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Author Topic: Chief Engineer's Log - U.S.S. Garuda - March 23, 2380 (Non-Canon)  (Read 1980 times)

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Chief Engineer's Personal Log, Date March 23, 2380

Day by day, this ship begins to grow more homey; I've managed to make myself acquainted with my commanding officer and captain, and both seem to be taking an interest to me. This new class of ship, this Century class is interesting. It makes use of the new Warp Core that just came into service, granted... it isn't the first.

The Captain seems to have doubts though, with this big thing cruising at Warp 9.995, faster than even the Intrepid classes. She has me run structural integrity tests every day, at the same time. (Something tells me she used to be an engineer.) The weapons are greater than that of a Sovereign, the speed faster than an Intrepid, what else could a captain ask for? Oh yeah, shielding. Well, luckily, this ship comes equipped with regenerative ablative armor, new shield generators... the works.

Ah well, I've only been here a week, I'll probably get used to her paranoia at some point. *Snicker snicker* Paranoia, what am I saying? Nah. Well, luckily she gave me the Chief Engineer position, otherwise I'd have to work in engineering DAY AND NIGHT. Man, I couldn't stand that. At least now I get to be on the bridge every once in a while.

Apparently our first mission is to patrol the Neutral Zone, although I don't know why Starfleet would position us there, normally our presence there stirs up trouble and we eventually start (yet) another war. I guess I'll learn in time.

End log.

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