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Author Topic: Hailing Frequency #61 | STO News, Interviews w/ Nano (NanoFX) & Klogd (TrekWars)  (Read 3567 times)

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Hey Folks,

Here is Episode 61 of Hailing Frequency which was broadcast to a live audience on Saturday February 21st 2009.

In this show, we cover the latest STO news from the last 2 weeks including an Ask Cryptic Update and 4 new screenshots.

We also have two interviews in this show, the first one is with the legendary Nano - who created NanoFX for Bridge Commander and is currently working on the NanoFX-Evolved Game Engine which is powering Star Trek Excalibur.

As always, we have the latest Star Trek Gaming News Roundup however this week we have an Orion Slave Girl called Amira standing in for K'suan.

Athos joins us once again as a guest host in this show.

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