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Author Topic: The wait for Star Trek Online....  (Read 2601 times)

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The wait for Star Trek Online....
« on: 08 August 2009 02:13 PM »
It's hard to believe that by the time STO is released we would have been through 3 versions of Windows....
XP to Vista to Seven.... Has it really been that long waiting for this ? Seems like only yesterday doesn't it ?
A lot of other things have happened as well along the way I'm sure. What does everyone remember happening
while waiting for STO to be released ? Well besides the obvious like The Franchise geeting a swift kick in the
pants from the Muti-Million Dollar box office smash we call "Star Trek" that came out this year of course.
I'm sure new fans were born from old fans, marragies happened, and so forth during this long wait.

STAR TREK is dead, long live STAR TREK

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Re: The wait for Star Trek Online....
« Reply #1 on: 08 August 2009 08:39 PM »
It certainly has been a long time to get from there to here in terms of STO, I am just glad it is finally on the horizon.   

The new Star Trek movie has really kicked things in the backside and I hope that the next movie does just as well.  I also am looking forward to the inevitable new TV series.

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Re: The wait for Star Trek Online....
« Reply #2 on: 09 August 2009 12:42 AM »
  The wait has been a good one.

  The efforts by HF and others to keep the ST Genre of games alive and in the front focus has been tremendous. Yes, we all have evolved with our lives. Our focuses have shifted and changed, relationships born and died. Marriages and of course children.

  Now, we are at the pre-stage. With the STO Beta coming and the release of the game in 2010, we will have to wait a while longer. Remember, all the ST Gamers that have left the genre years ago have been watching, waiting and hoping that this will be The ONE. Hoping that this one will be worth the wait. There are lots of hopes riding high on STO. I do not think that any of us will be dissappointed. The "Star Trek" movie helped in the publication of STO Information and the attention it now recieves and will recieve in the coming months.