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Author Topic: Revenge Threefold  (Read 2398 times)

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Revenge Threefold
« on: 04 August 2009 01:54 AM »
The family of Lavok was assembled on this land.  It belonged to the father of a man named Torann.  This was to partake in the most ancient of rituals.  The bride marched towards the center where priests and guards were gathered."Nultek, do you accept Torann to be your husband?”  The priestess asked.  The bride objected to the match. She said, "I name my cousin Vanik as challenger.”  That caught the attention of a young man.  He was the best looking man present.  There was something exotic about his face structure.  And where did he get those eyes?  Those eyes seemed to pierce into the katra, the soul.

Vanik stepped forward.  The priestess looked questioning at him.  Yet she accepted him.  The two took up traditional weapons. Torann was in a blood rage.  He took up the weapon eagerly.  Unfortunately, Torann was an accountant.  He had no training in arms whatsoever.  Vanik had much more experiance.  If the families were allowed to say what happened (they never would), they would describe the event as humiliating.

Afterwards, Vanik stepped aside and said.  "My cousin, you are free to marry Arol.”  He gave a bow.  Nultek replied, "I knew you would win.  You have never disappointed me, Leon Rogers.”  She then whispered in his ear.  "Why did you use your middle name?  The priestess knows you are...”  He replied.  "I did not want to bring even more shame to their family." Nultek heard all that she needed to know and walked over to Arol. Then Leon Rogers looked up in the sky and smiled. "I hope you are happy mother." He then went off to join the party.

Family Tree
1) Lavok + T'Meem = Tolnik and T'Pora (twins) born 2381
1) Matthew Rogers + Sakari Tellus of Romulus = David Rogers born 2375
2) Tolnik + Sulanna = Nultek, Nerek, and Nimik (all girls, first two twins)
3) Nultek + Arol = Descendents
3) Nerek + Ostir = Descendents
3) Nimik + Mavell = Descendents
2) T'Pora + David Rogers = Leon Vanik Rogers born 2414
3) Leon Rogers + T'Urv = Marnak, T'Pora; all had descendents
3) Leon Rogers + Lsala of Andoria = Valerie, Matthew, and Leon II; all had descendents
1) Marnak, brother of T'Meem + Liisah
1) Leevek, younger brother of Lavok, descendents include Sesell, whose memoirs produce much of the information in this story

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In the capital city of Vulcan in 2381, twins were born to Lavok and T'Meem. They named the son Tolnik and the daughter T'Pora. They spent most of their childhood in Raal Province, Vulcan. It was a beautiful piece of land overlooking the sea. The land had been in their familie's pocession since the 2100s in Earth time. Lavok's ancestor was best friends with Captain Vanik. Yet T'Meem was of higher rank than Lavok. Her family owned a spice tea company, and she could count priests and diplomats among her ancestors.

At age seven the twins were betrothed. Tolnik was betrothed an heiress named Sulanna. T'Pora was betrothed to Pulan, whose father was on the Science Council. The two of them had a typical Vulcan childhood. The only stain was when Tolnik shamed the family. Tolnik was blackmailed into giving money and thousand year old objects to foreigners. T'Pora then became the favorite child. Lavok supported her decision to join Starfleet. Due to a deformity in his arm, Lavok was not able to do what he truly wanted in life.

T'Pora excelled in Starfleet. Her first assignment was under the command of a Captain Grev. Even after she left, the two kept in touch over the years. T'Pora thought the farmland on Tellar Prime was beautiful. After the first assignment, T'Pora kept being switched from Fleet to Fleet. At this time rumors started flying that T'Pora was seeing Human males. The rumors were sometimes true. That led T'Pora to work for the local defense forces. The highlight of those years was a cruise. Even though her date had to leave, T'Pora met someone better. His name was David Rogers.

David Rogers' origins are obscure and the records lack information. His parents were Matthew Rogers and Sakari Tellus of Romulus. By all accounts, he looked more Human than Romulan. T'Pora's friends thought he was "a human with big ears". We know that he was born in a prison. We know that at age six his parents died when their freighter as attacked. He was adopted by a Ferengi Daimon, who gave him the nickname Buck. T'Pora told her friends that she could not believe the story. But he knew all the Rules of Acquisition and there were some interesting visits in later years which confirm this to be true. After many adventures David moved to Earth. He enrolled in the Starfleet Technical Services Academy. He rose quickly through the ranks, but became bored. He took many leaves of absence before switching to Starbase 234.

These two completely different people met on a cruise. They were steady for three years. T'Pora's family became aware of it, but out of pride did not say anything until they were engaged. T'Meem was disappointed in her daughter. Lavok on the other hand was happy T'Pora was getting married. Tolnik had married Sulanna in 2409. But she had grown ugly and was unintelligant. The family believed it was punishment for the shame he brought. T'Pora and David Rogers were married quietly, with only a blood raged neighbor attempting to disrupt the ceremony. The parents gave them a house in Raal. Their honeymoon was on Tellar Prime. T'Pora decided to resign from Starfleet to work in Uncle Marnak's tea company.

A year later T'Pora bore a son. She named him Leon "because he is strong". The middle name Vanik was chosen in honor of her father's hero. Leon was descended from Vulcan, Romulus, and Earth. This created a beautiful child. The marriage between David and T'Pora became strained as Leon grew older. T'Pora wanted, as all Vulcan mothers did, the best education for her child. David believed that all that pressure and studying was unhealthy.

Leon enjoyed his childhood on Vulcan. It was difficult to control his emotions, but he learned quickly. What he couldn't learn, he could imitate. T'Pora also was looking for a Vulcan bride. David was opposed to this. One day his she asked David, "What do you think of T'Urv?" He replied. "Why must we rush this? Vulcans live long lives, and seven year olds are bethrothed? What is the logic in that?" T'Pora answered, "It is our way. Some things are older than logic. It is primitive but it is needed for the species to survive." David answered. "He is not only your son. He is my son as well. I am Human and Romulan or have you forgot? Have you forgotten that you left Vulcan because of the pressure and studying? That you questioned Vulcan's ways because of what happened to Romulus?"

T'Pora was silent after this. As a young woman she joined Starfleet to please her father. She stayed away from Vulcan because she felt something was wrong. The death of the man she was betrothed to shocked her world. The concern and sympathy of her comrades was the reason she stated seeing Human men. Would she make her child go through that?

The answer was no. T'Pora said, "I believe a bethrothel is in the best interest of our son and of us. But I believe you are right. We have stayed on Vulcan for too many years." David replied slowly, "I would like that. Our son is able to choose his destiny." The two compromised. The two children were bethrothed. Two days later, David began planning the move to Berengaria VII. Leon did not like this idea at all. He whinned the entire time they were packing. His father told him it was a "new exciting adventure." Leon replied, "What is logical about that?" His mother said, "A smart man once said that logic is the beginning of wisedom, not the end." That kept him quiet for awhile.

The colony of Berengaria VII is one of the oldest in the Federation. It is known for it's flying reptiles. Many high ranking officers and diplomats live on Berengaria VII. This is how Leon met Sesell. Sesell is a descendent of Leevek, the brother of Lavok. This makes Leon and Sesell second cousins. Sesell's father was a diplomat and his mother was a geologist. Sesell and Leon lived across the street from eachother and went to the same school.

The schools on Berengaria VII were very different than the schools on Vulcan. They encouraged group activities and worked more quickly. Leon found his outlet in sports. Leon's proudest moment in 4th grade was when his team beat the 5th grade team. He remembered that day very well for another reason. Moments after he held up the trophy, Ms.Inn ran outside. She said, "There has been an emergancy. Get your things go to the Main Office. Your uncle is here to pick you up."

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