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Author Topic: Amazon preorder  (Read 4140 times)

Offline Jatal Khyron

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Re: Amazon preorder
« Reply #10 on: 31 December 2009 02:45 PM »
I actually switched my order from Amazon to the Atari Digital Download, because I wanted/needed the joined Trill perk. I have a question tho. I redeemed my pre-order key, but is there anything I'm supposed to do afterwards? Download the game, or something like that? Because when I redeemed my key nothing really prompted me to do anything else...

Offline Gul Eplon Ghemor

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Re: Amazon preorder
« Reply #11 on: 31 December 2009 06:37 PM »
 :startrek010:I thought about that long and hard and decided to order two and my two Borg officers are stackable so that means my Borg are going to assimilate you. Plus they last you the hole game that a great thing.

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Re: Amazon preorder
« Reply #12 on: 02 January 2010 12:42 AM »
Hey there,
only different pre-order items stack.  You make want to cancel one copy from your order.  Here's the FAQ from, it's the 5th question down...

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Re: Amazon preorder
« Reply #13 on: 13 January 2010 03:13 PM »
ive hope i can make it to the open beta so i can test if i can play it or not, if i can, i would buy the collection edition just for the DS9 uniform, the best ever.