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Author Topic: Fleets or Guilds  (Read 11512 times)

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Re: Fleets or Guilds
« Reply #30 on: 29 June 2008 06:27 PM »
I think FLEETS would be better than Guilds. Because I have been using the word Fleets for my whole life and im used to Fleets.
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Re: Fleets or Guilds
« Reply #31 on: 22 July 2008 05:43 PM »

Why have a requirement to be called a fleet?  Is there a requirement to be a guild?  No.  A guild can have one person.

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Re: Fleets or Guilds
« Reply #32 on: 23 July 2008 04:16 AM »
which one.... which one.... tough choice ....since It is Star FLEET and Star FLEET acadamy is where you start. The enterprise was part of a FLEET.FLEET actions were part of the war with the Klingon empire and the Borg race.FLEET command sent messages to The enterprise on a regular basis.Ships are part of FLEETS. I guess I'll go with GUILD :P

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Re: Fleets or Guilds
« Reply #33 on: 05 August 2008 03:51 PM »
Yes however the reason you might find difficulty with that idea is that, a single house may have multiple smaller houses under them, as well as connection with multiple larger or smaller groups of ships. so the question remains do we adapt STO to fit what the ours, and the developers understanding of canon is, or should a standard be created in which the representation of a Guild, Raiding Party, and single ship/player or given standard names.

Or what about both, who's to say that a the Ferangi couldn't use the term guild, where the klingons use the term house, and the Federation use the term Fleet.

Excactly.  I think a big part of making factions work right in STO is making them fundamentally different.  Player groups in the Federation have different purposes sizes, rules and capabilities than player groups in the Klingon or Romulan Empires... they should certainly have different names, but Klingon Houses and Ferengi Guilds don't need to be designed with Fleets in mind.
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Re: Fleets or Guilds
« Reply #34 on: 20 August 2008 01:57 AM »
Can we please refer to guilds as FLEETS with Star Trek:Online?      Guild is so...D&D.

I picked Fleets, and it's going to be Fleets.  :huhyes: