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Title: TRANSCRIPTS_Cryptic's Jack Emmert on Star Trek Online (New)
Post by: Kinneas on 13 August 2008 08:26 PM
part two is below.

Title: Re: TRANSCRIPTIONS_Jack Emmert interview with Hailing Frequency
Post by: Kinneas on 13 August 2008 11:31 PM
Part 2

Title: Re: TRANSCRIPTS_Jack Emmert interview with Hailing Frequency & Lotus Fleet
Post by: Daniels on 14 August 2008 12:43 AM
I'm for one and also according to the Las Vegas Convention webcast quite attached to idea of building starbases. Further the third person player character will have as extinctions the 5 NPC which are (in the beginning, then envolve more into the game) the crew of the PC. A recent aspect of ST:O will be PvP & PvE combat as Jack Emmert told alike making use of phaser beams in ground against NPCs and as seen in the official trailer against PCs on one own ship. This leads to the space enviromental topic for the reason a ship will make use of a battle against others. I like alot to customize my ship like fitting out the nacelles (warp drive), the weapons & sensors...

Personaly I agree with Jack Emmert to rank up to Captain in the game process. Also I heard something about Timetravel. The idea of Transwarp conduits makes the game even more progressive. He indeed did told about events when hostile species are willing to conquer a starsystem.

Regards to Mr. Emmert Enterprise will remain an old ship as the focus will be on the entire Federation & Klingons with all the species & enemies.
Title: Re: TRANSCRIPTS_Cryptic's Jack Emmert on Star Trek Online (New)
Post by: BLZBUB on 14 August 2008 06:54 AM
 I see someone has been busy! ;P Thanks for the hard work here Kinneas!

 I am really impressed with the direction Mr. Emmert and Cryptic is taking our game. The fact that we can all be 'Captains' at launch is a wish granted, and I for one am sure that I will be traversing a few Transwarp conduits right from the get-go.

 Also, I am glad that I will be able to be alongside my friends from over-sea's, as the fleet I am currently a part of is truly global in scope and we were hoping to be able to form squadrons with our fleet. Y'all watch out for STOFleet Command after launch people! We're gonna have the baddest Star Base in three quadrants! :muaha:

One thing that did worry me was the fact that Cryptic decided to divide out a section of the Alpha Quadrant, and then split that into zones and then star systems. We are all aware that the Klingon Empire is in the Beta Quadrant, and if this game ( at launch ) is set in the Alpha Quadrant, I fail to see how the Klingon Faction would be able to function as a part of STO, when they are not even inside their own space!
Perhaps I am being overly critical though, and should not worry about how a few hundred Klingons are going to make out in Federation space so far from their home planet.
Title: Re: TRANSCRIPTS_Cryptic's Jack Emmert on Star Trek Online (New)
Post by: Blackfire on 14 August 2008 03:36 PM

  I am looking forward to the new STO and very interested and worried about some of things regarding customization.

   I imagine the science stations that were referred to in the interview will be where new technologies can be researched by fleets.