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Author Topic: Mods?  (Read 2693 times)

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« on: 15 July 2008 06:22 PM »
Would it be cool if we could mod STO?
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Re: Mods?
« Reply #1 on: 15 July 2008 07:49 PM »
This is actually a subject that has been brought up in the days of and one thing that I proposed is that this is the area in which the Holodecks could be used to a great deal. If there is anything about an Internet based game that I hate its when the host companies servers go down, and I am left with nothing to do but wait for the servers to come up. To that end I have been a huge advocate for Offline content that can be later integrated a shared. This is also my feeling that should we as the players want to be "holonovolists" that this method would get us as close to that as possible. On the Flip side if as a guild leader I wanted to create a customized Kobeyashi Maru for my members then this would certainly give me that ability to do so.

In short I dont think that Modding to the degree that we are used to seeing with BC and Elite Forces and Legacy is feasible for STO however a flexiable and scalable Offline content generator for the purpose of the Ingame Holodeck would be unique and very engaging, not to mention the possibilities if its built right would be limitless for users to engage in content driven battles that put them either inside non-canon environments or pre-built cannon battles like Wolf 359.