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Author Topic: Hailing Frequency 49 Keys of Legacy Interview, Rockstar, DARPA + STGN & more!  (Read 3479 times)

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Hey Folks,

Sorry for the one day delay in the release of this show. A number of coinciding factors caused some technical hitches and delays that unfortunatly could not be avoided. Some of the audio in this show is a little bit off - we are not sure why, however there was some bugs with our recording equipment this week. While its nothing major, i think most of you will notice that this is not up to our usual quality of sound.

However, in terms of quality of content, we have another great show for you. Alexraptor takes 10 minutes to sit down with us and chat about Keys of Legacy, a hit mod for Star Trek Legacy designed to show folks what the game should of been at launch. Also in this weeks show, we talk about the Rockstar takeover of Mad Doc Software and some of the potential options this could open up for trek gaming.

Mr Juliano presents us with the final part of his "Perfect STO" series in STO-zone this week, and following that, Kinneas tells us about how the U.S Department of Defense contacted him to say they are interested in STO!

Unfortunatly, Croesus has had a bit of a family emergency in the past week, so he has had to shoot of to another part of the country to help deal with that, therefore, we do not have a Mod Weekly in this show. It will however be back with an extended edition next show.

Again, we apolagise for the touchy audio in this show, but rest assured the issues will be tracked down and resolved in time for the big 5-0!

Show Highlights:

Star Trek Gaming News from K'suan'indra
Interview with Alexraptor about Keys of Legacy
Discussion about the Rockstar takeover of Mad Doc Software
Fleet Radio featuring C Layne with "How soon i forget"
Mr Julianos Perfect STO Final Part
U.S Department of Defense is interested in STO! Hear the details!

Download the Show:

US Mirror:
UK Mirror:
Australian Mirror:


As a community supported podcast, we are non for profit and make no money from Hailing Frequency. However, each month our server costs soar into the hundreds, therefore, We are in need of any and all donations. If you feel willing to donate, please visit our Treasury via the Forums or Main Hailing Frequency Website

Would you like to participate in the show?

Hailing Frequency is, and has always been a community podcast. That means that if you, as a community member, would like to participate in the show, all you have to do is record something and send it in too

Perhaps you have a view about something we have said in the show, or perhaps you would like to record a report about something, maybe you have an idea for an entirely new segment? Whatever you want to do, just drop us an e-mail and we will work with you to develop your ideas.


If you have a Star Trek website that you would like to advertise in the show, all you have to do is record a 30 or 60 second long advert and send it in to us. Don't know what to do or say? No problem, just drop us an e-mail and we will work with you to develop an advert!

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We are happy to announce that we have now reactivated this service and are busy working to get phone numbers in as many countrys as we can to offer all of our listeners the oppurtunity to call in comments.

At the moment, this service is only re-activated for our USA/Canada Listeners, however numbers for the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands will be coming online soon!

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Another good podcast, Grand Theft Starship lol.

So whats gonna happen for the big 50, a video podcast? (Maybe an STO Reveal by the super secret person Mr.J has been talking about) I can wish. :muaha:
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good one!

About the DARPA thing, I first thought, uh, late April Fools? ;) especially with the freaky remarks about alien contact(s) in a few decades by named scientists. Have they found a way yet to simulate subspace communications at "warp speed"? To my knowledge, the speed of light is still limiting every information transmission. Unless I see scientific papers about circumventing that problem in theory (talking about practical application is then another thing), I don't really believe that. Okay, scientific advancement could have been made in the dark with the public not knowing about but well, I don't count on it for now ;).

Anyway, on the actual STO impact, well, I'd say the cons outweigh since as Zach said, the game will most likely suffer and become more of a simulation than a fun experience simply due to implementing rather "logical" things. Star Trek is full of strange things like the extremely cool inertia dampeners that never fail when slowing down from full impulse to full halt in about no-time :).

Only if those new guys need the funds, they should call them. Otherwise, they should remain independent from any government agency. Don't want too many outside people have a foot in the door of the program at later decisions for example when the game's out and running. Also don't know if the regular Star Trek fan is someone liking the military that much (and see Starfleet as a military organization which it is, but mostly generiously forgotten in the minds of most fans I think).
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I find it very facinating that with out any real thought that the rep from DARPA was confident that they would have very valuable content and information.

I would love to see real world application introduced into Star Trek Online.

I suppose the next question is how long are we willing to wait. or is it irrelavent, maybe the question should be how long will we have to wait.