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Author Topic: Hailing Frequency 44 ft STGN, Armada 1 Dead? P2 / Kohnke Settlement + TCW Exclu!  (Read 3621 times)

Offline Zach

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Greetings All,

Hailing Frequency 44 has arrived - sorry it is a day late folks, my internet died yesterday and only just came back on.

Quite a short show for you this week as there has not been a whole lot going on, but as always we have strived to bring you a quality production.

K'suan'indra brings us a roundup of all the latest star trek gaming news, and Juliano brings us another great and informative edition of the STO-Zone.

Additionally, we get an exclusive look at the Enterprise Temporal Cold War internal Beta - Check out the hyper-cool screenshots and video file below!

Croesus is on shore leave this week to Delta IV, visiting a luxury deltan spa, so unfortunatly we have no Mod Weekly this time round.

Show Summary:

  • Full Cast Opening Scene and Introduction
  • Star Trek Gaming News with K'suan'indra
  • Star Trek Enterprise Temporal Cold War - An EXCLUSIVE look at their internal beta!
  • P2 Entertainment vs Kohnke Lawsuit Settlement!
  • Fleet Radio featuring Magnified with Very Large Array PLUS A Fleet Radio Road Report!
  • Mr Julianos STO Zone becomes - "The Alter Ego Show"
  • Phone In Your Comments Returns!
  • News Just In - An STGN News Update

Download the Show:

Exclusive TCW Screenshots

As promised, below we have attached a number of screenshots taken in the internal Enterprise Temporal Cold War Beta. The graphics represent what TCW might look like on a standard level computer. Pretty spectacular!

Final Notes & Relevant Links & Information

As always - we appreciate any comments and suggestions that you may like to make about Hailing Frequency. To that end, if you do have any comments to make, please visit our forums at

Please - we encourage you all to send in sound recordings wishing your fellow community members seasons greetings. Send any messages to

Phone In Your Comments Returns!

Anyone who used to listen to the older episodes of Hailing Frequency, from episode 1 to around episode 10 - You will remember that Hailing Frequency used to offer a facility to use youe standard telephone to call in your comments.

We are happy to announce that we have now reactivated this service and are busy working to get phone numbers in as many countrys as we can to offer all of our listeners the oppurtunity to call in comments.

At the moment, this service is only re-activated for our USA/Canada Listeners, however numbers for the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands will be coming online soon!

Call in your comments to:

U.S.A / Canada: (206)-202-4077
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Offline Malle

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downloaded and listening ;).

btw. where's the video file mentioned above? Those screenies look hot! nearly as hot as K'suan  :gorn1:

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Another good hailing frequency. Cant wait to find out what happens to Alter Ego when Mr. Juliano gets a hold of him. lol

Offline mindwipe

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alter ego cracks me up lol good show peeps. bit shorter than usual but still enjoyable nonetheless

Offline Omega Man

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Great show as always everyone!

The 1st internal beta is really nice, and runs as well as the screen shots are beautiful. Our Devs are doing incredible work and I personally can't wait for the teaser demo to come out. This MOD is what a lot of us Trek gamers have been waiting for.

p.s. I really like that Alter Ego show too.  :gorn6: 
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