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Author Topic: Future Roleplay Idea  (Read 2077 times)

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Future Roleplay Idea
« on: 22 June 2009 12:06 AM »
I have a character I want to share. The main problem is finding a plot. Feel free to make your own character, to see how good/bad this system is. You get 40 character points to spend on five categories.

General Knowledge: Jennzven is a Betazoid male that is heir of a real estate empire. He is considered a ne'er-do-well. His family and friends note a change in his personality since his near death experiance at Risa. Jennzven has become colder and his sense of humor is cruel.
Classified Knowledge: Jennzven is a spy for Species 8472. He was sent to spy because he is considered expendable (like that Ensign in TNG). He is attracted to the dark aspects of Federation cultures, the ones they would rather forget.

Normal Jennzven Stats
Strength- 5
Intelligance- 7
Confidence- 10
Speed- 5
Special Abilities- Telepathy, 7
34/40 Character Points Used

Extra Jennzven Stats*
Strength- 8
Intelligance- 7
Confidence- 10
Speed- 6
Special Abilites- Telepathy, 8
39/40 Character Points Used

*= If you reveal your true form as Jennzven, your credibility with Federation characters goes down.
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