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Author Topic: The BIG unveiling!  (Read 2684 times)

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The BIG unveiling!
« on: 11 August 2008 09:04 AM »

  Well we waited and waited and finally we got to see a bit of what were in for, so wthout further ado........

   The video was short and quick and was certianly more than I expected to see at this point in it's development to be sure, it was also not quite what I hoped for either. Still overall I'm not dissapointed, They are further along than I expected.   I did feel that the avatars looked rather bland but I'm sure this will be rectified down the road of it's development, we are at an early stage of it's development afterall so before anyone complains too much, keep that fact in mind.

   While we wont have player crews, at least initially we will have player ship interiors according to Jack. He did say each ship will be laid out deck by deck and you could go to famailiar places like sickbay and engineering and so on. No mention of personal quarters tho. But still this will I'm sure make a lot of people happy including myself.

   Ship customization: Jack informed us that we can give bonus' to our ships within certain limits, this is a good thing. I would hate to see shuttles going around blowing up starships and laying waste to entire planets. You can also make 'some'  changes to a ships appearance inside and outside, depending on how extensive this option is I wil refrain from making any comment.

  In the initial presentation, Jack Emmert said that there will be plenty to explore and discover, new races, technologies and even new resources can be found, you may even be able to 'recruit' some members of these new races into your ship crews. Personally I dont like that idea too much unless they go through the academy process first IMO .  The diplomacy option while I'm sure will be in there was down played by jack for whatever reason, no doubt even he is unsure how it will be implemented at this point in the games development.

  Also NPC"s will essentially be 'pets' of the sto game, I'm not too sure I like npc crewman reffered to so bluntly in that way, I can just imagine how many players may end up treating their crews in the game, however I'm sure there will be an answer for this as more of the game is revealed over time ( I hope ). Hopefully this will be mitigated by a morale score, if you treat them right they will treat you well in return and that only makes sense anyway.

   Jack mentioned there will be a huge economy and will be in a sense the back bone of any governments development aka the guilds or fleets. And fleets will not only be there to fight in pvp battles but also help to prop up an economy, locating and obtaining resources, building stations and starbases as well as building larger ships which can be loaned out to potential captains for a period of time ,  I'm not sure what to make of that, but it does mean that a guild stands for a whole lot more than just pvp'ing if you dont want to fight you could always contribute to your fleet by hunting down these resources like metals for ship building and of course  dilithium to power them, this is to my knowledge a new and exciting alternative to those who want to take a break from pvp or doing missions and help your guild. I dont believe any MMO has done this, correct me if I'm mistaken.

  Despite all of the interesting plans for sto, I really did'nt see anything much on really what trek is about, hope for the future and about people  and the human condition. What I did see was a game that has the facade of a trek universe, but to their credit Cryptic is a company, and companies need to make money and trek is a huge cash cow ready to be plucked. Of course they jumped at it would'nt you if you had the money for making an MMO? 

  So I guess what I'm saying here is while this is not trek ( at least not yet ) there is only one MMO that even remotely comes close to a good sci fi game that we can all play SWG, and after the nightmare of what it went through in recent times, what really is the alternative? None.
  There are combat sims a plenty like eve but it's not trek and lacks the avatars nessesary IMO for interacting with other players. Fantasy MMO's? This area has literally been beaten to death, and I really want to see something different. STO may or may not be trek but I WILL play this game, it does have many interesting aspects to it and I huuuuunnger for something new and different. 

  I think a lot of us do.

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Re: The BIG unveiling!
« Reply #1 on: 11 August 2008 09:41 PM »
After seeing the video and the interview... I have to say I'm more excited and confident about Jumpgate Evolution, which is another space MMO in development.  Sure, it's further along than STO, but STO's gameplay features aren't what I expect a ST MMO to have.  It seems like they just took the easy road on this one.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I wish the MMO was tied into the new movie coming out.  I love the new and gritty vision for Star Trek that this new movie is trying to create.  Perhaps the MMO could have really tag teamed... at least from a design standpoint.