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Author Topic: Gamma Station  (Read 2943 times)

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Gamma Station
« on: 18 March 2008 12:24 AM »
I started this story about two years ago, and never finished it. I just found it today, and want to some more work on it, so I figured I would post it here to encourage me to do so. I know that there have been other "continuation" type stories that follow these crew members, but this is how I wanted things to turn out.

Here it goes:


The Dominion War ended ten years ago. The Federation, once on the brink of destruction, has regained its tenuous hold on the Alpha Quadrant and reemerged once again as a Galactic super-power. Relations with the Klingons have stabilized, and a formal friendship treaty has been established with the Romulans. Though the Neutral Zone between the Federation and the Romulans still exists, joint operations between the two races take place frequently within the space, and even the Klingons have taken part in them.

The Cardassians continue to rebuild, but many of the old hatreds have faded. Due to the tireless work of Gul Renkol, the young Cardassian leader, the Breen are now trading partners with the Ferengi, and through that agreement, have opened their borders to Federation ships for the first time.

Six months ago, the Dominion sent a request for formal peace talks with the members of the Alpha Quadrant. A treaty was signed, called the Bajor Six Accords (named for the 6 races involved) establishing trading routes, and calling for the building of a station on the Gamma Quadrant side of the Bajor wormhole.

The Federation has taken the responsibility of constructing the station. Bajor's unique placement has made the planet, and it's station Deep Space Nine, a critical hub for construction of this new facility. General Kira, formerly the commander of DS9, has been appointed the head of the new joint station. Her job is to make a staff consisting of all 6 races of the Bajor Six Accords, and to head up exploration of the Gamma Quadrant for the Federation. A small section of space, called the Bajor Corridor, has been set up to allow passage of ships from Romulan, Cardassian, Klingon, Federation, and Ferengi space through the wormhole and into the Gamma Quadrant.

As a show of solidarity, the Federation has recently announced the following combination of Starfleet, Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian military officers as the command structure of this unprecedented venture. In an extremely rare decision that shows how sensitive this operation is, Starfleet has allowed the Station's CO and XO to hand-pick officers for their crew.

General Kira – Commander of the Station and the U.S.S. Phoenix. General Kira was the first officer of Deep Space 9 for almost 8 years. Following the death of Captain Sisko at the end of the Dominion War, she took over as station commander and has held that post ever since. Kira is the official representative of the Federation in the Gamma Quadrant.

Captain Chakotay – Second in command of the Station, and First Officer of the U.S.S. Phoenix, a Titan-class vessel. Chakotay was a maquis officer until his ship and the U.S.S. Voyager were lost in the Delta Quadrant. During the return of that ship to Federation space, he was second-in-command under the late Admiral Janeway. Upon its return, Chakotay was cleared of all charges and appointed Captain of Voyager until her recent destruction at the hands of the Borg. Chakotay was one of 23 officers to escape the ship's destruction. Due to the fact that all of the officers who survived were Department Heads (including the entire Bridge Crew), a long and arduous court martial was undertaken to investigate the ship's demise. Chakotay and the rest of the Voyager 23, as they were called, were vindicated completely. Admiral Janeway, who was onboard as mission consultant, was lost and is believed assimilated.

Commander Tuvok – Head of Security for the Station and the Phoenix. Tuvok served as Second officer of the Voyager, and her Head of Security. Under Captain Chakotay, Tuvok served as First Officer of Voyager.

Commander Geordi LaForge – Formerly Chief Engineer on both the Enterprise D and E, LaForge has left that post to be Chief on the Station. He turned down command of the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Challenger to serve in his new position. He is one of the most respected and commended officers to ever hold the position of Chief Engineer in Starfleet history.

Lieutenant Commander B'Elanna Paris – Paris was the Chief Engineer on the Voyager under both Captains. She now serves in that post on the Phoenix.

Doctor Julian Bashir – Chief Medical Officer of the Station and the U.S.S. Phoenix. Formerly Chief Medical Officer on Deep Space 9, Bashir is acting in only his second posting in a long, storied career. Outed almost 15 years ago as a genetically-enhanced human, Bashir is one of the brightest and best medical minds in the Federation, and has been called “The only Doctor I trust,” by the Federation's Surgeon General Beverly Crusher.

Lieutenant Nog – The first, and still only, Ferengi in Starfleet. Nog was attached to Deep Space Nine and served as a helmsman and engineer on the U.S.S. Defiant. Nog lost a leg during the Dominion War, and the purple heart he received was one of 8 commendations he was given during that conflict. Nog serves as Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Phoenix.

Lieutenant Commander Tom Paris – Helmsman and Second Officer on the U.S.S. Phoenix. Paris was the helmsman of the Voyager under both Captains. A former convict, many in the Starfleet brass see the Captain's chair in Paris' future.

Lieutenant Commander Harry Kim – Operations officer on the Station. Kim was the Operations officer on the U.S.S. Voyager under both Captains. He is considered one of the bright young minds coming up the pipe.

Lieutenant Ezri Dax – Counselor of the Station and the U.S.S. Phoenix. Ezri was Counselor on DS9. She is the host of the Dax symbiant who has now lived over 9 lifetimes. The former host, Jadzia, was second officer on DS9 and a close friend of Captain Sisko. Ezri is the only person outside of Sisko's immediate family, besides General Kira, who believes the Captain is not dead.

Others have also been appointed by the Federation to serve on the Station. These include:

Ambassador Worf – The first Klingon in Stafleet, Worf's career is another that seems almost legendary. After serving as Chief of Security/Tactical on the Enterprise D, Worf was appointed to command the U.S.S. Defiant when it was attached to DS9. After the War, he was the official ambassador between the Federation and Klingon Empire and was one of the main reasons that relationship has been rebuilt. Worf is the official representative of the Klingon empire in the Gamma Quadrant.

Gul Renkor – The leader of the Cardassian Union has an office on the Station. Renkor was an officer under the command of Gul Dukat during the War. Renkor, a sympathizer of the rebellion, was one of very few survivors of the eradication of Reinyal City during the final days of Dominon rule. Renkor has risen swiftly through the ranks, and is seen as just and fair, but sometimes overly rigid. Renkor is the official representative of the Cardassian Union in the Gamma Quadrant.

Ambassador Quark – Brother of the Grand Nagus, Quark still owns his old bar on-board DS9. His new bar, still called Quarks, is under construction on the station. Quark is also Nog's Uncle. Quark is the official representative of the Ferengi Alliance in the Gamma Quadrant.

Commander Nemyet – Nemyet is the youngest Romulan Commander in the history of the Empire. At the tender age of 44 (approximately 29 in human years), Nemyet took command of her ship, the Rissikal, when the Bridge Crew was killed in a warp core malfunction. She proved herself time and time again during the War, and is seen as legendary to the Romulans as Picard is to the Federation. Nemyet is the official representative of the Romulan Empire on the Station.

Odo – Formerly the Constable of DS9, Odo now serves as the head of the Founders. Odo's presence on the Station is important to both the Dominion and the Federation as he is a link between the two that cannot be broken. Odo is the official Representative of the Dominon on the Station.

This group of individuals has been brought together to explore a new frontier together. Their trials, their tribulations, and they will determine the future of trillions. Together, they are on the brink of new discoveries, and new dangers. This is the story of the station they built together.

This is Gamma Station.
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Re: Gamma Station
« Reply #1 on: 18 March 2008 12:24 AM »

It is 0500 hours.

Kira's eyes opened slowly. She had been dreaming of something, though she wasn't sure exactly what. The Captain had been there, with Jadzia. An image of the Defiant bridge sprang to mind, along with Jake's young face. They had been talking to her, or about her, maybe. The strands of the dream were too thin to grasp easily, and slid from her mental fingers like water. It had been a common occurrence as of late, dreaming of Ben and Jadzia. Usually, she could remember parts of the conversations, though they were mostly menial. It consisted mostly of them asking her questions, and her revealing thoughts that she wouldn't normally convey to anyone. Midnight counseling sessions.

It is 0501 hours.

“Ok, ok, I'm up.”

The alarm system has been deactivated. A readout of today's appointments is available. Continue?

Kira sighed as she walked towards the bathroom, looking forward to a sonic shower.

“Go ahead”

0600 hours, Staff Meeting. 0630 hours, Breakfast. 0700 hours, Arrival of Commander Nemyet. 0730 hours, Meeting with Commander Nemyet, 0800 hours-

“Pause request.”

The soothing sound waves strummed over and through her body, relaxing muscles and refreshing her skin. It seemed as though her entire life was a series of meetings with diplomats and figureheads. Maybe that was the Federation's overarching plan for peace: to invite other species to the table, and never let them leave.


She ignored the computer's request, and stepped from the shower, pulling on her uniform. She spent a moment in front of the mirror adjusting her hair, ignoring the gray that was seeping in, and the lines that had begun to gather around her eyes and mouth.


“Fine, continue.”

0800 hours, Arrival of Commander LaForge, Arrival of  Lieutenant Commander Paris, Arrival of Lieutenant Commander Paris, Arrival of Lieutenant Commander Harry Kim, Arrival of Commander Tuvok. 0830-

“Computer, what ship are all of those officers arrving on?”

Those officers are arriving on the Federation Starship Challenger.

“That was supposed to be LaForge's ship.”

“Are they on schedule to arrive at 0800?”


“Cancel further readout of today's activities.” She tapped her commbadge as she swept through the doors to her stateroom, feeling her stomach give a nasty growl, “Kira to Chakotay.”

“Chakotay here.”

“Captain, will you let the staff know that this morning's meeting has been moved to my private mess and will include breakfast?”

“I sure will. May I respectfully remind the General that I am presently the only senior staff member on-board the station?”

Kira grinned, “In that case, care to come have some dali bread with me?”

“I'd love to. But you're going to have to try a bagel, too.”

“Sounds wonderful. See you there.”
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Re: Gamma Station
« Reply #2 on: 18 March 2008 12:26 AM »

Chakotay ran his fingers through his thinning hair again, and straightened non-existent wrinkles from his tunic. In truth, he had only met the General twice, once when he came aboard, and once yesterday, in Cargo Bay 13. Both meetings were short, packed full of information, and left him with a sense that this woman was someone who acted with complete conviction and a strong sense of self-purpose.

It made him miss Kathryn.

His last memory of her was only her voice, garbled by interference, coming through his commbadge. He and the rest of the crew had been ordered to the escape pods by the Admiral, while she attempted a last-ditch effort to once again save them from the clutches of the Collective.

It was the only time Chakotay could remember that Kathryn failed her crew.

The memory, that memory, haunted him. He could hear her voice, cracking with anger and desperation, calling his name. He long thought she was trying to give him one last order, one last chance to save Voyager. But it was too late. All he had now was the memory.

When he returned to HQ, and sat through months of probing questions at his 3 courts martial, he honestly couldn't explain why the Borg had let him go. For some reason, they had picked up many of the escape pods, but left his and those containing the bridge crew alone. Tom had said it was Kathryn, that somehow she had used her infinite strength to turn the mind of the Collective away from them, just for a moment. She couldn't save her ship, but she had saved her friends.

Seven was still convinced she could save Kathryn. She and the Doctor were apparently working on some sort of rescue mission. The two had grown close after the incident, probably due to the fact that Seven stored his program in her cortical node prior to leaving the ship. It had taken them 3 months of working together to  extract his matrix from her implants. They had grown closer, while Chakotay had grown apart. From what he last heard, they were planning on proposing their mission to HQ sometime in the next few months. He wasn't sure whether or not he looked forward to reading it.

The doors to the Captain's Mess swooshed open, and for a moment Chakotay wondered how he'd even made it there, as lost in thought as he was. The General was already seated, and tried to cover her annoyance as she turned to look at him.

“Did you get lost?”

He felt his mouth twist into a lop-sided grin, “No, General, I apologize for making you wait.”

She opened her mouth, then smiled back, “I'm sorry, Captain, I didn't sleep very well, and I didn't want to start eating without you.”

He rose a hand as if to shield himself from her apologies, “It's quite all right.”

“Please, come in.”

He stepped through the doorway and took a look around. The room was almost as big as his quarters, and capable of seating at least 35. Probably in the case the General wanted to entertain some dignitaries, or the like. She seemed like a woman of action, not diplomacy, though. He wondered how many of such dinners she could suffer through.

He pulled out his chair and sat, a sesame seed bagel and some cream cheese already set out for him.

“This looks delicious.”

Kira smiled at him, and it suddenly struck him how beautiful a smile it was.

“Here, try some dali bread. It's sweet.”

She pulled off a piece of what was on her plate, a yellow-colored moist bread topped with a thick sugar glaze. Chakotay picked it up and took a bite.

“Mmm..reminds me of a pastry.”

Kira smiled softly, “The Captain used to say the same thing.”

Chakotay chewed thoughtfully, “Captain Sisko?”

She nodded, smiling, “He fought me everyday for a year before he would finally try it. I bet he had a piece of dali bread every single morning for the seven years after that. Up until the day he...disappeared.”

The smile slipped off her face, and she looked away through one of the viewpoints, eating slowly through the silence.

Chakotay took a drink of water to wash the sugar from his mouth, then went to slicing his bagel in two.

“You don't believe he's dead?”

The General turned and seemed to consider him for a moment, “No, I don't. The Prophets told us that the Emissary would not leave us without naming a successor, and since he was never able to do that, there's no way he can be dead.”

“Even gods can be wrong.”

“The Prophets are much more than gods, they are our keepers. They have never lied to us.”

Chakotay looked up at her, putting down his butter knife, “I'm not accusing them of lying. But things change, maybe they didn't foresee his disappearance on Bajor.”

She shook her head, “No, you don't understand, they are of Bajor. Nothing can happen there that they don't know about.”

“I'm not disputing that, General, I'm just saying that it's possible the Prophets got it wrong. No one knows the future, not even the gods.”

She felt the heat rising up her neck, and took a breath trying to control herself, “Captain, I'm sure you are a very wise man, but don't, under any circumstances think you can tell me how my religion works.”

Chakotay looked up from his bagel, and saw the look in her eyes, “Oh, please, forgive me, I didn't mean to-”

Her commbadge chirped, and she looked down, slapping at her chest a little too hard, “Kira.”

“General, the Challenger has just dropped out of warp. They'll be docking in ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes? I thought they weren't supposed to be here for a few more hours.”

"They have altered their schedule, General. I don't know why."

"Understood. I'm on my way."

She stood, Chakotay with her, dropping his uneaten bagel on his plate.

“Finish eating, Captain. I need to head down to the airlock.”

“General, I'm sorry if I-”

“We'll finish this later, Captain. I'll see you in Ops.”

She turned and swept from the room. Chakotay sat back down, and looked at his bagel. The first two meetings had been short, and in the third one he'd told her how wrong her religion was.

“This is going to be a long day.”
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Re: Gamma Station
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“From the looks of these diagnostics, your warp field efficiency is almost 5% below what it should be, the inertial dampeners need realigning, the EPS manifold has to be purged immediately, and your dilithium matrix is about to fall apart.”

“Yes, Commander, again, that is your opinion, sir. According to my manuals, everything is well within normal parameters.”

Geordi shrugged and dropped the padd to the console, “Yes, it is my opinion, that's true. But remember, those manuals were written by designers, not engineers. Sometime I'll tell you about a designer I used to know.”

“Yes, sir, of course, sir. However, Commander, I'm here to inform you that we will be arriving at Gamma Station early. The Challenger is being ordered back to Starbase 125. The Captain has asked that you report to Transporter Room 3 immediately.”

“Well, why didn't you say so sooner?” Geordi rose, and headed for the turbolift, leaving the now relieved Lieutenant behind.

The doors to the turbolift swooshed open, and he did a double-take. His implanted eyes blinked as he took in the scene before him. Two human males, a klingon woman, a tall, black vulcan male, and a trill female, all bunched up in the small room, carrying luggage.

“Excuse me,” he stepped forward, and the 5 officers squeezed in a little tighter, the klingon woman giving him a slight look of annoyance. He nodded to her, offering her a small smile in apology, and spun around as the doors snapped shut.

“Transporter Room 3.”

The turbolift started up again, and Geordi sighed. These things could get cramped fast. He felt the klingon woman breathing on his neck, and guessed she must be claustrophobic. Maybe she'd had a bad experience with a turbolift at some point. He trained his eyes on the duranium of the door, analyzing it for micro-fractures or other imperfections when he felt a weird sense, as if he was being watched, and turned to his right. One of the human males, obviously from the Asian continent, was smiling at him broadly.

“You're Geordi LaForge, aren't you?” the young officer asked him.

“Yes, I am.”

He stuck out his hand akwardly, jostling the vulcan as he did, “Lieutenant Harry Kim, sir. It's a real pleasure to meet you.”

Geordi smiled, and shook his hand as best he could, “Same here.” He let go of the young officer's slightly sweaty palm, and turned back to the doors.

“I've read about all of your adventures, sir. On the Enterprise.”

“That so?”

“Yes, sir. In fact, my friend Tom wrote a whole holo-novel with a friend of ours about the Enterprise-D.”

“Harry!” the other male suddenly said.

“What? I was just telling him-”

“You're embarrassing him. Pardon my friend, Commander. He has the tact of a vulcan.”

“Vulcans are very tactful, Mr. Paris,” the vulcan officer said, “It is unfortunate that you confuse logic with rudeness.”

“Oh come on, Tuvok, vulcans are about as warm as liquid hydrogen. With personalities like Andorian foot leeches.”

“It is astonishing how your attempts at comedy have not gotten any better over the years, Lieutenant. Perhaps if you spent less time with Reginald Barclay creating holo-novels, and instead studied actual art-”

“Like those awful vulcan operas you like? No thank you.”

“They require a mind of logic, and an appreciation for other cultures. Two things you will never achieve.”

“That's for sure,” said Kim.

“Oh, shut up, Harry.”

“Why don't all of you shut up?” the klingon said, “It's like being in a room with 5-year-olds.”

The trill woman giggled

“Vulcans are renowned for their maturity, Lieutenant. I would think by now you would know me better,” said Tuvok.

The klingon rolled her eyes, “This from the guy who actually danced when Neelix decided to stay with those Talaxians.”

“That was a gift to a dear friend, Lieutenant. If anything, it showed my ability to be mature and rise above the limits of logic when the time is right.”

“It also showed you're a horrible dancer,”chuckled Harry.

The doors thankfully swooshed open, and Geordi stepped through them quickly, spinning on his heel towards the group, “You're the 4 officers from the Voyager.”

They all turned to him, the vulcan considering him with an upturned eyebrow.

“Yes, sir,” said Harry.

“Reg speaks very highly of all 4 of you. He never mentioned the holo-novel, though,” Geordi looked over at the trill female, and everyone else followed suit. She seemed to almost shrink under their attention.

“I'm not. I mean, you knew that obviously. Well, you didn't, Commander, but they did. I mean, because they were all on Voyager. And I wasn't,” she paused for a second, “I'm Dax.”

She seemed to realize she was rambling, and clapped her mouth shut, her eyes turning nervously towards the floor.

“Well, now that we're all acquainted, I believe we have a transporter chief waiting for us. This way,” Geordi turned and walked down the corridor towards the transporter room. Either this was going to be a very interesting mission, or a very confusing one.

“Good job, Harry,” he heard Tom say, “You met the guy and annoyed him in the same conversation.”

“Yeah, well thanks for the backup, good buddy. Some Captain Proton you are.”

“Oh, geez,” said the klingon woman. Geordi still hadn't caught her name, but was pretty sure she was Tom's wife, B'Elanna.

They all stepped into the room, and onto the transporter pad, Dax slinking to the back like a timid bird. Geordi didn't miss the look she and Harry exchanged, though.

Geordi nodded to the chief, “Energize.”
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