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Author Topic: Prequel  (Read 2575 times)

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« on: 17 March 2008 11:56 PM »
I usually roleplay an Andorian character named ch'Thren.  I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how his life began and wanted to have a bit of fun with it and give his birth some meaning.  This is by no means a perfect story and the wording is kinda cruddy, but I knocked it out while I was bored at work :)


Captain's Log Stardate 41240.01 Captain Jean-Luc Picard Recording

Our business with the Ligonians has come to a conclusion, albeit an unexpected one.  We have obtained the antidote for Anchilles fever and are en-route to Styris IV to try and halt the outbreak.  In the meanwhile I find myself faced with a task that I find neither enjoyable nor appropriate for a Starfleet vessel.  It is my personal opinion that a Starship is not the ideal environment for children to be raised, let alone birthed, but since there is no other choice in the matter I shall attend as requested.  The Enterprise is barely six months out of dry-dock and already we have our first birth.  An Andorian officer in the security department, Lieutenant-Commander Arinmavar zh'Thren, has reached her due date and is ready for the birthing.  Unfortunately, since her mates are not onboard to assist in the delivery this task falls to Doctor Crusher and the two highest-ranking officers on board, as per Andorian tradition.

The doors parted with an almost inaudible hiss, immediately Picard could feel the cold environment from within.  He entered the room and instinctively rubbed his hands together to keep them warm.  The room was not only colder than usual but darker, to simulate the environment of an Andorian birthing cavern.  Picard grimaced slightly at the unpleasant odour in the air, a natural side-effect of the Andorian birthing routine.  He walked over to his first officer who was kneeling beside the pool of water in the center of the room, gently scooping a ladle of the ice-cold water over the pool's lone occupant.

"Number one, how are things going?" Picard asked Riker, "Everything going according to plan?"  Riker looked up from his task, apparently not having heard Picard enter.  "Aye sir, I'm doing my best to keep Mommy cool!"  Riker grinned down at the blue-skinned woman, and she did her best to smile back.  She seemed exhausted, her short white hair was soaked through with sweat and her antennae were both drooped forward over her forehead.  She turned her attention to Picard.

"If I hear one more joke about me being hot-headed I'm going to tear his throat out!"  She chuckled weakly and as an after-thought turned to Riker, "with all due respect, sir!"  Riker winked at her and ladled another ladle of water over her.  The birthing process raised the body temperature to an almost dangerous level for an Andorian Woman, so she needed to be kept cool at all times.  Unfortunately the water soaked up the excess sweat and reacted unpleasantly to create the odour.  Riker coughed slightly as the freshly ladled water released another bout of stench "Oh well, I was getting tired of that 'new Starship smell'!" he joked.

Picard turned as the doors opened and Beverly Crusher walked into the room.  He grimaced inwardly as his heart seemingly skipped a beat, he still couldn't get used to seeing her again.  It had taken him years to truly get over her and here she was again in his life.  He watched as she walked up to the pool, kneeled and ran her Tricorder over zh'Thren.  "Gentlemen, Mavar, it's time!"

This was not news that Picard had wanted to hear yet, for now the worst part of the ceremony began.  He removed his Uniform Tunic and pants to reveal a one-piece wetsuit beneath.  He gently lowered himself into the water, his heart not just skipping a beat this time but virtually stopping with the sudden drop in body temperature.  He stood there for a moment, waiting, praying for his body to get used to it before turning around and lowering himself very slowly into the water until it reached his chest.

He looked to Arinmavar for guidance, she slowly nodded her head to indicate she was ready.  Picard searched underwater with his hands, finding her abdomen he gently probed with his fingers for the edge of her birthing pouch.  The exoskeletal plating on the pouch was cool to the touch, but the warmth of the flesh beneath was at the same time disturbing and pleasing to his cold fingers.  He pried open the pouch and gently reached inside until his hands found the first sign of life within, a tiny hand reach out and gripped his fingers.  Picard gave a small cry of involuntary alarm, not expecting such interaction from the babies.  He reached in further and gently taking hold of the child he pulled it free of the pouch.  It seemed heavier and larger than he expected and when he stood to bring it above the water level he could see why.  Joined by a small amount of flesh at the hips were two indentical babies.  He carefully handed them both to Crusher, the mother being too overwhelmed by the birthing to pay much attention at this point.

Beverly took the children and walked over to the counter nearby, "Twins," she informed them as she walked, "quite rare for Andorians.  Even with their multiple birthing method."  Picard watched as the Doctor used a laser scalpel to separate them and watched with amazement as the babies instinctively reach out and gripped each others hand, still trying to find a physical connection with each other.  They were quiet since Andorian babies did not cry until they were older.

They repeated the same routine until all seven babies had been safely removed and examined.  They were all healthy, although the twins were slightly smaller than normal.  Picard took the first of the children in his arms, the child who had first grabbed his hand.  Despite his personal feelings about children onboard a military vessel he could not help but feel a small amount of wonder and pride at the first child born on this mighty and noble vessel.  He took the baby to its mother and handed it to her.

Arinmavar looked down at the small bundle, lifting the edge of the blue blanket to identify its gender.  "Ah, my first-born is a Chan!  This is a good sign captain, they will be a strong and proud group of kin."  She leaned forward and touched her antennae to the baby's.  The child smiled a broad and warm smile, the first real connection between mother and child outside of the pouch.  "I shall name you Antharmigheil, my first-born and I shall love you very much!"  She smiled down at the baby and then looked up at Picard, "Thank you Captain, I could sense your displeasure at the work but I am grateful that you were able to attend."

"It was my pleasure!" Picard responded, he was surprised with the sincerity of his statement, despite the fact that he still felt there was no place aboard the Enterprise for children.  He had anticipated a sense of detachment from the ceremony and had hoped to leave straight after the birth yet he found he could not tear himself away from the bed-side.  He felt responsible for this child, not only because it was the first child born on his ship but also because the child had reach out for him, touched him, connected with him before any other being outside of the pouch.  As he looked down at the child he knew deep in his heart that this child would play a role in his life in years to come.