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Author Topic: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua  (Read 3692 times)

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=/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua
« on: 27 September 2008 04:35 PM »
The USS Umpqua. Season 1, Episode 1: “The Dignitaries”

Main Characters:
Commander Thopor (Vulcan) – Captain of the USS Umpqua
Lieutenant Christopher Stevens (Human) – Chief Helm Officer of the USS Umpqua
Lieutenant Anthony Griffin (Human) – Chief Medical Officer of the USS Umpqua
Lieutenant K’Rrauw (Caitian) – Chief Science Officer of the USS Umpqua
Lieutenant Talak Rahl (Human/Vulcan) – Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Umpqua
Lieutenant Bryan Lee (Human) – Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Umpqua

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua
« Reply #1 on: 27 September 2008 05:14 PM »
Part One:

After leaving Admiral Redshirt's office, Thopor left with urgency. Pressing his comm badge as he walked, Thopor spoke, "Thopor to Starbase 10."

"Starbase 10 here. Go ahead Commander Thopor."

"Please have all my personal gear transferred from the USS Nehalem to the USS Umpqua captain’s quarters." Captain’s quarters…it was hard to believe Starfleet was giving him this opportunity, Thopor thought to himself. He had heard he wasn't the only one they had considered for the promotion.

"Yes, sir. We will send a detail right away. I assure you that your items will be aboard before you are." The officer promised.

Amazing, just when you think Starfleet is slacking, they are proficient movers. Thopor looked at his PADD and took note of the gate that the USS Umpqua was docked at. The Starbase had new recruits running everywhere, so he figured that a transport vessel had just arrived from the Academy. While Thopor looked over the crew manifest of the Umpqua, he paused for a second at seeing Lieutenant Commander Talak Rahl’s name. I hope he still isn't sore over our holodeck emitters experience in main engineering. The one where I let him think he was installing the warp core.

Rounding the corner, Thopor saw a viewing deck and stepped out to look. There, he saw her, the USS Umpqua. Humph! Thopor thought, quite a bit smaller then the Nehalem. No matter, she was outfitted with the Rhode Island refit, and after her last mission, she is almost a new ship. From the logs, it showed that she has been docked so long that she has an entire new crew. Thopor looked at his PADD again. He had already wasted too much time and turned quickly to head out almost walking over...


"Thopor! Or should I say…Captain."

"Oh stop it now... DJ" But before Thopor could say another word, DJ had embraced him in a hug.

Leaning in, DJ whispered in Thopor’s ear. "You be careful out there bud.” Releasing Thopor from the hug, DJ patted Thopor on the shoulder amiably. "Look, Thopor, I got to run…but next time you are on base we'll have a drink…" DJ’s voice trailed off as he walked off in the distance.

Thopor rounded the corner to the airlocks. The passageway was open and allowed crewmen to come and go as they pleased. Proceeding through the passageway, Thopor stopped for a second to take in the fresh scent of the ship. Coming on board, Thopor saw that there was a terminal for crewmen to check in and out. Thopor walked over to it and pressed his hand to it.

"Computer, recognize Commander Thopor, Authorization ID: 0414651"

"Computer authorization accepted, Welcome aboard captain"

Thopor walked to the turbo lift. The doors opened and he stepped on. "Bridge." As the turbo lift moved, Thopor asked, "Computer, are there any crewman not accounted for?"

"There are 79 registered crewman and 79 accounted for."

"Computer, notify all senior officer to report to duty, we are departing."



Talak was in his quarters tapping his fingers impatiently. He had received a message from Starfleet yesterday concerning a sudden change of command. I guess whatever special mission Captain West was on must be so important that Starfleet took away command of the Umpqua... Feeling restless, Talak got up and started pacing his fairly small quarters, at least compared to his home in France. Everything here was just…so austere, and though Talak lived rather sparsely, his room just seemed so gray. A loud beep and flashing lights from the computer terminal snapped Talak out of his thoughts, and Talak read over the message from Lotus Fleet Command.

With every word that Talak took in, he grew even more horrified. After staring at the Starfleet and Lotus Fleet insignia at the bottom of the message, Talak went back up to the top and reread the whole message again just to make sure he had read the right message. This has got to be a dream! Rubbing his eyes forcefully and pinching his skin until the area became red, Talak concluded that he was in fact awake. Commander Thopor was now the Captain of the Umpqua. That Vulcan! At the Nehalem launching party, Talak had been extremely happy that he would once and for all be out of Thopor's scrutiny, and had shook everyone's hand vigorously and left as fast as he could. At least before, they had both been Chief Engineers of different ships and of the same rank, but somehow, someway, Thopor managed to become his new captain. Remembering the way Thopor had analyzed everything Talak had done with the Nehalem, Talak felt the memory come back as a nightmare. The world just seemed to shatter like a mirror. The fragments of his life would only cut his hands if he attempted to pick them up.

Slumping in his chair, Talak became despondent and had the sudden urge to go visit the counselor. A thought suddenly crossed Talak's mind like a bright light. I should retire from Starfleet! Talak sat up very straight and then started a message meant for Starfleet command, so that he could withdraw his commission from the Umpqua. Just when he was about to send the letter, Talak suddenly became aware of all the implications of leaving Starfleet: he would lose his job, his passion, his friends, and his honor. I can't let one person ruin my life for me. I'm just gonna have to change ships...

Talak was snapped out of his thoughts when another message came through, saying that all hands must be at their stations and be ready for launch within half an hour. Extremely annoyed, Talak tossed on a fresh uniform and headed to the bridge. The doors to the turbo lifted opened and revealed the bridge of the Umpqua, where most of the officers were already at station.

"Captain on the bridge!" a crewman announced when Commander Thopor arrived.

K'Rrauw, the Chief Science officer, and a Caitian, was at his station. For the last few days, he had been tense, and even the Holodeck did not help release the tension as much as he had hoped.

He noticed that the new captain is a Vulcan. Great, he thought, someone with a sense of logic. Just then in the corner of his eye he noticed some tension brewing over at the engineering console. Now what is this? He thought. Hostility between Rahl and the captain? He quickly accessed the personnel files to compare Rahl's and the captain's to find where they might have met before.

Thopor walked around the bridge and stood in front of the captain’s chair.

"Mr. Lee communicate with Starbase 10 on a departure gate, Stevens secure the airlocks, release the magnetic locks and take us out thrusters only. Talak bring the warp core online. Let me know when we are clear of Starbase 10."

"Aye sir...Starbase 10 reports that we are clear for departure through gate 2. They would also like to wish us the best of luck on our maiden voyage." Mr. Lee announced.

Thopor sat down in the center chair.

The Helm officer also gave his confirmation. "Yes sir." Stevens said. The helm officer moved quickly over his console entering command codes while double checking systems at the same time.

"Airlocks are secured captain." Lee reported.

A few more presses of the helm console and the docking clamps holding the Umpqua in place were released.

At this point Christopher Stevens took just a brief second to think over things. This was the first time he had been on assignment in space. His ship was free and he was piloting it. It was up to him now to keep the ship and crew safe.

"Magnetic locks are released…I’m taking us out with thrusters only.” Helm Officer Stevens chimed.

The ship began to move and Stevens stared intently at the console to make sure things went smoothly. So far so good. Slowly, the ship began moving forward to the gate they had been assigned to depart from.

Observing his bridge crew, Thopor noticed the tension in Stevens’s movements, so he walks over behind him. "Easy does it, let's give the doors time to open, you’re doing an excellent job." The Captain said encouragingly, while patting him on the shoulder and watching the view screen.

At the engineering station, Talak was in a dark mood, and so he began punching buttons on his console, a little harder than normal, just to check up on everything in engineering and coordinating things with his Junior Engineer officer. After a few more thumps to the engineering console, a message on the screen appeared saying that it was locking the console because the pressure readings exceeded safe usage. Talak swore under his breath, and attempted to override the pressure lock by punching at his keys even harder. "Piece of sh--", Talak immediately stopped himself when he noticed a crewman staring at him. Talak glared back at him with piercing look, and the crewman turned back to his console.

Guess I am just going to have to say it. "Computer, override pressure lock on engineering console, authorization Rahl Phi Omega." Hiding his embarrassment, Talak brought the warp core online, and was horrified to see that the efficiency level was only at 98.5 percent. Just gets from bad to worse doesn't it... Clearing his throat, Talak addressed his new...Vulcan captain. "Captain, request permission to go to main engineering. It seems that...the warp core isn't up to par."

Thopor turned to the Chief Engineering Officer to respond and noticed the frustration on Talak's face. "I regret to inform you that I need the entire senior staff on the bridge right now. If you can't solve the issue at your console you will have to wait until after we go to warp." Turning back the view screen, Thopor redirected his attention to the helm officer. "Take us out Mr. Stevens."

Taking the ship out of dock, Christopher Stevens couldn’t help but feel the excitement build. This was it. He was about to go to warp for the first time on his first assignment. This was a remarkable time in his life. With that, the ship slowly moved out of Starbase 10, clearing the doors. "Captain, we are clear of Starbase 10. Ready to go at your command.” Stevens said eagerly.

Irritated that he couldn't get out of Commander Thopor's presence, Talak fidgeted, and began relaying a message over to his Junior Engineer to get the warp core fixed. The warp core input/output data was really beginning to bug Talak, since he knew that it should be more efficient that whatever junk it was displaying.

Taking a slow breath, Talak drew his eyes away from the maddening console and surveyed the other officers around the bridge. Of course, the first officer to catch his eye was the huge Caitian, who was at the science console. The Caitian turned his head to meet his eyes, so Talak quickly looked away to let his eyes drift over the rest of the senior officers on the bridge. He could recall seeing their faces on the personnel files from the crew manifest, and he read all of their achievements. All of them were a qualified bunch. I should get a senior officer's dinner...and I have to figure out some way to exclude the Captain, maybe I can make it impossible for vegetarian meals to be served...

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua
« Reply #2 on: 27 September 2008 05:59 PM »
Interesting First Chapter - Keep it coming

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua
« Reply #3 on: 28 September 2008 04:44 PM »
 Intriguing! Personal conflicts aboard a new ship...can't wait to read more!
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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua
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Part Two:

Shifting his weight from his right foot to his left foot, and then back again, Talak waited impatiently for the ship to go to warp, so that he could get out of this horrid environment. Just when Talak couldn’t wait any longer, Commander Thopor said, "good job Stevens. Set a course for Romulus warp 8, and notify me before we reach the neutral zone." Thopor pressed his comm badge, "This is the captain speaking, long have you waited to shine and today we will make history. There are 2 stranded members of Starfleet left on Romulus and we are to retrieve them. Tension has been building between the Romulans and Klingons. This mission is not to be taken lightly, Captain out."

K'Rrauw, like the rest of the bridge crew, couldn’t believe what they just heard, but the captain had just confirmed the destination was indeed Romulus. K'Rrauw started to read up on sensor modifications and ways to enhance them to detect cloaked ships.

"Yes sir cour..." Stevens paused in mid-sentence. "Romulus? Are you sure captain??" Stevens questioned.

"Yes, Romulus. Engage!” The resolve in the captain’s voice was unmistakable.

WOW, my first mission, and I’m going to Romulus! Stevens felt like the luckiest member of Starfleet. On his first mission, he was doing something most members of the Federation never got to do. Not to mention he’d always held a certain fascination with the Romulans. I’ll definitely have to read up on some Romulan history as we get towards the planet, he thought. But that will have to wait. Stevens acknowledged the orders and pressed down the buttons to go to warp.

The ship suddenly lurched forward, shuttering the bridge. What?! Stevens looked at his console confirming that the ship was now at rest, not at warp, and no longer using thrusters. O god, what happened?! Stevens frantically thought of the reason why this had happened. He felt the critical eyes of his captain and fellow officers on his back. Ok, lets take this one step at a time. Stevens worked through one each command press to engage warp. And he found the problem quickly. He had forgotten to designate the vector for the ship. Simple enough. Stevens quickly re entered his commands and engaged warp. "Warp engaged sir."

Thopor stood to go to the captain’s ready room, and turned just before exiting. "Talak you are dismissed, good job everyone. I expect status reports before we enter Romulan space. Doctor Griffin, get an emergency kit together." Thopor took a deep sigh before continuing, "No telling what we will encounter out here…Mr. Lee don't forget to inform me when we reach the Neutral Zone."

Thopor walked into his ready room and walked over to the replicator. "Hot Vulcan tea.” Thopor walked to his desk and sat down. "Computer, send a sub-space message to Captain Kirkpatrick."


"Captain, I would like to wish you and your crew good tidings on your shakedown, live long and prosper.

“End recording and send standard Starfleet encryption."


Dr. Griffin continued his work in the Infirmary after hearing the command to launch over the comm. A small shudder of the ship let him know that they were underway.

It was only 2 days ago, when the doctor and the rest of the senior staff were in the captain's quarters, eagerly awaiting their first mission, only to find a replacement of command.

A bleep rang out in his office, and Commander Thopor’s voice was heard, "Dr. Griffin, get an emergency kit together." Alarmed by this sudden request, the doctor ordered his assistant to take over Sickbay. Dr. Griffin gathered his equipment, and rushed to captain on the bridge.


Lieutenant Stevens sat over his console peering intently at everything while keeping an eye on their present course and speed. One good thing about being Helm Officer was that once the course was laid in, it was pretty smooth sailing unless something unexpected arose.

So far nothing had happened.

The captain had disappeared into his ready room awhile back and since then the bridge had been silent, everyone doing their jobs. Stevens was relaxing a little now that everything was underway but he still wasn’t going to let anything else happen like earlier. Everything checked out and the ship was nearing the Neutral Zone.


Talak set a brisk pace to engineering. At this rate, Talak would have to get the ship running in top shape in only a couple hours...something that other engineers would have years to accomplish. Grumbling again at his bad luck, Talak entered the turbolift, and turned his head to catch a glimpse one more time at the Caitian. Magnificent and deadly at the same time, Caitians were certainly an enigma. Talak made a note to himself to read files on the Caitian species whenever he had the spare time.

Entering the engineering bay, Talak said loudly, "Ensign Sun! Why isn't the warp core at over 100 percent efficiency?"

The young Ensign began to stammer, "Sir, I....well..."

Talak cut the ensign off and addressed everyone in engineering. "Just so everyone knows; we are headed towards Romulus." Murmuring filled the whole room at this new piece of information. "I want these systems running like it has been tweaked for years. Get going! This is an important mission. I will be assigning teams, but for now I want this damn warp core working. Understood?" Talak strode over to the warp core console and began dishing out orders to nearby crewmen, and they all scurried away to their respective assignments.

By the end of the hour, Talak had fixed problems with the EPS transfer systems and the containment field, both of which were causing problems with the antimatter/matter reaction chambers, making them perform at less-than-optimal levels. Talak had also noticed that the dilithium crystals were not as refined as it could've been, but there was nothing he could do about that for now, he would just have to be satisfied with what he had now, and had to hope that it would get them back home safely.


The doctor arrived on the bridge, and everything seemed to be in order...crewmen were at their stations, officers were pacing the deck.

Hmmm, emergency? The doctor thought to himself.

Dr. Griffin asked aloud, "Where is the captain? What is the medical emergency?"

The bridge crew turned to him...their faces covered with confusion. Did I mishear the message...I sure hope not! Dr. Griffin starred around the deck, more and more eyebrows raised... the doctor began to turn red with embarrassment. With the captain not insight, the doctor turned to the ready room, quickly fixed his uniform and rushed with his head down, to conceal his red complexion... straight to the captain's office.

Thopor had just finished his cup of tea, and got up to get a refill when the computer beeped and the Doctor walked in. "Evening doctor would you like some tea?” Thopor said.

Still slightly confused, Dr. Griffin said, "Tea, sir... uhh... no thanks." The doctor was very surprised; everything seemed to be in order. "I've brought the emergency kit you asked for... is everything ok?" The Doctor inquired.

"I do apologize Doc, I was merely suggesting that we should have it on ready in the event that we need one. Thank you for your quick response though.” Thopor walked back over and sat down while dismissing the Doctor.


The time was approaching. It had been an uneventful trip, although for some reason the doctor had come to the bridge. Stevens took a quick look at his overhead layout of the spatial coordinates and their current location. After confirming the coordinates he got up and headed to the captains ready room.

Thopor had just finished reading a report that came in from Engineering when Lieutenant Stevens walked into the ready room and said, “Excuse me sir, you wanted to be notified when we reached the neutral zone. We’re one hour from the border, and I have a full report of helm control," Stevens reported as he stood uneasily in front of the new captain.

"Thank you Stevens, drop to warp 6 take us to yellow alert. Inform me after we have entered Romulan space." Thopor pressed his comm badge, and patched through to the Chief Engineer. "Engineering, divert power to the sensors, I received your report good job Talak, keep up it up."

Christopher Stevens walked out the captain’s ready room relieved. He seemed to be on top of things. Certainly he was experienced and prepared. Maybe they could survive in Romulan space. I sure hope we all know what we’re doing, he thought.

Stevens returned to his console and dropped the Umpqua to warp 6. He turned to Lieutenant Lee. "Lieutenant, please put us on yellow alert."
"Affirmative, shields are online...placing phasers and photon torpedoes on standby mode. Sir, I recommend running active sensor sweeps of the immediate area for threats." Lee responded.

Stevens acknowledged the Tactical Officer and returned his attention back to his console to monitor the ship’s course. This was an important time and he had to be prepared for anything.

K'Rrauw, at the science station, had read through all the latest scientific research made on sensor technology modified to detect and track cloaking devices. Now he was comparing them to the ship specifications making notes on changes that would be possible to implement.

He taps his comm badge, “Lieutenant K'Rrauw to the captain, I have some suggestions on how to improve the sensors for this mission. I would like to present them to you when you have the time. K'Rrauw out.”

Thopor acknowledged the Science Officer and the report was filed in:

Status report Science department

There are currently two modification techniques worked on to improve the already powerfull sensors.

1. A tachyon pulse that works much like sonar.
2. A neutrino pattern analyzer to detect neutrino patterns that are not blending in with their normal patterns in the surrounding space.

These upgrades will be ready for testing in 90 minutes.

Our scans of the neutral zone have only come up with some biological residue and traces of weapon discharges. Some sort of battle has occurred in the last 6 months.

A few hours later


The helm console was going on alert. Stevens came out of his gaze of routine checkups and peered at the overlay. The ship was continuing on its course and the neutral zone was quickly coming to an end. Romulan Space was approaching. So far so good, it was surprising though that not a single Romulan ship had noticed them.

Stevens tapped his comm badge, "Captain, we are approaching the end of the Neutral Zone on the Romulan border. Still at warp 6 as ordered."


The doctor bid farewell to the captain and set a quick pace back to his post. Tapping his comm badge, the doctor asked his assistant, Ensign Trell, if the yellow alert procedures had been implemented.

Ensign Trell responded, "Aye sir, A, B and C shifts on standby, biobeds at the ready, EMH and transporters online."

Dr. Griffin exited the turbolift and entered the Infirmary. His team stood still and silent, with their apparatus at hand. The doctor assumed his post at the center of the room and patched through to the bridge. "Sickbay to bridge, all systems ready"

The doctor lowered his head, then solemnly turned to face his staff. "Well... all we can do now is wait..."

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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua
« Reply #5 on: 04 October 2008 03:46 AM »
Part Three:

Thopor stood and left his ready room for the bridge after receiving Lieutenant Stevens notice. "Stevens, drop to warp 4.”

"Aye sir."

Stevens went to slow the ship but consoles started beeping everywhere. His eyes went to the overlay on his console showing two Romulan Warbirds appearing out of nowhere. He grew anxious, and was ready to put his training to use.

"Raising shields, Captain." Mr. Lee said.

"Delay that." the Captain was quick to respond. “Hail, them Mr. Lee."

"Sir, they’re responding. I am putting it on screen."

An older male Romulan captain appeared on the viewscreen, and Thopor introduced himself. "Good day, sir. I am Captain Thopor of the USS Umpqua."

"Pleased to meet you, I am Captain Dharvanek. We are here to escort you to Romulus. I am sending the coordinates. Have your helm fall into formation."

"Thank you sir." Thopor turned to Stevens. "Helm, lay in the coordinates and move into position. Engage."

After reading the new coordinates from the Romulan Warbird, Stevens engaged the new course.

“Stevens, what is the ETA to Romulus?" Commander Thopor asked.

"Sir, at warp 7.5 and with the course they have laid out, we can be at Romulus within 26 hours."

Thopor felt that this would be a good time to take a tour of the ship, and so he said, "Stevens, contact me if anything happens." Thopor left the bridge and entered the turbolift.

After the captain left the bridge, Lieutenant Stevens was still a little confused. The Romulans weren’t exactly the friendliest species towards the Federation. And here they were in the neutral zone with two Warbirds telling them what speed, and what coordinates to go to. Something felt a little off.

"Lieutenant Lee, let’s keep a sensor lock on those Warbirds. I want to know if anything changes, even the most minor power fluctuation." Stevens himself was keeping a very close eye on helm control, monitoring the warp drive, thruster power, and their current coordinates just in case he had to do some quick thinking. The Umpqua was inside Romulan space, far from any Federation ship. And he was determined not to be taken by surprise.


A few minutes later, Thopor arrived in engineering, and walked up to Lieutenant Rahl. "Good day Talak, we have some time before we get to Romulus. I thought I would take a tour of the ship and who better to give it to me than my old, buddy Talak. Come now, show me what she's got."

While the Captain waited expectantly, Talak's brain shut off. Old buddy? Tour? What the hell? After a moment, Talak cleared his throat. "Sir, to me, the only thing that's worth looking at is what you're looking at right now." Talak paused for a short moment. "I, myself, have not been out of engineering often, so I do not know how effective a guide I would be in other parts of the ship." Though Talak wasn't lying, he was still trying to get out of Thopor's company, and what better way than to tell the truth? "There's not much to see here that you don't already know about, such as our warp core and various engineering consoles." Waving his hand out and gesturing towards the warp core, which had several crewmen working around it, Talak pretty much summed up his tour of engineering for the captain.

"I thought as much; however, an engineer must know his way around his vessel. Lets both take a stroll around her. Let a crewman finish up what you are doing. How about we check out Ten Forward, maybe some dinner?"

Instantly feeling very awkward and wary at the same time, Talak didn't know what the Captain had in store for him. Perhaps enough time to trap him for a full quiz over Nova-class refits, or a whole run down on how much better the Nehalem's warp core functions. Either way, Talak was really not in the mood to get caught up in any conversations, but declining would be almost rude, so he chose the middle road instead.

"For the dinner sir, I must decline...I already ate." Taking only a moment to think, Talak continued, "I could do a quick run down of the ship, but I must really be going to sleep in 20 standard minutes. My shift was over 4 hours ago." Time to find something good in my room's replicators....

Thopor left engineering feeling let down by Talak and still feeling hungry. Thopor went to Ten Forward alone and ordered a standard Vulcan meal at Ten Forward. It was bland, lacked flavor and what not. Thopor made his way back to the bridge to make sure that everything was in order.

He saw that Stevens was looking over the helm like a hawk. "Stevens you can relax a bit. I assure you they won't try anything. One thing the Romulans don't want is a war with Federation and Klingons. I see that we are getting close to our destination. Can we get any sensor readings from Romulus now?"

Stevens twisted around to see the captain. He knew the captain was right, after all, he was much more experienced and knowledgeable than a man on his first assignment. It was still hard though, relaxing out here, all alone. Stevens’s neck was feeling a little sore though, so relaxing might be great advice.

Stevens twisted back to his console to report the readings, "We still don’t have Romulus on sensors but we’re definitely getting close. I’m picking up a large number of Romulan vessels within two light-years of our current location as well as a defense perimeter up ahead. We should stay on alert". Stevens looked over the sensors seeing more ships than they could possibly hope to fight off and those phaser turrets didn’t look too friendly either. He just had to count on the captain to lead them through this safely.

Just then, the doctor arrived on the bridge, a few hours had passed since he took his post, and he was nervously anticipating a Romulan attack. The doctor had his PADD, full of information on the shift rotation he had implemented, amongst other stuff. "Captain, sir... here is the status report you requested. I have included detailed information about our current apparatus, my medical staff, and full crew medical reports."

The doctor passed over his PADD and received a typical Vulcan acknowledgement, a small raise of the eyebrow. The captain took his seat. Dr. Griffin nodded, placed his hands behind his back, and slowly paced his way around the bridge.

Stevens kept glancing around nervously seeing the doctor pacing around. All this pacing made him nervous. Was something wrong? Stevens tensed back up, having relaxed for only awhile.

The console began beeping, so Stevens looked down and saw that the Umpqua had arrived at Romulus. He swiveled to face Thopor. "Captain, we are within visual range of Romulus."

Thopor turned to Lieutenant Lee. “Open a Hailing frequency to Picard.” When the channel was opened, Thopor spoke to an all too recognizable face. “Sir, I am Commander Thopor from the USS Umpqua we are here to pick you up. Are you ready for Transport?"

"I believe if you check your sensors, Commander, you will see an ion storm. We will not be able to transport through it." Picard advised.

Thopor walked over to a console, and indeed he was correct. "Mr. Lee, coordinate with Romulus for a landing site."

"Aye sir. Coordinates coming in now. I am transmitting them to helm."

"Picard, we will be landing on Pad Kilo 8 Station 2. We will meet you there." When the channel closed, Thopor said to Lieutenant Stevens, "helm, take us in." Thopor pressed his comm badge. "This is the captain speaking. We will be landing on the surface of Romulus. Brace yourself, there will be some turbulence."

You’ve gotta be kidding me. A Federation starship landing on Romulus? Stevens thumbed his nose at the idea. Nevertheless it was his duty to follow his captain and he had complete faith in Thopor’s ability to lead them safely. "Aye sir, initiating landing process." Stevens disengaged the engines, depending on the landing thrusters only now. He worked manually to keep their descent at the proper angle and speed.

The ship flew down forcing itself through the atmosphere and into Romulus. Stevens kept thrusters firing and pitched the ship up slightly. Looking at the view screen, his overlay, and all the indicators, Stevens had to rely completely on his training. What a first mission! Going to Romulus and landing! Those were two things most Starfleet officers never did, and Christopher Stevens had done it at only 20 years old. He kept one eye on the ion storm, which was still a safe distance off as the ship continued its descent. Stevens also noticed that the front shields were taking a beating deflecting the planets heat and debris. "Lieutenant Lee, I need more power to the forward shields."

The young helm officer lowered the landing struts preparing for the landing. "Ok, here we go, 1000 meters to land." The ship continued descending, Stevens pitched up once more and fired the thrusters to slow the descent and the ship landed with a thud and touched down on Romulus. Stevens collapsed back in his chair, drained and tired from his job. "We’ve landed", he reported, though it was already obvious to everyone. Stevens closed his eyes and felt relieved to have made a safe landing.

Thopor walked up behind Stevens and patted him on the shoulder. Well done Stevens, the ship is still in one piece." Thopor then pressed his comm badge, "transporter room can you get a lock on Picard and Spock?"

"Aye sir, we have a lock on them."

Thopor opened a channel to Picard, "sir, we can now obtain a lock on you and Mr. Spock. Would you like us to transport you aboard?"

" That will be fine. We are ready, engage." Picard said.

"We have them aboard sir" Transporter room 2 reported in.

"Show them to VIP Quarters and tell them to make themselves at home." Thopor Turned back to Mr. Lee. "Are we cleared to take off?"

"Sir, Romulus is approving take off procedures now. They regrettably inform us our escort will be unavailable on our journey home and bid us safe passage."

I am not surprised. Now that Picard and Spock are back on a Federation ship they will not be responsible if anything is to become of them...God speed. Thopor thought to himself. "Helm, take us out. Once we are cleared the planet’s atmosphere take us to warp. Let’s see how fast we can get out of here. Thopor to engineering, be advised that we’ll be pushing the limits. Give me all she has got."

Stevens felt a little disappointed. All this way to Romulus and he didn’t actually get to see any of the planet. He prepared for departure. Thrusters were ready to go, the ion storm was still a safe distance away and the dignitaries had been picked up. Time to leave.

The thrusters engaged and the ship pushed off the ground. Stevens angled the ship towards the sky and turned thrusters to full power. The landing struts lifted up. Stevens sat tight over his console waiting for the ship to exit the atmosphere. The ship started to rumble and vibrate as the deflector pushed all the particles out of the way, the shields protecting the rest of the ship. The sky gave way to the blackness of space, stars now filling the viewscreen. The thrusters powered down as the ship entered orbit, ready for the impulse engines to come online. The Ship lifted off the planet. Hundreds of Romulan ships were stationed around the planet, as stars glistened across the background.

K'Rrauw left the science station and walked up to the captain and silently addressed him. “Captain, have you had time to look at my report on how to improve our sensors?”

The captain turned to face the Science Officer. “Yes, K'Rrauw. Coordinate with engineering to make the necessary adjustments.”

“Understood. Sir, I would also like to inform you that on our rather long journey through Romulan space, I've done many passive sensor sweeps and gathered a massive amount of unique data ready to be analyzed.”

“Good. When we get back, compile this information and send it to Starfleet Command.”

“If I may speak freely sir?”

“Go ahead.” Thopor said.

“Sir, I would like to suggest that we take another route back to Federation space. If we plot a course to Vulcan, your own and Ambassador Spock's home planet, it will only take us only 25% of the time to leave Romulan space then it would take to exit the same way we arrived. Considering our guests safety, that would be my recommendation sir.”

Just then, the Tactical Officer’s console beeped, causing Commander Thopor to turn. “Sir, we have an incoming message from Starfleet. It’s Admiral Redshirt on a secure channel." Lieutenant Lee reported.

"Put it to my Ready Room." Turning back to the Science Officer, Thopor said. “K'Rrauw, thank you for the advice. I will take it under consideration.”

Thopor then departed from the bridge and walked into the captain's ready room and sat down. "Computer Access Admiral's Redshirt message."

Admiral Redshirt’s message played, "Captain you should have had time to pick up the Dignitaries by now. I expect your mission is going well. However, there has been a change of plans. You are to drop of the dignitaries off at Earth Station then proceed to Utopia Planitia for a small sensor refit. It should only take a few days. Admiral Out."

Thopor stood and reentered the bridge. Stevens had just cleared the ship and was about to go to warp.

"Stevens, adjust course. We are to go to Earth and drop off our passengers. Then to Utopia Planitia, for a sensor refit.” Thopor then turned to K'Rrauw. "Lieutenant, find out what this refit is and will be used for.

“Helm, engage,” commanded Thopor, as he sat back down in the captain’s chair.

Near the Romulan Neutral Zone

The ship was cruising through Romulan space at 8.8 for the past few hours, not far from the neutral zone when the captain felt a vibration.


Just walking around engineering, Talak was observing his team, since it was essential to know how everyone worked together both in and out of an emergency. It has been several hours since the Umpqua had picked up the diplomats, and very important diplomats at that. A beep came from a console that Ensign Sun was working at, snapping Talak out of his thoughts. Wanting to know what the problem was, Talak said, "Report."

"It seems like there's an increasing number of contaminants in the warp drive plasma, causing a destabilization in the warp field. There might be a problem with the plasma injectors." The ensign began running a diagnostic on the warp engines while Talak was working along beside him trying to get the problem fixed before the warp field destabilized too much and they would have to drop out of warp at the edge of Romulan space.

Readings from the preliminary scans showed that the plasma injectors were not replaced when they had been at the Starbase, probably because they were undamaged when the Umpqua had come in. However, they were causing a problem now, and to make matters worse, they were acting up when they had two "celebrities" on board. Just then, the ship shuddered, causing everyone in Engineering to grab a hold of a nearby console or rail, and the few crewmen that didn't have a handhold, fell to the floor.

Suddenly, the ship rocked violently and a nearby EPS conduit blew right next to Ensign Sun, who fell to the ground with burns covering his face. From the engineering console, Talak shut down the power to the warp engines, which caused the ship to drop out of warp, leaving the Umpqua spinning in space.
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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= The USS Umpqua
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Part Four:


"Helm..." the captain was cut off.

Stevens flew out of his chair falling back towards the captain as the ship shuddered and spirled out of control. Things were spinning. The room was dark. There were voices coming from somewhere. Consoles were beeping and alerts going off everywhere. Stevens tried to sit up but couldn’t, and his vision darkened as things faded out.

" Engineering, report!" Thopor yelled.

"Captain, there’s a problem with the engines. We only have impulse for the next couple of hours, or at least until we get the problem fixed." Talak said breathlessly. “I will do everything possible to get it fixed promptly.”


"Doctor, we have medical emergency in engineering. An EPS conduit blew, and my Junior Engineer is down." Talak urgently said over the comm.

"Understood Lieutenant, I'll be right there." The doctor turned to his assistant and said, "Ensign, you're with me. ready the biobeds and assemble a concentrated kelotine gel, immediately!"

Doctor Griffin fetched his tricorder and hypospray and rushed to engineering, fearing the worst. The doors slowly opened, probably a side effect of the power shutdown... it was painfully slow for the doctor, who could hear the cries from within.

After squeezing his way through, the doctor approached the crewman. His face was badly burnt. Dr. Griffin knelt on the floor and injected a few cc's of terakine, to alleviate the pain.

The doctor stood up, allowing his assistant to apply the anti burn gel... he wiped a droplet of sweat from his brow and turned to Lieutenant Rahl, who was working at a nearby console.

Talak couldn't understand why the warp engines would just give out. Though the plasma injectors were not new, they weren't that old either, and if they were degrading, it should've been a few years in the future, not now. All Talak could come up with is that they got a faulty part that somehow got past safety inspection standards. Busy using a hyperspanner to repair the blown EPS conduit, Talak barely noticed the Doctor walking in with his Nurse to take care of the fallen patients. Many people had been injured, but none as severely as Ensign Sun, and Talak hoped that his Junior Engineer would pull through without any complications.

"What on earth happened here?" Dr. Griffin said quietly to himself.

Talak, irritated that someone was even asking that question while he was trying to get the mess in engineering cleaned up, answered in a curt voice. "What does it look like? We're out of warp 'cause the engines are screwed up." Talak immediately regretted the way he responded, since it wasn't the Doctor's fault that these things were happening. With a sigh, Talak apologized, "I'm sorry doctor. That was uncalled for, but I'd appreciate it if you could take care of my team to the best of your ability."

Talak finished up his work with the EPS conduit. Nodding to the Doctor, Talak turned around and began consulting with his team about what happened with the engines and began discussing a process of how to get the ship back into warp within the next several hours.

After the stern reply from the Chief, and in true Vulcan fashion, he was 100% correct, Dr. Griffin stepped back to inspect other members of the engineering team. Most had small bruises and bumps, nothing major.

The doctor tapped his comm badge. "Lieutenant Griffin to medical teams B and C, report to the Infirmary, get ready to receive the wounded, prep the code white apparatus, I will be there in two minutes."

The doctor turned to his assistant and spoke firmly. "Get this crewman to sickbay at once." A site to site transport was initiated. The doctor helped a crew member to his feet and scanned him before heading to sickbay. En route, the doctor blew a sigh of relief; he hadn't received any other medical requests...yet.


Thopor recovered enough to stand and look around. "Is anyone seriously injured?”

The crew slowly gets up all acknowledging the captain nobody on the bridge was hurt too bad, just bruised and banged up again. Thopor looked around the bridge, and noticed Chief Science Officer K’Rrauw lying on the floor. A crewman was already beside him and was holding his head to stop blood from gushing out from a cut in his forehead. K'Rrauw tried to get up from the floor even with all the blood gushing from his head. He gasps for air and then he falls limp

Thopor tapped his comm badge, "Doctor we have a medical emergency. Lieutenant K’Rrauw has fallen and has a bad cut to his forehead. We have the blood controlled, but he is now unconscious.

"Mr. Lee, check the systems. I need a damage report."

"Sir, already on it,” said Lieutenant Lee, who was already furiously pressing buttons on his console. “It appears a plasma injector has caused the problem and we have fallen out of warp. The impulse engines are online, though.”

Nodding in confirmation, Thopor turned to Stevens, who was shaking his head to get rid of his disorientation. "Helm, stabilize the ship’s velocity."

"Sir, there is a large asteroid on the sensors. It might provide us cover while we undergo repairs." Mr. Lee added.

"Stevens, put it on screen." The screen shows a small, gray asteroid. "Zoom in." Thopor commanded. The asteroid becomes bigger on the viewscreen, and Thopor saw that one side was relatively flat. "Stevens, can you land us on it?" Thopor asked.

"It’s approximately 1200 meters across sir." Mr Lee said.

"Stevens, if you can land us on the asteroid, then we can secure the ship and begin repairs.” Thopor turned around to face the Chief Tactical Officer. "Lee, get a hold of Engineering. I want a report. Tell the Doctor we have some minor injuries."

Were landing on an asteroid now? What in the world? Stevens coughed and shook his head. He had to ignore his injuries for now. He would go to sickbay once everything was fine. Stevens aimed the ship for the asteroid, about 7 times the size of the Umpqua. He had to be very careful. He disengaged the impulse engines and again put the thrusters on full power. He coughed again and felt his head become light and fuzzy.

A few command inputs later and the ship was directly over the asteroid, descending slowly and carefully. Thrusters held the ship at a small vertical descent. The landing struts came down and the ship approached the asteroid. The Umpqua landed much smoother this time and lay down with a slight thud onto the asteroid. Stevens felt his head grow faint again.

"Chief, we need a status report," said Lieutenant Lee.

Talak responded over the comm in a weary voice. "We have a plan in place to get us back into warp within a couple hours. We will still have main power and impulse, but we're not going to be able to go to warp anytime soon. I am assigning teams to diagnose and then repair the problems we find."

"Understood. Lee out."

Thopor nodded at Mr. Lee to confirm that he had heard the status report and then gave out another order. "Lee, Scan the area."

Looking at his console, Lieutenant Lee reported after several moments."Currently we have noting on long range scanner, sir"

Stevens got up unsteadily and wobbled over to the Captain. "Sir, we’ve touched down. Requesting permission to leave the bride, I should report to sickbay."

Thopor nodded to the Helm Officer. “Aye, Stevens."

Everything seemed to be calming down, and as of now, there was nothing much more to be done until the repairs were complete. Thopor sent a message to all the departments. "I want a damage report and an ETA on the repairs as soon as possible."

Stevens limped to the turbolift. He felt sorry for the science officer, who was still being cared for by a crewman who was trained to be a field medic. Looks like I didn’t get the worst of it. In the turbolift, Stevens designated sickbay and stood coughing and wincing as the lift went down.

When he reached sickbay Stevens saw a fast moving and busy medical staff, and was almost knocked down by someone from the medical staff. A number of crewmen were already here, and the nurses seemed ready to go. Stevens walked slowly into sickbay and lay down on the only open bed remaining.


The doctor finished his scan on the injured crewman in sickbay, his burns were healing nicely, and he would be ready for duty within a few days. The doctor was still worried, a lot of the crew had injuries, and he'd yet to hear from other areas of the ship.

Dr. Griffin turned to a nearby medical officer, "Ensign Trell, take a medical kit to deck 2, inspect the mess hall, we've yet to hear from there."

The nurse nodded, and left promptly. Dr. Griffin placed his tricorder on a table and trudged into his office. Medical reports had to be updated, and when he was about to start, he suddenly received a message via his comm.

Thopor’s voice sounded in the small office. "Doctor we have a medical emergency. Lieutenant K’Rrauw has fallen and has a bad cut to his forehead. We have the blood controlled, but he is now unconscious.

The doctor returned to the main room, gathered his equipment and slung it over his shoulder. He explained to his team, "We have a casualty on the bridge. I'm leaving at once, the rest of you remain here. I think we can expect many more people to arrive."

The doctor left the Infirmary in a rush, almost knocking Lieutenant Stevens to the ground has he opened the doors. Dr. Griffin directed him to his assistant, and continued his journey.

The turbolift doors spread open. The room was dark and several crewmen were kneeling on the floor beside Lieutenant K’Rrauw, the huge Caitian he had seen earlier.

Dr. Griffin began to approach them and commanded firmly, "Make way gentlemen!" The doctor calmly sat beside the lieutenant and began a scan of his injuries. "He has suffered intense cranial trauma, transporter room 1, initiate a site to site transport to sickbay."

When his huge hulking body dematerialized, the doctor stood up, fixed his tunic, and looked around the bridge. Nobody else seemed to be injured. He turned to face the viewscreen, and to his surprise, there was a great grey mass in front of the ship. "Is that an asteroid?" He exclaimed to himself.

"Why yes it is, we are currently situated on the north ledge of it, I will explain later." Commander Thopor responded.

Just then, the Chief Engineer approached from behind the Doctor and walked over to Commander Thopor. "Captain", Talak said, handing him a PADD containing his report. "May I speak with you in private?" Although Talak hated even being in the same room with the Captain, the problem that they had was enough that Talak might just risk having an examination with the Vulcan.

Thopor motioned for Talak to follow, and they both walked into the captain’s ready room. The captain sat down at his desk, as Thopor began reviewing the report. After finishing, Talak went over his concerns that some of the plasma injectors might have been altered, and after a long conversation, they came to a hypothesis.

"Talak, I feared the same thing and logically speaking, it makes sense. I believe we are in danger and should be on high alert. On your way out could you have the doctor check on our passengers? Again thank you and good job, Talak. Dismissed."

When the doors to the ready room closed, Thopor said. "Computer, begin recording.

"Sir, Commander Thopor of the USS Umpqua, guard this message in the upmost security. I come to you because at this time I do not know who all we can trust outside of Lotus Fleet. Things in recent events that have come to past are reasons for us to consider the possibility of a conspiracy, these are the facts we know:

1. Sent a new crew to Romulus
2. Sent a new captain
3. Sent a Nova-class ship
4. We had an escort on the inbound, but the escort was denied for trip back to Federation space
5. Just before entering the neutral zone, we have an engine problem bringing us out of warp
6. Documents have been found that suggest foul play in the tampering of these files

“Sir, I realize some of this could be coincidence. However, logic dictates that it seems more likely that we have been strategically placed in this position for events to transpire. Currently we are hidden in a small asteroid belt. The belt is made up of mostly magnesium composite, so it gives off a magnetic field; however, it does not hide our warp core though it is helping to hide it. Sir, at this time I request an escort, however due to the possibility of corruption in the command of star fleet we need to keep it quiet. Our repairs will take a few hours to fix. We await your reply. Attached is a full report.

"Computer, end recording and send on a secure channel encrypted to Admiral Redshirt." Once the message was completed, Thopor leaned back in his chair and took in a deep breath.


The Doctor was headed for the quarters of Ambassador Picard and Ambassador Spock per the captain’s orders. Entering the turbolift, the Doctor said, "Deck 5."

After a few seconds, the lift stopped and opened for the doctor, who made his way down the corridor briskly. He stopped outside the quarters of Mr. Spock, and requested admittance, but there was no answer. Using his security override, he opened the doors, only to find nobody inside. Hmm, odd... The doctor thought to himself. "Computer, locate Mr. Spo—"

The doctor was tapped on the shoulder, and he turned around and instantly recognized who had just tapped him on the shoulder...the acclaimed Captain Picard, along with Mr. Spock. Both were a lot older than he recalled from the pictures at the academy, but they were still equally impressive and imposing. Nervous, the doctor tried to speak. "He...Hello sirs...I…I've been asked to check up on your health. We had a small malfunction in engineering."

Mr. Spock nodded in agreement. "Greetings, Lieutenant. The Captain and I have hypothesized as much... and to answer your question, we are not injured."

"Indeed Doctor, we're fine, now if you will excuse me, I need my tea!" Picard added.

Before the doctor could initiate a scan, the captain was already on his way, and Mr. Spock had entered his quarters. The doctor took a deep breath, his hands were shaking. Not many people meet the famous Picard and Spock in their lifetimes. He thought to himself. And with that, the doctor drew a small smile, and left for sickbay.
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Do we have any more updates for this storyline?