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Author Topic: Argus Array 18 - End of year special  (Read 1075 times)

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Argus Array 18 - End of year special
« on: 23 December 2007 04:03 PM »
Argus Array 18
The end of year special

Victor1st, Chris Jones and MindWipe blows the dust off of the Array and returns to talk about the year that was 2007 in Star Trek and Star Trek Gaming.

Part 1
Bethesda...Past, Present & Future

The guys talk about the 2 years Bethesda have spent in the Star Trek gaming franchise and look to the year of 2008 for Bethesda.

Part 2
Perpetual...A train wreck in slow motion

We chat about the recent events of Perpetual LLC and discuss the rampaging rumours of the Korean investment company who have a massive share in the game which they want to make "casual"...Fly For Fun with Phasers anyone?

Part 3
Star Trek...The future (inc special ST11 rant)

We have a chat for the last 20 odd minutes about the current state of the franchise and the latest happenings of the franchises new wheelman....CBS.

We also have an extra special christmas rant...well...Chris has a rant...about Star Trek 11 cause no Argus Array special would be special without a Chris Jones rant on Star Trek 11 - 90210 in Space!


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