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Author Topic: Rejected Contest Fiction!  (Read 2698 times)

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Rejected Contest Fiction!
« on: 12 January 2010 08:34 PM »
This Thread is for all the losers to post their Trek fan stories in!  I am just as excited to see some good stories here as I was to enter the contest!

No whining...  only posts and critique!

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I went for TOS camp...


Here is mine...  Hope you enjoy...


Captain:  Lt. Rend, head to the Transporter Chamber.  I will need my best medical officer for this, just in case.

Rend: Aye Aye, sir.

Captain: Korg, you will be my Security Officer, and Lucien, I will need your scientific mind.  Let’s move, Simon says!

Korg:  JIwuQ! Will that never get old?…  Sir…

Lucien: Captain Simon Wick, it has been 28 hours, 17 minutes, and 59 seconds since last you slept.  Perhaps your first officer should go in your stead. 

Captain Wick: I will need your knowledge of science, not your motherly instincts, Lieutenant.

Lucien: Understood, sir.

Captain Wick:  Welsh, prepare the transporter.  Number one, the deck is yours.

   The four make their way to the transporter chamber and beam down to the planet’s surface.  They appear in what looks like an abandoned bar.  Tables are overturned, broken glasses and bottles litter the floor, and burn marks hint at phaser fire.

Korg: Looks like we missed the fun. 

Lucien:  My scans indicate no life forms in this general area.  I am getting quite a large energy signature from somewhere inside this building though.  Behind the bar, would be my guess.

Captain Wick:  Let’s check it out.

   They walk behind the bar and push the button to open the door.  Inside the next room is a large computer with several ducts above it going into the ceiling.  Lucien walks toward the computer and begins a system diagnostic. 

Rend: Lucien, you pile of bolts, if you had any emotion at all you would know something is not right about this. 

Lucien: Your emotion can, at times, if I may say so sir, be a flaw.

Rend: Well, at least your creator got one thing right, Lucien…  Making you look female.

Lucien:  I hardly know what…

   Suddenly, one of the ducts from the ceiling springs open, and a barrage of furry balls falls from the shaft, completely covering Lucien and the computer.  They fall seemingly without end, filling the room.  Wick, Rend, and Korg all jump back into the bar.  They watch as the computer room fills with the endless pile of multicolored small furry balls.

Korg:  By Fek’lhr, there are Tribbles here!

Captain Wick:  Didn’t your kind hunt Tribbles down and eradicate the species?

Korg: So we thought!

Rend:  We need to dig Lucien out of there. 

Korg: Allow me!

   The Tribbles begin to pour from the doorway into the bar.  Korg attempts to start digging into the moving mass of fur but it seems that for every Tribble he tosses aside, three more pour from the doorway.  He is beginning to be visually frustrated when out from the fur-blocked doorway walks Lucien.

Lucien: Fascinating!

   In Lucien’s hand is a black Tribble that is not moving.  The Tribble has a synthetic implant attached to its side with a red light that is not lit.  Several biomechanical spikes and grafts protrude from around the implant. 

Rend:  He’s dead, Wick.

Captain Wick:  I can see that. 

Lucien:  This Tribble appears to have undergone Borg assimilation.  According to my scans, the process looks as if it was not complete before the Tribble’s life signs ceased.  There were several other Tribbles in similar condition in the room with this one.

Captain Wick:  We should take this back to Star Fleet to be documented.

Korg:  Just make sure you do not take back any living ones!

Captain Wick:  Wick to starship.  Beam us up, Welsh.

Welsh:  Captain!  It’s you!  We were beginning to get worried.  The whole planet just went off of our radar.  There is suddenly too much static interference.  What is going on down there?

Captain Wick:  Let’s just say that the Borg resistance on this planet is fertile!

   Wick and Rend begin to laugh as Korg and Lucien look around confused.  The four fade out as the teleporter takes them back to the ship.

Captain Wick:  Captains Log, Stardate 63555.3.  It seems as if the Borg finally found a race they could not contain.  Our scans show that the Borg have completely abandoned this sector of space. Perhaps they have learned that when dealing with the Tribble, Assimilation is Futile.
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Re: Rejected Contest Fiction!
« Reply #1 on: 13 January 2010 10:21 AM »
Here is mine, i know it might be a little far fetched, but i wanted it to be like a real doomsday :D

Science – Captain our scanners are having trouble picking up the disturbance still.

Captain – Are there any life signs on any of the planets?

Science – Apart from some flora and fauna, there are no visible signs of sentient life.

The captain rubs his chin for a moment, as he is concerned.

Captain – Generally there are usually signs of mass debris, ion trails, or some sort of energy residue. But there doesn’t seem to be anything at all, it’s like all of the life forms on each of these planets have simply vanished.

The captain stands up from his chair.

Captain – Have we isolated the source of interference yet?

Science - Captain it appears that the interference is subspace of nature, coming from the planets surface.

Captain – We need to assemble an away team to investigate this anomaly or interference, either deal or disable it in order to figure out what has happened to the 11th planet in this solar system.

Moment later in the transporter room the away team are ready to be transported to the planets surface.

Captain – We are ready to go.

Engineer – Energising.

The crew of the USS Hopeful are on the planets surface, two science officers, the captain, one engineer and a tactical officer are at the ready.

Science – Captain it appears that the subspace signal is coming from a cave approximately one hundred meters from our location in a northerly direction.

Captain – Okay everyone, now we don’t know if there are remnants of Borg still around, so please be careful, and let’s not rush or be fool hearted or be hasty in our actions.

The away team enter the cave and after a few hundred meters from the surface they enter what looks like a giant warp core with a lot of odd glowing machinery infused into the bed rock.

Captain – This all looks very unusual.

The science officer pulls out his tricorder.

Science – Captain I am afraid I have some extremely bad news.

Captain – Oh, what is it?

Science – Well based on my readings, what is embedded into the rock appears to be some kind of massive subspace mine.

The Captains eyes widen in terror, as the hairs on his neck stand up. Getting the feeling of impending doom.

Captain – Subspace weaponry is banned to use in the Star Fleet Alliance, these people of this planet knew this, was it some kind of item placed by the borg?

Science – Negative Captain, this whole planet appears to be one big bomb if you will, and that subspace interference appears to be a timer counting down.

Captain – Right we need to get off this planet, pronto!

Science – Well Captain the news is even worse than I thought. It appears judging from these schematics I have found, all the planets are wired up like this so to speak.

Captain – Why the hell would anyone want to blow up their entire system?

The Captain pauses as he just answered his own question.

Captain – These people weren’t planning on battling the Borg, they were planning to blow the whole fleet straight to hell along with themselves.

The Captain taps his communicator.

Captain – This is the away team to the Hopeful, come in Hopeful, beam us the hell out of here, we all need to leave NOW!

No response from the Hopeful.

Science – Captain it appears the subspace distortion is jamming all signals off this planet.

What will the crew of the USS Hopeful do? Will they escape the sticky situation or will they go out in a blast of glory, find out in our next episode. Of Star Trek – The New Hope