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January Goal: $300.00
Due Date: Jan 31
Total Receipts: $0.00
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Below Goal: $300.00
Site Currency: USD

As a community, non for profit podcast, we make absolutly no money out of this podcast. In fact, we actually loose money on a monthly basis due to web server and hosting costs.

Although we do not mind this fact, we do get into situations where we require donations.

Each month, we set a monthly goal, which is equal to what we have to spend on the site in that month of the year.

The goals are typically quite low, however, any additional donations each month will be banked, and carried over into the next month where we may not recieve anything!

Donations can be big or small, anything from a dollar to as high as you want.

If you want to help out, please hit the donate button - and in advance, we thank you for your kind help.

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Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
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