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Author Topic: The Legendary Generations Mod v2.0  (Read 3652 times)

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The Legendary Generations Mod v2.0
« on: 11 May 2007 05:24 PM »
Finally, at long last, The Legendary Generations Mod presents our latest release, v2.0! Its been a long time since our first release as TLG, and weve come a long way. Weve added a lot to the mod, and made a lot of improvements. Weve tested out all the major bugs, and most of the minor ones, rebalanced stats across all the eras, made some changes to the menu UI, added our new, completely reworked stat display system for the fleet selection menu to all ships, added new torpedo sprites, properly balanced both the ship destruction blast damage and radii and the ship repair rates, fixed the campaign so that you can now play it with our stats up through the TOS era (full campaign expected to be fully functional by our next major release), added some new, Canon and HIGH QUALITY sound effects to TOS and TMP (more to come in upcoming releases), and the crown jewel of this release: all new, Canon and HIGH QUALITY music for the menu and all races save the Borg. Were very proud of what weve accomplished with this release, and only wish we could add more (we were actually delayed a few days because we kept shooting ourselves in the foot, adding last-minute fixes and updates). We hope you enjoy our mod. Feel free to gives us your feedback and suggestions here on the forum.

-The TLG Team

***WARNING: This is a BIG download, over 260 MB, expect a long download time, especially if youre on 56k***

* Canon Stat Systems: Ships now have proper weapon and hull stats.
* Ships are scaled
* A revised UI: This is just a start we have more coming
* Revised Fleet Selection System
* New TMP Era Races: This allows you to play a TMP only game for all races
* Single Player Campaign: Our mod allows you to play the single player campaign through TOS currently with everything working like the stock game however with our new canon stat system.
* New Intro Music and Klingon Music: A Brand New and Canon Music Pack will be released this week as well for all races except the Borg.
* New Races and Ships: New Xindi Race with new ships and enhanced textures
* Enhanced Torpedo Textures
* Dual Firing Weapons for the Defiant Pulse Phasers and Torps
* Free Cam System: Enables you to take screenshots of your favorite sceens without any text or menus in the way.
* Canon TOS Romulan Plasma Torpedo
* New Loading Screen
* New Splash Screen
* New Menu Logo
Integrated TEM 1.0 Enhancements as well.

Questions or comments? Post away, or (for a faster response) visit our forums, off our main site at

TLG v2.0 download sites:
TLG Website: Mirror:
Legacy Files:;78905x#1230383