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Title: In Masse Entertainment is now working
Post by: rsgoldfastcom on 01 June 2018 08:39 AM
"Tera" will eventually come to PS4 this year. In Masse Entertainment is now working on a console version of the popular MMORPG. An exact launch date hasn't yet been given. However, there was an open beta for the game on PS4 per week.

But it was only open for those who participated in the first one. "Tera" will be free download. The game will not be multiplatform. It will be as similar as possible to the PC version.

"Tera" was released to the PC at 2011. It's a huge multiplayer online role-playing game manufactured by Bluehole Studio. It is a truly free game.You can encounter all of the content of the game without paying a dime. You aren't going to need money to function as class you want.

You also won't require money to be the best player you can be. The money won't limit what you could do in the game. But if you want a bracket, accessories or costumes, you'll have to shell out money.

There are seven races to pick from in"Tera": aman, baraka, castanic, elin, high elf, individual and popori. If their HP is under 30 percent, the amani get 10 percent pvp harm. The baraka have immunity to stuns. The elin signature courses are the reaper and the ninja. Humans take less pvp harm.