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Author Topic: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= USS McKenzie  (Read 2825 times)

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=/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= USS McKenzie
« on: 05 October 2008 11:42 PM »

Main Characters:

Captain Sean Kirkpatrick (Human) - Captain of the USS McKenzie
Lieutenant Charles Zim (Human) - Chief Helm Officer of the USS McKenzie
Lieutenant Namor Saavik (Human/Vulcan/Romulan hybrid) - Chief Tactical Officer of the USS McKenzie
Lieutenant Helanwe (Unknown) - Chief Engineering Officer of the USS McKenzie
Lieutenant William Warren (Human) - Chief Science Officer of the USS McKenzie
Lieutenant Julian Carter (Human) - Chief Medical Officer of the USS McKenzie
Ensign Benjamin Smith (Human) - Junior Engineering Officer of the USS McKenzie

Offline Talak Rahl

  • Hailing Frequency Donator
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Re: =/\= Lotus Fleet =/\= USS McKenzie
« Reply #1 on: 05 October 2008 11:43 PM »

The fresh captain walks aboard the ship, pausing as he enters. He looks behind him, stares for a moment and then proceeds to the turbolift near the airlock. Most of the crew are aboard and ready to go with the remainder currently boarding. The captain passes a couple of crewmen heading around the corner, who upon seeing him, stand at attention.

"As ease crewmen, no need to stall your business." The captain enters the turbolift as the crewmen walk hastily past. "Deck 1," the computer chirps and zooms towards the bridge. The turbolift doors swoosh open and he steps into the the corridor making his way around and onto the bridge.

"Captain on the bridge!" yells out an alert ensign as the captain enters through the doors.

"As you were," he says stopping just inside at the situation table in the aft. Tapping his combadge he summons the senior officers for a mission briefing, "This is the captain, all senior officers to the bridge".

As the last one enters the bridge, the captain stands over the table and looks at the officers standing around him. He taps the screen next to him and displays the route of the patrol.

"The McKenzie will be going on a standard five day patrol of the neutral zone for it's shakedown cruise. If everything goes well this should be a by-the-book flight. Mr. Dix, as a precaution keep our weapons fully operational."

"Aye sir," the McKenzie chief tactical officer, Mr. Dix replies.

"Mr. Helenwe, we will be going to warp as soon as we leave spacedock so have her ready."

"I'll finish up making the final adjustments to the structural integrity field, but I must warn you during the shakedown we'll most likely have to do a few modifications to the field in order to keep the ship from gaining too much stress meaning we'll have to come out of warp into impulse for an hour or so while we make the key changes. But it should get us at least to warp 6 without causing us too much problems, any higher and we'll have to most likely fine tune the emitters," the chief engineer says.

"Understood chief," the captain calmly replies.

"Doctor, make sure all medical preparations and supplies are ready to go should we need you. Mr. Warren be our third eye and look out for any anomalous readings. And Mr. Zim, prepare to take us out in less then 3 hours as the crew finishes her preparations.

"Hooah Sir! I will program our patrol route into the Nav system and be standing by to depart on your command sir," the eager senior helm officer exclaimed.

"With that, you are all dismissed," said the captain in closing.

Helanwe stood in attention, saluted, and than exited the bridge towards main engineering. He had to get that structural field to full function ASAP. Upon arrival in main engineering he turned towards his three crewman and ordered them to their stations.

"Alright lads, this here structural intergrity field is rather important, without it...we fall to pieces, we got three hours to get it running as efficiently as possible, lets move!" He said orchestrating the engineering team and they began working vigorously on all aspects of the structural field.

The emitters were the last part of the assembly to be modified and with that the structural integrity field was up to par. Helanwe and his team were tired from the intense concentration, but it was under timed circumstances that they seemed to work best. He turned towards his team...

"Alright, lets do the final routine maintenance check before we head off starbase. Record any differencials and make a formal report. I'll head up to deck 4 to make the final checks on the phasers charging coils as well as the torp launcher. We'll wanna make sure those are fully functional for our friend Mr. Dix. I'll be back in about 45 minutes." He said leaving the room and then walking towards the turbo lift where he proceeded to Deck 4.

"There's an incoming message for you captain, audio only. It's from Commander Thopor of the Umpqua," a lieutenant checking something at the CONN says as the senior officers leave the bridge.

"Thopor? I'll take it in my quarters." The captain stated.

"Yes sir, putting it through.." The lieutenant replies.

The captain heads off the bridge and into his quarters just down the corridor. Being a small ship, the captain's quarter's doubled as his ready room. He sits down in a chair at is desk and taps a button on the console with the waiting message; it plays: "Captain, I would like to wish you and your crew good tidings on your shakedown.. live long and prosper."

Many years before...

Starfleet Academy Grounds

A fourth year cadet walks down a paved sidewalk outside in the afternoon sun, holding numerous PADDs on his way to class. He drops one of the PADDs he is holding and stops to pick it up. "I'm gonna to be late," he says out loud to himself.

He continues to fidget with his class materials and eventually gets them sorted out before bumping into another obviously late cadet in a hurry, knocking what he was holding onto the ground.

"Watch where you're going!" He says very annoyed.

"Sorry!" The other cadet quickly says, hurrying past him.

He kneels down and starts to pick up his stuff when he sees something out of the corner of his eye. He turns his head and notices a group of year two cadets hazing a fairly new year one vulcan cadet.

He stands up, leaving his things on the ground and runs over towards the group.

"Hey, you! Leave him alone you petaQmey!" He shouts en route. The small group is startled and flees in multiple directions fearing exposure.

"You'd think they would learn by now..." He says as he approaches the vulcan and extends his hand to help him up off the ground. "I haven't seen you around before, what's your name?"

"My name is Thopor, thank you for your help," the vulcan says taking the other cadet's hand and then standing up.

"No problem, Thopor. I'm Sean." Sean helps Thopor pick up his belongings scattered around the lawn and then walks back towards the pavement and picks up his own things.

The rest of that year they became close friends and continued to keep in contact as Sean graduated and went went into Starfleet Medical Academy and then later postings aboard separate starships.

Current Day...

"Computer, remaining time until scheduled departure of the McKenzie." The Captain says as he sits back in the chair reminiscing about his days at the academy.

"Time left until scheduled departure of the U.S.S. McKenzie: one hour and thirty-two minutes." The computer chimes and states.

The Captain leaves his quarters to check on the status of the crew's progress.