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Author Topic: New STO Interview on Warcry  (Read 1452 times)

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New STO Interview on Warcry
« on: 22 January 2007 05:20 PM »
Hey guys, I just got the heads up of an interview with Executive Producer, Daron Stinnett from the WarCry Network! This one is quite informative with a great mixture of questions and answers... Head on over there and check it out now!

WarCry Network: While I've heard you answer this a few times, some people seem convinced that they'll be playing a single role on a star ship, like the show. Can you explain the control dynamics of the avatar vs. those of the ship?

Daron Sinnett: The easiest way to explain the dynamic between your avatar and ship in MMORPG terms is to think of your ship as a mount that is an upgradeable combat platform. Early in one's career, you will gain command your first small solo ship to freely navigate the galaxy. As you progress in your career and make alliances, you'll gain access to bigger and better ships to upgrade in parallel to your avatar. And when players decide to group with others in space, the choice is yours, group as individual ships or crew together aboard a single ship. Our design is geared towards providing players with the freedom to choose his or her own path on a journey through the galaxy.