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Author Topic: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"  (Read 4209 times)

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This story is being submitted as a combined effort from:

lrdnova, Random Redshirt, Captain Crowl, Admiral Darthaniles, Admiral of Starfleet, Knightofthyrule730, Docsean, and Redding411.

Chapter 1

A walk to the future and beyond

**Computer voice** the time is 0530, the time is 0530.....

"Computer disables alarm and reset. Raise illumination 5 levels." Admiral Nova mumbled barley awake. Stretching, he rose from his bed, rubbing his eyes and clearing his throat.

Walking over to the replicator, "Coffee Black" he requested. As the cup materialized on the replicators output tray the Admiral lifted it carefully so not spill a single drop. Smelling the soothing aroma that has aloud him to start every morning off on the on the right foot, he sipped from the cup. "Almost as good as the real thing" he said with satisfaction.

Looking out the port hole Admiral Nova could see Earth and most of Europe. "I never get tired of seeing that beautiful planet." Turning to his desk he sat down and began reading through personnel logs, trying to find the right crew for the right starbase was not going to be easy he thought. There where so many applicants that where trained and well qualified especially in sciences and technology that in the last 20 years had gone from theoretical to in near active use fleet wide. He wished that he could simply take them all after all he did have to fill an entire Star base.

Sitting back in his chair and rubbing his eyes the Admiral set the PADD down on the desk. "Computer Status of USS Lotus Registry Number NCC - 74910", he requested.

*USS Lotus, Docked.....*

As the computer began reporting on the status of the Lotus Admiral Nova decided that simply getting a report was not enough, he had to go and see it for his self.

Leaving his quarters he proceeded down to the nearest Turbo Lift passing several Officers on way and nodding to several as he passed. As he approached the Turbo lift several Officers exited most likely from the nightshift and where returning to their quarters.

"Deck 34" he announced to the Turbo Lift computer.

As the Turbo Lift swooshed from deck to deck he started to feel a since of excitement. Since coming aboard Star base 74 and seeing the Lotus, he had been looking forward to walking around and getting a feel for the new flagship of Lotus Fleet. The USS Lotus was an Intrepid Class ship, by name but after the return of the USS Voyager and 20 years of research and development, in comparison the Lotus was a much more advanced form of the Intrepid Class ship. All in all the superstructure of the ship had not changed however, what was on the inside was something far different then predecessors of the same class.

Suddenly the turbo lift came to a stop and the doors opened.

As he began walking towards the docking bay he could see the underside of the Intrepid Class ships saucer section. The external lights still appeared to be off however he could just barely make out the lettering on the hull due to the glow imitating off of the Star Base. As he began down the long corridor to the Lotus he found himself becoming increasingly excited. Trying to decide where to go first the Admiral decided that Engineering is the first place that he wanted to see. After coming aboard the Lotus and traveling to deck 11 he walked through the double door leading into the heart of the ship.

"Admiral on Deck", a young Ensign yelled out "Carry on!" Admiral Nova replied.
As he began walking towards the Warp Core the ships Chief Engineer approached him.
"Sir, I was not aware that you would be coming by. The ships not..." As the Engineer motioned everyone to get back to work.
“Don’t be concerned Lieutenant, I was getting a report this morning and decided that I would much rather see it in person. This was not scheduled" the Admiral assured the Chief. "Aye sir" the Chief replied. "So... How are things going have you finished the installation of all of the ships systems?" "Yes sir, we are actually preparing to bring the main computer online and most of the subsystems." ,explained the Lieutenant.  "Very good, has the ship received it complement of Quantum Torpedoes?" asked the Admiral.
"Those will be installed on Tuesday sir." “Very well, you've done a wonderful job here Lieutenant"  “Thank you sir!"
As Admiral Nova left Main Engineering he decided that the next location was to be the bridge.

As the doors to the Turbo lift swoosh open he steps out onto the Bridge of the USS Lotus. Looking around he suddenly heard an Ensign to his left yell out "ADMIRAL ON DECK!" As you where he replied, walking over to the Captains Chair he sat down and tapped the comm button.

"Admiral Nova to all Lotus Fleet Crew members please begin moving your personal affects to crew quarters, all Civilians are now authorized to begin boarding. The USS Lotus will depart for Star base 10 (Lotus Fleet HQ) within the next 72 hours."

"Bridge to all department heads please report to my ready room at 1400 hours for our mission brief, Admiral Nova out."

As the command staff began trickling in to his ready room, he walked over to the replicator "Coffee, Hot" the Admiral requested. As the cup materialized the last of the senior staff entered the room. Picking up the cup, he turned to his crew.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. Unfortunately there is no other way to put this so ill get right to it. Starfleet Command has informed me that the situation between the Romulans and the Klingons is not going well and the Federation is stuck in the middle, while the Klingons have long been allies, Star Fleet Command believes that a fractured Romulan Empire is much more of a danger to the security of the Federation then an all out conflict with the Klingons. Hopefully we won’t have to find out. Captain Worf and his crew have been dispatched to the Klingon home world to try and quell some of the unrest and hopefully prevent them from further Incursion into Romulan space. I've been told that Ambassador Picard and Ambassador Spock are on Romulus however should things begin to fall apart they may need to leave in a hurry.”

As Lieutenant Niomo, the ships Chief Engineer listened to the briefing he shifted uneasily in his seat as he heard Admiral Nova talk about their first mission. He could feel his face turn red when the Admiral spoke of retrieving Picard and Spock, along with trying to escape the Romulan home world...He could only hope that his superiors would help him along the way.

“After we have safely arrived at Lotus Fleet HQ and transported the rest of Lotus Fleets Command Staff and Civilian members, The USS Lotus has been ordered to begin scout missions along the Federation, Klingon and Romulan Boarders. At this time we are not authorized to engage either side unless otherwise fired upon first. Over the next several weeks Star Fleet command will be sending 3 additional ships to Lotus Fleet HQ however 2 out of the 3 are still undergoing refits and Staffing. The 3rd is the USS Umpqua, will be arriving within the week. The Primary mission for the USS Umpqua is to act as Academy Training ship however in situations where we are in need of reinforcements this Nova Class ship can be pulled to assist as needed. Everyone I can not stress enough to each of you the sensitivity of the situation. One wrong move can send the Federation into an all out War, a war that will place Lotus Fleet right on the front lines.

Now you all have your orders. Please begin preparing each of your departments for departure.


Niomo stood picked up his PADD, walked to the Admiral and stood at attention. "Lieutenant Niomo Lire reporting, sir! All engineering sections have reported in, Warp Core running at nominal levels, power transfer grids are running at optimal efficiency. I have also created a report of engineering's readiness, should you require, Sir. Also, I would like to request that we test the geometry pylons before we make our first jump to warp. Just in case...sir."

" At ease Lieutenant. Lieutenant Niomo is it? Glad to have you aboard. The Lotus is a newly built Intrepid Class ship so I'm afraid that you'll have to keep a closer eye on some her systems then a ship that is well seasoned. As we leave space dock I’ll make sure you have the time that you need to do all of your system checks."

As the Admiral quickly glanced over the Lieutenants report he could see that in the short time he has been aboard he has managed to accomplish diagnostics on some systems that Star base Engineering said wouldn’t get done for another 3 days.

"Well, everything looks in order here, I will give this report a closer look, Please prepare the ship for departure."

As Lieutenant Niomo left the ready room Admiral Nova followed shortly after with Coffee in hand. Sitting down in the Center Chair he settled in and....

"USS Lotus to Star base Control." The Admiral announced. “Lotus this Starbase Control we are reading you." "Star base Control permission to leave Space Dock" "USS Lotus Permission Granted, you may proceed to Space Doors 3" "Thank you Starbase Control Lotus out. Mr. Garrison, Set Condition Blue” "Condition blue, aye aye, Admiral" “Ensign Hyperdrive release all Moring Cables and detach Magnetic Interlocks Proceed with Thrusters only, after we have cleared the Space doors proceed to Full Impulse. Bridge to Engineering after we have left Space Dock please conduct all necessary pre-warp tests."

"Aye Admiral" Niomo responded and called over one of the Ensigns. "Make sure the Matter & Antimatter injectors are reacting correctly... I don't want to drop out of warp mid flight because we're about to explode." Exclaimed Niomo

Pointing at another crewman he stated: "We are going to be testing both the geometry pylons and the tetra dyne output levels. Last time it was checked the Lotus was running at 3,500 td/s. I want to see how much farther we can push her. Prepare to record any stress on the bulkheads as the nacelles move."

Finally he turned back to his console and began reviewing the diagnostic reports of the EPS relays and then prepared to be alerted by the Conn that they were safely away from the station.

As the ship began to slowly move away from its docking ports a small hum from the thrusters engaging could be heard through out the ship.

"Helm, take us out" the Admiral ordered "Aye, sir approaching space doors in 30 seconds" "very good, lets go ahead and take a look at it, On Screen." As the USS Lotus came into taxing position, just ahead of the Intrepid Class ship was one of the newest of Starfleet's ship Classes. The Nehalem Class had only just come into service but was already causing a stir among ships captains, mainly because the ship serves as a modern version of the Constellation Class, and is used as a deep space exploration and border control ship. She is also been outfitted with 4 nacelles rather then the traditional two this way, if some of the nacelles are damaged, there are backups to help bring her home. She carries the weapon compliment of a Sovereign class, however with a lesser torpedo count, so she can hold her own in a fight without question. As the Lotus slowly passed through the giant Doors a sudden glistening of light passed across the hull of the brand new Intrepid Class ship. "Sir, we have cleared the space station and are now going to full impulse" Ensign Hyperdrive announced. "Very well helm, Come to course 248 mark 15" Admiral Nova replied "Aye Sir" as the ship went to full impulse Admiral Nova tapped the comm. Button  "Bridge to Engineering, we have cleared space dock"

"Initiating Pre warp test Bridge. About damn time...Ok people, look alive. We are going to first run a test on the geometry pylons to make sure all systems are green. We will then test the Core in a short 6 second burst. I want all systems to be running at optimal levels."

A few minutes later, Niomo initiated the Warp Core test procedures. As the core began to hum with the sound of matter/antimatter annihilation, his screen began to show the pylons connected to the nacelles move. "Pylons have achieved warp position, sir. No stress or anomalies detected." "Thank you, Ensign." turning to the other members, "Ok, disabling the Field Coils...Ok...test initiating." The warp core's readings came up on a console next to Niomo and and Ensign read off the td/s numbers. "Sir, the Core is running at 3,560 td/s." "Ok. Computer, reset nacelle pylons and reinitiate the warp field coils." The computer bleeped in acknowledgement. Hitting his comm badge. "Engineering to Bridge. All warp core tests complete, Sir. We are not running at optimal efficiency, but I’ll work on it. We should be running perfectly by the time we have our next mission. We are ready to engage warp drive at your command." "Very well Chief, Prepare to goto Warp" Nova replied."Helm, Set course for Star base 10 and engage"
 Niomo turned to his Engsin and said, "Come here and monitor the energy outflows from the primary EPS conduits. I am heading to the Bridge. Carry On." The ensign saluted Lieutenant Niomo and sat down at the console. Niomo turned towards the turbolift and walked to the doors. Upon entering he stated "Bridge." He leaned against the wall as the turbolift began heading up...

"Mr. Garrison, Open a Channel to Star Fleet Headquarters, once you've raised Admiral Redshirt patch it into my ready room.” As the Lotus goes to impulse, an alert sounds at the communications station. “Admiral Incoming sub-space transmission from Starfleet Headquarters." Garrison Announces "Mr. Garrison Patch into my ready room" Walking into his ready Admiral Nova approached and activated the computer terminal on the desk. "This is Admiral Nova"

"Admiral Nova, this is Admiral Redshirt. “Ah, good afternoon Admiral. As the Lotus was leaving space dock we had the opportunity to see a Nehalem Class Vessel taxing out just ahead of us. I was wondering, what’s the completion status of our own Nehalem Class ship? Nova asked. Admiral Redshirt sat back in his chair “Well, I took a transport over to Utopia Planetia to retrieve my original blueprint schematics for the ship and saw that it’s approximately 30% Complete." "hum, I had hoped that the ship had further along then this considering what we are about to get into, by the way I've been meaning to ask you how did you come up with this design in the first place?" "I began work on this design just after the end of the Dominion War when Starfleet was once again getting serious about deep space assignments, as well as having a vessel to watch the furthest boundaries of Federation space. Apparently, a prototype has been constructed, however, there are still design issues that need attention, however Utopia Planetia has  assigned a design team to it in my absence and are awaiting further design elements from me. Perhaps once the fleet has settled at SB10, I can work with the Lotus' Chief Engineer and our Professor of Engineering to finish the design and make the prototype fully operational."

"That sounds good, I have a feeling we are really going to need her fire power out here sooner then later"I have take holo-imaging scans of the original design sheets and attached them to this subscape communication. You will notice that Sheet 1 contains the technical specifications for the vessel, while Sheets 2 and 3 contain visuals and exterior dimensioning for size purposes.
If you have any further questions regarding the Nehalem project, I will be happy to address them. I am catching a transport back to Earth for my next briefing. “Well I wish you and the rest of the crew a safe journey out to Star base 10. How is everything running with our current staffing situation? Well, I hope." asked Redshirt. “Not to bad, I have to admit the ship Engineer seems to be really on top of things he has already managed to do miracles that Star Base Engineering said wouldn’t get done for some time. Course you those Engineers, they always give themselves more time then is needed.” Admiral Nova replied. “Sir Just to let you know I will  be attending several briefings these next few days regarding the situation on the Neutral Zone and will contact you once I have been briefed. From there I will be proceeding to the Academy to give the lectures I had scheduled when I was still the Fleet Academy CO. Once I have completed my tasks here, I'll work out a rotation skeleton crew for the Umpqua and join you out at Starbase 10." "Safe journey sir, I'll be in contact." "Admiral Redshirt out"

Standing up from his desk Admiral Nova returned to the Bridge. "Admiral, we are receiving a transmission from Star base 10 requesting our ETA.. Also Star Base 74 just sent a message informing us that Commander Little will be delayed." "Mr. Garrison Transmit the following message to Lotus Fleet Headquarters  on an Encoded subspace Frequency. Star base 10, USS Lotus will be arriving within the week to deliver personal and supplies, Lotus Out"

As Niomo waited for his turbolift to get to the bridge, his stomach reminded him that he had just gone a day without any food. "Computer, Stop. Deck 2, please.” moments later, the turbolift doors opened on deck two, a few feet away from the Mess Hall's doors. Niomo stepped out and walked into ten forward. As Niomo walked into Ten Forward, he could smell the other off duty crew member's freshly replicated food. Niomo walked over to the replicator and stood for a second to make a decision. "Hm...Blueberry Pie." The computer bleeped in acknowledgement and began replicating. What Niomo saw though, was not pie. In front of him materialized something that could only be described as disgusting. It looked like a dead burned purple slug. The size of his head. He quickly hit the dematerialize command on the replicator's console. "Blegh!" hitting his comm, "Lire to Engineering. I'm in the mess hall, and there seems to be a *small* problem with the replicators. I didn't get what I asked for...have there been any complaints." "No, sir. No complaints so far. Though weren't you going to the Bridge? I didn't know on duty officers could take breaks, heh." "Enough Ensign. Assign team 5 to run a level 1 diagnostic on the replicator systems. I think it may be a problem with the voice recognition program...but we'll see. I'm heading to the bridge; I’ll let the Admiral know." Niomo tapped his comm badge. "Let's try again. But this time on manual." Niomo examined the control panel and keyed in his selection. The replicator hummed and began to beam in an item. A type 2 phaser. "Oh, yeah, thats totally pie. dammit." computer, dematerialize the item in the replicator. Turning around, Niomo said: "Everyone, can I have your attention please. Did any of you get or see anyone order something from the replicator and get something totally different?" A few hands went up as a blue shirted ensign stood, "Yes sir. I asked for a steak and I got a potato. I asked again and I got a chicken leg. I settled with it. Tasted pretty good." A few other crewmen stated the same type of "I asked for one thing and got another, but settled for the new item." Niomo put his hand to his temples. "Ok. Next question: Why did no one report anything?" The blue shirt answered first again, "Well most of us just figured that the ship was new and needed some time to get everything working." "Ugh. Thank you all, return to your food, enjoy."

Hitting his badge, "Lire to Engineering. I've got a few reports of people not getting what they want. Assign Team 3 to analyze the power grid on deck two. Team 5 is still on the replicator systems. Also, have Team 6 run a level 4 diagnostic on the Transporters. Finally, take Team 2 with you and run some DML/DQL tests on the main computer. I'm off to the bridge." Niomo turned to the door and walked into the turbolift. "Bridge" The lift quickly rose one deck and the doors wooshed open. Niomo quickly set his eyes on the Admiral, made sure he wasn't busy and approached him. "Admiral...We may have a problem. I was just called to Ten Forward....the replicators aren't working properly. At all. I have my repair teams running diagnostics on any systems that could be causing the problems. Replicators, transporters and some of deck 2's power grids will have to be taken offline for analysis.

 I also have a few people looking into the main computer's input/output database recognition systems. Estimated diagnostic time is around 3 hours. I'm sorry, but I don't know how long the power grid will be down, or how long the I/O tests will take. I haven't worked with an Intrepid's systems before. My best guess is 4 hours for the transporters and 6 hours for the main computer. The computer will be fully functional during this time, but the other systems will have to be taken offline. The power grid on deck 2 *should* remain operational, as I can redirect power from other decks. Once we figure out what's wrong we can either try to repair it here or wait until we reach Lotus HQ."

 "Very well Lieutenant, Apparently the Lotus 1st Officer will bearriving at Starbase 74 shortly so she will taking a Runabout from there and meet us at this position. While we are waiting for the Runabout, please begin all necessary repairs, anything thats not complete by they time the Commander gets here, will have to wait until we reach Star Base 10." "Helm bring us out of warp and maintain position" "Lieutenant Niomo, I trust that I will not have any difficulty getting a cup of coffee when I need will I?" "Well. If by coffee you mean getting anything from a lugnut to a cooked animal from the Delta Quadrant, then yes, you are fine. I've got most of the engineering staff on call working on it. We'll get it fixed. In the meantime, we can dip into our rations...Insta-caf doesn't taste as good, but it’s better than getting a cooked rat. Sir. I will keep you apprised of our situation"  Once dismissed Niomo walks over to the Enginnering station and begins tracking the progress of the ongoing diagnostics. I wonder if it is affecting more than just Deck 2.... Hitting his com badge, "Lire to Sick Bay, Come in."

"Kirkpatrick here, I was just about to contact you. Our EMH seems to be on the fritz. He's been coming on and off for the past few minutes. I've checked his program and from what I can see there doesn't *seem* to be a problem there. Is there trouble with the power grids?" "Please state the nature of the... Please state the nat-..." "Ugh. Not what I want to hear doc...There seems to be some problems with a few systems. I'll add the EMH to our to-do list. Do me a favor, try to replicate something. Anything. I just need to see if our replicator problems are shipwide. Let me know once you have your results. Lire Out."

Hitting his badge again, "Bridge to Engineering. Call up all off duty Engineers. I am assigning team 1 to analyze  the power grid on Deck 5. Team 4 gets to run a level 1 diagnostic on the EMH program. All other engineers are now assigned to monitor any power fulxuations the ship has. Lire Out."

Sean walks over to a replicator, "One PADD." He taps hit combadge staring at what was materialized instead; a glass of Romulan Ale.

"Kirkpatrick to Lieutenant Lire. I did what you requested regarding the replicators.. I wasn't aware that PADDs came in a liquid form. Sorry to inform you that the replicators here also seem to be malfunctioning." Sean dematerializes the ale and returns his attention to the distraught EMH.

repsonding to the doctor, "Thanks doc...I'll come down in a bit to analyze the doctor's program...Lire out." "Lire to Ensign Biggs, Please meet me in Sickbay, I need your holoprogram specialty." "aye, sir, be there in a second." Niomo stands up, goes to the turbolift and proceeds down to deck 5...

After about two hours of scanning through lines of code, Lt. Niomo and Ensign Biggs were finally able to figure out why the EMH refused to boot. Niomo left Biggs to fix the problem while he returned to Engineering.

"Doc, we've found the problem with the EMH. apparently his program never got passed the input subroutine...Which leads me to believe that the main computer has an error in its output commands....interesting...Anyway, Biggs will work on the EMH while I head back to Engineering. He should be finished within the hour."

Niomo wanders out of Sickbay and heads to Engineering. Once he arrives, two engineers approach him to report on their diagnostics. Most of the systems seem to have the same problem the EMH had. Niomo sighed and turned on his comm.

"Engineering to Bridge. Admiral, this is Lire. It seems that theres a problem in the output commands in the main computer. I'm having my teams bypass the controls that are in error, but it's not something we'll be able to completely fix until we can get to a starbase and repair. I'll be running a diagnostic on the weapons and shield systems, just in case we need them, but it seems that only voice activated systems, like the replicators and EMH are I doubt that weapons and shields are damaged. But of course, it never hurts to make sure we wont die from over exposure to photon torpedoes..."

"Admiral Nova to Rear Admiral Crowl" "This is Rear Admiral Crowl, what can I do for you sir" "Crowl, a runabout is currently enroute to our location, once they are arrive you and Captain Impertor will be transporting over and returning to Starbase 74 to assist Admiral Redshirt with getting the Nehalem up to spec sooner." "aye sir, do we have an ETA on the runabout" "It should arrive in 8 hours, so be sure you are ready to go, the Lotus needs to continue on to Starbase 10, as soon as you transfer over." "We will be ready, Admiral Crowl out" "Bridge to Engineering, the Runabout is about 1 hour away, please be advised that we will be continuing onto Lotus Fleet HQ after the Commander has transferred aboard" The crewman at the comm station almost jumped out of his seat when the beeping began. Once calmed, he looked over the incoming comm traffic, and turned to Admiral Nova. "Admiral, message coming in from the USS Umpqua at Starbase 74. It's Admiral Redshirt calling, and it's on a secure comm channel."

"Very well, Ill take it in my ready room." "Mr. Garrison please notify me once the Runabout has arrived, I want to get underway again as soon as humanly possible." Sitting down behind my desk I tap the screen on my computer terminal. "Admiral Redshirt, what can I do for you?"

"Admiral, we have a problem."

"I just got out of a briefing on the current situation out on the Neutral Zone, and apparently things are getting worse. On top of that, Starfleet Intellegence believes that the Romulans might have snuck into Federation space.

During the Dominion War, a sensor net was built by the Dominion within the Argolis Cluster. The USS Defiant was dispatched by Admiral Ross and destroyed critical portions of the net. However, SI now believes that the Romulans are attempting to re-activate the sensor net, which would give them unprecedented sensor data on ship movements in the Klingon Empire, the Cardassian Union and Federation Space.

Here's the deal. Just about everyone who could provide us with additional info on the Argolis Cluster is dead or some deity. Admiral Ross passed a few years ago, Records show Jadzia Dax is dead and Sisko is still MIA. But there is still one more person who can help us.

Starfleet has ordered us to look into this matter further. Also, we need some delicate information on Argolis. We have been instructed to make contact with Captain Worf on Q'onos. Starfleet doesn't want to go through the channels on this because they don't want to tip off the Klingons just yet.

I am moving up my departure from Earth, and have put my Academy lectures on hold, again. Once I can round up a skeleton crew for the Umpqua, we'll begin preperations, so that we can depart as soon as Crowl and his team get here. I want to be out at SB10 as soon as possible. We have alot of work to do here. I'll see you soon Admiral."
"Admiral Redshirt out."

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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Chapter 2

Niomo's Headache

Wiping the figurative sweat from his brow, Niomo sat back in his chair.
"Computer, Time." the computer bleeped in acknowledgement and responded: "1540 hours". Niomo sighed. The new commander would be arriving in 20 minutes. His people had finally finished all of the diagnostics of the weapons and shield systems, all condition green. But he couldn't help shake the fact that the ship was damaged in some way, even if it did just launch from space dock. Once the Lotus arrived at SB 10 he would sit down with the Admiral and chief of security and talk about the possibility of sabotage. A main computer shouldn't have this many bugs in it, unless it’s a prototype....a very poorly tested prototype (ironic). He sighed again. There was little proof there was sabotage...Niomo he would put it in his personal log, just in case something else comes up which reinforces his belief. No need to waste anyone's time... His console flashed an alert as the computer began to speak: "Alarm time reached, 1550 hours." Turning off the console's alert, Niomo said "Thank you computer."

Niomo hit his comm. and stated: "Engineering to Conn. All diagnostics are complete, and we are ready to go to warp as soon as the new commander arrives. I am on my way to the bridge; I just need to stop at my quarters. Lire out." Niomo entered the turbo lift and arrived at Deck 9 moments later. He greeted a few crewmen and entered his room. Unfortunately, he had little time to set much of his personal items up in the room. sitting down at his desk, he looked at his computer console and tapped a few commands. Bringing up his personal logs, he took a few minutes to go over his words and then recorded his thoughts about the ship and its problems. After finishing, he went back to the turbo lift.

"Deck 1, Bridge" the computer chirped in acknowledgement. As the lift started to go up Niomo could tell something was wrong. A few minutes later, the doors opened up on deck 2. Looking around to make sure no one was waiting for the lift; Niomo concluded that there was a problem with the turbo lift's voice recognition program. Niomo quickly pulled out the turbo lift's manual processor and entered deck 1 into its system. The doors slowly shut and the lift raised one more deck to the Bridge. The doors slowly opened and Niomo took a quick look around the bridge to make sure the new commander was not there. Seeing that he was early, Niomo proceeded to his station and waited for the new commander to arrive...

Tapping his comm. Badge, Lieutenant Garrison calls out, Bridge to Admiral Nova. “Go ahead” the Admiral Replies. "Admiral, the runabout is approaching tractor range."
Very well, as soon as Commander Little has come aboard please inform her that I would like to see her in my ready room. Aye sir, Garrison out. Looking over to Lieutenant Niomo Garrison quietly approaches the Chief. "Lieutenant, I believe the various problems all over the ship may be due to sabotage ,and I believe the perpetrator may be on board." "I recommend constant scans are performed all over Engineering." I will be down shortly to investigate any "malfunctions" still occurring, Lieutenant Garrison out."

Standing up from behind his desk Admiral Nova begins to assess the current situation that was delivered to him from Admiral Redshirt. As he approached the replicator to get another cup of Coffee Admiral Nova began to wonder whether or not this new ship and her new crew were ready for what lies ahead..... "hmm, Only time will tell, what a slippery slope we tread" he said to himself. Suddenly the replicator goes to work and a tub of butter materializes. with a sigh the Admiral manually instructs the replicator to dematerialize the item. He then orders a cup of Black Coffee manually.  After grabbing the Hot Cup the Admiral Leaves his ready room, as the doors slide open he sees Lt. Niomo hard at work on at the Engineering Station.  Sitting down in his Chair, the Admiral brings up a Center Computer Console and access Shuttle Control. The Runabout has docked and the ships Newest 1st Officer has Arrived. "Admiral Nova to Admiral Crowl" "Crowl here.." "Admiral Crowl, please make you way to the runabout" "We have already arrived and are beginning our departure checks, Admiral." "Very well, have a safe trip and give Admiral Redshirt my regards" "You too sir, and good luck" "Admiral Nova out"
"Captain Imperator, take co-pilot seat and begin pre-flight." Said Admiral Crowl
"Pre-flight complete; ready for launch." "Admiral Crowl to bridge.  Requesting permission to launch." "Permission granted.  Good luck. Lotus out." “Opening shuttlebay doors.  Bring the runabout to cruise mode." "Aye sir; navigational deflector online, long-range sensors, structural integrity field, and inertial dampening systems configured for warp speed.  All systems on-line.” Captain Imperator announced.
"Setting course for Starbase 74, maximum warp.  At warp 5 we will be able to reach Starbase 74 in approximately 8 hours." Moments later the Runabout disembarked from the Lotus and quickly went to warp heading back to Star base 74.

 "Admiral Nova, to Command staff please report my ready room for our mission brief updates." "Helm, resume course to Star base 10, Warp 6" "Aye sir, Warp 6, Course plotted" "Engage" the Admiral ordered.

As Admiral Nova stood to return to his ready room, Niomo and Garrison followed.
Shortly after the ships new first officer arrived. “Ah, Commander little, welcome aboard. Now let’s get started…

As Admiral Nova relayed the information to his command staff, what had been told to him by Admiral Redshirt. He could tell each had concerns but would do their duties just the same.

“Alright everyone, we will be arriving at Lotus Fleet heard quarters soon so, get to it.”

As everyone left, Commander Little approached the Admiral, Sir I apologize for arriving late. The USS Englewood was delayed by a dispute between some Nausigans and a Ferrangi.”

“I understand Commander, everything worked out for us anyway, we needed to stop and make some minor adjustments to the ship. Commander, have you ever been to Romulas?” Admiral Nova asked.

“No sir.” She replied

“Well, I am a bit concerned about Ambassadors Picard and Spock, and considering their past, even if there was danger, I doubt the two would admit it. So I want you to take a Delta Class Shuttle, and head to Romulus. When you make contact with Picard and Spock please inform them of our current situation, then remain with them until they have addressed the Romulan Senate.

“Yes sir, ill leave right away.” Commander Little replied with excitement.

As the two of them left the ready room, the commander headed for the shuttle bay and Admiral Nova returned to the Captains Chair.

Turning to Lt. Niomo. "Chief, Have you managed to check the Universal Translator, considering we have been having all of these Voice Recognition issues. I would hate to get in a situation going into Klingon space where the UI failed and I told a Klingon that his mother was a Targ. Also Chief, unfortunately we are not going to have the time to stop for repairs, so once we arrive, transport all necessary equipment and additional personal over to the Lotus, You'll have to make the repairs to the ship on the fly."

"Good idea sir. Ill start working on it immediately. As for the repairs...I focused on warp dynamics. I can only do so much on the computer before it gets too complex, but ill see if any other engineers know the systems. Ill also work with the science chief. Also *lowers voice* I have been thinking that all these problems may not be a coincidence. Lt. Garrison also thinks something is up. I'd hate to say it, but what if the ship was sabotaged?" After a few seconds, Niomo starts speaking again, at normal volume. "Anyway, I will get working on the UT and then start rounding up the computer geeks to see what well need for Star base 10."

returns to his station to begin organizing his repair teams to run diagnostics on the UT and to begin making lists of parts required for the main computer's repair.

Hitting his badge, "Lire to Astrometics. Chief, are you there?"

"Aye, Niomo. What's up?"

"Well, we're having a problem with the main computer. Any chance you or anyone in your department would be able to help us sort through all the code?" "I think I could spare a few people, including myself. I'm assuming we'll be picking up parts and equipment from SB 10?" Niomo responded, "Yeah, that's correct. Do me a favor, head to engineering with your team and work with my people to see what parts we need." The science chief laughed, "Haha. Look's like I need to save your ass again. Reminds me of exam time at the Academy. I'll gather my team and report to engineering a sap. Astrometrics out." Niomo sighed and reported that there would be incoming science officers to engineering.

Getting Niomo’s attention, Garrison signals him to come over to his station. As Niomo Approached him. Garrison explained, "We should also force field all access panels to prevent any further tampering by an intruder if one is on board." "Lieutenant Niomo,  can you provide me with a list of the damaged systems and while you are at it assist me in checking out the malfunctioning systems?" " If this is sabotage, we must stop the saboteur before we patrol Romulan or Klingon space."

"John, my teams are already working with Science to get the computer fixed. The easiest way to describe the damage is simply: anything with voice command is damaged. Communicating with the computer still seems to function fine. I've been able to record logs and get timers fine. But ask to replicate something or try to use a turbolift and it goes haywire. The simplest fix right now is to just input all commands manually. I've already run scans and diagnostics of the shields and weapons. Theyre in perfect working order. In my professional opinion, we shouldn't have a problem if we need to patrol the boarder. We'll just need to do a little be more than normal to get around the ship. I'll establish level 1 force fields around the Main Computer and level 5 force fields around any primary system access point. The only people who will have access to disable these fields for a short period will be the people in the repair team. Should be no more than 15 people."

"Good, please keep me informed." "I'll be checking for any abnormal sensor readings such as a personal cloak at my console on the Bridge." Lt. Garrison replied.

"I wasn't aware that any race had developed personal cloak. Usually the power consumption and size of the generator makes personal versions impossible at this time. Either way I need to get to work. See you later."

Niomo returns to his console and begins to make arrangements for Cargo Bay 2 to hold all of the equipment they would require making repairs.

Mean while aboard the Runabout Purus…..

Admiral Crowl opens a channel to the Lotus.
"Lotus, this is the Purus.  We have set course for Starbase 74 and will arrive in approximately 8 hours.  Please inform Admiral Nova.  Purus out.", He then opens a Channel to Starbase 74."Starbase 74, this is Admiral Crowl onboard the Runabout Purus.  We are en route to your location and will arrive in approximately 8 hours.  Please inform Admiral Redshirt of our ETA.  Admiral Crowl out."
"Well Imperator, sit back and relax.  Would you like something to eat?  I'm going to replicate a Monte Cristo sandwhich with some milk."
"I'll take a burger with some tots with a coke.  During our trip, I'll go over the checklist for getting the USS Umpqua online and ready for cruise mode." Said, Captain Imperator

"Good idea.  Be sure to re-enforce the tractor and navigational systems since we will be towing the USS Nehalem.  The Umpqua is a Nova class starship and not a tractor tug after all." “Aye sir"

 As Admiral stepped into the operations center at Star Base 74 he approached, the Communications station.  "Crewman, open a sub-space channel to the Shuttlecraft Purus." "Channel Open sir" “Shuttlecraft Purus, this is Admiral Redshirt. Please Respond." "Admiral, this is Shuttlecraft Purus, we are recieving." "Admiral Crowl, what is your ETA to Starbase 74?" "We are inbound at Warp 5 and should reach Star base 74 in about 6 hours at present speed." "Very good Admiral. I have notified the dock master at Utopia Planetia to have crews begin preparing the Nehalem for departure today. He assures me that it will be ready about 4 hours from now. It should be ready for tow once we arrive with the Umpqua. Our skeleton crew is aboard the Umpqua, and the ship should be ready to leave Star base 74 when you arrive."  "Very good sir. Is there anything else?""Keep in mind that we have urgent orders from Starfleet Command, and we need to be underway for Star base 10 with all possible speed. I will be working with the crew on the Umpqua to get it under way. If they are ready early, I will proceed to Utopia Planetia and you can meet us there. For the time being though, stay on course for Star base 74. I will be in contact again once I know more." "Very good sir. Admiral Nova sends his regards." "Ah, very good. I am looking forward to rejoining the fleet. Being stuck at Command for the last week has been taxing, and my space legs are aching for some stretching! I'll be in contact again soon. Admiral Redshirt out."

Admiral Redshirt left the comm room at Starbase 74 and proceeded to the turbolift that would take him to his quarters. On the way there, he came across a familar aquantiance, Commander Salsibury. After a brief chat, he continued on his way, heading to his quarters aboard Starbase 74, one final time, before his departure for his new home in the depths of space.

As the USS Lotus enters Sensor Range of Star base 10 inside of sector 201, a Comm message comes in. "USS Lotus this is Star Base 10, we read on our sensors and estimate ETA to be 1.5 hours can you confirm." "Star Base 10 this Admiral Nova, yes we will be arriving in approximate 1 and half hours. please be advised that the ship will need to not be docking with the star base, unfortunately all supplies and Personel will need to transport over. Please contact my Cheif Engineer, he will supply a list of equipment and supplies need to make repairs to the Lotus." "Oh.. Hello Sir, USS Lotus please confirm.. did you say repairs?" "Yes Starbase 10 apparently we are having an issue with our Main Computer." "Very Well Lotus, Star Base 10 Out" "Bridge to All Hands the Lotus will be arriving at our new home away from home in aproximatly 90 minutes please prepare for transport to the Starbase." "Mr. Garrison please inform security that I want every person transporting to the Starbase accounted for." “Aye, Aye Sir” Garrison replies.

Niomo was just rubbing his temples in frustration when his comm bleeped.
"Lieutenant Niomo, this is Starbase 10. Admiral Nova says that you are having trouble with your main computer and that you are in need of supplies."
"Aye, Starbase 10. It seems that any voice recognition input to our computer gets scrambled. We should be docking within the hour, I will transmit the manifest of the supplies we need to make repairs. Is that acceptable?" "Yes, that's fine Sir.  Please transmit any supply manifests you require, ASAP. We have some industrial replicators, should you require any large materials." "Affirmative Starbase 10. Manifest USS Lotus out." Niomo entered the command to transmit the supplies that the Science Chief had requested, along with a few extra items Niomo needed for any extra emergency repairs.  Niomo tapped his finger impatiently on his console. For a new commanding officer to not get to the bridge on oh well. He didn't have time to goof off, like the commander apparently did.  Niomo stood and returned to Engineering without seeing anyone of importance. He decided to return to the bridge in an hour, and then help oversee the supply transfer in cargo bay 2.

As the USS Lotus approached the Star base Ensign, Ty Hyperdrive, the ship helm officer carefully maneuvers the ship into transporter range. “sir, we are now in position to transfer, crew and supplies to and from the Lotus.

"Thank you Mr. Hyperdrive" "Mr. Garrison, please see to it that all supplies and personal have been transferred over to Star Base 10." "Bridge to all hands, we have arrived at Star Base 10 and will begin off loading those individuals and supplies that will be remaining at Lotus Fleet head quarters, please coordinate with your section leaders for instructions on where you need to be." "Bridge to Transporter, you may begin transporting all personnel when ready."  "Bridge to Cargo bay, Star base 10 is standing by ready to receive supplies." "Nova to Engineering, once all supplies have transferred to the Star base please begin transferring the additional equipment and personnel over. We will leave as soon as you are ready." "Helm once, Engineering has signaled that all transports and equipment have completed. Set course for the Klingon home world." "Mr. Garrison, send an encoded message to Captain Worf, informing him of our situation and our ETA."

As all departments replied Ty Hyperdrive input all the next set of Coordinates.

Niomo looked around at all the incoming cargo the Lotus needed to fuction over the next few weeks and months. He spotted the Science chief and walked over.
"Hey, bro. Which ones are ours?" the science officer asked Niomo
Niomo looked around and pointed to two crates, which were about 7''x7''.
"Those two." Niomo called over two members of the repair team and and ordered them to transport the equipment to the main computer room, and then to gather the repair teams and begin work with the science chief. He would be there shortly. After the repair cargo was being removed, Niomo waited for the remaining cargo to be transported on. After which he contacted the bridge giving them the all clear to head towards Captain Worf

After receiving word from engineering, that all of the cargo had been transferred to the ship, the Lotus set course and engaged at Warp 6 for the Klingon home world. Hoping that Captain Worf had managed to get through to the High Chancellor, which seemed much more likely then him trying to convince his only Son, who sits on the High Council that Klingon Incursions into Romulan space was a mistake.

As the Ship passed into Klingon space it was almost certain that they would be intercepted by a Vor'Cha class destroyer, These ships had seen many years of service since the Dominion War, but it is not likely that the Klingon ship would try to pick a fight with the Newest Introduction to the Intrepid Class design despite the degrading relationship that now looms between the Federation and its long Allie.

The Intrepid Class ships would have been phased out long ago had it not been for Voyagers return to the Alpha Quadrant which resulted in the introduction of many new designs and technical features. Some of the refits of this class are a complement of 75 Photon Torpedoes, 35 Quantum Torpedoes and 15 Transphasic Torpedoes and with additional upgrades in power distribution and efficiency the ship also has the newest designs in Ablative Hull Armor technology. Unfortunately the larger ships of the Fleet have not been outfitted with such a technology due to the tremendous amount of  power needed to generate such a defensive measure but the Intrepid Class almost seems as though it was designed for it, 20 years can make a huge difference.

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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are we allowed to post comments and such within the thread here? If so, I just started to read and noticed that the headline font format is wrongly-set. There are just the [/size.] brackets set, not the actual [size.] ones. Just a minor thing ;).

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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You are more then welcome to post your thoughts.

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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haha, Niomo's Headache.

i feel special :)
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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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Chapter 3

To slay a Dragon

As the USS Lotus traveled through Klingon space suddenly two Klingon battle cruisers de-cloaked behind the Lotus, with out warning they simultaneously fired a graviton burst.

Suddenly as the Lotus Fell out of Warp the two Klingon Ships reversed course to intercept. As a Third De-cloaked 8000 Meters of the port side of the ship.

"ALL HANDS RED ALERT!" Admiral Nova yelled. As the ship suddenly came to life, Shields and Weapons came on-line. "Damage Report!" he ordered. "Mr. Garrison, Hail those bastards I want to know why we where fired on! And why didn't we pick them up on sensors?" "Helm, Maintain a defensive pattern" As the two remaining Klingon ships came into range they began to charge weapons.

"Hailing Frequencies open, Weapons charged and ready, and armor deployed, Admiral!", Lieutenant Garrison replied. "This is Admiral Nova of the USS Lotus, Why have you fired on my ship!" Suddenly a large male Klingon appeared on screen. "I am Commander Krog of the house of Merth, you will stand down your weapons and Armor, or you will be destroyed!" "Commander I wont ask you again, WHY have you fired on a Federation Ship, we are your allies!" "YOU ARE NOT AN ALLIE OF THE KLINGON EMPIRE! and as long as the Federation Chooses to protect the Filthy Romulans my family will guard the Klingon boarders from the likes of the Federation and their Romulan Spies!"
"Commander, are you not aware that the Chancellor himself has been to Romulus to discuss peace for all our peoples" "THE CHANCELLOR IS A FOOL, MY FAMILY WILL NEVER ALLIE THEMSELVES WITH ROMULANS!" "As the view screen suddenly shut off, the ship shook violently from the impact of disrupter fire hitting the hardend shell of the Lotus' Armor"

Niomo was examining the subprocesses of the voice recognition systems in the main computer room when the ship was jolted.
A general message went out as the lights dimmed: Red Alert. Niomo regained his balance and pointed at the Science Chief: "Keep working, I'm going to the bridge. Lock the door."
Niomo ran out of the room, the door sealing behind him and took a turbolift to the bridge.
Niomo quickly walked over to the Engineering station and asked the crewman there for a sit-rep.
"Sir, we are under attack by three klingon ships. They hit us with a graviton pulse, were dead in space." "Thanks. Go to your battle station."Niomo sat down at his station, awaiting commands. Becoming increasingly frustrated Ensign Hyperdrive turned to the Admiral. The klingon ships seem to know our defensive patterns, Admiral, I'm attempting to randomize our defensive patterns, but its not doing any good on thrusters.

Looking over to Lieutenant Niomo "Chief how long before our impulse and main power are restored?" "Sir, the pulse disrupted the plasma in the Core causing all the EPS conduits feeding from the Core to fuse. Downtime is approximately 30 minutes to replace them. Thats the best I can do. Impluse is online, but running off emergency power. I suggest we keep our power levels as low as possible. I have already cut any non essential combat systems. I'd say we have 20 minutes of power before we need to start making more serious cuts. Ive got our best people working on the conduits."

Niomo turned to his console and began scanning the lists of systems seeing what he could lower outputs.   "Mr. Garrison, Target the weapons system of the lead ship and Fire when ready." "Firing Phasers, loading Quantum Torpedoes!"
*fires Phasers*
"Enemy shields down to 80 percent."
"Shields down to 90 percent and the armor hasn't even been scratched""Open a channel to the USS Daq quv chaH,  and inform  Captain  Worf of our Situation"
After firing a volley of torpedoes Garrison opens a channel to Worf starship hails the Daq quv chah* "Captain Worf says he will attempt rendezvous with the Lotus as soon as he can, Admiral."*ship shudders* * fires Photon Torpedoes*

"One Klingon ship disabled ,Admiral!" Garrison announces with excitement.

"Helm do the best you can and keep them in our weapons archs, with the armor up our arch of fire with the Phasers is limited!" Admiral, I've set my station to automatically make course adjustments to keep them in our sights, but until we are warp capable again I can't guarantee anything.”

Niomo's screen flashed an alert as his attention was drawn to the combat system power levels.

Shouting, "Sir, the shield generator lost 100% of its power when we fired phasers and 50% of its power when the torpedoes were fired. The drop for torps is too quick to do anything about. Garrison, make your shots count. We're a bit defenseless when the phasers are firing. I really don't want to damage the Armor if we don't have to, its too tough to repair on the move. I can't cut any other general system power unless you feel like you can breath carbon dioxide."

Examining possible solutions to the power situation Niomo decided to try something.

"Sir, It's possible that i cut power to Impulse every time we fire phasers. It wouldn't be effective for the torpedoes. I'm not sure what else i can do without those EPS conduits online"

Looking over to Niomo, Garrison says "Lieutenant Niomo, Im setting torpedoes to act as mines so we don't have sudden power losses ,but I'm not promising anything" "Oh and see if you can somehow drain some power from the disabled ship."

"There is no way to drain power from one ship to another without a direct line connecting them. I'll deal with the power problems; make sure the armor doesn't get too damaged."

"Deploying various torpedoes, Admiral" Suddenly the Klingon vessels fire disruptors at the torpedoes "The Klingons have apparently found a way to counter the mine tactic."

As the Lotus continued to exchange weapons fire with the 2 remaining Klingon ships, the Lotus continued to be out maneuvered as they continued to Cloak and De-Cloak at will

"Klingon vessels have cloaked ,Admiral."

Captain Imperator wakes up and moves to the cockpit of the runabout, joining Rear Admiral Crowl "Good timing!  We are about to enter the defense perimeter of the starbase.  How was your nap?" "I needed that sleep...I feel rested enough to get the Umpqua on-line and headed out into space." "Good, I'll need you at your best.  Dropping out of warp." *The Purus drops to impulse speeds*  *Opens a channel*  "Starbase 74, this is Rear Admiral Crowl in the Purus; Requesting permission to enter your defensive grid and dock.  We are approximately 10 Min out." "Purus, you have permission to make your approach.  Welcome to Starbase 74." "Thank you Starbase 74...requesting a docking port near to the USS Umpqua." "You have permission to dock at port 27 Admiral." "Excellent.  Purus out." *Opens a channel to Admiral Redshirt* Admiral Redshirt, this is Admiral Crowl...we are 10 minutes from docking." Crowl: "Approaching docking bay 27; slowing to 10 kph."

"Initiating docking procedures; their tractor beam has us." Sir. : "Shutting down engines." Admiral Crowl replies. The Purus is guided into the docking bay by an automated tractor beam and is slowly lowered to the deck. Contact. Shutting down systems; Runabout offline." "Grab your gear, let's get to the Umpqua." Rear Admiral Crowl & Captain Imperator disembark and head for the nearest turbolift.  Crowl: "Umpqua"
The turbolift rushes towards the nearest turbolift point near the USS Umpqua and deposits the two officers.  Crowl and Imperator approach the gangway to the Umpqua.
"Please identify for access to USS Umpqua." The stations computer requests. "Computer, recognize Rear Admiral Crowl." "Computer, recognize Captain Imperator."
"Voice print recognized.  Access granted." Crowl and Imperator board the Umpqua.  First stop is their separate quarters to drop off their gear.  Crowl takes a turbolift to the bridge and steps onto the deck. "Who's the command duty officer?" "That would be me sir, Lt Laura Mack" "Very well; Lt Mack, status report." "Yes sir; all personnel who are travelling with us to Star base 10, as well as our required gear are on board.  Engineering will need approximately 20 minutes to finish the modifications to our systems in order to tow the Nehalem." "Inform me as soon as those modifications are complete.  In fifteen minutes, have all crew report to their stations.  I expect to depart within 30 minutes." "Aye sir!" Crowl approaches his ready room which is being borrowed by Admiral Redshirt and depresses the hail key to alert Admiral Redshirt  "Come." Crowl steps into his ready room.  "Hello Admiral Redshirt."

Admiral Redshirt gets up from behind the computer terminal at the desk to greet Admiral Crowl, and shakes his hand. Good to see you again. Crowl says. It certainly has been a while, what with me stuck on Earth in briefings and meetings. Admiral Redshirt replies
So what's the urgent news? Asks Crowl  Before bringing my gear over here to the Umpqua, I stopped in and had a little chat with the boys in Starfleet Intellegence. They have it on good authority from their counterparts in the Klingon Empire that a rouge house within the empire has shown signs of attempts to take over the empire, and possible engage in a private war against the Romulans and the Federation.  What is the Klingon High Council's position on this matter? Asks Crowl.  I have contacted the Starfleet represenative to the Federation Council, and he has reported that the Klingon Ambassador relayed a message from the Chancellor that the Klingons are not interested in conflict with us. They certainly have concerns about our involvement with the Romulans, but are willing to go on good faith that we are working in the best interests of the quadrant. However, we have also been advised that this rouge house is one of prominence within the empire, and while the Klingon High Council does not approve of their actions, we can recieve no official help from them should the ships of that house attack us. So they don't want a war, but they don't want to prevent one either by keeping their "house" in order?  That about sums it up. I also learned that a Federation listening post near the Neutral Zone has picked up indications that a Starfleet vessel might have been attacked by a Klingon vessels. They believe it to be the Lotus.  So, in light of that, we are going to make all possible speed to the shipyards at Utopia Planetia, snag the Nehalem, and light a fire under this expedition to get to Star base 10 with all possible speed. I contacted the lead engineer at Utopia about reinforcing the tractor beams for towing the Nehalem at maximum warp. I know you and your XO were working on some plans for reinforcing the tractor beams, so when you leave here, I want you to contact the engineer over there, his name is Butler, and coordinate efforts with him. I have instructed the crew at Utopia to have the Nehalem tugged out into space and ready for us to make a quick retrieval so we can get back under way as quick as possible.  even if we travel at maximum warp, it will take us some time before we can move to assist the Lotus. And even if we could get back in reasonable time, the Umpqua is not fully outfitted and crewed and would do little for us in a fire fight. Crowl says with concern in his voice. I am aware of that. I contacted Starfleet Command to ask what other ships might be closer to the Lotus than us. He advised me that the USS Piedmont, an Akira class vessel, is in a nearby sector and will be sent to investigate and render assistance if necessary.

Very good sir. Is there anything else? Not at the moment. Right now, I need you and Imperator to kick this crew into high gear, and get us underway as fast as possible. Nothing else matters. If there are any systems that aren't ready yet, leave them until we are underway. I want us headed for Utopia Planetia in 10 minutes, if at all feasible.
I'll get it done. I'm sure you will. That will be all. Oh, and Admiral Crowl? Yes Sir? Welcome aboard! Thank you sir! Admiral Crowl turned away, and headed out the door to the bridge.

As Lt. Garrison continued to beam Photon Torpedoes into space he quickly detonated them within close proximity of the klingon ships. The process wasn’t accurate and it did require a bit of finesse but he was managing to hit them. As two Klingon ships decloaked Garrison quickly fired phaser while one of the ships where still transitioning and thief shield where coming online. "Another Klingon vessel disabled ,Admiral" Garrison announces. Suddenly with only 1 remaining Klingon battle cruiser remaining the two ships come face to face, as they pause for what seemed like hours two K’vort class Birds of Prey decloak and enter flanking positions around the last Vorcha class vessel.
As the Lotus Settled into position facing the 1 remaining Vor'cha class battle cruiser and the 2 newly arrived birds of prey. The Admiral sat back in his seat, taking in the situation while formulating a plan that would ensure their survival. The K'vort class birds of prey do not offer much to the battle especially since the Lotus has already managed to serverly damage and disable two Vor'cha's. it was likely that the captain of those ships, where allies of this family, and have decide to join the battle more for glory.   Tactically it was a good plan, strength in numbers always helps...but not today.

“Sir, I am receiving a hail from the USS Piedmont! She says that she is coming to assist...” suddenly Garrison looks distraut. But they wont be hear for another ten minutes.”

“Thank you Mr. Garrison.”

"Lt. Niomo, transfer all the power that you have to the structural integrity, take it from all non-essential systems, and life support if you have to."

"Helm, on my mark I want you to pass within 25 meters of the the Vorchas dorsal section, as we cross above their hull I want you to vent drive plasma."

Its unlikely that the Klingons will move to avoid the Lotus, they will see our gesture as a desperate attempt to ram them rather then pass, and will gladly accept the damage if only for the opportunity to drive this battle further into hand to hand combat.

"Mr. Garrison as we come into range targets all phaser on the bridge of the Vorcha, and fire a series of Transphasic Torpedoes at the Birds of Prey. Once we have cleared the Vor'cha battle crusier continue firing torpedoes at their Impulse manifolds. Then fire a concentrated phaser burst at the Plasma Stream we left behind."

"Helm, once we've cleared the battle cruiser set a course away from the Klingon ships, best possible speed. Once Tactical and Engineering have signaled, you may proceed."

Aye, Captain I'll show those ships whos more maneuverable!, Ensign Hyperdrive replied.

As Garrison and Niomo, both signaled Hyperdrive set course directly for the Klingon Battleship. As the USS Lotus narrowly misses the top of the Klingon ship, the Nacelles begin to vent drive plasma which settles across the top of the ships hull.

Targeting the bridge of the Vorcha Garrison fires a series of phaser bursts at the Klingon ship. As the Lotus passed over the the Vocha, Garrison fired a single phaser blast that ignited the Drive plasma causing a concussive blast that disabled the dorsal shielding of the ship, he then fired on the impulse engines rendering her dead in space. He then switches over to both of the Birds of prey and fires a volley of transphasic torpedoes at each of the ships. Suddenly one of the birds of prey explodes, while the other begins to spin out uncontrollably towards the now disabled Klingon Battle Cruiser. As the two Klingon ships slowly collided, from the outside it was obvious that main power was knocked off line and the two ships laid there dead in space.

LT Niomo was busy taking power from every system he could find as he saw explosions on the view screen.

He sighed a sigh of relief as he saw the remains of the battle.

"Sir, I am taking Armor offline and replacing it with low level shields. I suggest we refrain from any more combat until the Core can supply us with power. Our emergency batteries are almost empty.  We're already taxing the system with phasers on standby.  I have increased power to the sensors, just in case any more klingons decide to drop in. 25 minutes until the EPS conduits are replaced. Sir, until we can get warp back online i suggest we find a nice moon to hide behind."

What a shakedown run this is turning out to be

"Also sir, I cannot raise the team in the main computer chamber on Deck 8. Should we send security to investigate?"

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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Chapter 4

To tow a ship.

As doors to the Turbo lift swooshed open, Rear Admiral Crowl stepped onto the bridge of the Nova Class vessel, The USS Umpqua, Noticing Captain Imperator had arrived Admiral Crowl approaches the captain. “Captain Imperator, contact Lt. Commander Butler over at Utopia Planetia and confer with him about making sure our tractor systems are up to towing the Nehalem at our maximum warp, which is warp 8.  Then coordinate with our temporary chief engineer, Lt Cmdr Tubbs, with getting those modifications on-line."

“Aye sir”, the Captain responds. Leaving the bridge Captain Imperator heads for Engineeing

Admiral Crowl then takes the captain's chair and takes note of his temporary crew.  Lt Mack is the tactical officer, Lt Tavar (a vulcan) is the science officer, and Ens Jones is at the helm.  Below deck is Lt Thompson, the CMO for the cruise, and Lt Cmdr Tubbs in engineering.

“Admiral, engineering reports that we are ready to depart”, announces Lt. Mack

Admiral Crowl looks to Lt. Mack, “Very well. Contact starbase operations and request clearance to depart.”

“Sir Operations is responding and we are cleared for launch.”

Adjusting in his seat Admiral Crowl responds, Lt. Mack, set condition Blue for docking procedures. Crowl to engineering, it's time to depart.  Bring our systems on-line."

“Aye, sir. Warp Warp and impulse engines on-line, thrusters have power available.  Switching to internal power and life support." Lt. Commander Tubbs replies.

“Ensign Jones, disengage the gangway, clear all docking clamps and moorings.” Ordered the Admiral Crowl.

Aye, sir, gangway cleared, all docking clamps and mooring detached and cleared. Bringing thrusters on-line, navigational deflector on-line; awaiting your order Admiral."

“Admiral, sensor systems are within nominal operations standards.”

“Thank you Lt. Tavar. Ensign Jones, take us out, 1/8th impulse”

“Aye aye, 1/8th impulse”

As the Nova class starship cleared the Space Dock doors and was subjected to the vastness of space the blue glow from the warp nacelles seemed to cast a shadow across the hull of the ships, highlighting all of the angular features of the Class.

Ensign Jones, looks over to Admiral Crow, “Sir we have cleared space dock.”

“Very good. Set course for Utopia Planetia, Full impulse.” " Aye, sir Course plotted, full impulse." "Engage", Crowl Ordered. "Ens Jones, what's our current ETA?" “ETA 10 minutes Admiral., Jones replied. "Imperator to Admiral Crowl."
"Crowl here, go ahead." "I've contacted Lt.Commander Butler.  Most of the modifications we need have already been completed.  The remaining modifications should only take about 15 minutes." "Excellent.  Get those modifications completed.  Our ETA is 10 minutes." "Aye, Imperator out" "Rear Admiral Crowl to Admiral Redshirt.  We have departed and will reach Utopia Planetia in 10 minutes." "Very good.  We are a few minutes ahead of schedule."

“Admiral, we have arrived at Utopia Planetia.”, Announces Ensign Jones

“sir” “Yes Lt. Tavar.” “The Nehalem has been towed out from spacedock and is being held in place by a tug.”  “On Screen.  Bridge to Admiral Redshirt, we have arrived at Utopia Planetia and are about to take the Nehalem in tow.” “Thank you Admiral Crowl, I'll be right there.” “Bridge to engineering, how long until the modifications are complete to the tractor beam?” “2 minutes Admiral” “Helm, move us to within tractor range of the Nehalem and hold us there.” Lt. Commander Tubbs, to Bridge” “Go ahead commander” tractor beam on-line.  We're ready down here Admiral. Lt Mack, attach a tractor beam.  Hail the tug and tell them to release the Nehalem.
Let’s get under way shall we?  Helm, set course for Star base 10; 1/2 impulse until we clear the system, then let’s try warp 1 to see how the modified systems work.

Admiral, we've cleared the system and we are ready for warp 1., announces the helm officer. Bridge to engineering, we'll be trying out the modified systems at warp 1 just to make sure everything works, then we'll kick it up to warp 7. Understood Admiral well be ready, Engineering out.” Helm, engage

As the USS Umpqua leaps to warp, the Admiral calls to all departments to report in.

Tractor beam is holding steady, engineering reports all systems are at nominal levels sir. Lt Mack replies.

“Excellent, Helm, increase to warp 8.” “Warp 8, aye.”

ETA for Star base 10? At our present speed, we will reach star base 10 in 7 hours. Ensign Jones replies

Looking over to Captain Imperator, who has been sitting in the first officer seat Imperator, you have the bridge.  I'm going to go grab something to eat.  Admiral Redshirt, would you like to join me? I would indeed.

As the USS Lotus Limps away from the battle Lt. Niomo begins working on away to get main power back on line. Admiral Nova looks over to the Lieutenant. Lieutenant Niomo, let me know as soon as we are ready to get underway"

"Helm scan for the nearest object that will best skew our signature I dont care if its a nebula or what, just get us out of here.

Mr. Garrison what is the status of all of the Klingon ships? also keep an eye on those sensors, let me know if any ships come into the sector.

Please send an encoded message to Captain Worf and inform him of our last known position and that we have taken serious damage." and inform him that once he arrives we will make contact. Also what is the ETA on the Piedmont?"

Niomo nodded in acknowledgement. "Aye sir. Garrison, send a security team to Deck 8. I will grant them access into the room."

Niomo took the phaser from its compartment in his station and procceded to Deck 8.

He arrived quickly and awaited the security team.

Once the team arrived Niomo tried to raise the Science Chief one last time, but when he did not get a response he took out his phaser and prepared the team to move in.

Niomo moved next to the control panel and input his command code to unlock the door. A minute later the door slowly slid open and Niomo stood dumbfounded.

Twelve bodies were scattered around the room, one of which was Niomo's friend.

"Oh God..." Tapping his badge, "Admiral...This is Lire. The computer repair team is dead...I suggest we lock down all major control panels, post security at the entrances to all major rooms and restrict all off duty crewmen to their quarters. I suggest contacting the next in line science officer...they've just been promoted i think. I'm going to stay here and see what i can do for the computer. The security team will stay in this room until the repairs are complete."

Next, he tapped his comm "Engineering, this is Lire. The computer repair team is dead. Go through the service log and see which crewman have the most experience in computer system diagnostics. Have them report to Deck 8, security will escort them to our workplace."

Niomo hits his badge again "Dr. Kirkpatrick, are you there? We have some work for you. Twelve deceased crewmembers." Niomo sighed. "Twelve, Lieutenant? What happened! [Lt. Niomo responds (I'm guessing it will take a bit to find out what happen exactly?)] I'll dispatch a medical emergency team to your location, they will be there shortly. In the mean time, please find out what's going on, I would rather have an empty sickbay if at all possible. We will try to find out what killed them."

Niomo picked up a tricorder and got to work as some engineering crewmen began to trickle in.

Dr. Kirkpatrick looks at his Nurse, Ensign Myla, through the glass wall of his office and motions her over. "Find out what deck Lt. Lire is on and get a medical emergency team assembled Ensign, we've got work to do. I'll make the necessary preparations for possible autopsies; We have to find out what killed them all."

Ensign Myla: "I'll get a team together right away, Sir. Computer, locate Lieutenant Lire."

EMH: "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

Ensign Myla turns around to find that the EMH had activated thanks to the still malfunctioning computer.

Ensign Myla: "I suppose we might use your help.." "Try to locate him manually Doctor."

Dr. Kirkpatrick finds Lt. Niomo's location by way of the computer console on his desk.

"He's on Deck 8 at the Main Computer Core."

Ensign Myla: "I'll get the team there as soon as possible."

Admiral!, I don't know how, but all navigation is somehow being routed through to somewhere on deck 5! "What!, Isolate the source" "Bridge to security, Intruder alert on Deck 5!"  "Computer Reroute all command functions and controls to Deck 1 and Lock, Authorization Nova Tango Zeta Two Eight.”

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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Chapter 5

The Science of Deception
Captain Felez sat in the passenger seat of the supply warp shuttle, going over system protocols for his new ship.
With a sigh he turned off his PADD and reflected on the last few days.

After his original application for a transfer to the USS LOTUS was rejected, he had found himself between ships for the first time sense leaving the academy.

At first he had considered visiting family, but listening to his parents telling him what a mistake it was to join Starfleet in the first place just like they did every time he talked to them was something he'd rather avoid.

And then, out of the blue, he received A dispatch from command to proceed to Star base 10 for his new posting aboard the LOTUS as its science officer, but no details where given.

Well, it couldn't be for a good reason, something went wrong out there, and now he was headed into it.

He turned his PADD back on and hit the record button.
"Personal Log, after receiving my orders at Star base 104, I was put on the first available transport heading to the system.

I'm now.." looks at Ship time "16 hours and 22 minuets from Star base 10 along with a payload of type VI long range Probes."
*Looks around shuttle*
"Not a glamorous first impression, but it will get the job done"

Suddenly a distorted voice came from off screen Felez looks away from the PADD and yelled back to the pilot "A Ship? what kind of ship?"

*rumbling sound, screen shakes a little*

"I'm coming!" The last image is Felez turning off the PADD

Ensign Covair read over his last performance review and frowned, it was adequate, but its sure didn't say promotional fast track.

But what did they expect? all he even did was ferry supplies around, and that was real exciting to read on a review.

This time he had company, sort of.
His passenger was an Efrozen, first one he'd ever met, but this one at least wasn't all that talkative, reading manuals for nearly 2 hours now.

His instrument panel beeped and he glanced down at it, mostly out of curiosity.
"what's this?" he mumbled, as he worked the controls.
the sensors picked up an anomaly of some sort in the area, but the computer had a hard time isolating it.

Then, as he watched, a vessel materialized on his scanner, aft of the shuttle.

Captain A ship just Uncloaked behind us!"

Felez: "A ship? what kind of ship?"

Covair: "I think its Kingon but.."

*ship shakes a bit*

Covair: "Gravimetric pulse! where dropping out of warp!"

Felez: "I'm coming!" turns off his PADD and jumps into the co-pilot position, and works the controls
"Shield up, did you get a distress signal off?"

Covair: "I Tried, but there jamming us" he started making a series of evasive maneuvers, trying to buy time.

The consul beeped again, indicating an incoming signal, both men looked at it then at each other.
Felez: "Its your ship"
Covair: "But your ranking officer"

Felze frowned and hit the button.
Before he could say a word The Klingon Commander's voice boomed over the comm

"Federation Shuttle craft! You will stand down and surrender your craft Immediately or I shall destroy it and you as well!"
*Line goes dead*

Covair: "so much for negotiations" he said bitterly.

Felez: "I have an idea, but its risky"

Covair: "risky sounds pretty good right now"

Felez swiveled over the the engineering control panel
"I'm bypassing the safety lockouts and rerouting main power to set up a feedback loop though the shields, then we just wait for them to lock on to us with a tractor beam"

Covair: "are you crazy?! sure it'll fry there systems for about a minuet or two, but it will destabilize the core! even if you keep it from blowing up, we wont have any warp power, what are we suppose to do, get out and push?!"

Felez: "Not really what I had in mind" still working on the controls
    "ok, here's what we need to do..."

The Klingon Captain watched as the warp shuttle struggled desperately to avoid capture on the main view screen.
He took no pleasure from it.
His pray was toothless and snared, unable to even run, instead of a hunter he had become a trapper of small game, and the thought upset him.
But still, if starving even a Targ will eat mice..
"Lurg, order there surrender" he said without much interest.
The Tactical officer gave a sharp nod in reply and worked his panel.
The second the signal was received he yelled out
"Federation Shuttle craft! You will stand down and surrender your craft immediately or I shall destroy it and you as well!" and ceased transmitting.
Lurg: "it is done Commander, they would be fools to resist"
Commander Koard simply nodded in agreement.
was this what he was reduced to? picking scraps off the floor? sense falling from the favor of the council parts and supplies have been hard to come by.
Still.. the salvage of the shuttle, as well as ransoming of its crew back to the federation, should be of some use.
Several minuets passed and still no surrender signal had been sent.
"Lurg, Disable there ship if you must, but DO NOT destroy it, understand?" and glared at him.
 "It will be.. difficult.. Commander, but it will be done" Lurg carefully adjusted the targeting.
So small and maneuverable a target would be hard to disable
 *sound of weapons fire*
"I was successful Commander" he said with a slightly smug look.
 On the main view the shuttle could be seen slowing to a stop, a thin plasma trail spiraling away from its starboard warp nacelle.
 Lurg tapped the council again and a shimmering beam enveloped the shuttle
Lurg: "They are ours"
*exterior view*
the shuttle craft glides smoothly to the rear of the ship and slows near the docking bay.
Just then a wave of energy pulse's over the shuttle and then instantly back along the beam.
The tractor beam shuts off
 *Interior view*
Lurg: "Commander.." suddenly his panel sparks, causing him to step back instinctively.
The lights on the bridge flicker momentarily.
 Koard: "What has happened?!"
 Lurg: "they managed to overload our emitter, tractor beam and sensors are off line"
the Captain walked over to him
 Lurg: "I think they.." but was interrupted by the captains forearm guard smashing across his face, knocking him back into the bulkhead
 Koard: "You let them make a fool of you! Find them! now!"
 Just then a trimmer when through the ship, as if they had be hit by a low yield weapons fire, but then nothing else followed.
Lurg wiped the pinkish blood off his face and checked damage stations.
"No damage Commander, what ever it was, it had no effect on the ship"
 "Get the sensors back up and find them" then returned to his seat.
 Nearly two full minuets passed before Lurg restored the systems. he immediately started his scan.
"Commander, the area scan picks up no vessels in the area"
 Koard: "WHAT?!" and stood back up facing his tactical officer.
 Lurg: "I am picking up radiation consistent of a warp core overload and debris, but.."
 Koard drew his disrupter but the Helm officer got his attention.
 "They destroyed themselves trying to break free? ha! ha! ha! fools!"
Koard swung around and struck him with the pistol in the head hard enough to knock him from his chair, then turned it back on Lurg.
 "But.." lurg went on, no fear showing on his face "there is to little debris for the shuttle and there are faint readings of a warp trail"
 Koard sneered "Track them.. set a pursuit course and engage the cloak, I want THAT SHIP"
to Sto-Vo-Kor with the ransom he thought, there commander will pay for this insult in the agony booth.

as the helmsman positioned the vessel he noted the ship was a bit sluggish from the overload, not enough to be a problem and certainly not worth bringing up to his irate captain.
Helm: "Engageing Main drive"

 *Exterior View*
The aligned it self, Cloaking and jumping to warp at nearly the same time.
Behind it was a radioactive cloud with a dumped payload of severely damaged Type VI probes...
 *Interior view*
Lurg: "The warp trail ends in a close but unoccupied system, designation K-513, it has but one orbital body"
 The large bluish Gas giant planet grew larger and larger in the view screen as the Bird of pray dropped out of warp near it.
 Lurg: "Its outer layer is primarily frozen gas particles, if they have retreated into it, we can not follow"
 Koard studied the planet, he knew there sensors would be useless in trying to find so small a ship.
"How long can they survive in there?"
 Lurg checked his figures "No longer than 8 hours Commander" he added an extra hour, just to be safe.
 Koard weighed his options, he could wait them out, but he had no way of knowing how long it would be before someone came looking for them, and the warp core explosion would be easy enough to spot so surly they would check the closest system for survivors.
 "Lurg, lower the cloak, fire four torpedoes at maximum spread, attack pattern Zeta"
Perhaps they hadn't gone vary far in, he might just get lucky.
 *Exterior View*
The four red balls of energy streaked toward the planet one at a time, disappearing into its surface, then exploding in a fire work like fashion, igniting the icy gas particles, it was a rather impressive sight.
 *Interior view*
Lurg: "Nothing Commander"
 Koard: "Re-cloak the ship, we will wait a bit, lets see how they like the cold" he moved to the turbo lift.
"If they come out Lurg, I want them alive, I will deal with there Commander personally"
And entered the lift.
Despite himself, he was enjoying this.
Seems it was a hunt after all.
 *Eight hours later*
Lurg: "still no sign of the shuttle Commander, they could not have survived this long"
 Koard "they died rather then become our captives? I didn't not think the federation had such metal in them" no, something was wrong, they missed something, and he meant to find what it was.
 Koard: "helm, take us back to the engagement area"
 Helm: "Aye Commander"
Again the ship positioned and activated its warp, leaving the planet far behind it in an instant.
 "Lurg" Koard walked over to him "they are hiding from us, find out how.."
 Lurgs Panel lit up "Commander.. I am picking up a Federation distress signal!, it is to far away to jam"
 Koard slammed his fist into the panel casing "where?! where are they?!"

He looked down then back at his captain and said with shock "its coming from the system K-513, from the planet!"
 Koard roared with anger "how?! helm, get us back there.. NOW!! I.. WANT.. THAT.. SHIP!"
 Helm "aye Commander!"
And turned the ship around.
Felez swiveled over the engineering control panel
"I'm bypassing the safety lockouts and rerouting main power to set up a feedback loop though the shields, then we just wait for them to lock on to us with a tractor beam"

Covair: "are you crazy?! sure it'll fry there systems for about a minuet or two, but it will destabilize the core! even if you keep it from blowing up, we wont have any warp power, what are we suppose to do, get out and push?!"

Felez: "Not really what i had in mind" still working on the controls
    "ok, here's what we need to do... The first time we get a near hit I want you to vent Plasma from one of the nacelles and let the shuttle drift a bit, let them think they got a good shot in.."
Covair: "This is a shuttle, if they hit us at all it will be a good shot"  he said not looking away from the controls.
Felez: "Good point, so don't let them hit us"
 He got up and moved back to the cargo bay, talking as he went
 "try to hold them off for another minuet or two, but take the first potentially damaging hit we get, I don't want to test there patience"
Covair mumbled under his breath "What about my patience..?"
Felez opened the secure casing of one of the Probes and programmed it for the nearest system in the area and set it for auto launch when its sensors detected it was out of the ship.
Quickly opening another probe, he then pulled out is PADD and hit record "Captain Felez, nearest system, code 2113 delta one. wish us luck" and placed it into the shielded core cavity of the probe.
Just then ship was jerked violently and Felez bounced off some of the probes and was thrown to the ground.
Covair: "cant get much closer than that Lieutenant! initiating maneuver"
*exterior view*
The shuttle could be seen slowing to a stop, a thin plasma trail spiraling away from its starboard warp nacelle.
A shimmering beam enveloped the shuttle
 *interior View*
Felez pulled himself up by his off hand, mainly because he couldn't get his right arm to work anymore.
he gritted his teeth, he wanted to get the first aid kit, but he didn't have the time.
He hated pain, it was his least favorite thing in the galaxy.
 Covair: "Lieutenant?" the ship seemed to tremble around him and he felt slightly dizzy
'Oh grate' he thought 'now's not a good time for shock' "Inishiate the pulse!" the word initiate came out slurred and he vary nearly collapsed coming out of the cargo bay but managed to seal the door behind him.
*exterior view*
the shuttle craft glides smoothly to the rear of the ship and slows near the docking bay.
Just then a wave of energy pulse's over the shuttle and then instantly back along the beam.
The tractor beam shuts off
 *interior View*
Covair: "it worked, the tractor beams down"
 *Computer Voice*
"Warning, warp core breach detected in primary system, Core overload in 30 seconds, Warning"
 Felez cycled the air lock and manually bypassed the lockout, and the ship shuttered as the Constance of the the bay was blown out into space by the decompression.
 "Computer" he said getting painfully back into his seat "Eject warp core"
*Computer Voice*
"Emergency system activating core ejection"
 Felez: "Ensign, you have 20 seconds to place there ship between us and the explosion soon to come"
 Covair didn't hesitate and efficiently worked the controls.
 *exterior view*
The core, a small oddly shaped device with flashing lights on it, shot out of the shuttle.
as the shuttle glided away to the other side of the Bird of Pray One of the Probes flared to life, aligned it self and warped away just seconds before the core detonated
 *Klingon ship*
Just then a trimmer when through the ship, as if they had be hit by a low yield weapons fire, but then nothing else followed.
Lurg wiped the pinkish blood off his face and checked damage stations.
"No damage Commander, what ever it was, it had no effect on the ship"
Covair: "I dont think that hurt them, if that was your plan"
 Felez: "No" he said sleepily "So tell me, have you ever manually docked a shuttle before?"
 Covair looked at him with disbelief "Your kidding.."
Felez just gave a weak smile
 *Klingon ship*
 "But.." lurg went on, no fear showing on his face "there is to little debris for the shuttle and there are faint readings of a warp trail"
 Koard sneered "Track them.. set a pursuit course and engage the cloak, I want THAT SHIP"
to Sto-Vo-Kor with the ransom he thought, there commander will pay for this insult in the agony booth.

as the helmsman positioned the vessel he noted the ship was a bit sluggish from the overload, not enough to be a problem and certainly not worth bringing up to his irate captain.
Helm: "Engageing Main drive"

 *Exterior View*
The Ship aligned it self, Cloaking and jumping to warp at nearly the same time they never realy had a chance to detect the tiny shuttle clinging to there belly that was slowing them down.
Felez's first thought was that his pillow was missing and must have been knocked form the bed.
But when he tried to reach down to get it he found he couldn't move his right arm.
He looked down at his arm and noticed it was restrained across his lap by some sort of crude metal straps.
He Blinked and looked around the room, suddenly he realized something terrible, he wasn't on a federation ship.
A large rigged head moved in front of his eyes
Klingon: "blplvHa'law'" (pronounced: bi-piv-KHA-low) and frowned.
 Was that a Klingon? Felez had never seen one up close before.
Felez: What? I don't.." he said shakily
 The Klingon just looked annoyed
"tlhlngan Hol Dajath'a'" (TLIngan khol djatl-A)
 Felez "I'm.. I'm sorry.. it seems my Universal Translator was damaged" Or disabled he thought.
The Klingon sneered and jabbed his arm with some sort of tool, Felez yelped at the pain.
Then he shook his head disapprovingly and said "pltlh" (pitl) and walked away.
just before leaving the room he said "bIleSnlS" (bi-LESH-nish) and walked through the door.
As the door slid shut behind him Felez realized what had happened..
They had been captured by the Klingons!
**5 Hours ago**

Ensign Covair watched through the View port from the powered down shuttle.
"Pilots log" He said quietly
"Lt. Felez's plan seems to be working for the moment as several hours have past and we haven't yet been detected"
he walked over the bench where Felez was laying, his right arm secured to his side.
"A medical scan showed the lieutenant's right arm was fractured in two places as well as his right wrist, I immobilized it and administered the proper pain relief dose as instructed, but that's about all I can for the moment"
He went and sat down in the pilots seat again, looking at the planet rotating in front of them.
"The Nav-comp says where at K-513 and It looks like there tiring to wait us out witch is a good thing for us because as long as they remain cloaked they wont be able to find us here, unless some one gets out and manually checks"
He gave a deep yawn and shook his face to wake up "I've had to resort to taking stims with the replicators down, witch of course means no coffee until this deadlock breaks and.."
His eyes widened as he watched the large bluish planet start to swing away from view
"..and this happens, end log"
The Bird of Pray was aligning for a jump to warp, it was now or never.
*exterior view*
The Bird of Pray swung around and the shuttle released its clamps drifting slowly off it.
Then, in the blink of an eye, the larger ship vanished as the shuttle moved out of the cloaking field.
It was only because of the turbulence that they knew the larger ship had left at all.
*interior shuttle*
Covair sat there doing nothing, staring the controls, its was the hardest thing he ever had to do.
He had to wait long enough for the Klingon ship to be to far away to jam a distress signal and still have time to make a run for the planet.
The problem was that there was no way of knowing whether or not they had been detected by the Klingons as they jumped away, and under cloak, they could come back and be right next to them for all they could tell and it was a vary unnerving thought.
He forced himself to sit there nearly 5 full minuets before he turned power back up and plotted a course into the planets atmosphere.
Covair breathed a sigh of relief as the Klingon ship did not reappear while he did so.
With the shuttle already moving toward the planet he sent the distress signal, knowing that the Bird of Pray would hear it instantly and would come back looking for them with a vengeance.
After the signal was sent he immediately flew the ship into into the planets upper atmosphere, disappearing into the particles of gassy ice.

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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 Hang in there Captain Felez and Ensign Covair! I'm rootin' for ya's!
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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet=/\= Season 1 Episode 1 - "Maiden Voyage"
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Im going to post the rest of this episode and the second episode in a day or so. BTW Im the Lotus' new captain :D