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Author Topic: Star Trek Legacy: The Aftermath  (Read 3422 times)

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Star Trek Legacy: The Aftermath
« on: 01 March 2008 10:54 AM »

The Aftermath mod is out for public download at

Introducing the latest release from Aftermath, the 1.7 release

Following on from the Public Beta, the latest release we have for you all is Aftermath 1.7. The main focus of this release is the inclusion of the Historical Missions mode by both Gamemaster and Skeeter.

The Historical Missions mode is much more than shooting a few ships up and the mission ends. Our first cycle of missions have a high level of user interactivity to give the player a sense of shaping the way the missions played out on tv. The amount of backbone this adds to each mission provides a depth to the mode others have yet to take to the public.

There are 6 missions in the first cycle on offer in 1.7 ranging from TOS to TNG eras. The missions available in 1.7 are:

The Ultimate Computer
Wrath of Khan
Yesterdays Enterprise
Way of the Warrior
Paradise Lost

Each mission is individually scripted by either Gamemaster or Skeeter.

Not only is the Historical Missions mode fully scripted, but the Armada modes are now scripted too (bar a couple community made maps). Each one is individually scripted under a new naming convention of the mission tools (they donít run under the normal STLxx format). Each map has small info on the scenario, but this will be updated over time.

Another feature that is in 1.7 that is a first for any Legacy mod is the inclusion of additional speeds. No longer are there ľ, Ĺ and full but you now have a choice of 5 engine speeds. The test system currently in place in the 1.7 release awaits a new delivery method but it is fully functioning. The release notes explain it more in detail.

A patch will be released within the next couple weeks for German installs of Legacy. This patch will be like the Public Beta patch, a language based patch. The 1.7 German Patch will allow German players to play Aftermath in German. - for Aftermath footage - for Aftermath 1.7 download

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Re: Star Trek Legacy: The Aftermath
« Reply #1 on: 16 March 2008 03:59 PM »
1.9 Features preview

Rebuilt Stock maps to reduce lag and provide an increased amount of enemies
Borg Cube Retextured
Historical Mission - Best of Both Worlds
New Planet textures
New In-game tutorial missions

More new updates as they develop