online is DEAD. Victory is Mine!

[] lrdnova: You obviously havent heard!!! Just before YOU destroyed Perpetual Station they managed to Transmit STO to another secret location. And YOU will never find it until its to late

[] lrdnova: HA! no comment I see!

[] Zach Nicodemous: There is no point in arguing with him

[] Zach Nicodemous: Just ignore him

[] Zach Nicodemous: HE isnt worth it

[] lrdnova: I think I made him mad

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: No, what you have just done is alert him to the potential existance of STO!

[] Zach Nicodemous: He is probably plotting a way to find it right now

[] lrdnova: .....

[] Zach Nicodemous: You may have doomed the entire multiverse!

[] lrdnova: He will never get within 2 light years of STO, Not as longs as Aries Fleet, UFP, Lotus Fleet and the USS Devil Fish are around to keep this area of space safe from the like of him and his minions!

[] Zach Nicodemous: He is smart.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I can smell something........

[] Alter Ego: Must be your upper lip

[] Zach Nicodemous: What the hell do you want

[] Zach Nicodemous: Your not welcome here

[] Alter Ego: I'll go wherever I want

[] lrdnova: ohgo look at lil e

[] lrdnova: eg0

[] Alter Ego: Quiet, Vulcan.

[] lrdnova: Vulcan! lol \

[] lrdnova: your not very smart either are you

[] Zach Nicodemous: I think he was insulting you

[] lrdnova: not very good at it obviously\

[] lrdnova: I cant wait till Mr Julianous hangs him up by his thumbs

[] Zach Nicodemous: Wow he has been busy...5 posts...

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: dang 2 hours before I can smite him again!

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmao

[] Alter Ego: I'm good at giving insults, you're just not good at taking them!

[] Falin: hmm..what's thatthinbg doing ehre?

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Everyone

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey starfleet!

[] Falin: hey admiral!

[] Falin: glad ya made it over this way

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Falin

[] Falin: alter ego's only got a -4 karma? somethings wrong here

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Lets blow up his ship during his STO is cancelled party

[] Admiral of Starfleet: llol

[] Admiral of Starfleet: I wonder is AE from the Mirror Universe?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Bridge Commander anyone?!

[] Zach Nicodemous: KM1.0 - ill be in the server called "Hailing Frequency"

[] Falin: never played it, it looked drastically horrid tome

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(

[] Admiral of Starfleet: hi Zach

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Im Buying Bridge Commander soon, After I beat it Ill play with you on Bridge Commander but I will probably get owned.

[] Zach Nicodemous: it can be you and nova vs me lol

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] MrJuliano: i should try and get it too

[] MrJuliano: anyway, im off to bed, night peoples

[] Zach Nicodemous: gnite man

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Good Night

[] Zach Nicodemous: Anyone still around?

[] lrdnova: 1:30 am here

[] Sarevok: Í just woke up

[] Sarevok: Is alter ego going for the devil's advocate ribbon?

[] Zach Nicodemous: You just woke? I havent been to bed yet :(

[] Sarevok: :|

[] Sarevok: is your day/night rithm getting worse by the day?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yes

[] Zach Nicodemous: I now sleep during the daylight and awaken during the darkness

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ive also noticed my two incisors getting sharper

[] Sarevok: your what?

[] Zach Nicodemous: pointy teeth

[] Sarevok: ah

[] Sarevok: I gtg now, bye Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: byebye

[] Crazyfist: ZACH

[] Crazyfist: OI

[] Crazyfist: u still playing

[] Starbear: what are you guys playing, and a question for anyone, is the book "Star Trek Star Charts" by Geoffrey Mandel acurate, not just to Trek but actual stars positions?

[] Crazyfist: Actual

[] Crazyfist: Somewhat

[] Crazyfist: Trek tries to be realistic

[] Crazyfist: hm

[] Starbear: interesting, thats good to know. Thanks Crazyfist

[] Starbear: well good night everyone, I'm off to bed... have fun!

[] Sarevok: Hi all :)

[] Sarevok: and good night Starbear

[] * Sarevok is at school, exam cancelled again :'(

[] Crazyfist:

[] Crazyfist: comments please :)

[] Crazyfist: hm

[] Sheriffnl: gooood morning :)

[] lrdnova: great art work Crazy

[] Sarevok: good afternoon

[] Zach Nicodemous: Afternoon All

[] Zach Nicodemous: Just woke up from a lil nap. Episode 46 of Hailing Frequenccy will be out in about 6 hours

[] Sarevok: Hi Zach, and YAY @ episode 46

[] Kinneas: : Ywan : Good morning

[] Sarevok: Hi Kinn

[] EFSpartan: any one in canada?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I  am suretthere are a few here spartan, not sure who though tbh

[] Kinneas: Hey good morning.   sorry so late getting back

[] Kinneas: USA here...Colorado.

[] Kinneas: and it is ddang cold

[] Kinneas: dddddang  cc  cccccold

[] EFSpartan: Toronto is cold too just a few  days ago we were still in the double digit negitives

[] MrJuliano: eek, remind me not to go to canada

[] EFSpartan: lol

[] EFSpartan: well vancover is in the double digit positives right now around 18 degrees.

[] MrJuliano: is it done yet, Zach?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Whats it?

[] MrJuliano: the podcast

[] Zach Nicodemous: oh yes, its been done since yesterday

[] Zach Nicodemous: just not out yet

[] Crazyfist: when will it be release

[] Crazyfist: d

[] Zach Nicodemous: A couple of hours

[] Crazyfist: nooo

[] Crazyfist: delay it with 7 hours please

[] Crazyfist: lol j/k

[] Crazyfist: i bet it will be important... right?

[] Sarevok: is the new one gonna be out inthe next 10 min?

[] Sarevok: otherwise I'm going to bed :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: its uploading now

[] Sarevok: k:)

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Yay its almost here.

[] Sarevok: *yawn* I think I should go to bed anyway

[] Kinneas: late there?

[] Sarevok: past 10 pm

[] * Sarevok was up early

[] Kinneas: : refills coffee ::

[] Kinneas:  wowo

[] Crazyfist: podcast out?

[] Zach Nicodemous: uploading

[] Crazyfist: estimate?

[] Zach Nicodemous: About another 20mins

[] Crazyfist: hmmmm

[] Zach Nicodemous: My net is being slow sorry

[] Crazyfist: ill have to endanger my sleep

[] Crazyfist: or wait

[] Zach Nicodemous: what timezone are you in?

[] Crazyfist: gmt +2

[] Crazyfist: or, can u tell me, is there anything worth hearing?

[] Crazyfist: anything related to you know what

[] Crazyfist: :E

[] MrJuliano: There is a PHENOMENAL Stozone this week

[] Zach Nicodemous: all of our podcasts are worth hearing

[] Crazyfist: why juli, and zach i know, but i think u kno wat i mean

[] MrJuliano: no, what do you mean?

[] Zach Nicodemous: We have no new information to release about any new devlopers on STO unfortuntly, not in this show.

[] Crazyfist: anything related to ringringring! hello? oh my god guys u wont believe this

[] Crazyfist: aww

[] Crazyfist: then i willl hear it tomorrow

[] Crazyfist: good night fellow trekkers

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol ok

[] MrJuliano: night Crazy

[] Admiral of Starfleet: is it almost here?

[] Zach Nicodemous: yeh

[] Zach Nicodemous: 1min, 30s

[] Admiral of Starfleet: To quote khan "Times up ,Admiral"

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Where i

[] Zach Nicodemous: im writing the post now lol

[] Admiral of Starfleet: yes

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Im sorta bored and got nothing else to do except wait for HF46.

[] Admiral of Starfleet: How much longer?

[] MrJuliano: Geez, Admiral! Give the man some time!

[] MrJuliano: Ok, enough time, where is it?!

[] MrJuliano: :)

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: sorry, keep getting sidetracked

[] MrJuliano: woot!

[] lrdnova: Starfleet, apparently we need to add a course to our curriculum called "Star Fleet Interegation and Cohersion Techniques" see at this point while Zach is working on the show you then calmly pull out a phaser

[] lrdnova: and hold it to his head while randomly pressing power settings until he finishes the show and releases it to the masses

[] K'Suan'Indra: I fail to see how a phaser against someone's cranium can help increase production...::giving a slight bow to all present::

[] lrdnova: hmm

[] lrdnova: for a vulcan it wouldnt be very effective I guess, since fear is a feeling that vulcans suppress

[] K'Suan'Indra: Fear creates irregular synaptic responses. The end reactions could prove disatrous for all involved if the affected one was working on a plasma cannon, or something along those lines.

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] Kinneas: :: Strolls in ::

[] K'Suan'Indra: Good afternoon..::nodding to Kinneas::

[] Kinneas: Afternoon :)

[] Kinneas: ::Slips into a chair :: I shouldnt be taking a break but I need one.

[] Kinneas: I have a long 'to-do' list .

[] * Zach Nicodemous hands kinneas a coffee and a hypospray

[] Zach Nicodemous: get back to work lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] Kinneas: Heya, Nova. I hope the accomodationa are o.k. for you.

[] Kinneas: ::takes them :

[] K'Suan'Indra: I am currently testing a prototype of the cleaning nanites requested. Mr. Juliano's mirror self was busy last night...

[] Kinneas: Thanks.  I need it.

[] lrdnova: they are the best that they can be under these conditions, again we are just thankful to be alive!

[] Kinneas: I'll get back to in in a minute.

[] Kinneas: I'm glad we were there.

[] Kinneas: How is mr. Redshirt handling the cramped quarters?

[] lrdnova: lol, oh hes crawling out of his skin, close quarters dont do well with him. probably why he was never an engineer the Jefferies Tubes just freak him out

[] MrJuliano: I'm used to having my own ship to run around in, all I have is deck 3 here, I completely understand cramped quarters!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: Only deck three? You sound as if we store you in one of the Jefferies Tubes..

[] MrJuliano: IN a Jeffries Tube?! What am, I transporter Chief?!

[] MrJuliano: Kind of muffed up the punctuation there.

[] K'Suan'Indra: I simply detected a trace of bitterness to your situation.

[] MrJuliano: Well, I'm just saying, it'll be nice to have my own ship again, and be back in the future playing STO.

[] K'Suan'Indra: I thought humans thrived under adverse conditions.

[] lrdnova: geez I figured you would of had at least 3-4 decks to accomodate all your temporal equipment

[] Kinneas: What's with being a transporter chief? We're short one.

[] MrJuliano: Then make Irdnova Transporter Chief, I have my own posting on this vessel.

[] Kinneas: :: fumbled too...forgot to put a 'wrong' after Whats

[] MrJuliano: I heard about AE attacking those communications relays

[] Kinneas: True

[] MrJuliano: We gotta find that guy.

[] K'Suan'Indra: Might I ask a question, Mr. Juliano?

[] MrJuliano: of course

[] Kinneas: :: arguing with Zach in the corner :::

[] K'Suan'Indra: Why is he the way he is? I do not understand the depravity and blatant disregard for common courtesy.

[] * MrJuliano stays away from said corner

[] Kinneas: :: laying open blueprints and jabbing areas of them ::

[] MrJuliano: I really don't know. I don't even know where he came from. He just popped up during a podcast one day

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::glances over to the captain and first officer, brow quirked::

[] K'Suan'Indra: Have you tried diplomacy? ::attention back on Juliano::

[] MrJuliano: I think that IS diplomacy

[] * Zach Nicodemous g rumbles

[] Zach Nicodemous: Does it say captain anywhere on my uniform?

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] MrJuliano: No, only on your door

[] MrJuliano: I installed it earlier

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::cannot help herself....letting out a deep sigh::

[] Zach Nicodemous: That sounded like a highly emotional sigh

[] MrJuliano: :: pats K'suan :: wanna come down to Deck 3 and play some Kal'toh?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Do you need to meditate?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I know Yoga

[] Zach Nicodemous: I love yoga

[] MrJuliano: hehe

[] Kinneas: : tries not to laugh :::

[] K'Suan'Indra: Of course you do.

[] Kinneas: :: scowls and goes back to blueprints ::

[] K'Suan'Indra: I am going to check on the progress of the nanites...Mr Juliano, thank you for your offer...

[] MrJuliano: Anytime

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::steps out for a spell::

[] MrJuliano: She knows magic?!

[] Kinneas: :: pops open a hatch under a console and looks inside...then at the blueprints :

[] Kinneas: Nope :closes the hatch :    : Goes to another ::

[] MrJuliano: ...whatcha lookin for?

[] Kinneas: :: closes that one up and looks at Mr. J :  Splices into the communications relays   

[] MrJuliano: Ah. Good call, I'll intiate a sensor sweep and see if I pick anything up.

[] Kinneas: A cadet found a few earlier planted in the walls of the cell where Alter Ego was held.

[] MrJuliano: How the hell did he even get those in here?? He ust have access to some kind of multi-phasic technology

[] Kinneas: How he got into the walls and into those lines is beyond me though. he was searched know...thouroughly.

[] MrJuliano: No offense, but he was searched by you guys, who are about 300 years behind him. I should have done it myself.

[] MrJuliano: I just didn't have any good gloves to use.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I think that we are more than qualified Mr

[] MrJuliano: WEll, I'm not saying you're not GOOD at it, I'm just saying the guy has access to advanced technology.

[] Zach Nicodemous: So did you and look where it got you. Technology isnt everything.

[] MrJuliano: Well, yeah...

[] Kinneas:  o.k. the bridge is done.  I'll be back shortly... excuse me, gents.   :: Heads to the right exit behind the main viewscreen and heads downstairs  :::

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm going to my quarters. Juliano, you have the bridge. Dont shoot anything.

[] MrJuliano: Aye, sirs!

[] MrJuliano: Ooooh, comfy chair.

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::if K'Suan'Indra was there, she would have made a comment about the need of men to brag about who's technology was the biggest and best,but she's not there, so she can't.::

[] MrJuliano: That's good, because I would have rolled my eyes SEVERAL times

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::mun goes away again to finish making homemade pizza for dinner...yum!::

[] MrJuliano: I want some!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hello Everyone

[] Falin: wow, love the brand new front end, but miss the music :(

[] lrdnova: hey Zach you here

[] Kinneas: We'll put music on again  :brb dinner :::::

[] Falin: hmm..not on itunes yet

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Yeah the new home page is cool.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I just "pinged" itunes. The new show should appear on there within an hour. Takes some time normally

[] Falin: ah good something to listen to on the plane wensday

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Anyone still here?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Aye

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: :)

[] Falin: i'm bored

[] BLZBUB: hiya bored! :P

[] Kinneas: did you listen to the new show already?  It released a few hours ago.

[] Falin: no i'm trying to hold off and listen to it on the flight wenseday

[] Kinneas: Ah. :)   Have a good flight.

[] BLZBUB: I'm listening to it right now Kinneas...K'Suan just finiished her part...and pronounced BLZBUB wrong! :(

[] Falin: it's eiter listen to it no, or listen to some politoical fanatic, global warming freak, or just plain werido on the plane

[] Falin: *now

[] Falin: is there a way to prnounce it right?

[] Kinneas: Heheh she had a tough time recording it too.   

[] BLZBUB: B...L...Z...bub , but she said "Bazelbub ...oh well, I'm sure it was Alter Ego's evil interference

[] Kinneas: Chastise her when you see her.

[] BLZBUB: can I smite her? :)

[] Kinneas: Indeed

[] * BLZBUB grins in anticipation

[] Falin: only if you want to be shot with a plasma ball

[] Kinneas: Not me...plasma is the sux

[] Kinneas: well...being on the receiving end.

[] Kinneas: : shudder :

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: I hope we see some grand plasma in future games.

[] Kinneas: I love seeing it.  I liked the plasma sounds and looks of it in SFC

[] BLZBUB: mmmm...plasma weapons....mmmmmm...

[] Falin: I hope the "revival" of trek gives the Rom's back their plasma weapon

[] Kinneas: : crosses fingers :  Creator lords hear our prayers.

[] Falin: i mean it was the defining thing for them, and B&B decided to give them disriuptors instead

[] Kinneas: : tisk tisk :

[] Kinneas: A very bad decision...imo.

[] BLZBUB: yah. disruptors are for Klingons, palsma for Romulans

[] Falin: yea, nothing more scary than seeing a big ball of plasma heading at you at a fast rate

[] Kinneas: well with all the plasma stuff going on today...I too hope we see a lot of it return.

[] Kinneas: lol, Falin...especially when heading towards it...engines full.   "DOH!  Where's that wild weasel button...I'm buggered!"

[] Falin: lol, i miss SFC, lost my beta code, so can't get itto work again :(

[] Kinneas: :(

[] Falin: they actually made i ery easy to avoid all but point blank plasmas though

[] Kinneas: Well now that we may be waiting for STO a long time again...I down for campaigning for another SFC. :)

[] Kinneas: or something more like it than Legacy.

[] Kinneas: *I'm even.

[] Falin: hmm...a true SFC3, not that 'censored' they prduced

[] Kinneas: Another ..'Amen'.

[] Kinneas: Hey, BLZBUB.  Forgive me. I forgot to thank you for your donation.   : low bow : Thank you very much.

[] Falin: with tholians for all the gids sake!

[] Kinneas:  Yeah. I'm hooked on classics.

[] Kinneas: ehehe

[] Kinneas: Gorn too.

[] Falin: i still think STO should be in the missed era, the one between the TOS movies and TNG, and make the tholians a major threat during that time :)

[] Falin: oh and the feds could be secretly supporting the Gorns in their war with the ros :)

[] Falin: *roms

[] Kinneas: I agree on the timeline for sure.

[] Falin: it makes to much sense, ti has a clear beginning and end, so the plotline can easily be worked in

[] Kinneas: Indeed.       Excuse me...I must return to making new forum buttons for awhile. I'll check in shortly.

[] BLZBUB: sry...afk for a minute. Don't memtion it and yours are very welcome

[] Falin: more new buttons......

[] Falin: hmm..current podcast still isn't on itunes

[] BLZBUB: well, he did say it would take a while to load

[] Falin: yea that was over 2 hours ago

[] StarStreak: I'm listening to the podcast right now myself

[] Kinneas: :: still afk :         Thank you, Mr. B

[] lrdnova: This is a awesome show so far guys good job

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thanks guys :)

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Yeah grat Job!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: great

[] Falin: what ever you do, don't let alter ego phaser the show

[] Admiral of Starfleet: And the Whole HF crew says "Don't phase us ,BRO!"

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: We need to make a "Dont phase me Bro" tshirt

[] BLZBUB: sure do would sell imo

[] Admiral of Starfleet: I would buy one.

[] BLZBUB: put the podcast episode picture on the front and a phaser hole/burn on the back

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are thinking about opening up a store again soon.

[] Zach Nicodemous: We used to have one two years ago but it wasnt popular. We are much more popular now though

[] Falin: how many podcast dl's do you have each episode now?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I dont work it out per episode anymore, but per MONTH we are averaging about 50,000 atm. Thats pretty normal for standard shows. Always goes up for interviews though

[] Falin: cool

[] Falin: plug a couple of seconds about the store and you could sell some neat weird stuff ;)

[] lrdnova: I would totally love to have some Hailing Frequency T Shirts and Boxers!

[] lrdnova: Oh and Pajamas TOO!

[] Zach Nicodemous: We plan to offer a wide range of products, from Thongs. to Caps.

[] Falin: i was thinking, maybe a coxsains whistle that played the HF tune

[] lrdnova: ooooo

[] lrdnova: I love the art work!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: HF pins with audio "hailing frequency the hottest podcast on the internet"

[] lrdnova: YES!

[] lrdnova: I need a Cap though, one with a pick of Kin and Zach on the front with the HF url across the back. I would wear that thing everywhere!

[] lrdnova: Picture*

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmao  you guys are crazy! i love it

[] BLZBUB: I want the T'shirt w/ K'Suan on it ! ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: give us a few weeks guys, we'll try and have a store up and running

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Admiral of Starfleet: An alter ego and MR. Juliano T-Shirt with a catchy phrase

[] Falin: i think a Cap with "i've been Phased by Alter ego" on it and a phaser burn hole on front and back would be cool

[] BLZBUB: and a cap with the USS DEVILFISH on it

[] Falin: BLZBUB< i doubt she'd pose without the clothes for the shirt

[] lrdnova: I would collect the HF Comic books too!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: cool

[] BLZBUB: who said anything about sans clothes ;)

[] lrdnova: You could always have the Black censor bars up

[] Falin: we just know how you think ;P

[] BLZBUB: heh...I am too well known...

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Oh and a t-shirt with how the BOrg assimilated Christmas.

[] Zach Nicodemous: im writing this down guys. frantically looking for a pen that works

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Oh and those neat Starfleet uniforms you where in the animated shows.

[] lrdnova: Could I get some boxers with the cast of HF on them. he he make sure Alter Ego face is on one of the Cheeks that way you sit on his face everytime!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmfao

[] Zach Nicodemous: noted with exclamation marks

[] lrdnova: YES!!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Or a t-shirt that says time warp out of that one

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmao

[] lrdnova: you know if you had a booth at one of the Star Trek conferences to sell all this stuff, you could use the entire trip as a business deduction!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Maybe one day soon.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have a feeling that things will get a lot bigger with hf this year

[] BLZBUB: more interviews Zach?

[] Zach Nicodemous: well we always have interviews planned

[] lrdnova: Ill model the boxers!!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Ill model the t-shirts

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] BLZBUB: can I model the ... socks?  :)

[] K'Suan'Indra: We are searching for models?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Apparently we are now! These guys want a range of HF Products

[] Zach Nicodemous: They want some "Vulcans Gone Wild" comics too Ksuan

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::blinks::

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: You dont mind posing do you? whats a little naked flesh to a vulcan

[] K'Suan'Indra: You seem to be under the impression that I have such...novelties...on hand

[] BLZBUB: now where would Zach get such  an impression?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yes, where indeed

[] Starbear: wow what an interesting topic to stumble in on geeze haha

[] K'Suan'Indra: Why not send out your Captains Gone Wild disc?

[] * BLZBUB eye's Kinneas suspiciously

[] Falin: because there's not enough females to make a profit off it

[] Zach Nicodemous: Whats the male/female r atio on here....i think 22:1

[] Falin: besides, who'd want to see kinn going wild?

[] K'Suan'Indra: Men of a fine form can be pleasing to other men, or are the majority far too narrow minded?

[] Admiral of Starfleet: far too narrow minded

[] BLZBUB: mant of us Canadians from (the mis-west) are open enough...but I don't be buying that disc ...sorry Kinn :)

[] K'Suan'Indra: That, then, I cannot help.

[] Falin: hey i'm all for art, but umm..have you seen the guys dressed up as admirals at a convention, none would be considered "Fine art"

[] BLZBUB: *mid-west

[] Starbear: ... you know I think I'm going to stay out of this one haha

[] K'Suan'Indra: Nothing that a rousing rendition of "Sweating To the Oldies" that can fix fixing the form, Falin...

[] Falin: oh gawd, just saw an ad on TV for the 20th or 25th aniverirry release of "sweating to the oldies"

[] BLZBUB: is Richard Simmons still alive?

[] Admiral of Starfleet: bye Everyone

[] Falin: yea

[] K'Suan'Indra: Quite.

[] BLZBUB: laterz Admiral

[] K'Suan'Indra: Good night...

[] Falin: he was on the today show like a month ago

[] lrdnova: night Starfleet

[] K'Suan'Indra: That might be a good take the refugees minds off their exercise...


[] lrdnova: ITS OVER!! :::cries::: now I gotta wait another couple of weeks for the next show??!!! ::Cries::

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::blinks::

[] Falin: about a "danicing to the oldies by alter ego" vid? ;)

[] lrdnova: AWW BLZBUB I about jumped out of my skin when i clicked on that link!

[] BLZBUB: lmao

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::looks around for Zach or Kinneas to deal with emotional outbursts::

[] lrdnova: ::wonders which set of eye lids K'Suan blinked at me with::

[] Falin: hmm..he hasn'rt changed in 20 yers, same hIR AND ALL

[] lrdnova: kinda freaky huh

[] * BLZBUB sneaks back to check the knots on Zachz and Kinneas' bonds

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::she's Vulcan, not Gorn...sheesh...::

[] Falin:  err hair

[] lrdnova: Vulcans have two sets of eye lids as well

[] Falin: Vulcans have 2 sets of eylids

[] Falin: and i heard yuou were rommie, not vulcan

[] lrdnova: lol

[] BLZBUB: aheh heh

[] BLZBUB: who told you that Falin

[] lrdnova: they have inner eye lids to protect against the sun light and dust on Vulcan

[] Falin: a little birdie, said she packs a plasma torp pistol in her know

[] lrdnova: shoe?

[] BLZBUB: back-pack? lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: Holster?

[] lrdnova: bee hive hair doo

[] K'Suan'Indra: here most weapons are placed?

[] lrdnova: ?

[] K'Suan'Indra: *where

[] Falin: i think someone mentioned something about cleavage

[] K'Suan'Indra: And do not listen to Juliano's alter ego..he is simply being petulant about all his Christmas plans in ruin.

[] lrdnova: ::sounds out:: Peeettttttulaaanntttt.  :stairs blankly::

[] Falin: man, this is sad, hollywood really ahs run out ofm ideas if they're making a "last starfighter" sequal/remake

[] lrdnova: wow

[] K'Suan'Indra: Romulan...please...

[] lrdnova: I think Falin irritated her

[] Falin: bah i'll just ship her some Tholian silk and she'll be happy again

[] BLZBUB: careful may get smited :P

[] lrdnova: speaking of Smiting I get to go smite Alter Ego

[] Falin: someones already smited me

[] K'Suan'Indra: Are you tracking him down, lrdnova?

[] lrdnova: no, not so much but there is a 2 hour time limit before you can smite someone again, and so far Alter Ego has nothing but Smites lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: As it should be.

[] BLZBUB: Alter Ego is the 'Devil's Advocate' for Hailing Frequency, thus his [un]popularity

[] K'Suan'Indra: I understand the need for dicotomy. He is quite....pesky..however.

[] K'Suan'Indra: Juliano really ought to do something about him..

[] Starbear: yah a psycologist, or some meds should help defeat Alter Ego :p

[] Falin: i think we need counselor troi to deal with alter ego, he definatly needs a woman

[] lrdnova: I think Mr. Juliano should just insert a couple nureal supressors in Alter Ego's Head, that should turn him into a drooling puppy

[] K'Suan'Indra: I was going to suggest a simple hug.

[] lrdnova: I wouldnt get that close to him, who knows what kinda of deadly tricks he has up his sleeve

[] K'Suan'Indra: Quite true.

[] K'Suan'Indra: With that, I am going to my quarters...goodnight, gentlemen.

[] BLZBUB: laterz K'Suan

[] lrdnova: good night

[] Random Redshirt: Love the new look guys! Great job!

[] Starbear: new look?

[] Random Redshirt: Yeah, the new front page they have. With Ksuan on it

[] Random Redshirt:

[] Kinneas: Hey :) Thank you!

[] Starbear: nice I've gota check that out now!

[] Starbear: I've been pounding away at my story thats in the writers den for the last few hours so I didn't notice you had replyed to me :p

[] Kinneas: No problem.  I hope the writing muse continues to treat you well!   

[] Starbear: oh it has haha, I just watched "The Slaver Wepon" the only real episode of Trek that has the Kzinti in it, and its given me a wealth of information to work with aside from the other sources I've looked into

[] Kinneas: Thats great. I know who I will call now when I need some schooling on the subject. :)   

[] Starbear: well I have to admit its crazy how many "worlds" the Kzinti have shown up in, from Trek, to "Man-Kzin Wars" all the way to some adaptions of them into D&D. My goal is to create a centeral concept for the Trek Kzinti

[] Starbear: They even show up in ADBs Federation Commander game, and the following Starfleet Command 1-2 games

[] Kinneas: WOW

[] Kinneas: : looks at coffee :     :looks up  :   Good stuff.  I liked the ADB news.    Yeah weren't they in 'Alpha World'? that old box set that was out at the time of first edition D&D...the space one.  Weren't they on the cover?

[] Sarevok: Morning :)

[] MrJuliano: Watch it now!

[] MrJuliano: oh and good morning

[] lrdnova: good morning all

[] Sarevok: interesting

[] Sarevok: d Hi lrdnova ;)

[] Crazyfist: 

[] Crazyfist: space

[] * bazso waves with his hamster paw good morning everyone

[] Crazyfist: Hi baz :D

[] bazso: i just regstered

[] Crazyfist: no hampzter?

[] bazso: what do you mean

[] MrJuliano: Welcome bazso!

[] Crazyfist: its bazso now, not bazso hampster

[] bazso: so what is this post you want me to take a look at

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: i meant in the UFP forums.... xD

[] bazso: i am full blooded hamster you know that

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] bazso: ahh ok

[] Crazyfist: but, feel free to look around here, were gonna start being more active here

[] bazso: ty for the warm welcome MrJuliano

[] bazso: man it sucked that star froums went down

[] Crazyfist: yea

[] bazso: forums

[] Sarevok: Hi Bazso

[] MrJuliano: you are very welcome. i'll have to program the univesal translator for hamster

[] Crazyfist: :P

[] Sarevok: Hi Crazyfist

[] bazso: yes indeed sir

[] bazso: sarevok your over here to eh i was wondering if i would see you again

[] bazso: man i really do hope they are not giving up on the sto dream

[] MrJuliano: I'm sure it's not over, we just don't have any definite information to go on just yet

[] bazso: aye this is so very true

[] bazso: right now for me just trying to pay some bills off and then after that i can work on my gameing system

[] MrJuliano: oh? what kind of system?

[] bazso: i just paid the bank off

[] Crazyfist: oh yeah, hows that gonna go baz

[] bazso: well i am going to go with intell

[] Crazyfist: what kind of rig u lookin at

[] Crazyfist: good choice

[] Crazyfist: and nvidia i presume?

[] bazso: this is what i am going to go for the core

[] bazso: yes sir

[] bazso: give me just asec to get linkage

[] Crazyfist: solely for STO?

[] Crazyfist: sillyquestion ignore me lol

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] bazso: well not just only that i play other games as well

[] bazso: i don't feel that was silly i thought that was a very vaided question

[] bazso: i can't spell the word

[] Crazyfist: valid?

[] MrJuliano: im a big WoW-head, so i completely undertstand

[] bazso: yeah thats it i think

[] Crazyfist: i tried WoW

[] Crazyfist: did not like

[] MrJuliano: i love it

[] bazso: well during school i was on medication that putted me out like a light and my teachers could not under stand why i passed out a lot

[] MrJuliano: lol, that would suck

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] {UFP}Mackazz: Dont be silly

[] Crazyfist: one of my friends has a sleeping problem, and he cant help but fall asleep sometimes

[] Crazyfist: mackeyboy :D

[] MrJuliano: narcolepsy?

[] MrJuliano: Heya Mack

[] {UFP}Mackazz: Hello Juliano :p

[] Sarevok: Hi Mackazz

[] Crazyfist: something like that

[] {UFP}Mackazz: crazy,

[] bazso:

[] {UFP}Mackazz: Sarevokl!

[] bazso: i don't know if i am missing anything

[] Crazyfist: uber gaming system :P

[] bazso: trying to be

[] MrJuliano: looks sweet

[] {UFP}Mackazz: That gaming system deliver adress is at my place right ?

[] bazso: ROFL

[] Crazyfist: DUDE

[] MrJuliano: hehe

[] Crazyfist: that gaming system is overpowered:P

[] Crazyfist: btw, u dont need 2 PSUs

[] MrJuliano: yeah, get the devs to nerf it

[] {UFP}Mackazz: The casing looks nicer in black :o

[] bazso: well i was chatting with my mom and she happen to ask me what i wantted for my birth day i told her this is what i wantted

[] bazso:

[] MrJuliano: did her head explode?

[] bazso: yeah

[] {UFP}Mackazz: Aaah Soundblaster

[] {UFP}Mackazz: crystallizer owns

[] MrJuliano: sounds messy

[] bazso: ROFL

[] bazso: yeah i did not know this card was there

[] bazso: she was very scared for a min that i wanted her to buy this whole system

[] bazso: and i said no

[] {UFP}Mackazz: Standard because the Mainboard doesn`t support onboard sound lol

[] bazso: i would not do that to her

[] bazso: yeah is it really good?

[] {UFP}Mackazz: It owns actually

[] Crazyfist: motherboard cough

[] {UFP}Mackazz: motherboard lol. scuze me

[] bazso: ahh i see

[] bazso: ROFL

[] {UFP}Mackazz: mm..i want to post though I hav no idea where to start lol

[] MrJuliano: the realtor is here to do walktrough of my house, ill be back shortly

[] bazso: ok

[] Crazyfist: check the sto-zone

[] lrdnova: Those of you who are interested, the USS Lotus will be disembarking on her maiden voyage soon, we are still in need of a Executive Officer and Science Officer

[] Crazyfist: Sry, both the HF nubs r with us already :P

[] lrdnova: lol

[] MrJuliano: what is the uss lotus?

[] bazso: come on now we are one big fleet we got to help each other out

[] bazso: i hope to be one day a captain of a tactical Akira Class star ship

[] bazso: my boss would be star fleet tactical

[] MrJuliano: I want to be Operations Officer

[] lrdnova: The USS Lotus is our Fleet Flagship and Roleplaying starship

[] bazso: who's star ship?

[] MrJuliano: oh, ok, cool

[] lrdnova: Bazso, we are actually accepting Applications for new ships to be added to our line up.

[] bazso: man every time i hear that song i get night meres

[] bazso: well i am part of UFP fleet i am right now on leave with em i don't think they would take to kindly for me switching positions but i don't know atm

[] bazso: i got a new job in real life and not all to sure how busy i will be

[] bazso: atm there is not a whole lot to do for em

[] MrJuliano: Congrats on your new job

[] bazso: it is not the best but it is something

[] MrJuliano: some money is better than no money

[] bazso: Irdnova would you allow me to multi task between 2 fleets?

[] bazso: yeah thats true

[] lrdnova: Who is your other Fleet

[] Sarevok: back

[] lrdnova: Normally its not a good idea, however if you get get written permission from your Fleet Commanding Officer, and it is clear that your Priority is with Home Fleet and not with Lotus Fleet then I personally do not have a

[] lrdnova: issue with this

[] bazso: yeah i see what your saying

[] lrdnova: again what Fleet are you a member of

[] bazso: united federation plantes fleet

[] bazso: sorry my spelling sucks badly

[] bazso: here is there web site

[] lrdnova: UFP. Ok crazy fist and I have a preaty good relationship so the biggest thing is just what I explained

[] bazso:

[] bazso: yeah

[] bazso: yeah

[] bazso: well first before i take any captains chair i want to train to become a tactical captain

[] bazso: i want to earn the right to be called one

[] lrdnova: Well, in that situation the Lotus needs a first Officer

[] bazso: well i have not even got to that point yet

[] bazso: i want to start at the bottom and work my way to the top

[] bazso: so i can learn to be a fair and honest captain

[] bazso: i have been told i have leader ship experience but i want to test that

[] bazso: and more or less want to earn friend ship and trust as well

[] lrdnova: thats understandable

[] lrdnova: in that case we do have a science officer slot available open

[] lrdnova: but until i have a chance to speak with crazy fist, out of respect for him and UFP it think we should wait and see what he says

[] lrdnova: im not in the habit of stealing members from Allied Fleets that are part of the same home community

[] bazso: oh your fine sir

[] bazso: and its all good

[] bazso: i just want to train so when sto comes out i will be ready to take the captains chair if that is sto comes out

[] lrdnova: thats understandalbe

[] bazso: i am a team player sir and i fully believe in a fully cause

[] Crazyfist: hey

[] Crazyfist: damn, long convo. good to know youre interacting with nova

[] bazso: but i think i would not be usefull to a team if i am not trained on how to do my job the way i need to

[] bazso: hails crazy

[] Crazyfist: hails baz

[] bazso: i am sure crazy can give you a back round about me

[] bazso: but my back round atm i think is not a really stable one

[] bazso: but thats becuase i have been busy

[] bazso: because*

[] lrdnova: back round = background?

[] Crazyfist: yeah i think he meant tha

[] Crazyfist: hey baz, could you come on msn

[] bazso: man i was not paying attention to what i was saying

[] bazso: yes that is what i ment

[] bazso: meant*

[] bazso: sorry woke up early this morning and could not get back to sleep

[] Crazyfist: lol no worries

[] bazso: yeah sure thing boss

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey All. My dam net has been down for 2 hours :(

[] lrdnova: unacceptable!

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: you sound like seven :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: maybe he is her in disguise

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Crazyfist: so whats popping guys

[] Zach Nicodemous: im waiting for kinn to wake up lol

[] bazso: man holding on the phone sucks

[] Crazyfist: hey, u changed the icons for the forums

[] Zach Nicodemous: indeed

[] bazso: oh wow i am in number 1 spot

[] bazso: /reutrn

[] Crazyfist: dam ure updating this place intensively

[] Sarevok: hey, updated icons :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: plz stand by

[] bazso: sorry everyone

[] Zach Nicodemous: number 1 spot?

[] bazso: in line on the phone i am done now

[] Zach Nicodemous: welcome to the forum btw bazso

[] Crazyfist: nice podcast once again

[] bazso: tya for the warm welcome err sir/mam?

[] Zach Nicodemous: OK Folks. You should all now have a new theme to choose from in your options. Your  current theme is "Hailing Frequency Old" and the new one is "Hailing Frequency New"

[] Crazyfist: lets see

[] Random Redshirt: Hey Zach, when you get a chance, can you confirm my Trek Trivia answer so I can come up with a new question?

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Kinneas: Good morning:    Zach Nicodemous: OK Folks. You should all now have a new theme to choose from in your options. Your  current theme is "Hailing Frequency Old" and the new one is "Hailing Frequency New"

[] Kinneas: Hope you like it

[] bazso: it looks good

[] bazso: everyone crazy came up with a ideal about spreading the wrold about this place and i have an ideal where to send word

[] bazso: word*

[] Kinneas: :)

[] Kinneas: Sorry Zach..the alarm went off but Kristine was not here this morning...slept right through it

[] Kinneas: Thanks, Bazso.

[] Zach Nicodemous: You need a louder alarm

[] Kinneas: indeed.

[] Kinneas: one of these jetsons ones that tosses you out of bed and puts you in the shower

[] Kinneas: ~Jane~ Jane~ How do you stop this crazy thing...Jane!~

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: whats on the to do list today

[] Kinneas: lots

[] Kinneas: I'm not happy with the icons at all today

[] Kinneas: I should probably redo that whole folder.

[] Kinneas: now that I see them on the page next to everything else.

[] bazso: ok i am back

[] bazso: i have spread the word here

[] bazso:

[] bazso: sorry had to reload the page

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thanks so much :)

[] bazso: i guess we are going to see how seriously players will take this

[] bazso: hey doing what i can

[] bazso: if i was you keep them signs up it will or hopefully will attract players from star

[] bazso: if it does i can only see the admins of the forums being super busy

[] Kinneas: I hope more of the STOnet survivors find us.

[] Kinneas: The vets I am not worried is the rest.

[] bazso: AYE ME TO HERE HERE!!!!

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #5 on: 04 February 2009 10:35 AM »
[] Zach Nicodemous: hey bazso - can you edit  your post on to change the link from ""   to   ""

[] Zach Nicodemous: ?

[] bazso: if it does this place will be incredibly busy

[] bazso: yeah sure what you want me to put in?

[] bazso: i think i can

[] bazso: oh ok

[] bazso: done

[] bazso: sorry about that

[] Zach Nicodemous: thanks bazso :) That is the domain we want to promote at the moment :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: So we get ranked up on google

[] bazso: rgr that sir again i am super sorry about that

[] bazso: i hope i can get the name at some point called community supporter because that is what i am in ww2 online

[] bazso: but maybe in time i will

[] bazso: i love being a support role a lot

[] bazso: better work on my profile

[] Kinneas: Well we sure appreciate anything you care to do.

[] Sarevok: back

[] bazso: how do you spell cusmoles

[] Kinneas: our thanks.   ::gets another coffee :::

[] bazso: i am trying my best

[] bazso: your super welcome sir

[] Kinneas: I have no idea what this is.

[] Kinneas: that is

[] Kinneas: :: looks over sensor day and checks Civil Spaceways traffic reports.

[] bazso: well i heard its another way about speaking about space

[] bazso: ROFL

[] bazso: i just thought it would be a good name to use in my message

[] bazso: i will brb

[] Kinneas: Nope. Never heard of 'cusmoles'.

[] Kinneas: : Checks the engineering displays at the bridge station. ::

[] Kinneas: Damn, cheap air scrubbers. I knew that was too good of a deal.

[] Kinneas: : watches the blinking lights displaying air filters failing all over the various decks, ::

[] Kinneas: Sonaofa...

[] K'Suan'Indra: I informed you that the dollar store did not have quality product...::walking onto the bridge::

[] Kinneas: They were supposed to be 'overstock'...not used or refurbished...or damaged.

[] Kinneas: Good morning by the way, K'Suan.

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::she does not image..perhaps a memory settles in her of a gore covered man, brandishing a long sword, shouldering open a door as she stands there, bow in hand and an incredulous look on her face::

[] Crazyfist: lol?

[] bazso: now i got to make a post real quick

[] Sarevok: Hi KSuan

[] K'Suan'Indra: Sorry..have not had my tea yet this morn...Good day, Kinneas.

[] Crazyfist: oh i forgot, Hey ksuan

[] K'Suan'Indra: Good morning, everyone.

[] Kinneas: : smiles :   :: At least the sight of her made all the troubles go away or seem meaningless ::: : Like a shower washing away the dirt, his sleepy, grumpy, just waking up mood seemed to be departing ::

[] Kinneas: K'Suan can you log me to take out a shuttle today?  I need to goto STO-ZONE base to over see some last minute construction today.  The automatic docking computers need tweaking.

[] Kinneas: I guess we have been scraping up people's nice paint jobs.

[] bazso: ok i made a post everyone hope everything looks good

[] K'Suan'Indra: Will it be you alone, or will you be taking some of the cadets with you? ::all business again::

[] Kinneas: Zach and I.  No time for cadet training this week. Zach and I will be struggling to get our lists done as it is.

[] Crazyfist: im calling it a night early

[] Crazyfist: good night kin, ksuan, baz

[] K'Suan'Indra: Goodnight, Crazyfist...pleasant dreams..

[] K'Suan'Indra: And I was not impyling training, unless one must train others to paint. ::elegant arch of a brow::

[] Kinneas: Goodnight, commander.

[] bazso: dn sir

[] bazso: gn*

[] Kinneas: :: Rather than get into a discussion on it:  Um.   I had better get to chaning out those air scrubbers...again. :)   I'll be back later. I will need that shuttle by 1600, K.

[] Kinneas: :: refills his coffee before getting on the turbolift ::  : Winks at K'Suan ::

[] K'Suan'Indra: It is ready for you now.

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::lifts her hand in a wave:: It will need your fingerprint signature at the departure bay.

[] lrdnova: hello..

[] bazso: hiyas

[] Sarevok: Hi lrd

[] lrdnova: hey everyone!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hi nova

[] Sarevok: Hi Zach

[] lrdnova: hows your Internet connectin Zach

[] lrdnova: Zach whats the best way to make contact with Chessmess

[] Zach Nicodemous: Skype.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Contact Sent

[] Zach Nicodemous: has been updated w ith new information

[] lrdnova: Thank you

[] Sarevok: I checked, but couldn't find anything new on sto-zone...

[] Zach Nicodemous: the front page has been updated, as well as the area dedicated to perpetial entertainment.

[] Sarevok: oh, the link with a little info about PE?

[] lrdnova: did the test work? lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: test?

[] lrdnova: Kin posted a Test Forum

[] lrdnova: *Thread

[] Kinneas: Hey I'm sorry about that..   

[] Zach Nicodemous: hmmmn bad kinn...spamming teh forum

[] Kinneas: I was testing something and did not even think to double check where i was

[] Kinneas: Nothing to see...go about your business   :)

[] Kinneas: :: gets a coffee ::

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: :::wonders what kind of person Kinn is when he goes more then a day with no Coffee::

[] Kinneas:   (( wolverine with a bad temper ))

[] Zach Nicodemous: good question

[] lrdnova: Wolverine always has bad temper

[] lrdnova: l

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: if thats the case I would have to say that Zach is far scarier when hes tired then You with no Coffee

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: oh THANKS!

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(

[] Kinneas: 'Wolverine Alone' in the basement of the Hellfire club after being dropped into the sewer, bad tempered.

[] Kinneas: ehhehe

[] lrdnova: I mean seriously he starts talking and arguing with himself, then he goes and fights with the Microwave at which point he plots his revenge I mean seriously when hes tired he really freaky!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Kinneas: (( The Dark Phoenix Saga))

[] Kinneas: try being on a bridge with him all night.  : cough :

[] Kinneas: j/k

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Kinneas: He is mighty fun off duty though.  A good person to party with.

[] lrdnova: Oh I believe it

[] Kinneas: Cant wait till we can do Vegas some day.

[] lrdnova: lol thats funny cause Redshirt and I are talking about that right now

[] Kinneas: That is the vacation I am dreaming about allready.

[] Kinneas: What happens at the Star Trek Hotel stays at the Star Trek   ...mostly...

[] Zach Nicodemous: Uhhh............

[] lrdnova: lol

[] * Zach Nicodemous hides

[] Kinneas: Speaking of: Next time anyone is at the Vegas Hilton: FIND the tall Andorian 'Captain' and tell him Kinneas sent you.   If he is in a good mood and like the cut of your jib...something  'interesting' could happen.

[] lrdnova: Zach will be Violat...... uh... I mean Assimulated!

[] lrdnova: Sure will

[] Kinneas: Conside it the : HAILING FREQUENCY 'LOST WEEKEND' Quest.

[] Kinneas: *Consider

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Kinneas: No joke  :: Sip  ::

[] Kinneas: Bet my coffee on it.   :smiles and raise mug :

[] Kinneas: *raises

[] Zach Nicodemous: I am going back to my office. Some of us, have got actual WORK to do.

[] * Zach Nicodemous leaves

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Kinneas: I guess that is my clue too.   Back in awhile.   

[] lrdnova: talk to you guys later

[] bazso: laters

[] randomflare: hey hey hey! anyone here?

[] MrJuliano: im here

[] lrdnova: hello all

[] MrJuliano: heya

[] Kinneas: I'm here but if I chat...Zach will freak out.  Lots o' work.

[] Kinneas: I'm scared to type anything.

[] Kinneas: eheheh

[] randomflare: Lol

[] randomflare: Who is Zach?

[] randomflare: Oh right, he's the boss HF right?

[] lrdnova: WHO IS ZACH

[] lrdnova: thats like saying whos Elvis, Who is Superman I mean really

[] lrdnova: lol jk

[] Sheriffnl: Hi All :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey Hey

[] Zach Nicodemous: The boss is here :p

[] Sheriffnl: :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: ***freaks out*** Kinn was in the shout box?!?!?!? Has he not seen the list of work to do?!?!!?!?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its 100 pages long at font size 3

[] Zach Nicodemous: **stomps off the bridge**

[] Zach Nicodemous: **stomps back in** hey random flare, yeh, i run this joint, along with kinn and mr j **stomps back out**

[] randomflare: haha

[] randomflare: oh man i'm sorry i just didn't recognize! at first.... but then i caught on! so... :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: No problems! See you've been registered a while - Recovering Lurker eh? Glad to see it :)

[] Sheriffnl: so.. i put up a nice post for Aries :) ... now im gonna smoke one more ... really! just one! and then imma offa to bed :)

[] Sheriffnl: Clan HQ :)

[] Zach Nicodemous: its always just one more

[] Bajoran Berrie: hello there everybody!

[] Starbear: I noticed your adding new icons. I wanted to point out that the emotion faces arnt loading for me (I get the little picture not loading logo) you know the ones you can put into posts like

[] Starbear: hey Bajoran Berrie

[] Bajoran Berrie: so hows every1 doin' ?

[] Bajoran Berrie: and please, just call me berrie

[] Starbear: ok Berrie

[] Bajoran Berrie: by the way starbear, i like alot of your ideas for STO, actually ...

[] Starbear: I prefer Mast of all that Is and Will be... ;)

[] Starbear: ahh why thank you, well I hope the devs are listening. I realy want STO to be a game that just sucks you in and keeps you there. I haven't had an MMO do that in a while

[] Bajoran Berrie: well, i got to tell you, if their listening to all of us, they'll ahave no bloody idea what to do

[] Starbear: I would also say Zach, RR and Falin as well as some of the other regulars here (well new regulars haha)  have some great ideas

[] Zach Nicodemous: I am sure the  devlopors, whoever they are, are keeping an eye on things.

[] Starbear: good point haha

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Everyone

[] Bajoran Berrie: indeeed, i didnt really post on, really this was my fist ** blushes**

[] Finnigan: Lovely time for a Guinness!!!

[] Bajoran Berrie: yeh i'v enjoyed teh argument, its good having someone make you see why ur ideas are pipedreams

[] Bajoran Berrie: l

[] Bajoran Berrie: lol

[] Starbear: indeed, I find half the fun of a forum is defending your ideas... the better you can defend it the more likely its a good idea

[] Bajoran Berrie: tell that to hitler! but yeh we've all been waiting a long time,

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Finnigan

[] Starbear: hehe thats why I used "most" of the time... well it should have been most not more haha

[] Finnigan: Admiral, what it is!! Happy Week After dies!!!

[] Starbear: or wait I've gone crazy I was thinking about somthing I didn't even type haha!

[] Bajoran Berrie: lol so whats everyone up to, my local pub just closed and i'm depressed :()

[] Bajoran Berrie: or just :(

[] Finnigan: Always have a pint or two "to go".

[] Bajoran Berrie: oh aye, as we speak i'm into some preoni

[] Bajoran Berrie: or peroni**

[] Starbear: I've been writing a bookish story... its heavily in development. Other than that not much. Sorry to hear your pub closed

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hey STOnet rocked even though I know you hated it. Kool aid incident!

[] Finnigan: Excellent.

[] Finnigan: I liked the community, hated the administration and moderation nazi practices.

[] Bajoran Berrie: teh pub was a good one, many a pint was had starbear. i shall miss it .....

[] Starbear: hmm last time I checked I wasn't doing any nazi practices :P

[] Bajoran Berrie: is it just me or is it weird we had a hitler and nazi comment within 2 mins

[] Starbear: yah it is

[] Bajoran Berrie: lol good times

[] Finnigan: Not all mods and admins, but many. My PMs were violated and I was censored regularly for bullshit reasons.

[] Admiral of Starfleet: I see it s easy to get angry at any mod sometimes.

[] Starbear: ahh, well all I did was smite necros, throw out spam and merge the beasts known as double posts bwahaha!

[] Starbear: watch soon people will hate Zach, Kin and MrJ it comes with the territory I think :p

[] Finnigan: My problems were with Writerguy1984 and Fraulein Cardassia, they were the Censorship Commitee and members of the Hitler Youth.

[] Bajoran Berrie: like that pope.... damn him!

[] Finnigan: I doubt it.  will they censor and ban for using words like "kool-ad" and "ignorant"?

[] Starbear: well I'm going to stay out of that, your issues are your own... and I'll stay far away from the pope comment haha

[] Starbear: I dunno, kool-aid is deffently an iffy word. I mean seriously they spelled cool wrong!

[] Admiral of Starfleet: lol

[] Finnigan: It was kooler spelled kool.

[] Starbear: and how does it aid anyone... last time I checked it was chucked full of sugar... its like anti-ridllin

[] Starbear: its a school teachers worst nightmare!

[] Finnigan: When I was a wee lad that sugar rush really helped.  It helped me get into the Academy!

[] Starbear: they call it kidi-crack on the playground

[] Finnigan: I now get my sugar rush from alcohol-based beverages.

[] Bajoran Berrie: everyone. i would pure appreciate it if u posted in the new string "What do you want to do in STO? Discuss. " in ST gen discussion.

[] Starbear: nice its an upper... but mostly a downer haha

[] Finnigan: Guinness and whiskey are the new drinks of choice.

[] Finnigan: Balance!

[] Bajoran Berrie: tell you what, if u do, if i meet you i'll buy u 2, tahst right 2, pints

[] Finnigan: Bloddy hell, let's go now!

[] Finnigan: Sorry, excited... Bloody!

[] Bajoran Berrie: i can tell ur irish not buy the name but by the drinking habit lol

[] Finnigan: Aren't we all a bit Irish?

[] Finnigan: Have run,  Ta ta lads, lasses, and everyone else.  Have a good evening.  See ya.

[] Finnigan: Fiiny is out.

[] Kinneas: Hi, Finnegan. Welcome. Glad you made it.

[] Kinneas: See you next time.

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Kinneas

[] Finnigan: Will do, thanks for taking everyone in here.  I'll be back.

[] Finnigan: 'night all.

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Bye Finnigan

[] Kinneas: :: smiles and waves and goes to get a coffee...per usual :

[] Bajoran Berrie: a bien tot finni

[] Bajoran Berrie: right so lets get to a serious question ... blondes pf brunette?

[] Bajoran Berrie: or**

[] Kinneas: Hi, Admiral. Sorry I missed that.  :waves:

[] Bajoran Berrie: i have no idea how those letters even got mixed up

[] Kinneas: I'll be killed for this but...brunettes.

[] Bajoran Berrie: y will u be killed

[] Kinneas: ::waves hello to Bajoran Berrie :

[] Bajoran Berrie: its alrite have u ever seen a blonde klinon

[] Kinneas: Long story.     :Sips coffee :

[] Bajoran Berrie: klingon**

[] Bajoran Berrie: ould be shot

[] Bajoran Berrie: **i should be shot, sorry, i'm a wee bitty intoxicated

[] Bajoran Berrie: ::waves hello to kinneas:: thought i should return the sentiment

[] Bajoran Berrie: everyone else

[] Kinneas: I'm going to be off duty shortly and plan to relax too

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Bajoran Berrie: come on, blonde of brunette?

[] Zach Nicodemous: hmmnn

[] Kinneas: o.k. I gotta get back to work.  Enjoy your stay on the station.

[] Kinneas: :: waves and slips out :

[] Bajoran Berrie: come on zach, i suspectur a blonde sorta guy

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sorry, Brunette. The Darker the hair the better. With the exception of redheads

[] Bajoran Berrie: so red heads ring ur bell, eh.  not a bad choice

[] Bajoran Berrie: open a channel, other members reply.

[] Zach Nicodemous: dont spose ur a hot red head young l ady r ya?

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Bajoran Berrie: i'm gonna be honest with ya zach, i'm a hetero black haired 20 yr old

[] Bajoran Berrie: but with enough drink *winks*

[] Zach Nicodemous: um...scuse me...gotta door....*leaves*

[] Bajoran Berrie: lol

[] Bajoran Berrie: dont freak out, its a wee joke

[] Kinneas: test :kinnstare1:

[] Bajoran Berrie: so STO, i think its all a hoax and will be out within a fortnight

[] Zach Nicodemous: everyone is entitled to their opinion

[] Kinneas: We should be so lucky.

[] Kinneas: That is so not our lot these days

[] Bajoran Berrie: and again, plz go and post in my "what will u be in STO" thread. and a fortnight would be brilliant but lets face it, i must be on crack if i believe that

[] Kinneas: ok.

[] Bajoran Berrie: on yer sel' kineas.

[] Bajoran Berrie: he's a pure leg-end.

[] Kinneas: be pardon ?

[] Kinneas: hey you are me

[] Bajoran Berrie: sorry, go on yourself as in well done, carry on ur leading the way

[] Kinneas: that is disturbing

[] Kinneas: ohh.  thank you!

[] Bajoran Berrie: and leg-end is fairlt self explanitory

[] Zach Nicodemous: what..old? i dont think so

[] Bajoran Berrie: right lads, well i'm off to bed, uni in the morning and too much drink tonite.

[] Bajoran Berrie: night all

[] lrdnova: there back, all hail to the HF gods, all Hail to there greatness!

[] Kinneas: ah come on now. Keep it real.

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] MrJuliano: Well...demi-gods, maybe

[] Zach Nicodemous: Juliano - wernt we sposed to be meeting on skype to brainstorm the next special?!

[] Zach Nicodemous: me and kinn been on for hours........

[] MrJuliano: yes, but the realtors were here all damn day

[] MrJuliano: ill be on soon, im eating

[] lrdnova: Hey guys how goes

[] MrJuliano: having some dinner, yourself?

[] lrdnova: just finished up dinner myself

[] Kinneas: hmmmm

[] Kinneas:

[] Kinneas: ahhh

[] Kinneas: yeah that is better

[] BLZBUB: Starbear? you around?

[] Starbear: I'm here

[] Starbear: I was just updating my story, I changed the ending of the last section :P

[] BLZBUB: well dang! Now I have to go back and re-read it! lol

[] Starbear: hehe its just the last little bit mabey only a few lines

[] BLZBUB: well...okay then.

[] BLZBUB: I was going to say that I really enjoyed how you filled out Dancer's back story, with the b'day party dream and such

[] Starbear: ahh thanks, yah you can deffently look forward to finding out more about her back story, I've actualy got most of the storyline planed out already

[] Starbear: Oh I should mention the update was also spelling and such rofl

[] BLZBUB: good, food. Can't wait

[] BLZBUB: *good

[] Starbear: so you probably got the butchered version

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Starbear: Classes in schpelling by Starbear ;)

[] BLZBUB: pronuncuashun is key to writting


[] Starbear: wow that was good haha

[] Kinneas: lol

[] BLZBUB: my problem w/ typing is large fingers/small keys

[] Starbear: well trust me my fingers are skiny little bones but if I get going fast enough I'll type words that don't even fall into spell checkable catagorys hehe

[] BLZBUB: try a foriegn language spell checker then :P

[] Starbear: I may have to :rubs chin:

[] BLZBUB: but spell check won't correct mis-use of words like homynyms(?)

[] Starbear: oh yah I know what you mean, that becomes a nasty problem... so its always good to have a person, rather than just a computer read over your work

[] Kinneas: mmm Homeny.

[] BLZBUB: or is that synonyms?

[] Starbear: I don't know... I write a ton but when it comes to knowing "edumicated english theory" I'm not so good I just know noun, verb, pronoun, and stuff like that

[] BLZBUB: sound the same, spelt different

[] BLZBUB: stare vs stair

[] Kinneas: zpeakink of zpellink miztakes.  Ja...Hominy.

[] Starbear: yah like dog and dwag... ok thats a bad example

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: Good evening.

[] BLZBUB: thats not a homynym

[] Starbear: bye Kin... have fun with your Homeny or honey or what ever it is :P

[] BLZBUB: that would be his honey :P

[] Kinneas: Goodnight.    ~~ Hominy...gee I really love ya an i wann love ya forever~  ~

[] Starbear: homynym that sounds familiar, probably somthing from an english class I wasn't listening to

[] BLZBUB: or a certain little bear would say

[] Kinneas: gads. I'm spelling like a drunk.

[] Starbear: mmm us bears (even the space kind) sure do love that golden gooo of goodness

[] BLZBUB: famous one in english is to/two/too

[] BLZBUB: tutu?

[] Starbear: to many toeszes

[] BLZBUB: toe/tow

[] BLZBUB: good one that Starbear

[] Starbear: you know its sady joking around like this is going to bleed over into my story and you'll read it and go "what the heck was he trying to say!?"

[] BLZBUB: we're cookin' now!

[] Starbear: oh yah bare and bear

[] BLZBUB: ah! but you have spell check ;P

[] Starbear: touche!

[] BLZBUB: a bare bear is a scared bear

[] Starbear: hmm a bare bear... what did you do tranqu (can't spell it) dart it to shave it?

[] BLZBUB: trank will suffice

[] BLZBUB: tranquilize

[] BLZBUB: tranqualize?

[] Starbear: there ya go, I knew it had a q in it somewhere

[] BLZBUB: nah..."i" is right methinks

[] Starbear: I dunno which is right, they both look ok haha... lets spell check it haha

[] BLZBUB: roflmao

[] Zach Nicodemous: You two must be bored.

[] BLZBUB: hmmmm....

[] BLZBUB: bored

[] BLZBUB: board!

[] BLZBUB: tada

[] BLZBUB: i got four now Starbear

[] Zach Nicodemous: 4 what?

[] Starbear: well I dunno about that, I've been playing around with my story for the last 4 or so hours, and reading up on Kzinti culture... so I've lost it haha

[] BLZBUB: homynyms

[] Starbear: yah your totaly beating me BLZBUB

[] Starbear: duck and duck...?

[] BLZBUB: dang

[] Zach Nicodemous: wth is a homynym?

[] BLZBUB: technically that is a synonym

[] Starbear: a word that spells differntly but sounds the same... to/two/too

[] BLZBUB: spalled differently but sound the same


[] BLZBUB: spelled

[] Starbear: spalled bwahaha

[] Starbear: I have tainted your schpelling powers BLZ

[] Zach Nicodemous: jeux and jews - - bloody french web site name :(

[] * BLZBUB sulks


[] BLZBUB: done and dun

[] Zach Nicodemous: bear/bare

[] BLZBUB: too late for that one Zach

[] Starbear: its taken

[] BLZBUB: starbear got it first...go figure

[] Zach Nicodemous: breast/best

[] Starbear: right and wright

[] Zach Nicodemous: :p

[] BLZBUB: argh

[] Starbear: or how ever you spell the w one haha

[] Starbear: I loves writing

[] Zach Nicodemous: mum and mom

[] Starbear: well I dunno can we count slang words?

[] BLZBUB: heh got the game down good Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: cat and kat (the name)

[] BLZBUB: it is a word...the flower is a mum

[] Starbear: I suppose it works, we don't use it her in amrica

[] Starbear: I kid I kid, its America... see I'm not that bad

[] BLZBUB: welll....nicknames? I dunno. What say you Starbear

[] Starbear: ahh I suppose, I've met girls named Kat

[] BLZBUB: kid and kidd?

[] Starbear: Lance and Lance then haha or Tailor... I don't think they count actualy now that I think of all of them haha

[] Starbear: pack and pack (as in like a backpack... and a pack of wolves)

[] Starbear: or pod and pod... as in a seed pod or a pod of dolphins

[] Zach Nicodemous: i dont think those count as the word has the same meaning

[] BLZBUB: were we not looking for spelled differently but sounding the same?

[] Starbear: oh yah good point BLZ :p I forgot the rules

[] BLZBUB: gotsta have rulz

[] Starbear: indeed or its all out chaos!

[] BLZBUB: C.H.A.O.S.!!!! Where!

[] * BLZBUB grabs his pistol

[] Zach Nicodemous: chaos and kaos :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: thanks for that one

[] Starbear: what is kaos?

[] BLZBUB: ditto

[] Starbear: Chlidren Have an Orderly Solution.... C.H.A.O.S

[] Starbear: Chinchilas Hang Around On Streets

[] BLZBUB: Keep All Orca's Safe....K.A.O.S. :P

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Zach Nicodemous: die and dye

[] BLZBUB: ahh...he's using the foreign words on us Starbear

[] Zach Nicodemous: irn and earn

[] Starbear: not exactly a common word that people would know

[] BLZBUB: urn and earn

[] Starbear: Oooo nice one BLZ... a bit dark but nice

[] BLZBUB: well the urn is empty

[] Starbear: Tomb and Tombe I think thats right... I dunno

[] BLZBUB: HEY! ... neat

[] Starbear: :D

[] BLZBUB: when did those show up Zach?

[] Starbear: how do I use it bwahaha

[] Starbear: err waahhhh

[] * BLZBUB keeps mum

[] Starbear: how do you do that to!!!

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: come and cum

[] Starbear: I never did master the shoutbox back at rofl

[] Zach Nicodemous: sorry

[] Starbear: wow... yah... wow

[] BLZBUB: type forward slash with "me" quotes

[] BLZBUB: /+me

[] Starbear: /+me?

[] * BLZBUB regrets telling

[] Starbear: +me

[] Zach Nicodemous: im so gunna get an infraction for that...oh wait, this is my site not stonet

[] BLZBUB: without the + sign of course

[] Starbear: /stuff

[] * Starbear cool

[] BLZBUB: so smite yourself Zach

[] * Starbear loves to eat little peoples... and maul STO fans as they fly by in their ships

[] BLZBUB: how does one go about mauling a ship?

[] BLZBUB: mall and maul!

[] BLZBUB: heh heh

[] Starbear: Well if your the size of a constelation... *coughs* Ursa then you can easily take down a ship

[] BLZBUB: constellation class? too small

[] Starbear: no their is a constellation that is in the shape of a bear haha

[] BLZBUB: ursa minor

[] Starbear: yep!

[] Starbear: *WHAM* there goes your ship as you fly by Ursa Minor

[] BLZBUB: and major...but your not that rank :P

[] Starbear: no, not yet... *dun dun dunnnnnnn*

[] BLZBUB: ORION reaches over and smashes ursa minor with his sword

[] Starbear: Orion is a pansy

[] Zach Nicodemous: meat / meet

[] Starbear: he wouldn't know how to swing that sword if his life depended on it

[] BLZBUB: Ooh! nice one

[] Starbear: I'll meet you at the meat shop

[] Zach Nicodemous: leaf / leave

[] BLZBUB: pop

[] BLZBUB: that don't sound the same

[] Starbear: I don't know leave sounds a bit differnt than leaf

[] Zach Nicodemous: depends on the accent

[] BLZBUB: maybe in the UK they sound the same

[] BLZBUB: poor/pour

[] Starbear: pee/pea

[] BLZBUB: heh

[] Zach Nicodemous: save/safe

[] BLZBUB: save your safe

[] Starbear: umm again they sound differnt... I think

[] Zach Nicodemous: your  and you're

[] BLZBUB: that is one!

[] Starbear: there ya go... its iffy but I'll count it

[] Zach Nicodemous: one / won

[] Starbear: nice

[] BLZBUB: we created a monster Starbear

[] Starbear: indeed, we should make a thread so its imortalized

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #6 on: 04 February 2009 10:35 AM »

[] Zach Nicodemous: we / wee


[] Starbear: wow Zach is on a roll

[] Zach Nicodemous: pull/pool

[] BLZBUB: ???

[] Starbear: no that sounds differnt... well at least to us Americans

[] BLZBUB: us Canadians too


[] Starbear: well you'r an American... you live in North America... haha I hate how America = USA haha

[] Starbear: Yah I'm getting technical on my own nation bwhaha

[] * BLZBUB smites STarbear

[] Starbear: well a Chilian is and American in a way... just a south American

[] Starbear: tee/tea

[] Zach Nicodemous: Chilli / Chilly

[] Zach Nicodemous: Weigh/Way

[] BLZBUB: north, central, south...all the same then? Americans?

[] Starbear: technecly yah... you live on the American continents

[] BLZBUB: way/weigh

[] Starbear: like an Asian lives on Asia, and Europeans live in Europe haha

[] Zach Nicodemous: I just did that one BLZ

[] BLZBUB: heh...UK is european

[] Zach Nicodemous: Theif!

[] Starbear: smite time haha

[] BLZBUB: oh! prolly why I remember it from somewhere :P

[] Starbear: hehe

[] Zach Nicodemous: Blue/blew

[] Zach Nicodemous: dew/due

[] Starbear: light and lite

[] Starbear: dew/do/due

[] BLZBUB: It won't shut down Starbear...we're going to have to destroy the main computer

[] Zach Nicodemous: Shoe/Shoo!

[] Starbear: Lets do this Blzbub!

[] Zach Nicodemous: main/maine!


[] * Starbear aims phaser at the main computer

[] BLZBUB: Ooh! I forgot countries

[] Zach Nicodemous: Rise/Rice

[] BLZBUB: iffy Zach

[] Starbear: umm rise sounds like rize,

[] BLZBUB: me enters perrsonal code into self destruct sequence

[] BLZBUB: oops

[] * BLZBUB enters perrsonal code into self destruct sequence

[] * Starbear fires his phaser past BLZBUB's head and explodes the main computer


[] Starbear: opps! :o

[] Starbear: (glad you played into that one haha)

[] Starbear: night/knight

[] Zach Nicodemous: hair/hare

[] BLZBUB: did we get....for/four?

[] Starbear: NOOO its not dead!

[] Starbear: nope

[] BLZBUB: do now

[] Zach Nicodemous: I like this game. I think im winning

[] * Starbear lifts up a chared sign that says "service computer"

[] BLZBUB: dump the core...without power it'll die!

[] Starbear: oh that must not have been the main one

[] Starbear: in the end... we're all winners *que in cheasy song*

[] BLZBUB: your really winning Zach

[] BLZBUB: cheasy?

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Starbear: umm yah... you know what I ment

[] Starbear: cheesy

[] BLZBUB: yah,,,I did

[] Starbear: or cheszery

[] Zach Nicodemous: Zach/Zack/Zak

[] Starbear: he likes those name ones haha

[] BLZBUB: I still say dump the main reactor core

[] Starbear: lets do it!

[] * BLZBUB enters code

[] BLZBUB: your turn

[] Zach Nicodemous: hockey/hookey? :p

[] * Starbear starts pushing ctrl+alt+... then ponders his actions

[] Starbear: wait a second?

[] Starbear: no hookey sounds differnt hocky sounds like hawky

[] BLZBUB: ctrl+alt+...del?

[] BLZBUB: ol

[] Starbear: so did it work, is the reactor dead and done?

[] BLZBUB: *Computer Voice: Main core eject sequence started....twenty-nine....twenty-eight...

[] Zach Nicodemous: deer/dear

[] Starbear: doh!

[] * Starbear smacks his head

[] Zach Nicodemous: doh/dough

[] BLZBUB: ...twelve...eleven...

[] Starbear: oh my god!

[] Starbear: you are a machine at this game!

[] BLZBUB: ...four...three...two...

[] Starbear: my impression of Zach when playing this game ;resistance is futile:

[] BLZBUB: Eject sequence terminated...

[] Starbear: whew

[] Zach Nicodemous: four/fore

[] * Starbear sighs with releafe

[] Starbear: wow I killed that word... right between the eyes

[] BLZBUB: DUH! I forgot fore on mine

[] Zach Nicodemous: Eye / I

[] BLZBUB: aye/eye/I

[] BLZBUB: you/yew

[] Zach Nicodemous: hugh

[] BLZBUB: hugh/hew

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Starbear: color and colour haha I doubt that would count

[] BLZBUB: i thinks so

[] Starbear: armor and armour

[] Zach Nicodemous: so/sow

[] BLZBUB: proper spelling ...and American spelling :P

[] BLZBUB: so/sow/sew

[] Starbear: WHAT! American spelling is proper... its just American

[] Starbear: seriously thats how they spell it in all the books here and all the offical stuff... so SOE and other fantasy companies must be fudged up to spell it armor haha

[] BLZBUB: moor/more

[] Starbear: peat/pete

[] BLZBUB: yah...just the way it is Starbear

[] Zach Nicodemous: york/yorke

[] BLZBUB: yolk/yoke

[] Starbear: I know haha, I would say armour is more realisitc, and phenetical or somthing like that... and armor is lazy :p

[] BLZBUB: i needs the 'u' to be correct in my mind

[] Zach Nicodemous: missle/mistle(toe)

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(

[] Starbear: well down here in the states we do pronoucne armor... with an "or" at the end not an "our"

[] Starbear: toe and towe

[] BLZBUB: yah...but I always want to use the 'U' spelling here

[] Zach Nicodemous: our/hour

[] BLZBUB: towe?

[] BLZBUB: you mean tow?

[] Starbear: yah tow thanks haha

[] Zach Nicodemous: mall/maul

[] Starbear: I love e's

[] BLZBUB: been there...done that

[] Starbear: red/read

[] BLZBUB: does this shoutbox keep a memory Zach? for the last hour or so?

[] Starbear: wow we've been at this for an hour haha!

[] Starbear: hour/our

[] Starbear: I dunno about that one

[] BLZBUB: long enough for us to start repeating ourselves

[] Starbear: yah good point

[] BLZBUB: long enough for us to start repeating ourselves

[] Starbear: sale/sail

[] Zach Nicodemous: lore/law

[] BLZBUB: uhmm...

[] Starbear: wha! lore is a bit law are a bit differnt

[] BLZBUB: dam/damn

[] Starbear: wow I paused and started that sentence again but I had changed my mind without thinking rofl

[] BLZBUB: spatial anamoly must have went through

[] Starbear: long enough for us to start repeating ourselves

[] Starbear: yah

[] BLZBUB: long enough for us to start repeating ourselves

[] Zach Nicodemous: now that ive won. im going to bed

[] BLZBUB: heh heh

[] BLZBUB: good game Zach...sorry we tired you out

[] Zach Nicodemous: OH! Morning/Mourning

[] Starbear: ok haha, good night Zach

[] Starbear: Oh man... he's going to be at it all night

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'll see/sea you tomorrow

[] * BLZBUB whispers to Starbear....once he's gone...?

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Will / Wil

[] Random Redshirt: Good evening everyone!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Bye/Buy

[] BLZBUB: hey RR! wanna try a new game?

[] BLZBUB: me ducks

[] * BLZBUB ducks

[] Random Redshirt: What kind of game?

[] Zach Nicodemous: im the champion of the game.

[] BLZBUB: guten nacht Zach

[] Starbear: NOOO RR cover your eyes!

[] BLZBUB: must have forty or more hits compared to my couple dozen

[] Starbear: its called "The Game"

[] Random Redshirt: lol

[] BLZBUB: uhm...RR? do you know what a homynym is?

[] Starbear: seriously Zach can't stop... its like game crack

[] * Starbear hides

[] Random Redshirt: Actually I can't play any games right now. I'm just taking a brief break from packing up books and 'censored'

[] * BLZBUB hides with Starbear

[] BLZBUB: you pack 'censored' too?

[] Random Redshirt: I know what a homynym is

[] Zach Nicodemous: and for my finale - Porn/Pawn

[] Zach Nicodemous: Buuuuhhh Bye

[] BLZBUB: toddles

[] Starbear: umm porn and pawn sound differnt haha

[] BLZBUB: ha ha

[] Random Redshirt: 'censored' = stuff accumulated over 2 years of living in one house and not dealt with until you need to move to another hosue.

[] Starbear: bye Zach, master of "The Game"

[] BLZBUB: judt leave it for the lawn sale

[] Starbear: nice RR... sounds like fun

[] BLZBUB: *just

[] Starbear: :gorn6:

[] Starbear: nooo its gone!

[] Random Redshirt: Anyways, just wanted to say hi to everyone for a it's back to work

[] Starbear: bye RR, good luck and may the force be with you!

[] Random Redshirt: Later fellas

[] BLZBUB: laterz RR

[] Starbear: :smile:

[] Starbear: :happyface:

[] BLZBUB: brb

[] Starbear: :rageface at this thing not working:

[] Starbear: ok, I was thinking of working on the story a bit hehe

[] Kinneas: no the buttons are 99.9% offline, commander.

[] Kinneas: they are in the shop.

[] Starbear: ahh ok, that explains a ton

[] Starbear: wait I'm a captain (if your refering to the final letter at haha)

[] Starbear: well I'm off for a bit... if ya need me just PM me, if you shoutbox it it may not get seen... not sure why anyone would need me though lol

[] BLZBUB: laterz Captain Starbear

[] Starbear: later, I'll be here just not "here" haha

[] BLZBUB: hear here

[] Starbear: NOOOO!


[] Starbear: KAHHHHNNNNNNNNNNnnnnn!

[] Kinneas:

[] BLZBUB: go write, I'll stop...I promise

[] Kinneas:

[] * BLZBUB crosses his fingers

[] Starbear: ok haha, you guys keep chating haha

[] Starbear: don't let my absence ruin the conversations... besids Kin dosn't know about "The Game"

[] BLZBUB: so's just the seven or so smilies from the posting boxes that are online?

[] BLZBUB: I bet Zach could beat Kinneas at "The Game"

[] Kinneas: Yeah there are juts those ones we were testing. Zach forgot to pull em.

[] BLZBUB: ahh, so we get to enjoy them until he does, eh?

[] Kinneas: Maybe if it was on a Tuesday, he could beat me.

[] Kinneas: Fizbin rule.

[] Kinneas: What game?

[] BLZBUB: lol...we were guessing homynyms

[] Kinneas: :: Saves files and hops up to get a coffee ::           ::::::::  strrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeetccchhhhhh ::::::

[] Kinneas: Oh.  Yeah he may beat me then. I live with children. I can not speak english anymore.

[] BLZBUB: heh

[] Kinneas: Childeese.

[] BLZBUB: that coffee must not be too far away from you

[] Kinneas: Man I can not wait till I can relax and enjoy the boards with you.

[] BLZBUB: and that will be...?

[] Kinneas:  ((The fine line between fantasy and reality))

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: ((Kinneas is a 'character' afterall   ))

[] Kinneas:


[] BLZBUB: I like that one

[] Kinneas: I wish we could all stay IC in here all the time but that may be askin too much.   A FFRPG shoutbox.


[] Kinneas: Like the good ole days

[] Kinneas: freeform role playing

[] BLZBUB: free ...nvm

[] Kinneas: If we could put a communal dice rolling device in the corner we could battle too  ehhehe

[] Kinneas: ::whips fork into the wall ::

[] BLZBUB: I have two other RP's going right now...another here? I dunno i' I can take any more

[] Kinneas: I have not done any in about five years.  I used to do it 24/7 since chat started.

[] BLZBUB: well, I haven't done FreeForm at all...just posting style

[] Kinneas: it can be a blast.

[] BLZBUB: I cannot think fast enough  sometimes for that typr of RP

[] BLZBUB: *type

[] Kinneas: we are a gaming site afterall ...    I will talk to zach and the cast about it.

[] BLZBUB: it could be interesting to try though

[] Kinneas: great   

[] BLZBUB: I will look up some info on a Wiki for freeform rp then: )

[] Kinneas: I was looking into a MMO Chat game instead of the shoutbox.

[] Kinneas: you could play a game or chat

[] BLZBUB: in the same bos?

[] BLZBUB: *box

[] Kinneas: maybe on the HF website.

[] Kinneas:  am not totally certain on that yet.

[] Kinneas: I would like to do the Devil Fish interior.

[] Kinneas: or STOZone base.

[] BLZBUB: If it was, I would think it would be confusing to some * looks at self*

[] BLZBUB: STOZone base would be cool

[] Kinneas: A MMO chat with avatars is confusing?

[] Kinneas: SIMchat.

[] Kinneas: dancing

[] Kinneas:

[] BLZBUB: like I say...I've not seen it in I cannae say how it is

[] Kinneas: ehehe.

[] Kinneas: You played the sims?

[] BLZBUB: on the PC, yah. A little

[] BLZBUB: simearth and such

[] Kinneas: same thing almost.   A sim character driven chat.

[] Kinneas: or at worst a top down gameboy looking kind of experience.

[] BLZBUB: eewww

[] Kinneas: yeah

[] BLZBUB: top down? *shudders*

[] Kinneas: yeah but it could be more entertaining that this  :opens arms :

[] Kinneas: Anyway.   That is being researched.

[] BLZBUB: well...I was a Dungeon Master for about 8 years, so I have that experience

[] Kinneas: woohoo. My kinda person.

[] Kinneas: That is how I started,

[] Kinneas: First edition box set.

[] BLZBUB: wanna meet my old Dwarven Fighter? lvl 18?

[] Kinneas: to meet or fight

[] Kinneas: inneas is officially 8th still.

[] Kinneas: Kinn

[] BLZBUB: I go through the Monsterous Compendium every now and then just to reminise

[] Kinneas: Dieties and Demigods is one of my favs.

[] BLZBUB: Gah...I got Starbears spelling on that last word

[] Kinneas: Some of the best art..

[] BLZBUB: yah, I love the Dragons

[] Kinneas: K'Suan is big big ibto D&D, Forgotten Realm, Planescape, the Underdark...

[] Kinneas: As a character, K'Suan is amazing.

[] BLZBUB: I have the Forgotten Realms...or is it the other one? It's been too long

[] Kinneas: She has been in continual play since 1993 and is now with us on HF

[] BLZBUB: she still plays though?

[] Kinneas: Now and then still. If not playing, nose in a book.

[] BLZBUB: lol...I read too much too...but it is good for a person to read, so...:shrugs:

[] Kinneas: heck yeah

[] Kinneas: What is your favorite ST game, Mr. B?

[] BLZBUB: I like Armada II...but right now I have the Dominion Wars on the PC

[] BLZBUB: i like it's strategy

[] Kinneas: I do not have Dominion War but do enjoy Armada II. Zach and I have been playing that lately when we have a day off.

[] Kinneas: We are going to try Aftermath for Legacy after all this work.

[] Kinneas: : crosses fingers for that experience :

[] BLZBUB: If I can I will pick that up...sometime...someday... : )

[] BLZBUB: but, I also play other games as the mood strikes ya know

[] Kinneas: What is your fav race in Aramada II?

[] Kinneas: oops

[] Kinneas: Armada    Ahura Mazda.

[] BLZBUB: I like the Fed the best :naturally: but i like the borg scenarios too

[] BLZBUB: kilngon were okay, but their ships were to ...I dunno...foreign?

[] Kinneas: Zach is really good with Klinks.

[] Kinneas: he is one at heart I believe.

[] BLZBUB: must be why he sort of looks like one :P

[] Kinneas: I somehow do not feel the imagery and audio would jive on that one.

[] BLZBUB: no, I guess it wouldn't

[] Kinneas: : ponders that a moment ::

[] Kinneas: ROFL!

[] BLZBUB: just imaged that didn't you

[] Kinneas: yeah it never really crossed my mind as an idea.

[] BLZBUB: heh. It is curious that HF only has a Vulcan on it's staff, and no other race

[] Kinneas: She used to be a brog.

[] Kinneas: er

[] Kinneas: you know

[] BLZBUB: BROG"S! geddem off! geddem off me!

[] Kinneas: She is a spy.

[] Kinneas: She has to be...if that is what you are implying.

[] BLZBUB: sooo...lo-cute-us of Borg?

[] Kinneas: hehhee

[] Kinneas: Enara used to be with us.  She was Orion

[] Kinneas: mui caliente

[] BLZBUB: :sigh: I miss Enara

[] Kinneas: iiiieeeee   

[] Kinneas: So it is not for lack of looking.

[] Kinneas:

[] BLZBUB: Nah...we still chat occasionally

[] Kinneas: I'd like to get Paris Hilton to do a show.  Rand's grandaughter.

[] BLZBUB: now that would up the downloads

[] Kinneas: she should come back and reprise her role.

[] BLZBUB: Paris?

[] Kinneas: I wan to goto conventions this year and get celebs on the spot

[] Kinneas: "care to read this line for our podcast!?"

[] Kinneas:

[] BLZBUB: big grin?

[] Kinneas: We need to do a Telethon or big variety show fund raiser to get Zack to the US

[] BLZBUB: what if the US don't want him?

[] Kinneas: Hmmmmmmmmmm.

[] Kinneas: That is a dreadful question.

[] Kinneas: :(

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] BLZBUB: I have not looked lately, but are there any Cons in Europe area this summer?

[] Kinneas: One in london before July.

[] BLZBUB: is that EuroCon? or is that one continent based

[] Kinneas: Burbank, Florida, NY, Denver, Houston, Oklahome,  have some before mid year.  Vegas late in the year.

[] Kinneas: Lemme go look

[] BLZBUB: EuroCon is in Moscow

[] Kinneas: zach removed the London one....looking....

[] BLZBUB: FantastiCon is in Denmark


[] Kinneas: FedCon XVII - The Lost World   Bonn, Germany   April 18-20, 2008

[] Kinneas: STICCON XXII

[] BLZBUB: got it

[] Kinneas: sorry that was Italy

[] Kinneas: I'd like to goto England...but what if they do not want me?

[] Kinneas:

[] BLZBUB: heh heh

[] Kinneas: :: I need my admin tools for shoutbox, Zach ::::

[] BLZBUB: which cons would you like to have Zach at in the US?

[] BLZBUB: Zach won "The Game" and then ran off to bed on us :(

[] Kinneas: denver would be easiest on the pocketbook. It is an hour down the road. I'm in Colorado Springs...but...IMo...DEN is not gonna have a big turnout.

[] Kinneas: VULCON in Houston: Interview with Arthur Yoria.

[] BLZBUB: how about "The Wrath of Con" in Florida! :shudders at pun:

[] Kinneas: The Wrath of Con (FLA) Andrew Probert!

[] Kinneas: yeah.

[] BLZBUB: probert would be a killer of an interview to nail down

[] Kinneas: Grand Slam: BURBANK!!   Nimoy on Movie and MMO.

[] Kinneas: so those.

[] Kinneas: Megacon could be cool but they sho now love to trek on the site.

[] BLZBUB: so many little time

[] Kinneas: yeah IMO. that is it

[] Kinneas: before mid year.

[] Kinneas: San Diego Comic Con mid year, Vegas late year

[] Kinneas: Podcast from Quarks and from Experience Bridge (I have that set up already)

[] BLZBUB: Experience Bridge?

[] Kinneas: have not been able to do Vegas for three years now. Only now is the podcast getting popular.

[] Kinneas: the Star Trek sets in the Star Trek Hilton: Vegas.

[] BLZBUB: How many T'shirts ya all need to sell? heh heh

[] Kinneas: lots n' lots

[] Kinneas: All those ideas last night were amazing.

[] Kinneas: i was surprised.

[] BLZBUB: yah...I really liked my T'shirt idea

[] Kinneas: er...were you part of that 'merchandise' discussion?

[] Kinneas: ok ty

[] BLZBUB: yup

[] Kinneas: zach was relaying while I was working

[] Kinneas: The comic sounds fun.

[] Kinneas: What was your shirt idea?

[] BLZBUB: yes, and a few hat ideas were good

[] BLZBUB: K'Suan on the front

[] BLZBUB: no jokes

[] BLZBUB: but each character from the podcast would be good too

[] BLZBUB: did Zach not put some in a thread somewhere?

[] Kinneas: Sure. Any sayings?  : Looking for that now :


[] BLZBUB: Irdnova started it

[] Kinneas: lol

[] Kinneas: e booth at the convention is a good idea. I so dislike manning booths at them though and like to be on the floor and 'behind the scenes' at the bars where the big wigs hang out.

[] BLZBUB: My T'shirt didn't make the cut/paste...but the idea for shirts is there anyway

[] Kinneas: the real show is there imo.

[] Kinneas: oh no, Mr. B.   It shall be done.

[] Kinneas: quickly too

[] BLZBUB: i suppose it is ...and if you have press pass it is soooo nice

[] Kinneas: I have not needed a press pass before.

[] Kinneas: you just gotta know one somebody.

[] Kinneas: I should know 'one'.

[] BLZBUB: Ohuh? somebody, eh!  =)

[] Kinneas: especially since so much of the cons are comic related.

[] Kinneas: I have been going to comic cons since I was a kid.  It is what I wanted to be growing up.  Still do kinda.

[] BLZBUB: good lord, it is 10 to 1 in the morning!

[] Kinneas: Used to run a comic store in the 80's.

[] Kinneas: yeah

[] BLZBUB: really? that was cool I bet

[] Kinneas: it was awesome.

[] Kinneas: I should get back to work anyway. Th fatser I can get to those shirts.

[] BLZBUB: *BLZ should remember where  his Death of Superman comics are stored

[] Kinneas: Thank you gain for everything.

[] BLZBUB: your welcome

[] Kinneas: :bow:

[] BLZBUB: see ya's tomorrow sometime...night

[] Kinneas: Goodnight

[] Sarevok: morning, all

[] Kinneas: Good morning

[] Sheriffnl: good meuning

[] Sheriffnl: wtf ....those smilies?

[] Starbear: Good night everyone, have fun ;)

[] Crazyfist: yo

[] Crazyfist: :D

[] * bazso waves with his hamster paw

[] bazso: hails everyone

[] Sheriffnl: so are we all still asleep?

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] lrdnova: good morning all

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Titan-Amaranth: anny one play Warhammer 40.000?

[] lrdnova: Not anymore

[] Titan-Amaranth: anny more?

[] Titan-Amaranth: y?

[] lrdnova: Way way too busy with everything else. I do play the WarHammer 40K Strategy game for PC though

[] Titan-Amaranth: Dow?

[] lrdnova: Dawn of War thats it, and its expansion

[] Titan-Amaranth: witch army did you colect

[] lrdnova: Space Maries and the Drow

[] lrdnova: I think that how you spell it

[] Titan-Amaranth: Drow?

[] lrdnova: You the gold alien guys

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin All!

[] Titan-Amaranth: TAU?

[] lrdnova: TAU yes

[] lrdnova: sorry its been a long time for me

[] Titan-Amaranth: YEY! I DO Tau

[] Titan-Amaranth: can muster at least 30.000 points

[] Titan-Amaranth: among that a Manta

[] Titan-Amaranth: if you know what that is.

[] Zach Nicodemous: *coughs* Morning All!

[] Sarevok: AFternoon, Zach

[] Kinneas: Good morning :: strolls in :::

[] lrdnova: ::Crawls in:: ugh sooo tired, stayed up till 11pm last night ugh!

[] randomflare: Lol morning! i think it's great how you all just talk to your fans haha

[] randomflare: Nice irdnova i work from 4AM to 8AM

[] randomflare: so i know how you feel about the tired thing

[] lrdnova: lol

[] randomflare: are we allowed to talk about games we've modified in this chat?

[] lrdnova: well I know that comment was going to get to Zach, for the last couple of weeks hes been working really hard the community and this great site. So much so that he has pulled MANY all nighters with only a few hours

[] lrdnova: in between

[] lrdnova: so aside from giving him a hard time, I just wanted to say thanks to both you guys for all the hard work! NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

[] randomflare: Lol

[] randomflare: **hears the whip cracking**

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: if you cant abuse your local celebrities then who can you abuse. actually I guess Zach would be considered an Internation Celebrity

[] randomflare: haha yeah i guess he would

[] randomflare: i can't wait to start my career doing stuff like this. i'm an ITT tech student in the Digital entertainment and Game Design degree program

[] randomflare: anyhoo i need to get some sleep. have fun at work ;)

[] Random Redshirt: Is Zach here?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm here sorry. Adding smilys

[] Kinneas: Wow. I meed a neat person.

[] Kinneas: Missed.   : looks at fingers: Wake up!

[] Kinneas: Hia, Nova.

[] Kinneas: arg   : glares at fingers: Hiya, Nova.

[] Titan-Amaranth: Random! long time no see!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Random Redshirt or RandomFlare?

[] Sarevok: back, Hi Kinn and Titan

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #7 on: 04 February 2009 10:36 AM »
[] Titan-Amaranth: shirt

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi sarevik

[] Kinneas: :: waves :::

[] Kinneas: I'd chat ...but I do not want to get phased.

[] Kinneas: too much to do.

[] Kinneas: : smiles and gets back to work :::

[] Sarevok: hmmm

[] Sarevok: I saw that, Kinn ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Stun!

[] Titan-Amaranth: how do you put in picts?

[] Zach Nicodemous: You need to know the  smiley code Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: I am working on getting a smiley bar for the shoutbox.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its alot of code work though belive it or not :(

[] Titan-Amaranth: i beive you, im starting at the electro line at third grade school this atum (norwegen ecvelent of colage)

[] Titan-Amaranth: i have my cosins old boks (he took eloctro to) just to gett a head start at the stuff.

[] BLZBUB: G'day Zach, Kinneas, lrdnova, Sarevok, randomflare, Titan-Amaranth and Suricata! Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi blzbub

[] BLZBUB: new smilies = nice work

[] Titan-Amaranth: me?

[] BLZBUB: nah...Zach! I think?

[] BLZBUB: but I'm certain you do nice work too Titan

[] Sheriffnl: lol :0 goodday all Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] BLZBUB: your cruiser looks good

[] Titan-Amaranth: thanks

[] BLZBUB: hiya Sheriff! How's the far north of Europe today? Cheesy Smile

[] Sheriffnl: cold, windy and wet Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: sheriffnl were are you from?

[] BLZBUB: hmmm..Canada = cold and windy

[] Sheriffnl: The Netherlands :P

[] Titan-Amaranth: norway

[] Titan-Amaranth: BLZBUB were are you from?

[] BLZBUB: Zach & Kinneas must be busy little beavers today

[] BLZBUB: Western Canada

[] Sheriffnl: i think ...but its a wild guess .. Canada :|

[] Zach Nicodemous: we are. im busy adding content to

[] Zach Nicodemous: got a whole new section to make about the new....:p naaahh just kidding. ffleshing out all the perpetual sections

[] BLZBUB: don't let me stop ya then Cheesy Smile

[] Sheriffnl: did you receive my mail zach? ...

[] Titan-Amaranth: canada ey? i allways wanted to go there

[] Titan-Amaranth: have anny one herd from Callaghan?

[] BLZBUB: lol. it's "Canada eh?"

[] Titan-Amaranth: lk

[] BLZBUB: Callaghan? not since the move...but check the mamber list, perhap he registered.

[] BLZBUB: if the name was not in use that is

[] BLZBUB: *member

[] Zach Nicodemous: im sure ive seen someone register with that name

[] Zach Nicodemous: hmmn

[] Zach Nicodemous: anyway, scuse me, must get back to work

[] Titan-Amaranth: icurse

[] BLZBUB: 3.14159

[] BLZBUB: wow! neat. heh heh

[] BLZBUB: but it should go to at least twenty decimal places  ;P

[] Titan-Amaranth: hu?

[] BLZBUB: you can post the value of Pi to 5 decimal places just by typing slash pi! what value that gives the shoutbox though is beyond me

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah

[] BLZBUB: heh heh

[] BLZBUB: /pi(20)

[] Titan-Amaranth: i keep it simple: pi=3,14

[] BLZBUB: /pi[20]

[] Titan-Amaranth: are we taling abut the same pi?


[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: m talking abut the diameter of a sikle¨

[] BLZBUB: Titan, click on Commands just above the time stamp

[] BLZBUB: the command for / pi is given ther

[] BLZBUB: *there

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah i see

[] Titan-Amaranth: in that case yess its 3

[] BLZBUB: but you put in a value in the brackets  - i used 20 -  and it printed "PI IS EXACTLY #"

[] BLZBUB: *3


[] Titan-Amaranth: this wold be easier if i new what brackets were (and the convesasion were in norwegen)

[] BLZBUB: I guess 5 decimals is really more than enough

[] BLZBUB: on the keyboard the brackets are "[" and "]"

[] BLZBUB: op het toetsenbord zijn de steunen "[" en "]"

[] BLZBUB: Cheesy Smile

[] BLZBUB: brb

[] Titan-Amaranth: that i understand

[] Titan-Amaranth: på nedlansk cllever

[] BLZBUB: på nedlansk cllever vertaalt mijn vertaler het Nederlands maar niet

[] Titan-Amaranth: whel i got to go see ya tomorow

[] BLZBUB: is there much diference between Dutch and Norwegian?

[] BLZBUB: okay...take care out in that weather

[] BLZBUB: ... --- ? / .... --- .-- / -- .- -. -.-- / ... .-. . ...- .. -.-. . / .--. . --- .--. .-.. . / .... . .-. . / - --- -.. .- -.-- ..--..

[] BLZBUB: Buwha ha ha

[] BLZBUB: the power of the internet is mine to command!

[] BLZBUB: До Зака или Kinneas smiteth меня; P

[] lrdnova: Redshirt you here

[] lrdnova: never mind guess not

[] BLZBUB: unless he is hidden!

[] lrdnova: he trieds to destroy the Lotus again and he better be hidden

[] lrdnova: tries*

[] BLZBUB: your USS Lotus?

[] lrdnova: yeah

[] BLZBUB: now why would he attempt that?

[] lrdnova: he was joking around the other day in the shout box about the how a cadet training mission got out of hand and well boom

[] BLZBUB: ah, right. He is the Academy leader at Lotus fleet, right?

[] lrdnova: Not any more

[] BLZBUB: Oops

[] lrdnova: Hes the Fleet Executive Officer now (he got promoted)

[] BLZBUB: demoted?

[] lrdnova: Crowll is now in charge of the Academy

[] BLZBUB: ah! Promote the fool out of harms way.

[] lrdnova: no thats a promotion

[] BLZBUB: Cheesy Smile

[] lrdnova: lol

[] BLZBUB: it worked well in the Pacific theatre during WW II

[] lrdnova: you guys know if his Nehaylum class ship made it over I cant find it in here and Im not sure if he has posted it yet

[] BLZBUB: so congradulate the two of them for me on their respective promotions

[] lrdnova: I will

[] lrdnova: I am sure they will appreciate the sentiment

[] BLZBUB: Hmmm. you would have to ask Zach or Kinneas

[] BLZBUB: I don't think they are entirely done with that thread yet though

[] lrdnova: yeah I dont see it

[] BLZBUB: I believe that Zach imported the entire ships database though from he's has to get around to finding tiome to finish putting the ships in yet

[] BLZBUB: thee ya's go! redshirt is logged in now!

[] * BLZBUB is going to give up on the typing course

[] lrdnova: redshirt!

[] Zach Nicodemous: I wasnt able to backup any ships from the "ships of the line" s ection on STOnet. My download of that section was corrupt  for some reason

[] BLZBUB: really?

[] BLZBUB: that's too bad...there was a lot of nice ship designs in there

[] BLZBUB: perhaps Jon can get them for you?

[] Zach Nicodemous: i plan to ask him w hen i see him

[] Titan-Amaranth: heres Titan! mohahaha!

[] Titan-Amaranth: redshirt!  long time no see!

[] Titan-Amaranth: halo?

[] BLZBUB: it's tomorrow already? wow

[] Zach Nicodemous: huh?

[] Random Redshirt: Hey there Trek fans

[] Kinneas: :: looks up a moment :  Heya

[] Crazyfist: Hi dudes

[] Random Redshirt: Hey Crazy

[] Crazyfist: sup

[] Random Redshirt: Not much. Just visiting some threads I haven't looked at for a couple of days, doing some responses.

[] MrJuliano: Paramount Studios announces they are interested in games and ma open their own development studio:

[] MrJuliano: oh and hi everybody!

[] Kinneas: That would be the best thing to do. It really is going to require a full time industry around it.  Not just a one shot team.

[] Kinneas: The long term goals need to be met and that is one way to do it.  This is good because they have always laughed in the past when asked to take control of the game studio aspect of it

[] Kinneas: I can see it now...someone in the big boys department:  "Hey that is a great idea...I'm glad I thought of that".

[] Kinneas: Thanks for finally seeing the light, fellas.

[] Kinneas: Thanks, Mr. J.

[] Kinneas: come join us on Skype. Let us brainstorm.

[] MrJuliano: i am on

[] Kinneas: No news to report here, commander

[] lrdnova: hello all

[] Sheriffnl: hi there ;)

[] lrdnova: hello Sheriff!

[] * MrJuliano Gets on the Shipdwide intercom and hums the Indiana Jones theme

[] Zach Nicodemous: Where is everyone today?

[] Random Redshirt: WOWZERS, it's dead around here tonight.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Someone needs to respond to a bunch of posts in the STO section

[] Zach Nicodemous: I just had a writing rampage. I reckon i just started at least 3 amazing discussion threads Cheesy Smile

[] Sarevok: hehe

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Crazyfist: Hey titey

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: Crazyfist have you seen my cruser?

[] Crazyfist: No

[] Crazyfist: Lemme check

[] Titan-Amaranth: k

[] Crazyfist: awesome

[] Titan-Amaranth: thanks

[] Titan-Amaranth: i have like 8 ships in design stage

[] Titan-Amaranth: total

[] Crazyfist: u seen my pictures? go to star trek general discussion, arts and graphics

[] Titan-Amaranth: il check them out^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: SWEEET!

[] Titan-Amaranth: what pogram do you use

[] Crazyfist: photoshop

[] Crazyfist: u can ask me in the thread :P

[] Titan-Amaranth: k

[] Titan-Amaranth: got to go see ya in som hours

[] Crazyfist: cya

[] lrdnova: good (whatever) everyone

[] lrdnova: actually

[] lrdnova: Good [insert time zone here] everyone how are things?

[] lrdnova: hello? ::voice echos across the large empty space::

[] rez1: when is excaliber out and i want to play sto NOW

[] Sarevok: Hi lrdnova

[] Sarevok: Hi rez1

[] Kinneas: Good morning, everyone Cheesy Smile

[] rez1: I would really lovea good PC star trek game to play,

[] Kinneas: Join the family.

[] Kinneas: Don't we all.

[] rez1: i look at these pictures of these games on display, but there just concepts, getting borred of eve, want the real deal.

[] rez1: bridge commander, just got, but its a download, can i still get patches?

[] rez1:  that bad ahy, every 1 in same club

[] Kinneas: yeah plus some of the best mods ever made

[] Kinneas: bridge commander central

[] Kinneas: they have everything you could want, imo.

[] Kinneas: Aftermath mod for Star Trek:Legacy is also out now.

[] lrdnova: Kin would we need to remove the ultimate universe mod from Legacy or will Aftermath apply over it, additionally how will that affect the mulitplayer feature?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey All!

[] lrdnova: hey Zach, sleep well

[] lrdnova: ?

[] Zach Nicodemous: So so

[] Sarevok: HI Zach

[] Kinneas: Nova: I do not know at this time.

[] Random Redshirt: Good morning folks

[] Kinneas: Probably a good idea, imo to create a new Legacy Directory and  Mod that one.

[] Kinneas: Good morning : raises coffee mug :

[] MrJuliano: hi all

[] Kinneas: Good morning, Mr. J.

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Titan-Amaranth: random are you here

[] Random Redshirt: I am sort of here

[] Random Redshirt: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: how are you doing?

[] Titan-Amaranth: anent seen you sins closed

[] Titan-Amaranth: *havent

[] Random Redshirt: I've been around here. Haven't you seen any of my posts?

[] Titan-Amaranth: jess but i meen "talkt " to you if you get my point

[] Random Redshirt: lol. Yeah, been busy. Moving into a new house, and working alot of OT

[] Titan-Amaranth: new house ay? congatulasions^^ biger fore a famly expansen i hope^^

[] Random Redshirt: It's a bigger house, yes. No family expansion at this time however.

[] MrJuliano: Does the family expansion come with cool in-world items?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ?

[] MrJuliano: you an expansion pack...nvm

[] Random Redshirt: ROFLMAO

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol, somthing like that

[] Random Redshirt: Gotta go, back later

[] Titan-Amaranth: last week i got foloing mesages: your going to be an uncle and that were going to have kittens.

[] Titan-Amaranth: jey im going to be an uncle! jey im going to have cute little kittens! SWEET!!

[] Titan-Amaranth: halo? anny one there?

[] MrJuliano: sorry, im here

[] MrJuliano: i was distracted

[] Zach Nicodemous: im here

[] Titan-Amaranth: good

[] Titan-Amaranth: having truble with internet, phone company is doing mantinace on there lines

[] Bajoran Berrie: hey everyone

[] Kinneas: Hiya

[] Kinneas: :: coffee break ::

[] Zach Nicodemous: Whos around?

[] Starbear: I'm kinda around, but you asked that like 40 mins ago

[] Zach Nicodemous: yeh i did lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: still here though. bored

[] Zach Nicodemous: how about another word game? :p

[] BLZBUB: It is hear Gygax passed away. I practically grew up on Dungeons & Dragons

[] Zach Nicodemous: You and Ksuan would get along, She loves D&D too

[] BLZBUB: that I am aware of Zach...but would she be able to cope with my Dwarven Fighter?   *BLZBUB thinks not* Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: She says she would be able too

[] BLZBUB: Oh....Kay! She says...he says..we shall never know, shall we! ;P

[] Zach Nicodemous: Maybe you will

[] BLZBUB: well, the two of us getting a game on in the forseeable future is...nigh on impossible! Just suffice to say that my little fella *could* pwn her character...with 2d8 tied behind his back! heh heh

[] Zach Nicodemous: uh huh. ill vote for the home team lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: this is ksuan we are talking about - her pimp hand is strong.

[] BLZBUB: is here & i gotta run for a while. I'll get back to listing variables affecting the obvious winnability of a Dwarf over any other race later. Cheesy Smile

[] * knightofhyrule730 niomo beams in

[] knightofhyrule730: hoy everyone

[] * knightofhyrule730 beams out

[] Bajoran Berrie: hey veryone

[] Bajoran Berrie: everyone**, u kno what i mean

[] Random Redshirt: Cheesy Smile

[] Random Redshirt: Or perhaps, I'm putting him on the spot as one big fat joke.

[] Random Redshirt: Cheesy Smile

[] lrdnova: this box and forums have been so slow lately its ridiculous

[] Random Redshirt: Ahhh, he surfaces!

[] * knightofhyrule730 beams in

[] knightofhyrule730: hoy!

[] MrJuliano: hola

[] Random Redshirt: Very quiet this evening. (echoes HELLO HEllo Hello hello....)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yeh its too quiet..

[] Zach Nicodemous: Much too quiet.......

[] Zach Nicodemous: Must be...*whispers*...the calm before the storm....*looks around paranoicly*

[] Random Redshirt: Fog rolls in, creepy halloween music plays, shadowy man walks into view...

[] Random Redshirt: Oh, it's Zach! My bad

[] Random Redshirt: Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: Just think of from x-files.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Except i dont give out secrets

[] Random Redshirt: Or the real deal...

[] Random Redshirt: But there is no Watergate hotel nearby...

[] Random Redshirt: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmao

[] Random Redshirt: It was rather quiet all day actually, I was suprised, given the awesome topics you started last night

[] Zach Nicodemous: Same amount of posts as yesterday

[] Zach Nicodemous: I reckon within three weeks, all hell will break loose here.

[] Random Redshirt: Could be

[] Random Redshirt: I'd put money on that

[] Zach Nicodemous: Really? the treasury is just up there :p ^  ^ ^

[] MrJuliano: so who won the war?

[] Random Redshirt: Ugggh, I'm tired of this project I'm working on. I JUST got home from the office.

[] Random Redshirt: I'll hit up the treasury on payday. Gotta keep you guys in the green

[] Random Redshirt: Hey Juliano!

[] MrJuliano: hola

[] Random Redshirt: I see Star Trek Games didn't reveal any of their super secret development document as was promised for today.

[] MrJuliano: good, i'd hate to see chessmess in any hot water

[] MrJuliano: i know he was excited to release it, but he needs to make sure the NDA's are up

[] Random Redshirt: I'll admit, I was curious, but after reading Suricata's posts about it, probably a good thing he didn't

[] Zach Nicodemous: Im sure there will be real news soon. not some old document

[] MrJuliano: most NDA's include a clause that allows a 30-day period after the project has been finished before information can be disclosed, he just has to make sure that his has one like that

[] Random Redshirt: I can't imagine that an NDA would become null and void just because the company went belly up. Had the game gone with it, then I could see his point, but since it could be alive, better safe than sorry

[] MrJuliano: i hope so. my theory about Bethesda better be right

[] Random Redshirt: Bethesda? Are you out of your mind? Or are you ALTER EGO in disguise?

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: Well, with the announcement from PAramount that they want to get into games, it makes sense that Bethesda may be the developer

[] Zach Nicodemous: I wonder where AE is actually. HE hasnt been back for a few days. Maybe he was abducted.

[] Random Redshirt: I was so excited, waiting for Legacy, then it became a huge flop. I can't forgive Bethesda for that...

[] Random Redshirt: Well not a huge flop, but a let down, at least for me

[] MrJuliano: <--- doesn't believe the current STO developer rumors

[] Random Redshirt: However, I have not tried any of the MODs for it either. Simply haven't had time

[] MrJuliano: I think it's either bethesda or SOE

[] MrJuliano: er, Sony with SOE acting as the publisher

[] Random Redshirt: <---- Thinks Blizzard is trading WoW for ST:O. Seriously! Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: Blizzovision

[] MrJuliano: it wouldn't surprise me, they have the money and manpower

[] Random Redshirt: Wait, with Blizzard at the helm, we'd see Star Trek: Azeroth...Now in Space!

[] Random Redshirt: You know what could be a fun MMO? How about one based on Futurama? I'd play that in a heart beat!

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: i want crab hands

[] Random Redshirt: You'll have to forgive me, I have a bottle of scotch in my desk at the office, and couldn't avoid taking a few drinks

[] Random Redshirt: Bite my shiney metal a$$!

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: Zach, I need a cool, shiny sig like you have, btw

[] MrJuliano: oh, nvm, you gave me one, lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: You should have one

[] MrJuliano: it's nifty

[] Random Redshirt: HEY, I smell foul play here! Zach's smite count dropped to ZERO! I want a re-count!

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Random Redshirt: I want my 14 smites I gave him, re-instated!

[] Zach Nicodemous: So its you t hat was smiting me you ba****d

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: he was trying to blame us for it, thanks for owning up

[] Random Redshirt: You should have made Juliano's sig so that it was split with opposite colors to reflect AE

[] Zach Nicodemous: AE has his own sig

[] Random Redshirt: I see

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Random Redshirt: owning up? I never own up to anuything!

[] MrJuliano: hehe

[] MrJuliano: wow, i wish i could draw stuff like that

[] Random Redshirt: Oh man, I need to do a new Trek trivia question!

[] MrJuliano: what's Captain Picard's Rank?

[] MrJuliano: no, wait, how about What is Worf's name?

[] MrJuliano: Or, how do you spell Enterprise?

[] MrJuliano: I know tons of stuff!

[] Random Redshirt: Done

[] Random Redshirt: Unfortunately these days, it is so hard to stump people, what with Memory Alpha and the likes floating around

[] Random Redshirt: Flatfingers is aboard! Hey Flatty!

[] MrJuliano: what category is it in, i can't find it

[] Random Redshirt: Star Trek Gaming : General

[] Random Redshirt: General Discussion that is

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey Flatfingers!!

[] MrJuliano: good question

[] Random Redshirt: Yeah, it's a toughie

[] Zach Nicodemous: You cannot defeat ME!

[] Random Redshirt: That episode just aired here in the states 1 or 2 nights ago on Spike.

[] Random Redshirt: Always one of my favs

[] Random Redshirt: I especially like Nog's final line "He might have been a great man, and he might have been a legend, but in the end, he was a bad captain."

[] MrJuliano: yeah, its a fun ep

[] Random Redshirt: Well, I think I'm gonna put in for the night. Gotta get up early and do it all over again. As always, been a pleasure chatting with you all.

[] MrJuliano: i am, too, night guys

[] Random Redshirt: Here's hoping the flood gates don't break open while I am away!

[] Random Redshirt: Blizzard STO in 2010!

[] Flatfingers: (Just sneaking in for a second before hitting the sack. Hello, all! And good night! Cheesy Smile )

[] Crazyfist: Flatty Big Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: I Love Star Trek!

[] Crazyfist: yo zach

[] Crazyfist: whats up

[] Zach Nicodemous: its 720am, i havent been to bed, so im heading TO bed now

[] Zach Nicodemous: been up all night working on top secret stuff!

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: good night, zachyboy

[] Sarevok: hmm, Zach is working on secret stuff? *curious*

[] {UFP}Mackazz: Ello fleet

[] Crazyfist: always is, always is

[] Titan-Amaranth: halo evlrybody

[] Titan-Amaranth: *evrybody

[] Sheriffnl: Hiya everyone Cheesy Smile

[] Sheriffnl: i have created an award on the Ariesfleet site for people that are also a member of the HF boards!

[] Titan-Amaranth: whats new?

[] Titan-Amaranth: check it out

[] Titan-Amaranth: its my Manta class mobile shipyard

[] Titan-Amaranth: anny one even lisning at all?

[] Titan-Amaranth: no...

[] Crazyfist: Lol sherif

[] Crazyfist: Nice

[] Crazyfist: Nice ship titan

[] Crazyfist: Titan?

[] Crazyfist: Why dont u post it here Big Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: i just did...

[] knightofhyrule730: hey everyone

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey knight

[] knightofhyrule730: zach, maybe you would know. the Kobayashi Maru mod for bridge commander. does it change the single player at all?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I think you get alot of features in single player that you dont in multiplayer

[] Zach Nicodemous: there is a mini ds9 campaign

[] knightofhyrule730: hm, interesting. i guess ill have to try it out. the story is surprisingly good...the graphics just suck XD

[] Zach Nicodemous: i think the original campaign remains in tact - you just get better graphics

[] Zach Nicodemous: ill try in a little while an let you know

[] knightofhyrule730: i just need to find it :P the one i found on fileplanet was just MP/QB.....

[] * knightofhyrule730 beams out

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey titan

[] Crazyfist: guys

[] Crazyfist: guess what

[] Titan-Amaranth: what?

[] Crazyfist:

[] Crazyfist: you like?

[] Titan-Amaranth: me like mutch^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: anyone here

[] Crazyfist: mesa

[] Crazyfist: anyone here?

[] Sarevok: Hi Crazyfist

[] Titan-Amaranth: plz dont disturb him his studing

[] * Crazyfist is bored

[] Zach Nicodemous: Im bored too

[] Zach Nicodemous: Bridge Commander anyone?

[] Crazyfist: yes zach

[] Crazyfist: i will host

[] Crazyfist: hosting

[] Crazyfist: o nvm... got to study

[] Zach Nicodemous: oh, darn

[] Crazyfist: but theres gonna be a big UFP vs non UFP party on the weekend

[] Crazyfist: u shud join :P

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm err...otherwise...engaged at the something new to test eheh

[] Crazyfist: care to tell me what?

[] Crazyfist: guess not lol

[] Crazyfist: night pplzzzzzz

[] Titan-Amaranth: im back wutz up?

[] Crazyfist: chek the sto zone, galaxy class starsip

[] Crazyfist: night

[] Crazyfist: its Utopia Planitia, not Planetia isnt it?

[] Crazyfist: night

[] Titan-Amaranth: is anny one here?

[] Titan-Amaranth: hands up! who got math test this week?

[] Titan-Amaranth: 2.crazyfist

[] Zach Nicodemous: Guys - I just want to say, it is VERY important that we encourage new forum discussions and conversations over the next couple of weeks, so i'd like to ask each and every one of you to post as much as possible.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I know alot of it is repeating discussions from STOnet, but please, do it, do not hold back. I cannot get into "Why" i am asking this, but rest assured, i have reasons.

[] Titan-Amaranth: ok i have 6 ship designs whaiting whil that do fore a start?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *will

[] Zach Nicodemous: Indeed it will

[] Titan-Amaranth: shal i post all at once ofre one avry day?

[] Zach Nicodemous: One a day i think would work Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: I may have to design a couple myself.

[] Titan-Amaranth: i post you admin^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: so you like my shipyard?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its certainly a concept that i have never seen before.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I am thinking about designing a mobile starbase, like the one from ST: Invasion

[] Titan-Amaranth: no! that was my necxt progjekt!

[] Titan-Amaranth: but check out my new luna class

[] Kinneas: where did you go, Z?

[] Falin: hmm..did we change the format yet again? ;)

[] Kinneas: the forum?

[] Falin: yea, and the shoutbox

[] Kinneas: yes

[] Falin: hmm..font seems a lot smallr

[] Falin: can ya bump it bac up to a readable size so i don't have to squint and get close to the monitor ;)

[] Kinneas: Not my department. :(

[] Kinneas: That's be, Zach.

[] Kinneas: That'd.

[] Falin: well i think the shoutbox also needs to have the background just a tad different shade thena the outside area

[] Falin: well smack him for me ;)

[] Falin: wow, no ships of the line

[] Falin: BTW, the word "list" in Searchable list of all registered members. is not visible once it's a used link

[] knightofhyrule730: ooo nice forum upgade Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: Glad you like it

[] Zach Nicodemous: Anyone who dosent like the new deisng can switch back to the old one in "Profile > look and Layout"

[] Falin: ah much better zach, glad i can at least changeit backto a readable status

[] Bajoran Berrie: nice job on the new theme zach

[] lrdnova: hello all

[] Kinneas: ::runs by and waves: evening!

[] Kinneas: : afk : shopping, dinner, etc.

[] Bajoran Berrie: i ahte how easy it is to procrastinate on this site

[] Bajoran Berrie:  essay sure isnt doing its self

[] Bajoran Berrie: hate**

[] BLZBUB: an essay on...?

[] Bajoran Berrie: classical thermodynamics

[] Bajoran Berrie: its a wee bit boring

[] BLZBUB: I ...get...thermodynamics, as a layman. But classical?

[] Bajoran Berrie: it means that nothing has really changed in 150 yrs, it doesnt embrace quantum physics yet as it only studies the behaviour of macroscopic systems

[] BLZBUB: so pre-1900's then? Or there-abouts?

[] Bajoran Berrie: aye, teh basic laws of thermodynamics were all about 1860

[] BLZBUB: B.E. ... Before Einstein ! lol

[] Bajoran Berrie: indeed

[] Bajoran Berrie: lol

[] Bajoran Berrie: but now with teh advent of statistical mechanics its starting to come into the modern arena

[] Bajoran Berrie: but hey, i dont want to bore u lol

[] BLZBUB: Hmmm.... ....I'll have to look into this then Cheesy Smile

[] BLZBUB: looks ...CLASSICAL! lol

[] Bajoran Berrie: teh laws are fundamental to nature, they even hold in black holes and complex structures like Bose-Einstein condesates

[] BLZBUB: tht last one lost me  heh heh

[] Bajoran Berrie: the third law?

[] BLZBUB: Ooh! Texas U.  ...

[] BLZBUB:  the word "codesates" actually was which lost me. Have to google it now that my curiosity is peaked

[] Bajoran Berrie: all it basically states is that at absolute zero, the lowest poss temp (-273.15 degrees celcius) entropy is at a minimum

[] Bajoran Berrie: oh bose einstein stuff, yeh thats really interesting actually

[] BLZBUB: ah. nothing moves

[] BLZBUB: except basic particles I suppose

[] Bajoran Berrie: you can only make them in extreme cold temps, approx a 10 millionth of a kelvin, at my uni its one of teh few places in the world that can make them form

[] Bajoran Berrie: well even at that, we think all molecular movement stops, we're not even sure if electrons continue to orbit the nuclei

[] Bajoran Berrie: at absolute zero,

[] BLZBUB: if all movement stopped, would you not have a static, i.e. dead universe? Of course the universe is a little above abs. zero

[] Bajoran Berrie: no ones got there yet

[] Bajoran Berrie: yeh, i think that the universe is at about 3 kelvin, but the 2nd law of thermodynamics tells us that the end of teh universe will eb it turning into a dense hot 'soup'

[] Bajoran Berrie: entropy is seen as the arrow of time, so a hypothesis is at that point it would reverse and the universe would contract so all matter is in a point in space of volume zero, and this would make a singularity and cause the

[] Bajoran Berrie: ... big bang

[] BLZBUB: thus the cyclic theory of the universe ;)

[] Bajoran Berrie: and i wouldnt say the universe would be dead, but in perfect stasis

[] Bajoran Berrie: indeed

[] BLZBUB: well, I wish you luck with your essay, and know that I am sheering for you! Not any help at all...but cheering none-the-less

[] Bajoran Berrie: this is why i want to be an engineer in STO, so i can break teh laws i'v learned! lol

[] Bajoran Berrie: aye dont need much help to be distracted, u were a welcome distraction

[] BLZBUB: well, at least bend a few. That would be good

[] BLZBUB: HEY! Distraction is my middle name! lol

[] Bajoran Berrie: well it is certainly a strange middle name ...

[] Bajoran Berrie: anway, i better get to it , this has to be in 2moro and its 1 in the morn here

[] Bajoran Berrie: or i mean 2day in my timezone

[] BLZBUB: Lord! Get to it then

[] Bajoran Berrie: cheers, all the best mate

[] BLZBUB: laterz BB

[] Bajoran Berrie: no doubt chat to u soon on here

[] BLZBUB: doubt

[] Zach Nicodemous: my net is back up but i cant login to skype :(

[] lrdnova: weird

[] lrdnova: Zach take a look at the STO Leveling Thread I made and tell me what you think

[] lrdnova: Try restarting Skype or even your computer to see if that makes a difference

[] Zach Nicodemous: already done

[] lrdnova: hmm

[] lrdnova: Zach on the rotating banner images, it looks like the hidden frontier is a broken link

[] lrdnova:

[] lrdnova: whoops

[] lrdnova:

[] lrdnova: there you go

[] lrdnova: lonely so lonely

[] Random Redshirt: Hey

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(

[] lrdnova: Redshirt! Zach!

[] lrdnova: Yay!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: just bought a brand new bed today!

[] Random Redshirt: Damn you Nova. Why don't you answer my emails? I need SOMETHING to do at work!

[] Zach Nicodemous: IF you bought a new bed why are you here instead of "testing" it all night

[] Random Redshirt: I mean, why come to work, if all I'm gonna do is work, right?

[] Zach Nicodemous: yeehh

[] Random Redshirt: Cheesy Smile

[] lrdnova: sorry wasnt at work today Reshirt!

[] Random Redshirt: :shakes fist angrily: KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!

[] lrdnova: TBH I can "sleep" anytime, this is much more exciting!@

[] lrdnova: lol

[] BLZBUB: When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.

[] Random Redshirt: No excitement here. We are all calm, yes very calm. Nothing to see. Move along now.

[] lrdnova: lol

[] BLZBUB:  Tennessee Williams... ;)

[] lrdnova: is that a country singer?

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] Zach Nicodemous: Aye it is

[] lrdnova: Zach do they have Country music in Britain?

[] Zach Nicodemous: nope

[] Zach Nicodemous: I listen to Garth though

[] lrdnova: lucky you

[] lrdnova: ew

[] BLZBUB: And lonely as it is, that loneliness, Will be more lonely ere it will be less— ... Robert Frost  =)

[] Random Redshirt: "Oh, we have both kinds! Country, and Western!"

[] Random Redshirt: If someone can name the movie that line is quoted from, you get a gold star.

[] * BLZBUB pastes a pink star on Random Redshirts back

[] Random Redshirt: Get it off! Get it off!

[] Random Redshirt: Is no one here a fan of "The Blues Brothers?

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hello Everyone

[] Random Redshirt: hey AoS

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi RR

[] lrdnova: Starfleet

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi nova

[] lrdnova: hello

[] Random Redshirt: Oy Oy Oy the Gang's all 'ere

[] Random Redshirt: Well, maybe not quite, but quite a few

[] lrdnova: Starfleet you watching First Contact on Sci Fi channel

[] Admiral of Starfleet: no

[] Admiral of Starfleet: but I will

[] lrdnova: its almost over

[] Zach Nicodemous: anyone know a way to enable a network adaptor in command line?

[] Zach Nicodemous: or in the registry

[] MrJuliano: stupid internet keeps dying on me

[] Zach Nicodemous: mine too

[] Zach Nicodemous: welcome to the party

[] MrJuliano: ty

[] Zach Nicodemous: i cant get skype to login

[] MrJuliano: i did for a second earlier, then my net died

[] MrJuliano: so i gave up

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: least i can keep an eye on my mail

[] Zach Nicodemous: ill get u up to speed 2mrw when our net is stable k?

[] lrdnova: I know of ipconfig /release

[] lrdnova: then ipconfig /renew

[] lrdnova: at should release your ip address from the router then reinitialize it capture a new address

[] lrdnova: you want to be in the command line of course

[] Zach Nicodemous: i need to enable the adaptor before i can use release/renew etc

[] lrdnova: ah

[] lrdnova: you cant do it from the device manager?

[] Zach Nicodemous: assume i dont have access lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: tricky eh?

[] lrdnova: wow

[] lrdnova: ok

[] MrJuliano: i would use magic

[] MrJuliano: i saw this documentary about a magic school over in britain named hogdorks, or something, and theres an old guy who is the head of it who knows magic

[] MrJuliano: try calling him

[] Kinneas: ::Strolls in for a coffee ::: problems?

[] MrJuliano: ::Scribbling away::

[] Kinneas: Evenin'.

[] MrJuliano: howdy

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey

[] Kinneas: hey

[] MrJuliano: hey hey hey!

[] Random Redshirt: hola

[] Zach Nicodemous: howdy

[] Random Redshirt: como esta?

[] lrdnova: como? nah I like brushes for my hair

[] Random Redshirt: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: *sighs*

[] K'Suan'Indra: Good evening, gentlemen...::walking in::

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey ksuan

[] K'Suan'Indra: Anything of interest I need to know of?

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::takes a sip of tea::

[] Zach Nicodemous: No

[] Random Redshirt: News Flash!!! - I'm sick of work!

[] Zach Nicodemous: News Flash. I cant get on skype :(

[] K'Suan'Indra: Did you break it? ::innocent blink::

[] Zach Nicodemous: Nope, it just wont log on, i have had net problems all evening :(

[] K'Suan'Indra: Did you break it? ::another blink::

[] * Zach Nicodemous s cowls at ksuan

[] Zach Nicodemous: Tell tony i'll be awake early tomorrow. 7am your time.

[] K'Suan'Indra: I will. Are you going to bed, then?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Shortly

[] K'Suan'Indra: Give your technology a hug. Tell it how much you appreciate it and need it.

[] MrJuliano: ill try and have the rough draft done tonight, zach

[] K'Suan'Indra: And how did it go the other night, MrJuliano?

[] MrJuliano: ugh

[] MrJuliano: it's a whole saga

[] K'Suan'Indra: That means another act is coming up?

[] MrJuliano: oh, im sure

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: Mayhaps some subterfuge? Tell her you prefer the male part of the species?

[] MrJuliano: she wouldn 't fall for that

[] * K'Suan'Indra steps away for a moment to make frosting

[] Zach Nicodemous: We have a vulcan that makes frosting?!

[] MrJuliano: she's a damn multi-taker

[] MrJuliano: tasker

[] K'Suan'Indra: I am making the frosting for my birthday cake, if that is alright with you all? ::arching a brow::

[] MrJuliano: don't point that thing at me

[] K'Suan'Indra: Shall I phase you instead?

[] MrJuliano: don't phase me...sis!

[] * K'Suan'Indra laughs softly

[] MrJuliano: i made the Vulcan laugh! Soemone grab a holo-camera!

[] * Zach Nicodemous passes a holocam to juliano

[] * K'Suan'Indra stares blankly at them both

[] K'Suan'Indra: The moment is gone.

[] MrJuliano: damnit. um...quick, someone say something hilarious!

[] K'Suan'Indra: I would rather discuss your female issues. That I find more interesting.

[] MrJuliano: i don't have any issues. thankfully the girl I'm dating has her head on straight

[] MrJuliano: although, my ex sent her a test message today asking for help planning a surprise b-day party

[] MrJuliano: that became quite interesting

[] K'Suan'Indra: For whom? You?

[] MrJuliano: no, no one of our friends

[] K'Suan'Indra: Sounds like a bad situation comedy.

[] * K'Suan'Indra steps back out again to the frosting

[] MrJuliano: i know

[] Zach Nicodemous: Not long now eh K'suan...

[] * Zach Nicodemous is bored

[] * MrJuliano is getting hand cramps

[] MrJuliano: if you can get on Skype I can send you what I have so far

[] Zach Nicodemous: I cant login still

[] Zach Nicodemous: at the moment i cant leave this page otherwise i get a 404

[] Zach Nicodemous: This shoutbox is the only form of communication with the outside world i have r ight nw

[] MrJuliano: yeesh

[] Zach Nicodemous: Can you e-mail what you have so far to  plz - ill read it in a few hours once my net is fixed

[] MrJuliano: k

[] MrJuliano: just keep in mind its a very rough draft

[] K'Suan'Indra: It is not so bad. You still have your fingers, Captain.

[] Zach Nicodemous: sorry -   not

[] MrJuliano: sent

[] Zach Nicodemous: tyty

[] K'Suan'Indra: ~I'm not in don't forget's just a silly phase...I'm going through...~

[] MrJuliano: Hey, baby, there ain't no easy way out

[] Zach Nicodemous: ?!

[] MrJuliano: Hey, I won't back down, and I'll stand my ground

[] K'Suan'Indra: No. wrong song.

[] MrJuliano: no, that's what I"M singing

[] K'Suan'Indra: Ahh...

[] K'Suan'Indra: ~ I keep your picture upon the hides a nastly stain..that's hiding there...~

[] K'Suan'Indra: *nasty

[] MrJuliano: i prefer nastly

[] K'Suan'Indra: ~'ll wait a long time for'll wait a long time...~

[] * K'Suan'Indra does have a soft spot for late 20th century pop music

[] MrJuliano: it has it's moments

[] K'Suan'Indra: Not many, but yes, it does have a few moments

[] MrJuliano: that's what she said

[] K'Suan'Indra: ~ now I've told you, so you ought to takes some time for the feeling to're so close now, I can't let you go...~

[] K'Suan'Indra: If you know this song, I shall be impressed.

[] K'Suan'Indra: ~ with you I'm a child...~

[] MrJuliano: i dont think i do

[] K'Suan'Indra: ~ for you are magnet and I am steel....~

[] K'Suan'Indra: I am done simging now. ::the Vulcan stoicism back in place::

[] MrJuliano: hehe

[] K'Suan'Indra: *singing

[] MrJuliano: Honey, I know, I know, I know, times are changing! It's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too

[] K'Suan'Indra: I am not familiar with that one.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ksuan - Can you tell Kinn that i need to speak to Kathy ASAP.

[] MrJuliano: I only want to see you bathing in the Purple Rain!

[] MrJuliano: Purple Rain, Purple Rain!

[] K'Suan'Indra: Zach, he wishes to know what you need.

[] K'Suan'Indra: And would the Purple Rain not dye someone purple?

[] MrJuliano: you'd think

[] K'Suan'Indra: You bathe in it first, then let me know what happens, yes?

[] MrJuliano: I'll get to work on it.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm becoming slightly distressed regarding the value of the  dollar. I may need to be paid in pounds sterling rather than dollars.

[] MrJuliano: you're distressed?! imagine how we feel!

[] MrJuliano: i want to be paid in lira from now on

[] Zach Nicodemous: The devaluation of the dollar in the last week alone results in me getting 45 less for the website work im doing...

[] K'Suan'Indra: I will tell him...his father will be her for another hour and so...

[] K'Suan'Indra: *here

[] Zach Nicodemous: According to the projections im reading the dollar will loose another 3 cents in value in the next week.

[] MrJuliano: I wouldn't doubt it. our economy sucks poop right now

[] Zach Nicodemous: The amount i get in pounds sterling for the website has decreased from 171 to 148 in the last two weeks.

[] Zach Nicodemous: For me, that represents a week and a half of food, or heating, or electricity.

[] MrJuliano: eek

[] Zach Nicodemous: You can say that again. Im sitting here shitting myself lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(

[] K'Suan'Indra: I understand....far more than you know.

[] MrJuliano: Yeah, i have a bunch of friends who have graduated lately and can't find jobs anywhere

[] MrJuliano: it's scary

[] K'Suan'Indra: There are jobs, just undesireable.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I cant believe i acutally want to move to the US lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: Why?

[] MrJuliano: no you don't

[] MrJuliano: not until Clinton is elected and has a year or two to fix stuff

[] Zach Nicodemous: Clinton? no way. Obama!

[] MrJuliano: I prefer Obama, but he won't win the nomination

[] Zach Nicodemous: I thought he was doing well

[] MrJuliano: it's down to the superdelegates now, and they'll take her, me thinks

[] K'Suan'Indra: It matters not. They are all cut from the same cloth.

[] MrJuliano: i agree, but she and her husband can fix the economy

[] K'Suan'Indra: ot to mention the other aspects of government

[] MrJuliano: that's all i care about right now

[] MrJuliano: they'll end the war, which is why our economy is so bad right now, and we'll be ok again

[] Zach Nicodemous: OMG - the Canadian dollar is actually worth more than the USD atm...

[] K'Suan'Indra: The lobbyists have a stranglehold. It is all special interests and who has the most $ to get their way pushed through

[] MrJuliano: well, yeah, of course

[] Falin: if any one of the three get's elected, expect a crashed US Dollar and major depressions

[] MrJuliano: but as long as the war ends, we'll be all right

[] MrJuliano: that's why we're so screwed right now

[] Falin: no, we're screwed because congress refuses to fund the military properly so it can fight more than 1 front on terror

[] K'Suan'Indra: I am sorry, I am quite cynical when it comes to government. And it is not the war.

[] MrJuliano: no, no that's not the problem at all

[] K'Suan'Indra: The war had nothing to do with the sub=prime loan fiasco.

[] Falin: we pull out of Iraq and the terrorists win, we might as well open the borders (oh wait they already are) and just let them come in and blow more cities up

[] MrJuliano: the problem is we have a hugely bloated budget, and on top of that we have almost 140 billion in war costs each year

[] MrJuliano: but if pulled out of iraq

[] MrJuliano: we would have the money to close the borders

[] Falin: people have to realize that econimies take 6-8 years to manifest, thus what we're really seaing is the policies put into place over 8 years ago

[] MrJuliano: no, no that's not correct either

[] Falin: very correct

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #8 on: 04 February 2009 10:37 AM »
[] MrJuliano: no, it isn't, the economy is a direct reflection of the spending from one year ago

[] K'Suan'Indra: We are competing against China and India for jobs and resources. That one cannot be denied.

[] MrJuliano: that's why it happens in cycles

[] MrJuliano: thats very true

[] MrJuliano: the problem is we're becoming a global economy without becoming globaly active, and it's hurting us

[] Falin: the problem of outsourcing jobs started in the clinton administration, as a way to defuse the deficit, now ewe see the flaws and problems from it

[] MrJuliano: we have to think on a larger scale, beyond the way in which we've ever thought before

[] MrJuliano: how would outsourcing defuse the deficit?

[] MrJuliano: if a company choose to outsource that has no effect on governement spending

[] Falin: Clinton worked to reduced forgein tarriffs for our goods, the exchange was less restrictions fo our companies to set upo shop there, reduced tarriffs and cheap labor, meant more corporate taxers to reduce deficit

[] MrJuliano: well, i suppose you could say that, but the amount of money made by that would have been minimal

[] Falin: basicly he reduced the deficit by screwing the people over

[] MrJuliano: clinton's deisection of welfare was what saved us the money to help pay off the deficit

[] MrJuliano: i mean, you're talking about literally almost 155 billion dollars a year, that would be an incredible amount of corporate taxation

[] MrJuliano: that's like 12% of the GNP

[] Falin: clinton worked hard to make forgien nations happy at he expense of the US people and the future economy. i'd go so far as to say he was a traitor to the US.

[] MrJuliano: well, im definitely no clinton fan as far as his welfare practices, but being a traitor is a very serious charge

[] K'Suan'Indra: Companies did not have to outsource if they didn't want to. The bottom line is that companies are out to make money, period.

[] MrJuliano: i guess im partial because i was in the Marines while he was president

[] Falin: he forced a 60% military reduction in a 2 year time frame, then cut funding for training, screwed us when we needed th military the most

[] K'Suan'Indra: art of making money is to save your outgoing.

[] K'Suan'Indra: hat is your biggest controllable expense? Payroll.

[] MrJuliano: well, the join cheifs asked for those cutes, though

[] Falin: no they didn't

[] Zach Nicodemous: whoops

[] MrJuliano: yes they did, i remember how excited I was to be NBC and not have to serve on a submarine

[] Falin: they adimatly opoosed it stating that they could not fight a 2 front war if he did i

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] Falin: I was in the AF when he did the cuts, and the upper officers were irrate with him, but could not say it publically

[] MrJuliano: well, a large part of it was cvutting out un-needed jobs and instead giving them to companies like Haliburton and Wackenhunt

[] MrJuliano: i remember lots of our guys being really excited about it

[] K'Suan'Indra: We are capitalists, not communists or socialists or whatever. The bottom line is the bottom line and the crafty ones have the most to show for it.

[] Falin: yea K, bussiness is out to make sure they stay in the black

[] MrJuliano: well, if we ran the country more like a global business, we would prevent a lot of the issues we're having

[] MrJuliano: and we're bleeding money in an un-needed war, which is costly and completely silly

[] Falin: oh? so you'd rather we did nothing and let them come to the US or Briton and bomb us?

[] K'Suan'Indra: Not to defense contractors and developers.

[] MrJuliano: no, i'd rather we spent money on homeland security, not spreading our military out across the world in Iraq who has never trained a single terrorist ever

[] Falin: at least by focusing in Iraq, we have given a bad situation a front line

[] MrJuliano: we need to be in afghanistan, pakistan, the places where terrorists actually operate

[] Falin: and that's what Iraq is, the front line, where we control the war, and not them

[] MrJuliano: lol, you honestly think anyone who wants to committ terrorist attacks against us is going to go out of their way to attack our military??

[] MrJuliano: no, they're going to attack us here

[] MrJuliano: you don't run to the guy holding the gun and say, hey im gonna get you!, you hit them in the back

[] Falin: history has shown, if we're in a middle east country, they will focus their attention there

[] MrJuliano: which is why we need our national guard HERE, not overseas

[] MrJuliano: if history is any indication, no Western nation has ever beaten a middle east country in any armed conflict

[] K'Suan'Indra: They don't need to attack us anywhere, home or abroad. i think we are doing a fabulous job of cannibalizing ourselves right now.

[] MrJuliano: we ALWAYS lose

[] Falin: well that bings us back to clinton's royal scrwing of the Military

[] MrJuliano: even Russia lost

[] MrJuliano: no it doesn't, you just don't like him for some reason

[] Falin: if cliton hdn't scrwwed the military, the the national guard would still be here

[] MrJuliano: he hasn't been president in almost 8 years, lets worry about today

[] MrJuliano: no, the national guard is overseas because Bush sent them there

[] MrJuliano: and, yes, k'suan, you're right

[] K'Suan'Indra: <q> tomorrow is my birthday.

[] Falin: today?n hmm.. ok, we have Hillary, the communist, Obama, the anti-miliartilist, and mcacain, the free borders guy

[] MrJuliano: this conversation is a perfect indicator of that

[] MrJuliano: ok, so when Bush was in office, we HAD to support him because he was the president, but if someone else is in there, we shouldn't because they are...wrong somehow?

[] Falin: geee, and you think ourt country's going to hell now? wait till one of them is elected

[] MrJuliano: it's just a cycle, bro, we went through an overly conservative period, now it's a more liberal period, it happens all the time

[] Falin: and yes K, I agree, in a perfect world, we wouldn't have to fight to protect people, our or others

[] MrJuliano: it'll swing back again

[] * Zach Nicodemous wonders what on earth he started

[] MrJuliano: happy bday k'suan!

[] Falin: and happy b day ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Happy Birthday Big Cheesy Smile

[] * K'Suan'Indra smiles

[] MrJuliano: i dunno, im a political science major, so i guess i see things a bit differently

[] K'Suan'Indra: I shall eat cake.

[] Falin: anyways, it's obvious some people just don't get things and are ready to accept anything the media throws that them, so i'll shut up now

[] MrJuliano: oh, and i might be getting  a third degree in logic, how scary is that? i'd be an official logician!

[] K'Suan'Indra: What is your first?

[] MrJuliano: theatre

[] MrJuliano: well, i don't watch tv or read newspapers very often, except the london times every once in a while

[] Zach Nicodemous: everyone is more qualified then me at everything :(

[] Falin: Hmm...zach, we need some topic thread to discuss, i can't think of anything that was being discussed on STO that needes reviving

[] MrJuliano: so if the media is affecting me, it must be by telepathy

[] MrJuliano: don't feel bad zach, ive been in college almost 7 years now

[] MrJuliano: im pretty sick of it

[] MrJuliano: and now my dad is bothering me to go to law school

[] MrJuliano: ugh

[] K'Suan'Indra: A logical theatrical polical science person? I would suggest inferiority issues, but I know better.

[] MrJuliano: well, i want to be a prosecutor, so i might actually get a certificate in law enforcement too

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] Falin: actually he's perfectly set up to be a polotician, they're all actors who use black and white locic to state things ;)

[] MrJuliano: <---- is kinda insane

[] K'Suan'Indra: Kind of?

[] MrJuliano: oh, i have no need to go into politics, my major is officially Political Science with a Pre-Law Emphasis

[] * K'Suan'Indra laughs long and loud

[] MrJuliano: it's how you get into law school in South Carolina

[] MrJuliano: can you imagine me being a prosecutor? lol thats funny

[] Falin: it's how you get into law school in most states, except california, where you just pull it out of a cracker jack box

[] MrJuliano: but it would be fun

[] MrJuliano: how true

[] MrJuliano: i wish i was still in the military, actually

[] MrJuliano: i'd have gone JAG

[] MrJuliano: You can't handle the truth!

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(:(

[] Zach Nicodemous: Crying Gorn

[] K'Suan'Indra: And you are how old?

[] Falin: lol, if i was still in the AF, i'd have been an e-8 by now

[] MrJuliano: sigh...almost 30

[] Falin: and almost ready to retire

[] MrJuliano: my uncle wants me to become an officer

[] K'Suan'Indra: Almost? Be more specific.

[] Falin: actually, <shudders> this would have been my 20th year

[] Zach Nicodemous: i wish i had an uncle that gave a frackwhat i did

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: well, he doesn't work for the government, so he has a particular interest

[] Falin: Zack, Alter ego can be your uncle, he cares a lot about you ;)

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] K'Suan'Indra: He does show some interest...

[] Zach Nicodemous: Crying Gorn

[] MrJuliano: i think he likes you, Zach

[] MrJuliano: maybe he should hug Zach in the special....

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] Falin: maybe zach should be a special guest of the show some time

[] K'Suan'Indra: He likes you more, MrJuliano.

[] MrJuliano: oh, he's in love with me, are you kidding?!

[] Falin: he just likes torturing mrjuliano

[] MrJuliano: he wants me....but then who doesn't, right k'suan?

[] MrJuliano: Cheesy Smile

[] Falin: Alter Ego into bonage?

[] Falin: *bondage

[] MrJuliano: he seems to tie me up a lot

[] MrJuliano: he seems a bit fruity, maybe he was in the Navy

[] * MrJuliano snickers

[] K'Suan'Indra: True. Your ex cetainly does.

[] * Falin imagines AE in a peacoat

[] * Zach Nicodemous is feeling sorry for himself

[] * MrJuliano shudders

[] MrJuliano: lol, at some point we have to show AE wearing a Dixie Cup

[] MrJuliano: ol

[] Falin: lol

[] Falin: bell bottoms too

[] K'Suan'Indra: Beg pardon?

[] MrJuliano: absolutely

[] Falin: what's wrong zach?

[] MrJuliano: the hats the Navy used wear were called dixie cups, the little white ones

[] MrJuliano: i gotta pee pee, brb

[] K'Suan'Indra: Oh.

[] Falin: what's the bib called? he's gotta have that too

[] * K'Suan'Indra had an entirely different image

[] Falin: lol

[] * K'Suan'Indra shrugs

[] Falin: jumnper flap, that;s what it's called

[] Falin: *jumper

[] MrJuliano: ok, folks, im off to bed

[] MrJuliano: my brain is fried

[] Falin: niters

[] K'Suan'Indra: Good night...I am off as well.

[] Falin: hmm...realy haven't bene on in 3 days due to work, and somehow garnered 3 more applauds

[] Zach Nicodemous: :(

[] Falin: hate to leave poor zach here by himself

[] Zach Nicodemous: Dont worry about it lol

[] Falin: SGW takes on TRON: click image for full effect

[] Zach Nicodemous: SGW?

[] Falin: stargate worlds

[] Zach Nicodemous: aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[] Zach Nicodemous: i still cant visit any websites atm. my internet is busted

[] Falin: ouch, how you visiting your own site then?

[] Zach Nicodemous: i dont know. I cant change pages lol. If i click any links i get a 404. not sure how the shoutbox is working for me lol

[] Falin: hmm...tried resetting the computer, modem and routers?

[] Zach Nicodemous: yes lol.

[] Falin: and still only the shoutbox works for you? weird

[] Zach Nicodemous: indeed it is

[] Falin: apparently just the port for the shoutbox is open for you

[] Falin: but dunno how port 80 wold have gotten closed

[] Zach Nicodemous: its an ajax shoutbox. it runs on port 80, same as the rest of the net

[] Falin: hmm..that makes it even weirder

[] Falin: if you can't get a page up elsewheres, you shouldn't be able to get the shoutbox to work

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Falin: well as much as i'd love to dissect that conundrum, it's midnight here and i'm beat. nite all

[] Zach Nicodemous: You're complainin about midnight? its 6am here

[] Titan-Amaranth: its 07.00 in the morning here^^ im about to go to school

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: i could go insane

[] Titan-Amaranth: hey were do you live?

[] Titan-Amaranth: y?

[] Titan-Amaranth: hey! i posted a new ship yesterday^^ did you see it?

[] Zach Nicodemous: im in the UK

[] Zach Nicodemous: im guessing your in the netherlands or somewhere close?

[] Titan-Amaranth: norway

[] Titan-Amaranth: oxford?

[] Zach Nicodemous: nooo lol, essex

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah

[] Titan-Amaranth: im going to oxford i 1 week

[] Titan-Amaranth: hoping to meet someone from the forum then

[] Zach Nicodemous: this forum?

[] Titan-Amaranth: but did you my new ship?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ya

[] Crazyfist: new tamplate!

[] Zach Nicodemous: ?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ?

[] Titan-Amaranth: im the only one online. aww

[] Starbear: Nice I like the new look, the place is realy starting to look great

[] Titan-Amaranth: i agre

[] Sheriffnl: looks nice, takes getting used to, i tought my browser failed loading this site  :P

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol

[] Sheriffnl: hmm, zach still online?

[] Sheriffnl: or has he finaly gone to bed Cheesy Smile

[] Kinneas: He's out for the night I believe.

[] Kinneas: Starbear: TY!

[] Kinneas: Something in progress for those early morning folks who liked the idea of some merchandise:

[] Kinneas: ::Streteches and goes to get a coffee :::

[] Sarevok: wow, new colours Cheesy Smile

[] Sarevok: new layout, too Cheesy Smile

[] lrdnova: Good morning and TGIF everyone!

[] Sarevok: Hi lrdnova Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: Mornin all.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm still havin technical difficulty with my net here Kinn, should be sorted soon though

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ksuan - Suit followed -

[] Lewis Little: Hello all. How is life with the Federation today?

[] Zach Nicodemous: very well tyvm

[] lrdnova: not bad, got a burning sensation that the doctor gave some cream for but I think that bolian messed with my toilet paper just before I bought it from him.

[] Zach Nicodemous: lmao

[] lrdnova: I'm sorry was that to much information?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Perhaps

[] lrdnova: dang, i really got to remember that when people as how you are doing, that they really mean, I dont care

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Indeed

[] Lewis Little: Brodcasting from the UFP Devil Fish... Star Trek Gaimg News, the forebears for the all new automatic download to your LCARS V5.0 compatible mobile communications device.

[] lrdnova: huh

[] Lewis Little: I took the RSS Info from the podcast and set auto downloads and updates on my mobile communicator. Jeez. Irdnova, it IS the 24th century. Keep up. ;-) (No offense)

[] Zach Nicodemous: You're downloading ALL the podcasts?

[] lrdnova: yes well, when you are an Admiral, you dont really have time to be concerned with such things.

[] lrdnova: thats what Ensigns are for

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol

[] Lewis Little: I am, yes.

[] Lewis Little: Best line... Captain, permission to enter the Bridge... Granted... I have my segment ready to go, but nowhere to broadcast from.

[] Zach Nicodemous: If you think thats our best line you are in for suprises later on

[] Lewis Little: They are still downloading and this Alterego seems inebriated LOL

[] Lewis Little: I am working through them in the wrong order lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yes, you are.

[] Lewis Little: I have always been backward ever since I left Red Squad and joined Starfleet Academy LOL. I guess that makes me Ocampen?

[] Zach Nicodemous: No, it m akes you an Alter Ego Sympathizer!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Kill!

[] * Lewis Little quickly transports off the UFP Devil Fish to a cloaked ship holding Alterego

[] * Falin warps in in his Thoilan Dreadnaught, shoots a webacaster at Lewis's ship and holds him in place

[] Falin: please return alter ego for trial

[] Lewis Little: =/\=Alter1 to UFP Devil Fish. No can do. Preapare to be destroyed! Mwhahaha!=/\=

[] Falin: please be advised, you are facing a far supirori Thloian ship, if you do not release alter Ego to the devilfish, you will be destroyed

[] Lewis Little: Devil Fish, perhaps you neglected to notice the fact that the Alter1 is UNSCANNABLE!

[] Falin: Lewis, apparently you failed to notice the Tholian web tht has been thrown around you making youy very visible

[] Lewis Little: *Scans ship and does indeed see the web. He executes a manouvere from TNG and is cloaked again and changes location quickly*

[] Falin: sorry that fails, as you know Tholian webs hold you in place

[] Falin: please return Alter Ego to the devilfish before we fire upon you

[] * Falin Thlian ship fires warning shot across Lewis's bow

[] Lewis Little: This damn web follows me? *Fires phasers*

[] * Falin fires all wepons, the Alter1 blows up in a beuatiful array of colors

[] Lewis Little: *Ship rocks* You really don't want to make me mad! *Locks phasers to Devil Fish's engines*

[] Lewis Little: lol

[] * Falin starts shootingb the escape pods

[] Lewis Little: *One pod is still cloaked and not affected by Tholian web*

[] Falin: THloian  Ship Lokesor to Devilfish, alter ego's ecape contained, he will not threaten you again

[] * Falin Warps the Tholian Heavy Dreadnaught out

[] Lewis Little: *Another Alterego appears on the Bridge of the Devil Fish*

[] Zach Nicodemous: if you blow up the devilfish that means no more podcasts..........

[] Zach Nicodemous: could you live w ith that?

[] Falin: hence the rteason you have Tholian, Klingoin and other races ships willing to come to the devilfish's defense ;)

[] Lewis Little: *Alterego 2 takes Zach in arms to a broadcast station.* You will broadcast immeadiatley to the Federation and tell them you are standing down aand placing me in command! (;-) )

[] Falin: apparently he doesn't understand how Klingons and Tholians react to terrorists ;)

[] Lewis Little: (No he don't but you have to reiterate that I guess)

[] Falin:  Shuttle

[] Falin: le's just say, hostages usually don't get resuced

[] Lewis Little: *Alterego 2 shoves a phase pistol in Zach's back*

[] Falin: *rescued

[] Falin: anywhoo, zach anything new around here?

[] Lewis Little: Anyway, good RP as short as it was you guys

[] Zach Nicodemous: Nothing new yet. Although, i thought my latest post in "Onboard the Devilfish" was quite interesting Cheesy Smile

[] Falin: yea, wonder what will happen when they find out you can't pay ;)

[] Lewis Little: Indeed that was a good log, Zach

[] Zach Nicodemous: Everyones donations in the treasury will help for sure :p

[] Lewis Little: I am in the proccess of getting Pay Pal so I will donate what I ca to you guys

[] Zach Nicodemous: Those secret anonymous transmissons are bugging me though hehe

[] Falin: lol

[] Sarevok: well, they're not mine, Zach

[] Lewis Little: It's not much but it's all I had left to transfer, Zach.

[] lrdnova: Lewis Little, Thank you for you interest in Lotus Fleet, however I am going to have to deny your application to join on the basis that your application was not complete.

[] lrdnova: you may reapply but please answer all questions on the application

[] Lewis Little: I assumed it was like other RPs i'm on in the way I could fill parts in after approval, Irdnova

[] lrdnova: No that is a initial filter for our approval process

[] Lewis Little: I see, I will reapply for you

[] lrdnova: Thank you

[] lrdnova: sorry for the confusion

[] Lewis Little: No problem

[] Lewis Little: My bad

[] Lewis Little: And Zach, sorry the donation was so low

[] Falin: you know i hate fridays

[] Lewis Little: lol my eyesight must be bad, I can't see the join link now, Irdnova

[] Lewis Little: Oh lol I got it now

[] Zach Nicodemous: tyvm lewis little. all donations are appreciated and welcomed

[] Lewis Little: Aye, Zach... Irdnova, application resubmitted.

[] lrdnova: Lewis your application to Lotus Fleet has been accepted and your access level is now set to Members.

[] Lewis Little: Thank you, Admiral Nova

[] Zach Nicodemous: yey lotus fleet has a new member

[] Zach Nicodemous: prepare to be elminated in bridge commander :p

[] Falin: ROFL

[] lrdnova: Very exciting, and it was all because of HF great advertising! thanks HF

[] Zach Nicodemous: Muahahahaha

[] Lewis Little: Yes, the thing I find most annoying is I can't find a free Windows/Linux EMU :-( but hopefully soon I will get Windows from a friend.

[] Zach Nicodemous: WINE

[] Falin: bloodwine?

[] Lewis Little: Wine is £99 on Click-N-Run

[] Zach Nicodemous: WINE emulates windows nicely on linux

[] Zach Nicodemous: Oh, it used to be free a couple of years back

[] Lewis Little: I know but when I have Win XP Home, I will get it for definate. As there are a lot of mods I want

[] Zach Nicodemous: I think some builds of linux include it f or free still, maybe Xandros....and i think Fedora Core

[] lrdnova: you can download VMWare Player for free

[] Falin: get xp pro, home is garbage, can't play many games with it

[] Lewis Little: I have Linspire Linux and the VMWare Player will not install

[] lrdnova: ah

[] Zach Nicodemous: typical

[] Lewis Little: I only got it coz it was free and did not realize at the time that Win EXE files wont run directly on it

[] * Zach Nicodemous wonders if he should switch the forum treasury to Pounds Only

[] Lewis Little: That and Paypal for Int. donaters

[] Falin: oh sure and really cnfuse me ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: The US Federal Reserve needs to cut interest whole percent or something.

[] * Lewis Little =/\=Laughs out loud.=/\=

[] Zach Nicodemous: Freakin dollar lost another 2.2 pence in value last night. i only slept for 6 hours!!!!

[] Falin: again? they just did, and all it does is screw things upmore

[] Lewis Little: What? No! I have stocks in CNN!

[] Lewis Little: Damn i'm down over £250 :-(

[] lrdnova: hmm that reminds me i need to see how much ive lost this week lol

[] Falin: dang, just emptied the pocket on my backpack that i dump loose chnge into before i hit airport security, hadn't cleaned t out in awhile, had like $10 worth of change in there

[] Lewis Little: Irdnova, did my charector get accpted for XO or did I not do that part?

[] lrdnova: let me see

[] Lewis Little: ok

[] Zach Nicodemous: be back in 30mins

[] Lewis Little: Understood

[] lrdnova: goto this thread to apply for the XO position Starfleet: Starbase 74 | Orbit - Earth,then click on the Recruitment Thread is this aboard the Lotus?

[] Lewis Little: Aye, on the Lotus

[] lrdnova: ugh! im down 8.2 percent

[] lrdnova: alright

[] Falin: blame the chinese market

[] * Lewis Little cannot find that thread

[] lrdnova: yeah!, who told them they could be a world economic power!

[] lrdnova: scroll down in the forums

[] Falin: not me, but tey seem to crash the other markets fairly often

[] Lewis Little: I can't even find it in search... hmm

[] Lewis Little: It shows up by searching application however

[] lrdnova: did you find it

[] Lewis Little: Aye, under search for application but not starbase 74 for some reason

[] lrdnova: Ok under the forums. Scroll down till you see the Starbase 74 Category, under that click on the thread that says recruitment

[] Lewis Little: I am in personel files atm

[] lrdnova: alright well when you get the chance go back out to the main Forum screen

[] Lewis Little: I shall the app is nealy complete

[] Lewis Little:

[] Lewis Little: I mean

[] MrJuliano: hey all

[] lrdnova: Please be aware that your Current Fleet Rank is ensign. Should you apply for the XO position on the Lotus, Your Roleplaying Rank will be Commander, while you Fleet Rank will remain Ensign

[] Lewis Little: Aye, Irdnova I applied for the Lotus. Hello Mr Juliano

[] Lewis Little: Her image file took me 2 hours to get the layout right LOL

[] lrdnova: Ensign Little, I went ahead and posted the information that you placed in the Personel file into your application for Recruitment. You have just arrived at Starbase 74 however the USS Lotus has already departed

[] knightofhyrule730: At least his replicators will work @_@

[] Lewis Little: What no! ::Thinks about finding a free shuttle craft::

[] lrdnova: apparently your previous ship was delayed. you will be taking a runabout to catch up with the lotus which has stopped on its way to Starbase 10 to do some minor repairs

[] Lewis Little: Ok.

[] Lewis Little: brb gotta reboot

[] Lewis Little: back guys

[] Crazyfist: Hey ppl

[] Lewis Little: Hi Crazyfist

[] Crazyfist: Why r some ppl green

[] Crazyfist: odd

[] Crazyfist: yo lewie

[] Lewis Little: It's for the clan guilds

[] Crazyfist: oh

[] Zach Nicodemous: people in green have donated

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Lewis Little: Not much but as Tesco says "Every little helps!"

[] Lewis Little: Irdnova, do I reply to the transmission where it is or in another sub forum?

[] lrdnova: No replies are necessary

[] Lewis Little: Understood. My comp acting up and being really slow

[] lrdnova: The Lotus is now holding position and awaiting your arrival, we had some minor issues that are being addressed while we wait for you to arrive. After your on board we will proceed to Starbase 10 (Lotus Fleet HQ)

[] Lewis Little: I will be back here soon. If you wish to joint log that, please email the start

[] lrdnova: sorry guys for monopolizing the shout box, just trying to get our new member up to speed and this was the easiest way

[] MrJuliano: it's all good

[] Kinneas: Zach...where are you!?

[] Zach Nicodemous: still cant login to skype

[] Kinneas: tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

[] lrdnova: try to see if there is a setting in skype that will allow you to automatically detect proxy settings

[] lrdnova: sometimes Yahoo has a similar issue

[] Zach Nicodemous: yeh i tried. its a problem with my service not skype. Im on msn kinn - sign in there,

[] Zach Nicodemous: wats ur msn addy kinn

[] Zach Nicodemous: dw - found you in my lis

[] Lewis Little: I think I am back to working within nominal parameters, guys.

[] Lewis Little: Zach I am getting weird things on MSN from you. Saying that you added me then saying you want to send a file called add new alias?

[] lrdnova: Very well, make sure you run a system wide diagnostic, lol

[] lrdnova: hes trying to send you a file it sounds like

[] lrdnova: By the way Kin in responce to that request that you guys put in about avatars or what not, once you get other people out of the way let me know and ill submit my stuff, no huge hurry for me

[] Lewis Little: Systems Diagnostic results: Suspected trojan! Origin: If you believe you have recieved this message in error, please contact that web sites administrator.

[] lrdnova: oooooo

[] Lewis Little: Or could that be a cookie form here?

[] Kinneas: !

[] Lewis Little: I'm guessing that's possible as well

[] Kinneas: i have not used msn in 3 years, Z. I have to set up a new acct

[] Kinneas: , Nova

[] Kinneas: rgr that,NOva

[] Lewis Little: In any case, I suggest you run diagnostics Fleet/Ship wide.

[] Kinneas: How is that possible, Zach?

[] lrdnova: LL please make sure you get caught up with the story aswell

[] Zach Nicodemous: Kinn add me on MSN plz.

[] Lewis Little: I shall, Admiral. And just to let you guys know, I am also working on a new transmission for pods LOL

[] Lewis Little: Hi guys my mouse is buggered trying to get new one

[] Zach Nicodemous: Literally about 12000 pages of star trek reference material in pristine condition, just fell into my lap - go figure!

[] Zach Nicodemous: My housemate was gunna bin it!!

[] lrdnova: oooooo

[] Zach Nicodemous: Nova, you available for a rehersal tonight?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Redshirt too..

[] lrdnova: sure, redshirt will be on tonight after he gets off work, we have our weekly meeting so both of us should be on

[] Falin: hmm...did i miss anything important?

[] Zach Nicodemous: can i have your e-mail addresses please to send the script.

[] lrdnova: PM'ed to you

[] lrdnova: ill right im heading home see ya guys when i get there.

[] Falin: oh sure, don't want th rest of us to have your addy ;)

[] lrdnova: Falin u scare me

[] MrJuliano: don't worry, Falin, 'm scary, too

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi all

[] Titan-Amaranth: whats scary? my ships?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] Lewis Little: I think my mouse MAY be sorted. Not sure. What time tonight guys?

[] Kinneas: morning.

[] Suricata: wonder who keeps smiting me :-)

[] Zach Nicodemous: I can find out if you like

[] Suricata: most boards only have a +rep button, not a - rep buttton, is wierd seeing a site with the - one Cheesy Smile

[] Suricata: nah, is ok :-)

[] Suricata: the - one is to easy to use  to bully users and give bad rep

[] Zach Nicodemous: I spose ill have to reset the bad rep evey month or somethingl ol

[] Kinneas: Taint me, S.

[] Kinneas: I don't mess with those.

[] Kinneas: ::starts making the morning coffee for the crew :::   : yawn :

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have a good feeling about this weekend

[] Falin: big announcement maybe monday?

[] Kinneas: You can smell it.

[] Zach Nicodemous: You think?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I hope its not Bethesda

[] Falin: yea, seems ripe for it

[] Falin: naw, it's gotta be cryptic, to many signs pointing that way

[] Sarevok: I sure hope we get SOMETHING this week

[] Falin: besides, Bethesda is in MD, not SF

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm pretty sure it ISNT cryptic actually.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I think that was all just misinformation to get people looking the wrong way

[] Zach Nicodemous: It could be anyone, anywhere.

[] Falin: hmm..i highly doubt jack would actively participate in such a deal

[] Falin: I mean secret project with a wink and finger quotes while wearing a ST sweatshirt? come on now, h ain't that silly

[] Zach Nicodemous: Well, we shall see.

[] Falin: so what makes you "pretty sure" it isn't cryptic then?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Just a feeling

[] Kinneas: I like Bliz-O-Vision

[] Falin: hmm....don't think Bliz wants another title just yet, wow's still going to strong for them to makea move

[] Falin: Bioware on the other hand, they've been struggling to keep up and a strong title sould really poush them forward

[] Falin: *could

[] Falin: *push, man my typings bad today

[] Sarevok: lol

[] Falin: course bio's been rumored to be working on a starcraft MMO, so they might not do another space MMO

[] Lewis Little: Hi guys. I found a tiny bit out for you. 'fraid it's not much.

[] Falin: anyways, love to sit and speculate, but got to run some errands, the Do-List seesm to have grown to include some minor construction

[] Falin: bbl

[] Kinneas: :raises nomination for ADB to do the combat stylings :::

[] Kinneas: A M A R I L L O    D E S I G N     B U R E A U     

[] Kinneas: :;waves flag :::

[] MrJuliano: seconded

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey titan

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi zach^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: guess what i just downloded

[] Zach Nicodemous: uuhhh.......

[] Zach Nicodemous: duno

[] Titan-Amaranth: all podcast episodes of hailing frequency

[] Zach Nicodemous: lol ok

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hope you enjoy em

[] Titan-Amaranth: doing it now

[] Titan-Amaranth: how do i have to kill to make a guest apperence?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *who

[] Kinneas: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: you could ask really really really nicely and not kill anyone :p

[] Kinneas: What is your character? Cheesy Smile

[] Kinneas: Watcha wanna do?

[] Kinneas:

[] Lewis Little: Hello all!

[] Titan-Amaranth: yey!

[] Titan-Amaranth: y is nobody posting comets on my new ship?

[] Kinneas: :: directs a comet in the direction of the new ship :::

[] Kinneas: meant 'comments'...didn't you?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ja thats what i ment.

[] Kinneas: Cheesy Smile  I like your ship.

[] Titan-Amaranth: thanks^^

[] Lewis Little: HMM TS seems to be offline.

[] Titan-Amaranth: who?

[] Lewis Little: Team speak

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah

[] Titan-Amaranth: lets see. i got nerly 5 new ships to post shal i post them now?

[] Falin: must be some big news brewing, all the trekies have put on their uniforms and are patroling the forums

[] Zach Nicodemous: I need to go check the kettle.....

[] Titan-Amaranth: maybe the new developer is going to revile themself?

[] Falin: cooking in the cargo bay again Zach?

[] Titan-Amaranth: so it wasent a fire drill ^^

[] Falin: BTW, it's so hard to limiti to one question, but i did

[] Lewis Little: Heres hoping. Did you get my post about the Whois-ing?

[] Falin: ye, then zach edited it and ade it unreadbale ;)

[] Falin: *made

[] Lewis Little: lol

[] Lewis Little: try it now

[] Falin: nope, just has a [/size] on it now

[] Kinneas: yeah. Here is to hoping.

[] Falin: justposted it, but the new hosting corp is based in the SF area, so leans more towards a SF dev

[] Titan-Amaranth: ok new ship out. can you alltace a look?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *all take a look

[] Titan-Amaranth: anny one there? halo *anserd by my own eco*

[] Crazyfist: yo

[] Titan-Amaranth: hey! how did the test go?

[] Crazyfist: ...

[] Crazyfist: 'censored' hard

[] Crazyfist: prolly a 7-8

[] Titan-Amaranth: ?

[] Crazyfist: 4-10 scale

[] Titan-Amaranth: nice

[] Titan-Amaranth: and you panict lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey watch the language

[] Zach Nicodemous: dont make me install a filter :(

[] Titan-Amaranth: no sir!

[] Crazyfist: sry

[] Zach Nicodemous: s'all good Cheesy Smile

[] Crazyfist: so zak sup

[] Zach Nicodemous: We are relaxed here but still, gotta be some rules lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: Heh - Not alot...well...not alot that..*cough*

[] Zach Nicodemous: sorry - wha?

[] Zach Nicodemous:  I'm Innocent!

[] Titan-Amaranth: i have a new ship posted today y dont you check it?

[] Crazyfist: i will

[] Crazyfist: howd the UFP registration go

[] Titan-Amaranth: to a wery hot place

[] Crazyfist: ?

[] Crazyfist: awesome ship

[] Crazyfist: almost like a saber class

[] Titan-Amaranth: a wery hot

[] Crazyfist: ?

[] Titan-Amaranth: hell is hot! isin't it?

[] Titan-Amaranth: im allawd to say hell right?

[] Titan-Amaranth: if not sorry

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: what?

[] Titan-Amaranth: y did you not eve a commet?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *leve

[] Crazyfist: i wil

[] Crazyfist: but, i gotta find a picture first

[] Crazyfist: brb

[] Titan-Amaranth: k

[] Titan-Amaranth: anny one else here?

[] Titan-Amaranth: no...

[] Titan-Amaranth: halo

[] MrJuliano: Heya all!

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hello!?!

[] lrdnova: Yo

[] lrdnova: lol look at the statistics 1701 post lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi agein

[] lrdnova: Hey Titan, good to see you made it over from STOnet

[] Titan-Amaranth: thanks you to

[] Titan-Amaranth: i have made nerly 10 ships sinse then

[] lrdnova: You've been busy!

[] Titan-Amaranth: not realy

[] Titan-Amaranth: on avreg i use 1 hour per ship

[] Titan-Amaranth: if you see my newest the Hayena class that was done in 40 min

[] lrdnova: I posted on it already

[] Titan-Amaranth: the Hayena?

[] lrdnova: Hey your medical ship...

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah

[] Titan-Amaranth: Luna

[] lrdnova: its widely accepted that the Titan is a Luna class ship, and thats not exactly what it looks like. so people may be a bit more critical of that one because of the class name

[] Titan-Amaranth: ther is a luna class alrady?

[] lrdnova: Yes, the USS Titan is a Luna Class

[] Titan-Amaranth: D'HO!

[] lrdnova: thats the ship that Riker is captain of

[] Titan-Amaranth: D'HO!

[] Titan-Amaranth: i scrwd up real hard this time

[] lrdnova: lol, well not as bad as you think per canon we know that Captain Riker is incharge of the Titan, however by the book series of the same name, we see that the Titan is a Luna Class Ship, while the books are not Canon it

[] lrdnova: is widely accepted that the Titan does infact look like that and that its class is in fact the Luna Class starship

[] Titan-Amaranth: whel il just repost it as the other name i thort of : Disney

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: the Walt Class

[] Titan-Amaranth: youthinks? Disney class medical ship

[] lrdnova: I would look up a famous medical Doctor

[] lrdnova: and use that

[] Titan-Amaranth: fore name jess, but il go fore Walt class

[] Titan-Amaranth: thanks^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: have you seen the Hayena class yet?

[] lrdnova: Yes I have I believe I just put in a post on it

[] Titan-Amaranth: i just saw^^ lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: and i have 10 USLES picts

[] lrdnova: Yay! just made ensign!

[] Titan-Amaranth: how?

[] Titan-Amaranth: you?

[] Titan-Amaranth: when? y? were?

[] lrdnova: Posts my friend, once you get 75 posts you go from Cadet 1st class to Ensign

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah

[] Titan-Amaranth: how manny ships have you designd in total?

[] lrdnova: None

[] Titan-Amaranth: ok

[] lrdnova: My XO has designed a few

[] Titan-Amaranth: how?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *who

[] lrdnova: Random Redshirt used CAD to draw them

[] Titan-Amaranth: whats CAD?

[] Titan-Amaranth: whel i got to go. seya

[] lrdnova: to answer your question it is Computer Aided Drafting. and see ya around Titan

[] Titan-Amaranth: see ya^^

[] Sarevok: Hi Titan

[] Titan-Amaranth: how youdoing?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *are you doing?

[] Sarevok: good enough Cheesy Smile

[] * Sarevok wonders what Zach knows

[] Titan-Amaranth: *titan to

[] Titan-Amaranth: what do you think off my new ship?

[] * Sarevok goes have a look

[] Sarevok: wich one/wich forum?

[] Sarevok: Hayena?

[] Titan-Amaranth: this forum

[] Titan-Amaranth: you know

[] Sarevok: I mean wich sub-forum?

[] Titan-Amaranth: sort of

[] Sarevok: Hayane class, you mean?

[] Titan-Amaranth: i link you

[] Titan-Amaranth: ja

[] Sarevok: need a side viwe

[] Sarevok: *view

[] Titan-Amaranth: i have 5 uslespict

[] Sarevok: I can't really tell top from bottom

[] Titan-Amaranth: deflector is bottom

[] Titan-Amaranth: first pict is top

[] Titan-Amaranth: im also working on a new design

[] Titan-Amaranth: the France class explorer

[] Titan-Amaranth: am i talking to myself?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ok now i have made

[] Titan-Amaranth: *i have made a side veu of the Hayena class fore you^^

[] Sarevok: sry

[] Titan-Amaranth: ?

[] * Sarevok goes look

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah!

[] Titan-Amaranth: its a 10 min scetch not mutch

[] Sarevok: ah, yes

[] Titan-Amaranth: youthinks?

[] Sarevok: now we can see where the nacelles are (next to the whip, not above/below it)

[] Sarevok: but noticed: 5.2mW phaser array

[] Sarevok: 5.2 miili Watt?

[] Sarevok: *milli

[] Sarevok: *mili

[] Titan-Amaranth: Mega Watt

[] Sarevok: then is should be MW, not mW

[] Titan-Amaranth: D'oh

[] Titan-Amaranth: on

[] Titan-Amaranth: *one sec

[] Titan-Amaranth: now its MW

[] Titan-Amaranth: but abut the overall design, what do you think?

[] Sarevok: looks nice

[] Sarevok: though I'm no expert

[] Titan-Amaranth: thanks^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: im most prowd of the bottom as thst came ut as i imagend

[] Titan-Amaranth: whats hapening were you are?

[] Titan-Amaranth: hallo?

[] Titan-Amaranth: Not agein

[] Titan-Amaranth: no body says god by enymore

[] Sarevok: sry

[] * Sarevok wants there to be an announcement regarding STO!!

[] * Zach Nicodemous wants there to be one too

[] * Sarevok thinks Zach already knows more than the rest of us

[] * Zach Nicodemous thinks that even IF he knew anything he wouldnt be able to confirm, nor deny it.......IF..he knew anything.

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm Innocent!

[] Sarevok: grrrr....

[] * Zach Nicodemous has a feeling that if theres going to be any big news however, it will be here

[] Zach Nicodemous: Anyway - Whats everyone up to today?

[] Sarevok: not much, here

[] Sarevok: have you seen this yet:

[] Zach Nicodemous: Aye, ive been posting in it!

[] Sarevok: oh, yeah, I saw that

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hate to say it, but he is gunna get himself into trouble (chesS)

[] Sarevok: I thought he wrote he wasn't gonna publish?

[] Falin: some people just don't understand that "all assests except code" also means DEsign docs and NDA's as well

[] Falin: figure as soon as who has the rights announces, he get's suede

[] Zach Nicodemous: If he continues that path, for sure

[] Zach Nicodemous: If we setup a Hailing Frequency Teamspeak server - would anyone use it?

[] Falin: not really that many active people, so not seeing the need for it right now

[] Sarevok: I might check in, but as Falin says, not many active

[] Zach Nicodemous: k

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Falin: gawd, chessman really has made that sight into a "we're pissed at trek and we're going to bash everything and badger everyone making anything trek"

[] Falin: well off to do some of the To-Do list, need to do som work in the basement so the guys delivering the new dryer can manuever down there tomorrow

[] Falin: bbl

[] Zach Nicodemous: have a nice day falin

[] Zach Nicodemous: tell the delivery man about us!

[] Sarevok: hehe

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Titan-Amaranth: hey Zach, wats new?

[] Kinneas: :strolls in: Good morning.   ::gets a cup of coffee :: Ahhh.. : Looks over the schedule for the day ::  gads...busy, busy, busy.

[] Kinneas: ::tap a button: All section chiefs...I need your status reports.   

[] Falin: bah,  need more parts and i don't feel like going out to get them, so the do-lis is a bust for today

[] Kinneas: Science departments.  Any updates on the Sensor and probe data?

[] Kinneas: Sorry to hear that, Falin. I know how you feel.

[] Falin: i mean really i buy a 4" hole saw comes with a 1/2" shaft and i have a 3/8" drill

[] Kinneas: :: nod nod :: SIps coffee and goes to look at another screen:   :engineering increase shielding on the port side.  Barnard's star is acting up and will be hitting us with higher levels of radiation by this evening.i

[] Zach Nicodemous: Was that Eng-lish?

[] Kinneas: That is a bummer, Falin.

[] Falin: so that newwarp plasma conduit will have to wait till i can get to the starbase for the part

[] Kinneas: : nod nod : No problem. We'll put into K-7 tomorrow.

[] Kinneas: :: has a gut feeling he had better be on guard today....feels like Juliano's Alter Ego is planning something today :::

[] Falin: yea. with the new STO website saying "coming soon" alter ego will probably try and sabatoge it

[] Kinneas: : nod :   I hope security around the new base is adequate. I'm sure it is.  I'm more worried about us.

[] Falin: well if Zack stops cooking in the cargo bay, people might pay attention to the alert notices

[] Kinneas: hahah  :: grabs a P.A.D.D. and looks over the incoming reports::     

[] Kinneas: :quietly :   I'd rather eat Gag'h.

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi agein

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi BLZBUB

[] BLZBUB: Heya Titan...was catching up on all the posts I'd missed.

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] BLZBUB: btw....another fine ship in there eh?

[] Titan-Amaranth: like my new ship?

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: is it funny?

[] BLZBUB: it seems to be shaping up fine...will you be doing fore and aft shots as well?

[] Titan-Amaranth: naa

[] BLZBUB: not funny ship...funny we were on the same wavelength

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: i just got a 3d pogram so im going to try to animate my ships

[] BLZBUB: I spent a day + 1/2 away from my comp., and have a lot of catching up to do today

[] BLZBUB: cool

[] Titan-Amaranth: hum?

[] BLZBUB: which program

[] Titan-Amaranth: Blender

[] BLZBUB: ah! I have that one too....steep learning curve on that...for me anyway Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: i dont understand how to use it

[] BLZBUB: lol. did you download the tutorial also?

[] Titan-Amaranth: cant find one that works

[] BLZBUB: really? how do you mean?

[] Titan-Amaranth: i try the addobe once but it whont show on my screen

[] Kinneas: Good luck with that. I understand lighting and set design, animation and filming in those programs...but can not get my head around modeling.   

[] Titan-Amaranth: all i get is one big blanka4 page with apselutly nothing on it

[] Titan-Amaranth: *blanc A4

[] Titan-Amaranth: *blank

[] * BLZBUB is processing....please hold your course

[] Titan-Amaranth: * roger

[] Titan-Amaranth: Hey BLZBUB do you collect an 40k army?

[] BLZBUB: If you mean warcraft 40,000...or somesuch like that

[] Titan-Amaranth: Warhammer 40,000

[] BLZBUB: yah...hammer, and no I do not

[] BLZBUB: the manual I use for Blender...

[] Titan-Amaranth: IT WORKS!

[] BLZBUB: IT? it has a netherlands language download as well

[] Titan-Amaranth: THANKS!

[] BLZBUB: brb...

[] Titan-Amaranth: it dosent help me, in norwegen

[] Titan-Amaranth: ok

[] Titan-Amaranth: dos anny one exept me here collect warhammer 40,000 ore BFG?

[] BLZBUB: why did I think you needed a norwegian download?

[] * BLZBUB scratch's head in deep ponderment

[] Falin: ah BLZBUB is here i see

[] BLZBUB: WHERE! Run! quickly! heh heh

[] Titan-Amaranth: no

[] Titan-Amaranth: netherlands

[] Zach Nicodemous: BLZBUB! Yay! I was w orried, didnt see you for like...a day and a half!!

[] Falin: lol

[] BLZBUB: heh...I attended a going-away party Fri. nite...took me awhile to find my house again! heh heh

[] Falin: he was i queue at the webters HQ building to have an official desigantion on how to say his name ;)

[] Titan-Amaranth: if haven been active fore one and a half day thats no worry.


[] Kinneas: lol Blzbub.

[] Falin: BTW, if no one noticed this last week, Gary Gygax Died

[] BLZBUB: but it takes an hour to catch up on all the posts that occured in that time

[] Titan-Amaranth: f i havenp made a new ship in a day anda a halv then thers reson to worry

[] Kinneas: We did here.   

[] Kinneas: The greatest respect.

[] Sarevok: Netherlands? who where?

[] Titan-Amaranth: who died?

[] BLZBUB: yah...I posted it at my "other" place news box

[] Kinneas: One of the fathers of RPG

[] Kinneas: some would say 'the' father...

[] Titan-Amaranth: ja i remember

[] Falin: one of the Co-Founder of D&D

[] Falin: the beginning of all Fantasy as we know it

[] BLZBUB: yup, co-founder

[] Kinneas: He is the reason we are right here where we are I believe.

[] BLZBUB: he was still playing too

[] Titan-Amaranth: we shud make a salute post fore him

[] Falin: yup, hosted weekly games with fans at his home p till jan

[] BLZBUB: uhm...56 yrs old I think

[] Falin: I truely think even gene was inspired by D&D to an extent

[] Kinneas: he should show up in one of our episodes

[] Titan-Amaranth: what did he die of?

[] Falin: cancer

[] Titan-Amaranth: thort so

[] Kinneas: as a Q like Dungeon Master.

[] Kinneas: he could save us from something...nasty

[] Falin: Hmm..Diungeon Master Q

[] Kinneas: make us roll d20's

[] BLZBUB: O-like? *pondes the implications*

[] Falin: bah i'd roll a 1 and fail like usual

[] Titan-Amaranth: thheoretecly the father of 40k and warhammer fantasy

[] BLZBUB: Gah! my typing is horrendous

[] Kinneas: who crzz

[] Kinneas: dnt

[] Kinneas: i dont

[] Falin: hmm..he could have ascended like danials in SG! ;)

[] Kinneas: indeed

[] Falin: err SG1

[] Kinneas: that is what im thinkin

[] BLZBUB: well, gotta go eat my lunch, bbl people!

[] Titan-Amaranth: hey Kinneas you never told me if your a 40k fan

[] * BLZBUB goes into lurk mode

[] Falin: he could appear as a great chromatic dragon, whip the devilfish to an obsure galaxy and demand they find the golden phaser

[] Kinneas: ooo I got a plus five on my photon of smiting.

[] Kinneas: lol

[] Kinneas: that is what I was worried about with STO though...too much of that...the + 5 and stat system in general.

[] Falin: yea, they were trying to hard to follow the standard Lvl/class MMO design

[] Falin: I really think STO should be skill based similar to Eve's set up

[] Falin: I mean there, all the weapons are stagnant, but you need skills to use some and some skills enhance them, but they all do the same basic damage

[] Titan-Amaranth: grate! i sceerd evry one away, agein

[] Falin: no Phasers of +5 int

[] Falin:

[] Kinneas: thanks for that link.

[] Falin: np

[] Kinneas: *****   K'Suan in a bikini **** *** COMING SOON:  HAILING FREQUENCY SPRING BREAK 2008 ******

[] Falin: here's one for you:

[] Falin: err ignore that

[] Falin:

[] Falin: think that's the one

[] Falin: err, this one:

[] Falin: sorry it jumped on me

[] Kinneas: LOL

[] Falin: colbert made it fitting

[] Kinneas: great caption.   

[] Kinneas: Waiting on K'Suan before watching it. she is on the way.

[] Kinneas: She will appreciate it.

[] Falin: yea she will, it's great

[] Kinneas: wow.  That was good :  "How much will you be missed?....."      "20"

[] Falin: lol, yup Cheesy Smile

[] Kinneas: I really enjoyed what Colbert, Stewart and O'Brien did recently.

[] Falin: what did stewart do?

[] Kinneas: The 'Who created who' segments. Who created Huckabee.

[] Falin: hmm..don't usually watch the political comedy shows, so not to up on some of them

[] Titan-Amaranth: im back

[] Kinneas: hello

[] Falin: about a podcast segment with the crew of the ent-d each playing as one of the core classes and the omipotent Grand Master Gygax directing them

[] Kinneas: good idea. Cheesy Smile

[] Falin: let's see, Picard the palidan, Riker the bemused Bard...warf the Barbarian,....Troi the Wizard, Geordi the Sorcerer, what does that leave Data to be?

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] Crazyfist: android

[] Falin: hmm..a magical golem?

[] Kinneas: lol

[] Falin: you know, the more i see of SGW, the more i hate the gaming corps. here they have a greta IP and they're destroying it by emo-cyperpunking it to the point that th only thing in nit that's STargate is the the stargate

[] Falin: for instance, here's a "Jackson" type character:

[] Falin: seems STO wasn't the only victom of "let's not please the fans"

[] Kinneas: I like it

[] Falin: let me find the glowing shoes Gou'ald for you then ;)

[] Kinneas: Very nice tech.

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi crayzfist^^

[] Falin:

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Re: Entire Shoutbox History as of February 4th 2009
« Reply #9 on: 04 February 2009 10:40 AM »
[] Zach Nicodemous: ok u can stay on

[] BLZBUB: well, not for me but as a char. on the Devilfish

[] Zach Nicodemous: Chef Bubba?

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: Open flame BBQ is your thing, baby

[] BLZBUB: do you have a juke box aboard?

[] Kinneas: of course

[] Zach Nicodemous: Sure why not

[] BLZBUB: Bubba shot the juke box! heh heh

[] Kinneas: I'm a rocker and roller. We also have the Fleet Radio station in the bowels.

[] BLZBUB: hmmm. that would be off limits to passengers though

[] Zach Nicodemous: Chef Bubba from Southern Texas

[] BLZBUB: tall, lean, lanky type

[] BLZBUB: or the 'Under Seige' cook type! ;)

[] Kinneas: Rybek

[] Kinneas: 'censored'in' Camero

[] Kinneas: 'censored'in is censored?

[] Kinneas: b   i   t   c   i  n

[] Kinneas: arg

[] Kinneas:   b i t c h i n   c a m e r o

[] BLZBUB: time for a new key board Kinneas...yours seems to be wearing out! Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: We have to de-rep you now for surcumventing the censor!!

[] Kinneas: I got your circumventing right here.

[] Kinneas:

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm Innocent!


[] Zach Nicodemous: Johny 5 is alive

[] Kinneas: Someone linked me to a clip of Jonny 5 as a foul mouthed comedian...I am scarred for life.

[] BLZBUB: need input

[] Zach Nicodemous: That was me kinn

[] Kinneas: i'll never be the same

[] BLZBUB: you were once different? Hmmm...

[] * BLZBUB tries to picture a Ghandi type Kinneas

[] Kinneas: I'll never be that skinny.

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: However I could , like he probably keep all my mortal posessions in a cigar box.  I'm not very materialistic.

[] Zach Nicodemous:

[] BLZBUB: Does anyone know of a fairly good Human/Romulan look avatar I could find? I need a new Avatar real bad

[] Kinneas: don;t do it save yourself!  Do not click that

[] BLZBUB: mostly human looking but with Rom overtones ya know?

[] Kinneas: Nope. I could draw you one...but you know the way our stuff looks.   

[] BLZBUB: did you draw K'Suan? heh heh

[] BLZBUB: not that I need an avvy like hers mind...

[] Kinneas: Everything you see I did.  All me.

[] Zach Nicodemous: click that blz

[] Kinneas: yourself

[] Kinneas: Your view of Johnny Five will be forever altered.

[] BLZBUB: a'm really ... flexible Kinneas lol

[] Kinneas: Do you like K'Suan's bikini shot?

[] Kinneas:

[] BLZBUB: well...yes I did! excellent work that! heh heh

[] Kinneas: Cheesy Smile woo

[] BLZBUB: there are 6 more episodes of that Zach! AAARRRGGGHHHH!

[] Kinneas: She liked it too. I had to do six or severn different ones before she liked it.

[] BLZBUB: well, yellow is a nice color, but a nice sky blue would have stood out more

[] Zach Nicodemous: Thats so 'censored'in hilarious - i love that johnny 5 series

[] Kinneas: Sky Blue bikini?

[] BLZBUB: yes bikini...but I change my mind! Red! Definately red!

[] Kinneas: O.k.

[] BLZBUB: lol...I like red is all. me favoritest color

[] Zach Nicodemous: So are you gunna post in "onboard the devilfish" ?

[] BLZBUB: a little while. I have to clear up some stuff on the Superpower:StarTrek site I am playing first

[] Falin: hmm.........i hope Zach's not sitting in the command chair with speedo's on and an umbrella drink in hand

[] Zach Nicodemous: No im wearing hawaiin shorts

[] Falin: well that's semi better

[] Falin: i mean those chicken legs need to be covered ;)

[] Falin: Kinneas, has AE attacked yet?

[] Zach Nicodemous: ah hem - i do NOT have chicken legs. i am the fittest, hottest most toned starship captain in the world - and my phaser proves it Kill!

[] Falin: lol

[] Falin: hmm..need more smilies, maybe a fed ship and a klink one ;)

[] Zach Nicodemous: Constitution Class

[] Zach Nicodemous: Shuttle

[] Falin: ah knew the shuttle was there, need a link to a smilies list, had to go reply to see them all

[] Falin: how about a klink d7 one then?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Kinn is workin on a bunch of new smilys

[] Falin: cool i'd be greedy and ask for a tholian one, but then i'd be the only one looking forward to it ;)

[] lrdnova: Alright now go vote for who is the sexiest Starship captain!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Falin: lol

[] lrdnova: Zach... who did you vote for

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Zach Nicodemous: um...ezri

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: shes not a listed in the poll

[] Falin: hmm..can't view results without actually casting one?

[] lrdnova: yep\

[] BLZBUB: Aha! Caught someone lurking about eh!

[] * BLZBUB phasers the lurker

[] Kinneas: what a poll. lol

[] BLZBUB: *WHEW!* finally finished at on to the good stuff ;P

[] * BLZBUB puts ice into his empty glass

[] Falin: superpower?

[] BLZBUB: Superpower:StarTrek

[] BLZBUB: a game I am involved in

[] Falin: hmm...never eard of it


[] Falin: ah that thing Mario wanted people to play

[] BLZBUB: yah...he has a planet too

[] BLZBUB: Risa, I think

[] Falin: didn't look to interesting to me

[] BLZBUB: well, definately not a FPS game, that's for sure! ;)

[] Kinneas: Do you like FPS?

[] BLZBUB: I like them okay, but am more of a RPG'er myself.

[] Kinneas: Cheesy Smile

[] Falin: I like stratagy simulations, and RPG's

[] BLZBUB: most of my FPS I do on the playstation console

[] BLZBUB: strategy and RPG on the PC =)

[] Falin: i can't stand FPS

[] Kinneas: I enjoy a good FPS. Counterstrike is still a fav.  Sim/strat/RPG still my fav.

[] BLZBUB: yah Kinneas, I like those. I have Harpoon Classic 2002 on shortcut here...just for when i feel the need to drive a sub/PT boat/Destroyer once in a while

[] Falin: I used to have Harpoon many a moons ago

[] BLZBUB: It keeps my thinking 3D thinking honed when I drive a sub and try to take out 4 or 5 DD's and a bevy of tankers =)

[] Falin: used to have IL4 (or whatever it was called) flight sim, that kept me going in 3d Cheesy Smile

[] Falin: Rumor has it, ADB wants a MMO based off of SFB, i'd love to see plasmas, missles and web oh my enmass

[] BLZBUB: do not recall that...but I have IW I & II. Now that is some good 3D flying

[] BLZBUB: SFB would be an awesome MMO

[] Falin: IL-2 Sturmovik, that's the game

[] BLZBUB: ah...I see it now . .

[] Falin: yea was fun, but had serious MP problems, lag wise

[] Kinneas: Yeah I had talked with Steve Cole of ADB awhile back.

[] Kinneas: Yes. He would love to have a ADB ST MMO. If he could not have one I hope they consider working with ADB.

[] Kinneas: IMO the content is hostoric.

[] Kinneas: *Historic.

[] Falin: someone must like me, i've got a +8, but then again, there's a -2 from someone else who hates me

[] Kinneas: I'm afraid to look at mine.

[] Kinneas: That Sturmovik was fun.

[] Falin: lol, why? no one hates you. Yea IL-2 was fun, but frustrating too

[] Kinneas: Not to make fun of but...ADB did not know what a MMO was. I had to explain what one was.

[] Kinneas: I hope I can get Steve Cole on the show regularly...he has been reluctant.

[] Falin: well steve is up there in yeas and they've been focusing on table top for so long, i'm suprised they even know what a computer is

[] Kinneas: well the idea of 69 million a month really woke them up

[] Kinneas: qith a quickness.

[] Kinneas: With

[] Falin: Ilol, a FED & Empire MMO would be awesome

[] Kinneas: I put him in touch with IBM, they were potentially interested in supporting a MMO too.

[] Falin: dynamic universe that player directly affect with their actions in combat

[] Kinneas: CCCP did not seem interested.

[] Falin: CCP you mean?

[] Kinneas: yessir

[] Falin: i doubt the soviet union would turn them down ;)

[] Falin: yea CCP has a succesful game themselves, and wouldn't reallyb want to finance a competing game

[] Kinneas: the eve folks

[] Falin: IBM is cool, they love to take risks and would pronbably break the mold with an MMO

[] Bin Hokens: Hey you guys ever heard of a game called infinity

[] Falin: know IBM is in silicon valley, and it's not to far from SF

[] Falin: infinity what?

[] Kinneas: ooo

[] Kinneas: Infinity is neat

[] Bin Hokens: you should look it up

[] Falin: maybe IBM is the secret dev of STO....<ponders the thought>

[] Bin Hokens:  The guys who made this game know how to make a space game

[] Falin: oh the Eve Clone

[] Bin Hokens:  That's what most people like to call it

[] Falin: well if you had said that first ;)

[] Bin Hokens:  But most of the stuff I've seen them do have never seen anywhere else

[] Kinneas: indeed.

[] Kinneas:  space to ground transitions are amazing

[] Bin Hokens:  My

[] Bin Hokens: Point exactly

[] Kinneas: did anyone see the demo for the Nexus 2 engine : Blacksun?   That was neat:

[] Falin: no free trial of infinity?

[] Falin: errr MMORPG has 2 titles called infinity, infinity that's a anime avatar one and "infinity: quest for earth" hat's a space one

[] Bin Hokens: Excuse me didn't specify quite clearly enough did another was a second one.  WOW loved the nexus 2 engine that was pretty cool.  But is't it a RTS forgive me if I'm wrong which I probably am

[] Falin: ah well time to get some sleep, hf fun

[] BLZBUB: Okay Zach, I posted that stite for your ship...I hope you keep the chef around. Feel free to edit his name though, he's your NPC ya know! =)

[] BLZBUB: stite? I meant write lol

[] Kinneas: :goodnight:

[] Bin Hokens: night Kinneas

[] BLZBUB: laterz Kinneas! sleep well. =)

[] Bin Hokens: I think he was talking about falin good night to you too.

[] BLZBUB: ah! Didn't notice Falin's little post in there! lol

[] BLZBUB: that blacksun demo is frackin' awesome!

[] ChessMess: Why can I never remember my password for this site?

[] ChessMess: New look is awesome, great job guys!

[] BLZBUB: hiya ChessMess! how goes it?

[] ChessMess: Its going to bed actually, rotton time change. Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: hey chess!

[] ChessMess: Try to listen to the latest episode tomarrow on the drive to/from work.  Gnite all.

[] Zach Nicodemous: Gnit Chess

[] BLZBUB: 'kay then, see ya's around Chess.

[] BLZBUB:  at 1:30 time point, secret of actual transporter tech. is revealed!

[] Zach Nicodemous: ooooo

[] Bin Hokens: hahahahaa

[] Bin Hokens: wow I'm glad I'm on a surge protector.  Just had a power glitch here.  Had to redo my computer.  Maybe somebody his telling me to go to bed

[] Sarevok: morning, all Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: bluurrghh

[] Sarevok: Zach, you awake yet, or still?

[] Zach Nicodemous: i just woke. only slept 3 hours though, might go back to bed for a couple

[] Sarevok: ah

[] Zach Nicodemous: Welcome Jay

[] lrdnova: good morning all

[] Zach Nicodemous: mornin nova

[] Zach Nicodemous: isnt it the middle of the night for you?

[] Sarevok: Hi Nova

[] Sarevok: is it me or is the STO board not working?

[] Zach Nicodemous: its you

[] Sarevok: I'm not getting any boards, actually :s

[] Sarevok: oh, apparently just took a while to loas

[] Sarevok: load

[] lrdnova: nope its 830am for me

[] lrdnova: I love daylight savings time

[] lrdnova: get that extra hour of sleep he he

[] Zach Nicodemous: I wish i had an extra hour of sleep last night. only slept 3 hours

[] lrdnova: wow thats sleeping in for you, are you ok... feeling sick

[] Zach Nicodemous: i feel like 'censored'

[] Zach Nicodemous: oh for 'censored' sake

[] Zach Nicodemous: my own 'censored'ing censor is 'censored'in censorin me

[] Zach Nicodemous: 'censored'in hell

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: god

[] lrdnova: hmm well thats not censored

[] lrdnova: surprised

[] Zach Nicodemous: Why would god be censored?

[] lrdnova: alot of religious text is censored for some reason, I have no idea why

[] Zach Nicodemous: hmn

[] Zach Nicodemous: i spoke i coul make it all Q

[] Zach Nicodemous: could*

[] lrdnova: I first noticed it in MMO's.

[] * Zach Nicodemous feels faint :(

[] Zach Nicodemous: Crying Gorn

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi all! Zach whats wrong?

[] lrdnova: he's all wha wha over only getting 3 hours of sleep.

[] lrdnova: ;)

[] Titan-Amaranth: ah?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *ah!

[] Titan-Amaranth: dam kebord

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi Crazyfist.

[] Zach Nicodemous: You vanished last night nova. Bad Admiral

[] Titan-Amaranth: who?

[] lrdnova: oh! for the recording, I totally forgot about it!

[] lrdnova: that and I probably crashed the BC server when I closed the lid on my laptop.

[] Zach Nicodemous: You at work today?

[] BLZBUB: Morning Crazyfist, lrdnova;and last...but not least... Zach =)

[] lrdnova: Good morning there BLZBUB

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi BLZBUB

[] BLZBUB: so, what other info is available on this Hurricane Internet whosis-whatsis ?

[] BLZBUB: morning titan  =)

[] lrdnova: oh a ton of info if your willing to look

[] BLZBUB: yah, I guess. they have three addy's listed on their webpage...Freemont city for 2 and Silicon Valley(San Jose) as #3

[] BLZBUB: so they are the serving host for the STO website I guess eh?

[] lrdnova: yeah Hurricane is really just the middle man for all this.

[] lrdnova: yeah

[] lrdnova: one clue about who might be developing STO is to look at some of the other MMO's on the market that have websites and see if there domain leads back to Hurricane as well, that might narrow the possibilites of which

[] lrdnova: bayside developer it is

[] lrdnova: of course if the developer was smart they probably went with different hosting companies.

[] BLZBUB: If one cared to look. I mean I *could* just wait until the paper bag is pulled off and the dev. is revealed

[] lrdnova: thats true

[] BLZBUB: Hey! there's an idea for Zach & Kinneas & the gang! ..."The Unknown Dev!" Mystery character wearing a paper bag on his head, dissin' it out with Alter Ego about the ST:O development

[] lrdnova: lol a section 31 character that fights AlterEgo from the shadows

[] BLZBUB: yah! always in the shadow...ya can't quite make out his features

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: that would be awesome

[] Crazyfist: sup

[] BLZBUB: the only prominent feature would be the ST:O logo from the a comm badge shining in the shadows.  hehhheh

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi craysifist

[] Crazyfist: yo titey

[] Crazyfist: did u get ur UFP registration sorted out ?

[] BLZBUB: dissin' on the ST:O as usual...and you Crazyfist?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ja

[] Crazyfist: did u guys notice STOs webpage?

[] Titan-Amaranth: ja

[] lrdnova: what? the coming soon?

[] BLZBUB: it's in the STOZone

[] Crazyfist: titan, if u can log in, u could post ur application, im looking forward to seeing it :P

[] Crazyfist: oh, u know it already

[] Titan-Amaranth: do it 15 min ago

[] Crazyfist: aww i thought i was special for noticing lol

[] Crazyfist: oh cool lemme chek

[] Titan-Amaranth: k

[] BLZBUB: you are special...for something I am sure !! Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: who?

[] lrdnova: we just dont know what that is yet

[] BLZBUB: Crazyfist

[] lrdnova: Crazy.. Titan

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] BLZBUB: "that" could be anything

[] Crazyfist: yo novey

[] Crazyfist: guys

[] Crazyfist: er

[] Crazyfist: wanna see something REALLY awesome

[] lrdnova: sure

[] BLZBUB: uh-oh! coffee cup mysteriously went empty...brb ;)

[] Crazyfist: my genius fleet admirals work

[] Crazyfist:

[] Crazyfist: you like?

[] lrdnova: Crazy your a Genius! Can I use that image!

[] Titan-Amaranth: hey crazy, hows the animated manta going?

[] Crazyfist: i didnt do it, it was my fleet admiral

[] Crazyfist: ask him :P

[] Crazyfist: look at this wait

[] Crazyfist:

[] Crazyfist: his genius work

[] Titan-Amaranth: me like^^

[] Crazyfist: i idolize him

[] lrdnova: can you ask him for me, the image actually represents the USS Lotus leaving Lotus Fleet HQ and the USS Umpqua arriving.!

[] Crazyfist: lol really?

[] Crazyfist: i shudnt have shown u guys his pics..

[] Crazyfist: now u know im just a newbie lol

[] lrdnova: its ok I still love your images

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] BLZBUB: that is some awesome work there.

[] Crazyfist: i know, hes a real genius

[] Crazyfist: i wish i could figure out his awesome backgrounds

[] Crazyfist: mine r ugley

[] BLZBUB: the Umpqua is a Nova class?

[] Crazyfist: no

[] Crazyfist: the nova is a umpqua class:P

[] Crazyfist: titan

[] Titan-Amaranth: ?

[] BLZBUB: duh! just had to read the design credits on teh bottom of the pic. =)

[] Crazyfist: lol

[] lrdnova: yes it is a Nova Class

[] lrdnova: the USS Umqua is our Academy Simulation ship

[] BLZBUB: Nova's are mine! The USS Endeavour =)

[] BLZBUB: but then again, I like the UFP Devilfish <--- shameful cow-towing ;)

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: I am actually a huge fan of the Nebula Class

[] lrdnova: I think the overall design is just great, Of course I am a big fan of the multi use ships like that, the smaller single use ships are nice too I suppose

[] BLZBUB: multi-role ships are nice. I prefer the smaller class vessels to the giants like Sovvie or Galaxy. Not a huge fan of the Voyager, but like the Nova's

[] Zach Nicodemous: Poor Nova is such a far of the Nebula Class, that he selects it 80% of the time in Bridge Commander....even though i can destroy it in one pass.......with a Vor'cha

[] lrdnova: yes Zach but let not bring up what happens when I break out my Intrepid Class ship...

[] Kinneas: What does dow towing mean?  I see the Devils Fish towing cows now...     Good morning everyone.

[] Kinneas: *Cow

[] lrdnova: ahhh! its Kin.... Dont sneak up on us like that!

[] BLZBUB: cowtow? Me? never! =)

[] Kinneas: My ship....I do not sneak.  Cheesy Smile

[] Kinneas: :: smiles and gets a coffee:::

[] BLZBUB: thought Zach was Captain ? ? ?

[] Kinneas: H may be captain...but I built her.

[] Kinneas: ::pats a console and a button pops out :::

[] Kinneas: er

[] Kinneas: ::shoves it back::

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: ::starts going over the morning reports::

[] Kinneas: ::  the 'to-do' list seeming to grow longer and longer ::

[] * BLZBUB cuts the to-do list in half

[] BLZBUB: =)

[] BLZBUB: is it just my monitor, or is the 'slash-me command color too dark to read well

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its too dark. Ill change it :p

[] BLZBUB: not pink though...I got ehough reminders of pink ;P

[] BLZBUB: *enough

[] lrdnova: Zach do you have a way of showing under the members currently online who has been signed in within the last 24 hours?

[] BLZBUB: is there not a small link in the forum stats box way down below?

[] Zach Nicodemous: I'm working on that BLZBUB. There is a mod for it, but i need to install it manually for our theme

[] BLZBUB: Manual Install??? What is this? The dark ages? Cheesy Smile

[] Falin: yes, the dark ages of STO

[] BLZBUB: it shows an average online per day nova...7.86 at current state

[] lrdnova: ah i see that

[] BLZBUB: we are in the top ten posters nova ;P

[] lrdnova: Yep!

[] lrdnova: Congrats

[] BLZBUB: and to you also

[] * BLZBUB hands Irdnova a cookie

[] Falin: lol

[] BLZBUB: Gah! I need to get a larger coffee cup :: wanders of::

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: I just came up with the newest Hailing Frequency Store Items that could be sold.

[] lrdnova: Hailing Frequency: The VIDEO GAME!

[] Kinneas: do tell

[] Kinneas: On the list  :points ::

[] lrdnova: Wha!

[] Kinneas: :nod nod ::  honestly

[] Kinneas: we have been looking at a Make your own MMO

[] Kinneas: and MMO chat software

[] Falin: well if i ever figure out this dang engine, i might code some more

[] lrdnova: I would love to hear what Zach says when he gets killed

[] Kinneas: the idea is :build the innards of the Devil Fish and make a rpg game/chat based in it

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Falin: i was going to try and convert the Torgue game engine to handle larger volumes of players. they say it wasn't designed for it, but i bet it can be pushed

[] BLZBUB: and just what class of ship IS the Devilfish anyway

[] Falin: the Guppy Class of course

[] lrdnova: its in a Class of its own.

[] lrdnova: Guppy Class....oooooooo

[] lrdnova: Im sorry anything that translates to this is no Guppy: El diablo de pescado

[] BLZBUB: Guppy! lol

[] Kinneas: :perks a brow:

[] Falin: well i'm off, bbl

[] Kinneas: Devil Fish class

[] Kinneas: There aint nothing else like it.

[] lrdnova: El Diablo Pescado Class

[] Kinneas: Cheesy Smile

[] lrdnova: yeah that just freaks me out

[] Kinneas: I like that one

[] Kinneas: I need to dig up my 'red dragon class' image

[] Kinneas: a pimped starship

[] BLZBUB: Ooh! Red Dragon class? that I need to see =)

[] Kinneas: I'll have to find that later

[] lrdnova: Suricatta you are awesome my friend

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] Kinneas: Mornin'.

[] Titan-Amaranth: sup?

[] Kinneas: ~ Just another day ~   -Oingo Boingo

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: i have Q news

[] Titan-Amaranth: *Q news

[] Titan-Amaranth: *Q news

[] Titan-Amaranth: were is that q coming from?

[] Titan-Amaranth: *Good news

[] Kinneas: I was seeing 'Q' behind a news desk:  "This is your Q News."

[] Kinneas: Up first...:snap:

[] Kinneas: So what is the good news?

[] Titan-Amaranth:  my cat is having kittens in 2 weeks^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: 8 kittens^^

[] Kinneas:

[] lrdnova: So uh with the new episode coming up soon, should I be concerned about my likeness?

[] BLZBUB: Kittens! Aaah! Run away! Run away!  =)

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: i need to find 8 names... sugestons?

[] BLZBUB: what breed may I ask?

[] Titan-Amaranth: backyard mix

[] BLZBUB: Ahh! then go with the Disney names from all those cat movies of yore!

[] BLZBUB: the Aristocats movie comes to mind!

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol

[] Kinneas: Good flick

[] Kinneas: ~everybody wants to be a cat~

[] Titan-Amaranth: i alrady have 2 names Titan and Amaranth^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: and Felix

[] Titan-Amaranth: thats 3 5 left

[] Titan-Amaranth: * thats 3, 5 left

[] Titan-Amaranth: comon!

[] BLZBUB: Amaranth is a flower..yes? if so go with more rare flower names for the females and use Mythology (i.e. the Titans) for the males

[] Titan-Amaranth: right! but the flower is cald Amaranthus

[] Titan-Amaranth: Amaranth as in my name is from the Nightwish song Amaranth

[] BLZBUB: Alpinia?

[] Titan-Amaranth: y not?

[] BLZBUB: this list goes on forever! lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol

[] BLZBUB: twelve Titans: Okeanos, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetos, Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys, and Kronos

[] Titan-Amaranth: 13. me ^^

[] BLZBUB: heh heh...Oops!

[] Titan-Amaranth: LOL

[] BLZBUB: Hmm...are not those Titans names of Jupiters moons?

[] BLZBUB: well... some moons anyway lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: i think i go fore Hyperion, Tethys, and Phoebe.

[] BLZBUB: easier to pronounce? heh

[] Titan-Amaranth: and remember

[] Kinneas: mmm you made me remember Phoebe Cates.   

[] BLZBUB: lol.

[] Titan-Amaranth: brb diner

[] BLZBUB: laterz

[] Kinneas: She was a dream girl back in the day.

[] lrdnova: is that the girl from Friends?

[] lrdnova: lol

[] BLZBUB: one of america's 10 most beautiful girls in 1084

[] BLZBUB: *1984

[] lrdnova: wow

[] Kinneas: Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  The pool girl

[] lrdnova: bet you shes not even on the top 100 now!


[] Kinneas: Have not seen her since.

[] Kinneas: Sean Penn as Spiccoli.   lol

[] BLZBUB: she is running a boutique in new york in 2005

[] Kinneas: I need to go there

[] Kinneas: I bet she will always be beautiful.

[] BLZBUB: I would say so

[] BLZBUB: her Blue Tree boutique is at 1283 Madison Avenue New York, NY Kinneas! =)


[] MrJuliano: you guys are creepy

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: stop stalking pheobo cates!

[] MrJuliano: pheobe, rather

[] BLZBUB: well, why would you say that MrJ.???

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: she was sooooooo freakin hot, though

[] BLZBUB: heh heh

[] BLZBUB: and you call us creepy?

[] MrJuliano: "Doesn't anybody known anymore?!"

[] MrJuliano: Knock, rather

[] MrJuliano: i can't type today

[] BLZBUB: is okay. I can't type anyday

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] BLZBUB: knock knock!

[] MrJuliano: oil just hit $107 a barrel

[] MrJuliano: who's there?


[] lrdnova: Yay!

[] MrJuliano: what?

[] lrdnova: I love shovling money out to OPEC!

[] MrJuliano: oh, lol

[] MrJuliano: gas is $3.227 a gallon

[] MrJuliano: on average, of course

[] BLZBUB: Up here it is $113.9 per Litre

[] MrJuliano: ugh

[] lrdnova: Whats the conversion

[] MrJuliano: thats it, im gonna go win the lottery

[] lrdnova: I think Kin just needs to Draw us a Starbase so we can go live there

[] MrJuliano: good idea!

[] BLZBUB:  convert for measures nova =)

[] BLZBUB: a star base! cool

[] lrdnova: I read a book a long time ago by robert Heinland I believe that basically took the idea that everything that is written essentially has the opertunity to become its own universe

[] lrdnova: so the way I see it, is we just have to find the universe that is Star Trek and simply go there!

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: im back

[] MrJuliano: welcome back

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: now name fore my kittens to be

[] Kinneas: Hey, Mr. J!

[] Kinneas: Good morning.  The cofee is on!

[] BLZBUB: "Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done."  ... Robert Heinlein   

[] Kinneas: I like theoretical

[] BLZBUB: COFFEE!!! Gimme gimmee gimmee...

[] Titan-Amaranth: morning? its 17:49 here

[] Kinneas: ::Grabs a mug and fills it...slides it down the top of a console :: hereyago.

[] * BLZBUB grabs Kinneas' coffee pot and runs

[] BLZBUB: keep that cup, I got what I need Cheesy Smile

[] Kinneas: ::pats phaser on hip:

[] Kinneas: There are some things a man don;t touch on this ship.

[] * BLZBUB meekly returns coffee pot

[] Kinneas: That pretty much being the only one for me.

[] Kinneas: anything else...hey...go ahead.

[] Kinneas: make yourself at home.

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: seriously. Please do feel this is your home too.

[] MrJuliano: yes, don't mess with the coffee

[] BLZBUB: speaking of coffee.. ::wanders off::

[] Kinneas: ::goes to scan the NCSoft sector  ::::

[] Titan-Amaranth: who put a coffe cup on the Torpedo trigger?

[] Kinneas: yikes

[] Titan-Amaranth: who ever did this just blow a hole in the admirals ship!

[] BLZBUB: which Admiral? some are not as impotant as others ya know

[] BLZBUB: important

[] Titan-Amaranth: Riker

[] BLZBUB: oh,well, Admiral Riker is likely impotant too =)

[] MrJuliano: Way down among brazilians

[] MrJuliano: Coffee beans grow by the billions

[] MrJuliano: So theyve got to find those extra cups to fill

[] MrJuliano: Theyve got an awful lot of coffee in brazil

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] MrJuliano: great song

[] Titan-Amaranth: umhum,

[] BLZBUB: Juan and Jesus pick most of it too

[] Titan-Amaranth: anny one knows if there is a Robin class ship in starfleet?

[] BLZBUB: does not sound familiar to me Titan

[] Titan-Amaranth: im more cerful aftr  screewd up with the luna class

[] Titan-Amaranth: then it dos now, Robin class long range Drone Interceptor

[] BLZBUB: check MA for ships

[] Titan-Amaranth: MA?

[] BLZBUB: Memory Alpha


[] Titan-Amaranth: no thing with that name.

[] Titan-Amaranth: Robin Class Long Range Drone Interceptor. its official

[] Titan-Amaranth: youthinks?

[] BLZBUB: only Robin class I could find:  =)

[] BLZBUB: so your fairly safe with that designation for now

[] Titan-Amaranth: k

[] Titan-Amaranth: giv me 5 min and il post it

[] Kinneas: ::Runs to go get some granola. :

[] lrdnova: Interesting release gys

[] lrdnova: guys

[] lrdnova: lol I think someone got a lil upset over the PE discussion

[] Falin: oh who?

[] Falin: you mean the PE Fanboi?

[] lrdnova: lol

[] Falin: sorry they were no where near beta, maybe Alpha 3, but not beta

[] Zach Nicodemous: I have independant sources that saw the status of the game with their own eyes in early december

[] Falin: Hmm........and the question is who was the independent source, and the answers going to be "i can't say"

[] lrdnova: unfortunately I guess we will never, know but it seems to me (not talking about you falin) that certain individuals have a personal vendeta against PE and more specifically Daron that seems to be clouding their judgement

[] lrdnova: when it comes to facts about STO

[] Falin: I just look at it from my persona; Programming KNowledge and other MMO developments and just can't come to the conculsion they were even past Alpha 2 stage

[] Falin: BUt i love being accused of claiming all the so-called" in game shots were photoshop pics

[] lrdnova: did you?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Alot of the developement process was not done in the public eye falin, so therefore, looking at it from your personal knowledge, you can only base your conclusions on what they chose to publically release.

[] Falin: BUt i'll keep my mouth shut on this, i guess, i don't want to incite a riot from certain people.

[] lrdnova: and most of what they released was rather old, based on independant reports from people who have seen the game

[] Zach Nicodemous: Incite a riot if you wish - well, perhaps not a riot LOL

[] lrdnova: Riots are fine, as long as they dont have personal attack like Zach stated lol

[] Falin: well if i keep on the track, omeone will keep bashing me, so i best just shut up, else i'll get infractions when i retaliate to him ;)

[] Titan-Amaranth: can you all check my new ship? i whant to know what you think abut it.

[] Falin: and on an end note, i'm not the only one who doubts their claims, amny in the industry who know people that were there have similair feelings

[] Zach Nicodemous: We dont do infractions here Cheesy Smile

[] Zach Nicodemous: Just friendly PM's

[] Zach Nicodemous: where nessesary

[] lrdnova: oh come on zach no fracturing of the thumbs, not even a lil

[] Zach Nicodemous: Nope


[] Falin: can th queen still tell canadians what to do?

[] BLZBUB: technically...yes

[] Zach Nicodemous: Haha

[] Titan-Amaranth: what do you think Zhach?

[] Falin: you know over on the SGW forums, they're having a very similar argument like on the STO forums abut following canon and "cypoerpunking" the game

[] BLZBUB: and so can the President of the United States read the Riot Act and call out the Militia to enforce it in the U.S.

[] BLZBUB: in Canada the P.M. "reads the Riot Act"

[] BLZBUB: So, in order for Zach to enforce a riot act on this forum, he would have to announce something to that effect before action could be enforced...such as:

[] BLZBUB: Our Sovereign Lord the King chargeth and commandeth all persons, being assembled, immediately to disperse themselves, and peaceably to depart to their habitations, or to their lawful business, upon the pains contained in

[] Titan-Amaranth: BLZBUB i published the Robin class, y dont you check it out?

[] BLZBUB: the act made in the first year of King George, for preventing tumults and riotous assemblies. Q Save the King.

[] Crazyfist: Hey guys

[] BLZBUB:  or wording consistent with the UFP

[] Crazyfist: what about the UFP?

[] BLZBUB: okay Titan. I'll go look-see

[] Falin: I need food, bbl

[] Titan-Amaranth: k

[] Titan-Amaranth: BLZBUB are you alive?

[] BLZBUB: yessir! just posted on your Robin class =)

[] BLZBUB: don't phase me bro! Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: D'oh its suposed to be warp 4 not 8, giv me 1 min to corect it

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: corected

[] BLZBUB: then I'll have to edit my own! ::walks away dispassionately:: Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: my turn. lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] BLZBUB: okay! warp 4.5 is your final answer? heh heh

[] Titan-Amaranth: what abut you 2 lrdnova, sm12905? can you check it?

[] MrJuliano: I prefer going warp 7, just cause i like the number 7

[] Kinneas: :: Strolls from the turbolift for another coffee::

[] Kinneas: Thats a good cruising speed.

[] BLZBUB: Quick! someone guard the Torp. launching buttons!

[] MrJuliano: i wanna launch a torpedo!!

[] BLZBUB: not your turn yet!

[] Kinneas: heheh. Worried I'll set my coffee on it again?

[] MrJuliano: :((

[] BLZBUB: is K'Suans' turn I think

[] Kinneas: Were pointing straight at K-7...we'll be docking shortly.

[] BLZBUB: ;)

[] Titan-Amaranth: i have loct the panel anyway

[] BLZBUB: did you realize where K-7 was when you picked that destination Kinneas?

[] MrJuliano: Didn't have much choice, it's one of the few places we can go to refit

[] Titan-Amaranth: Kinneas try one of the Robin Drone insted of torpedos

[] Titan-Amaranth: thay have puls phasers to^^

[] MrJuliano: we should upgrade the weapons systems...just in case

[] BLZBUB: but it is so close to Klingon border...and, as Kirk once said..."DON"T TRUST THEM!" heh heh

[] MrJuliano: oh, Klinks are no big deal where I come from...I actually dated a Klingon girl once

[] BLZBUB: and survived!

[] MrJuliano: barely

[] BLZBUB: lol

[] Kinneas: Yeah I know exactly where we are

[] Kinneas: :: pulls up some star charts on the main screen. ::

[] BLZBUB: well I thought you would Captain. it is just a heck of a sector to be in...what with all the Klingon's around...and Gorn! 0.0

[] Kinneas: : smiles:  Exactly.

[] Kinneas: Risa is nearby too.

[] Kinneas: : smiles:  So is Organia.

[] BLZBUB: okay MrJ! I agree with you. Upgrade the weapons systems to max

[] Kinneas: I believe something hot is going to happen

[] Kinneas: I think this is exactly where we need to be for awhile.

[] Titan-Amaranth: am i mising somthing?

[] BLZBUB: well...Risa is a fair distance from K-7, I beleive

[] Kinneas: Nope.

[] Titan-Amaranth: gtg seya later

[] Kinneas: Not according to these maps.  (( Star Trek: Star Charts)

[] MrJuliano: hmmm....gonna need some weapons systems first!

[] Kinneas: The Devil Fish, being an ex militia ship still hass all of its weapons.

[] MrJuliano: well, yeah...would be nice to launch a quantum toredo now and then, though

[] Kinneas: All of the teeth are phasers, the tongue is a photo launcher. we still have shuttles and a few fighters in the landing bay.   

[] Kinneas: We have scatterpack supplies and can make those and wild weasels.

[] Kinneas: Quite a few mines.

[] MrJuliano: oooh, nifty

[] Kinneas: We have some of the best tacticians around :opens arms at all gathered:

[] Kinneas:  I think we will be o.k.

[] BLZBUB: a few fighters? cool

[] Kinneas: She is a tough ship

[] BLZBUB: I have never seen the specs for the Devilfish. *cough cough*

[] Kinneas: the impulse jets are the best feature though.  She can turn on a dime. Vector controlled thrust.

[] Kinneas: Yeah I never was one for participating in the SDB

[] BLZBUB: Ah! side slip impulse jets...aka...Wambundnu class

[] seras_jades: BLZBUB I dont know why, byt yer name looks rather familiar

[] Kinneas: Who

[] BLZBUB: short but swet, but slightly camoflaged to be un-obtrusive! Cheesy Smile

[] BLZBUB: *sweet

[] Kinneas: oh

[] BLZBUB: centuries ago they mis-spelt it, and it has been hard to fix it back  in the human collective thought processes ;P

[] * BLZBUB wanders off whistling 'I shall return' ...

[] Kinneas: ::smiles and goes back to reports :::

[] Titan-Amaranth: im back

[] Alter Ego: hello, Fools!

[] Titan-Amaranth: says the flat headed klingon^^

[] lrdnova: oh YAY everyone its ALTER EGO!!!

[] lrdnova: so did you manage to bring your minions with you too loser!

[] Zach Nicodemous: He has no minions

[] Zach Nicodemous: He is just a sad little person in his own sad little world. Everyone feel sorry for AE - come on! Crying Gorn

[] lrdnova: ::Cries so much for AE::

[] Alter Ego: SILENCE!

[] Alter Ego: I will not be made fun of by the likes of you fools

[] lrdnova: LOL

[] Zach Nicodemous: Awww we made it angry!

[] lrdnova: watch I say say it loud too SILENCE!

[] Alter Ego: No, you made me irritated, and I am not someone who you want to irritate, Essex Boy!

[] lrdnova: Why

[] Alter Ego: because!

[] lrdnova: Why

[] Alter Ego: don't make me smite you, Irdnova. I know where the button is, and I will use it!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Ohhhhh Im shakin in ma boots redneck! And thats not irritation from me AE, thats from the cheap orion 'censored' you slept with earlier - probably gave u an STD

[] Alter Ego: ugh, to think that I would fall to my baser instincts around these Orions shows how little you know of me

[] Alter Ego: I have nut one quest in this universe, and soon my plans will be complete!

[] lrdnova: WHY

[] Zach Nicodemous: How little i know of you? i never knew you were illiterate! wow

[] Alter Ego: i don't have time for this. goodbye, fools. have fun with your little "news" story, Zach

[] lrdnova: WHY

[] Alter Ego: *smite*

[] lrdnova: WHY

[] MrJuliano: how in the heck does he keep getting in here?

[] lrdnova: The Domain Admin is inept

[] MrJuliano: apparently

[] lrdnova: lol

[] lrdnova: waits for a Smite from Zach

[] MrJuliano: hah

[] Titan-Amaranth: hey Irdnova, did you see my new Interceptor?

[] lrdnova: No not yet

[] lrdnova: ill take a look at it in abit

[] Titan-Amaranth: yhanks^^

[] BLZBUB: Well dag nab it all! I missed Alter Ego! Now how shall I carry on in this cruel universe!

[] Titan-Amaranth: you have me^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: no whait.. thats not anny comfort...

[] T1aO_DJ: Hello form The AriesFleet !

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi

[] lrdnova: hello

[] MrJuliano: Greetings!

[] T1aO_DJ: so how is life here ?

[] BLZBUB: now tat Alter Ego has left? Normal! Cheesy Smile

[] BLZBUB: *that

[] BLZBUB: what is Aries Fleet up to these days?

[] MrJuliano: yes, thankfully he was just here for a minute. i guess he saw Zach's news story and wanted to comment on it.

[] T1aO_DJ: wel we are filling up our time until STO with a text base roll playing game in Dutch Cheesy Smile

[] MrJuliano: oooh, i should learn Dutch!

[] BLZBUB: Ah, is Sherrifnl with you then?

[] Titan-Amaranth: roll play, like Inqvisitor?

[] BLZBUB: he posted earlier in ... an Aries Fleet start, I guess

[] Zach Nicodemous: Hey T1aO_DJ - get an easier name to type :p Oh - And Welcome!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Woah Sorry about that Folks! We got attacked i think!

[] Kinneas: STATUS REPORT!   What the hell just happened!??

[] Kinneas: ::: picks self up off the floor:::

[] Kinneas: ::leaps to a station to check damage reports  :::

[] Sheriffnl: dunno?, i know i just tripped over a wire here, and plugged it back in just now ... might have something to do what that?

[] Kinneas: ::blood dripping onto the console:: :: Thick black smoke in the air::::

[] MrJuliano: Initiating Level 1 diagnostic on all systems, main power is back online

[] MrJuliano: I thought that cord was supposed to be taped down!!! Where the hell is David at?!

[] Kinneas: Oh man...good thing this happened before we were closer to K-7.

[] Kinneas: I'm going to engineering!  :: decides to take the stairs instead of the turbolift at this time :::

[] MrJuliano: if we crash into an asteroid, i'm throwing him out the airlock! i mean it this time

[] Sheriffnl: zach, just call T1aO_DJ; DJ ... that would be much easier

[] K'Suan'Indra: None of you can be left alone for any length of time....::lips pursed tightly::

[] Falin: ok, who turned off the transporters? i had to take a shuttle tyo get here!

[] MrJuliano: they'll b back online in a minute

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::moves over to her console to see if anyone messed with anything::

[] Kinneas:  Kinneas to Bridge.  A lot of smoke but no serious damage.

[] Kinneas: We're gonna need a calibration added onto the list of things to do at K-7,

[] Kinneas: Going to check the hulls.

[] K'Suan'Indra: Would tjis have anything to with the sub-par air scrubbing filters? ::finger on the communication button::

[] Alter Ego: Hahahahahaha

[] Alter Ego: your ship sucks

[] Falin: mm..weird, i found this in the computer library:

[] K'Suan'Indra: Why are you laughing? You are on the same ship we are.

[] T1aO_DJ: yes just call me DJ

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::glancing around as if she could see AE::

[] Alter Ego: No...not really...only sort of

[] K'Suan'Indra: There is no 'sort of'. Either you are or you are not.

[] Falin: hmm..sort of? is he pulling a futuristic danieals crud thing again?

[] K'Suan'Indra:'s a wondrous entity...::

[] Alter Ego: No, no, it's just beyond your understanding

[] Alter Ego: Just thought I'd let you guys all know this:

[] Alter Ego: have fun fixing your....vessel...if it can even be called that

[] K'Suan'Indra: You are nothing but a pain.

[] MrJuliano: dammit, how does he always know to leave RIGHT BEFORE I get here?

[] MrJuliano: anyway, the deflector is back online, we can go to warp again

[] * Falin looks at the transpoter, then shakes head alks back to shuttle bay and makes sure his shuttle is preped and ready for any emergeny

[] K'Suan'Indra: It would be interesting to ind eld with you and see just how the issue with your other self all started...

[] MrJuliano: temporal incident. i don't like talking about it

[] K'Suan'Indra: Scar you physically?

[] MrJuliano: well, no, but a long story

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi all

[] MrJuliano: hi titan

[] Falin: he forgot to follow the

[] MrJuliano: yeah...kinda

[] Falin: and caused this:

[] Titan-Amaranth: how, what, when?

[] K'Suan'Indra: ::goes back to studying the console::

[] MrJuliano: they were asking how Alter Ego was created, titan

[] Random Redshirt: Greetings fellow Treksters

[] Bajoran Berrie: hey everyone

[] Falin: but don't worry, we did this to stop him:

[] Falin: hey RR

[] Random Redshirt: hey falin

[] Titan-Amaranth: Rzndom! havent seen you in days!

[] Titan-Amaranth: *Random

[] lrdnova: did this site crash earlier!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Yes. We need a new server :(

[] Kinneas: Kinn to bridge.  No damage on either hull.

[] Falin: now this should be the cover art for STO: Cheesy Smile

[] Titan-Amaranth: will that efect mutch?

[] Kinneas: Continuing visual inspection.

[] MrJuliano: hang on, kinn...communications are very fuzzy....

[] Titan-Amaranth: comms ben fuzzy all day

[] Falin: just don't try to use the transporters, i heard someone got scrambled earlier

[] MrJuliano: we definitely need this refit

[] Titan-Amaranth: lt badluk got scrambled in the transport^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: *Lt. Badluk

[] Falin: also avoid the tractor beams, seems AE might have tampered with them, they're now Tractor repulsor beams that tear whatever they grab onto

[] Kinneas: Advanced revie of Derek Chester and D.C. Fontana's new Star Trek 'YEAR FOUR' comics by IDW PUblishing:

[] MrJuliano: ugh, that measn i've gotta reverse their polarity through th deflector....grrrr....

[] Falin: that poor gorn shuttle just didn't have a chance

[] Kinneas: Derek Chester: Game writer : Bridge Commander &  Legacy

[] Falin: D.C. Fontana: gddess of all that's Trek

[] Falin: I'd follow her to Trek hell and back Cheesy Smile

[] Kinneas: WTF where is Derek's name!  It is not in this review

[] MrJuliano: well...I'd say Seven Of Nine was the Qdess of Trek....hubba hubba

[] Titan-Amaranth: i might be branded outsider and trek noob fore asking this,but: who is she?

[] MrJuliano: Qdess, rather

[] MrJuliano: oh, lol, we can't say g-o-d here? thats funny

[] MrJuliano: Q

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] Kinneas: Target the reviewer and launch a drone please.

[] Falin: no 7of9 was the trek 'censored'ness ;)

[] Kinneas: This will not go unpunished.

[] MrJuliano: target locked!

[] Falin: oh my, can't even say hore

[] Kinneas: Give the word, Zach?

[] MrJuliano: well, no, falin, cause that's mean

[] Zach Nicodemous: FIRE!

[] Falin: D.C. Fontana: one of the early TOS writers, wrote what's considered the best episodes as well as a few TNG ones

[] MrJuliano: ::presses button....nothing happens::

[] MrJuliano: dammit!!!

[] Kinneas: With Derek's help these YEAR FOUR comics should be the BOMB

[] MrJuliano: i'll go fix that, too!

[] Falin: photos on the fritz again?

[] Falin: communications channel is slow

[] Kinneas: The offering by IDW so far have been....   hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   : sticks finger down throat ::::

[] MrJuliano: we can't get this ship to K7 fast enough

[] Kinneas: I hope this is a B I G turn around!

[] Falin: umm..i asked for a status report and the computer dl this to my comm pad:

[] MrJuliano: hmmm....

[] MrJuliano: that's bad

[] Kinneas: I liked that artwork earlier, btw

[] MrJuliano: yay, i found the problem!

[] Falin: steve cole stuff Cheesy Smile

[] Kinneas: The lighting is beautiful. I did not know that was hit. wow

[] Kinneas: *his

[] ShockWave_Omega: More greetings from the Aries Fleet.

[] Falin: well his crew

[] MrJuliano: hi shockwave!

[] ShockWave_Omega: Hey

[] ShockWave_Omega: nice shows btw guys

[] Titan-Amaranth: hi Shockwave

[] ShockWave_Omega: hey

[] Titan-Amaranth: are you new to this forum? havent seen you before

[] ShockWave_Omega: aye brand new ... got my login just before I couldnt login anymore

[] Titan-Amaranth: in that case

[] Titan-Amaranth: WELCOME!

[] Titan-Amaranth: ^^

[] ShockWave_Omega: Big Cheesy Smile thanks

[] Titan-Amaranth: do you have a 40k army?

[] ShockWave_Omega: 40k army?

[] Titan-Amaranth: Warhammer 40.000 army

[] ShockWave_Omega: nope sorry ..

[] Titan-Amaranth: ok^^

[] Titan-Amaranth: it just sems like im the only one

[] ShockWave_Omega: you mean the little metal characters right?

[] Titan-Amaranth: srt of

[] ShockWave_Omega: nope sorry dont have those .. mostly play games on my pc

[] Titan-Amaranth: thees am i talking abut

[] MrJuliano: i love that game

[] Titan-Amaranth: u do?

[] ShockWave_Omega: yeah the little metal guys .. they dont have that many shops that sell em around here .. atleast not anymore

[] Titan-Amaranth: witch army?

[] Titan-Amaranth: MrJ do you have an army?

[] MrJuliano: oh, i forget, i haven't playd it in years and years, but i used to play it in school

[] MrJuliano: instead of doing work, lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: i whant to show you a modeli painted whait a little

[] Titan-Amaranth: the text is in norwegen so dont bother to try understand

[] Titan-Amaranth: youthinks?

[] MrJuliano: lol

[] MrJuliano: it looks awesome!

[] Titan-Amaranth: what?

[] MrJuliano: norweigian is a cool language

[] Titan-Amaranth: Thanks

[] Titan-Amaranth: lol y?

[] MrJuliano: the norweigian, i went to it, and at first i was looking at it like, did i forget how to read??! lol

[] Titan-Amaranth: u meen you whent to norway. right?

[] Kinneas: ***K'Suan in a bikini*** coming soon  ** HF SPRING BREAK SPECIAL ***   Reserve your spot early!

[] Titan-Amaranth: ?

[] * Sheriffnl looks around, getting some duct-tape.. and taping the wire on the ground thinking *now nobody will trip over this darn wire again*

[] MrJuliano: haha, thanks Sheriff

[] * bazso waves with his hamster paw

[] bazso: hails everyone

[] bazso: wow i had no ideal that nc soft was that powerfull of a company

[] Sheriffnl: hmm, has ceased their Star Trek Online division ...

[] bazso: what?

[] Sheriffnl: ...rewind.... press play on tape ... read two lines back.. again :P

[] bazso: man your right i don't even see it in the list

[] Zach Nicodemous: Its been like that for about 15 hours now

[] Sheriffnl: ow oke Cheesy Smile

[] Sheriffnl: im off to bed guys, see ya later!!

[] Zach Nicodemous: Someone had request an "all users online today" bar on the bottom of the forum. I added it

[] Sheriffnl: i see it Cheesy Smile

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hi Everyone

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Is anyone on the shoutbox?

[] Zach Nicodemous: Me

[] Admiral of Starfleet: Hj Zach

[] Admiral of Starfleet: hi

[] Kinneas: :: run past :  Hey!   Gotta run...

[] Kinneas: ::runs back in and taps a button:  To Lotus Fleet: Lord Nova and Random Redshirt. Audio files needed Cheesy Smile   mixing underway.  Thank you gentlemen.  Devil Fish, out.   ::runs back out :::

[] MrJuliano: im glad communications are back online!

[] K'Suan'Indra: Good night to any and all that are here...I shall see you on the morrow...

[] Ran