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Author Topic: Star Trek: The Last Guardian  (Read 5318 times)

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Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« on: 02 May 2009 01:13 AM »
When the old Trek forums (STO Zone) were still around, I used to write stories there based on characters that my RP friends and I created over 10 years ago. Recently I've been getting the bug to start writing again, but before I would commit to start up again I would like to know if anyone would want to read them. Please read the plot synopsis and character outlines, and vote!

Stardate 57914 (Dec 2380 Old Calendar)

     Starfleet's vanguard against the Dominion during that war, the Gamma Fleet was mostly made up of experimental vessels created in a desperate (and often incomplete) attempt to stop the Dominion's encroachment into the Alpha Quadrant. The fleet was looked at by most in Starfleet as a 'meat grinder', with crewmen and ships being lost at an alarming rate. Conversely, those who survived tours of duty among the fleet viewed their growing reputation as a badge of honor, with many often requesting to stay with their crewmates. Leading this brigade of 'shock troops' was Fleet Captain Jatal Khyron, who has led the fleet since it's inception.
     The types and styles of fleet vessels changed frequently, but a few hardy ships remained:

     U.S.S. Valkyrie-Gamma Fleet Flagship (NCC-79076)
     U.S.S. Victory-commanded by Aizar Kel (Victory class. Smaller than the Defiant.
                                Like a Fed bird of prey. Very fast and maneuverable)
     U.S.S. Wayfarer-commanded by Tavek (Wayfarer class heavy cruiser)

     The Valkyrie and Victory have the ability to 'link', becoming one larger ship with greater power, shields, and weapons. (Like the reverse of the U.S.S. Prometheus) When linked, Kel is first officer of the Valkyrie. Crewmembers of both ships are interchangable according to mission profile.

     The fleet's home base in the Gamma Quadrant is an M-class planet called New Valeria, a colony built by Starfleet and the highly advanced Valerians, recently contacted by the Federation. (similar to Farpoint Station waaaay back when ;))

     Recently with heightened activity within the Romulan Empire, the Gamma Fleet has not seen new replacements for a while. Since so many other planets and system require Federation assistance, the members of the fleet pride themselves on their independence and self-reliance, working with the Valerians to keep the Gamma terminus to the Bajoran Wormhole safe from rebellious Jem'Hadar factions within the fractured Dominion, and continue to explore the quadrant. The main characters in the story are:

Commodore Khyron - recently promoted (he refused to be an Admiral, so Starfleet reintroduced this rank as a compromise), he commands the Valkyrie. A joined Trill, he is the 12th host of the Khyron symbiote.

Captain Aizar Kel - also a joined Trill, he commands the Victory, the Valkyrie's sister ship and who's symbiote is Khyron's twin brother. They share a kind of 'twin' sense and have shared adventures for centuries.

Captain Tavek - Khyron's former first officer, Tavek is half Romulan, half Vulcan. He commands the Wayfarer, a new experimental starship.

Lt. Cmdr William Austin - (human) Chief Engineer of the Valkyrie. From Texas.(Imagine Trip, but I created this character years before Trip, so =P to anyone who gripes)

Lt. Noah Carter - (human) Helmsman of the Valkyrie. Young and brash, his piloting talent is only surpassed by his penchant for getting into trouble.

Lt. Slarr - Gorn, Tactical officer of the Valkyrie. Loyal to a fault, great guerrila fighter.

Dr. Bashir - recent transfer from Deep Space 9 (due to his breakup with Dax), chief medical officer of the Valkyrie

Lt. Cmdr. Vay'Taq (Klingon) - Female, Chief Tactical Officer of the Wayfarer. Exchange program transferee. Short temper, voracious appetite (for anything and everything)

Ens. Cito - Counselor of the Wayfarer. Son of Jatal Khyron. Has a volatile relationship with his father. Loves human football.

     There are more, but you get the idea. There is also a MOUNTAIN of backstory and adventures that can become known over time, there's just too much to include here. BTW, if anyone wants to have their character join these intrepid explorers (depending on station), e-mail me with the character's outline and desired position, and if chosen he/she/it will be included in adventures. I would stress that this is NOT a RP/E-mail game. This is a story written by me. By submitting a character for consideration you must agree to give me creative license to write them in. (Obviously, I would consult with you about certain story/character elements. I'm not a tyrant. ;)

     So, that's my pitch. What does the HF community think?

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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #1 on: 02 May 2009 08:55 AM »
 I vote a "YES" Jatal.
 I recall your prowess for writing from Demosthenes boards before he folded it. I would read it with pleasure. :startrek015:
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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #2 on: 02 May 2009 01:42 PM »
Sounds good to me!! Rock on :)

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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #3 on: 11 May 2009 02:39 AM »
(well, here we go...)


Earth, Free Island of Bermuda
Stardate 57914.2

     Jatal Khyron laid on the beach, the sun warming his tired body. This was the first time in years he took shore leave, his crew always trying to twist his arm to get some rest. Usually, he found respite in reading, playing Stratagema with Aizar or Tavek, or watching yet another baseball game sent to him by his old friend and former Starfleet Academy classmate Ben Sisko. He never had the heart to tell him how boring he felt the game was, but Aizar seemed to be getting hooked. 'Oh well', he decided, 'Maybe they'll start gabbing about it and leave me out of it.'
     Almost on cue, he heard the telltale footfalls of Starfleet issue boots. Only one person walked that way...
     "Kel, this is the first chance I've had since the end of the Dominion War to take a break and forget about everything we've been through. Now I finally get away, and here you are. Well?"
     Captain Aizar Kel crossed his arms and grinned at his old friend/brother. Kel was a joined Trill as well, and since they were quasi-twins, they knew where each other were at all times. "I might as well have come tromping out here with an Argo, huh?"
     Shielding his eyes from the falling sunset, Khyron sat up and faced his first officer. "Well, the fact that you walked all the way out here instead of just beaming nearby told me that. Still have a hangup about the transporter?"
     Kel shook his head. "Look, I know that it's not logical, but I always get nauseous whenever I use the damn thing."
     Khyron chuckled at his oldest friend. "Sometimes our kind has adverse effects when we beam. Maybe you should have Dr. Bashir look at you."
     "Oh, no. Don't try to deflect again.", Aizar said. "I know that trick too well."
     Khyron became more serious. "Since you came all the way out here, the news must not be good. OK, hit me."
     Kel stepped forward and handed Jatal a towel. "I....I don't know how to tell you this..."
     Khyron jumped up, his face draining of blood. "No...not my son..."
     "Huh? Oh...NO! No. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that. It's just..."
     Jatal stepped forward to face Aizar. "Kel, I've never known you to equivocate. Just say it, man."
     Captain Kel took a deep breath, and looked Khyron right in the eye. "Khyron, the Romulan system has been....destroyed."
     For a moment it seemed like time stood still. Silence reigned, only to be broken by the gentle crash of the waves. Khyron's jaw began to drop, his mind struggling to process what he just heard. "Kel, if this is some kind of joke..."
     Kel's eyes hardened. "You know me better than that. I would never joke about something like this."
     Jatal shook his head. "How?"
     "We only have a partial accounting from Jean-Luc Picard. Apparently he and Ambassador Spock were working to help the Romulans avert a supernova in the Hobus system. They failed. Spock was...lost."
     Khyron sat/fell back down on the beach. Only the salt spray assaulting his nose convinced him this was no nightmare. "By the Pools of Mak'ala, I've known him for over a century! How could this happen?! How can a whole system just go up like...."
     Kel sat down beside him, putting his hand on Jatal's shoulder. "I know, old friend. I know. Jean-Luc said that Spock was piloting an experimental ship designed by Geordi LaForge. They had a plan to collapse the star in on itself, but something went wrong."
     Khyron focused on the horizon, preparing for the worst. "How many got out of the system before..."
     Kel's haunted look burned itself into Khyron's memory forever. "Not many. After the evac order was approved, they thought they had at least 6 weeks, but..."
     Kel looked at his friend, concerned. He never called him that. "Yes?"
     "Does Tavek know?"
     Kel nodded. "He went to Vulcan on emergency leave. His father is missing, and he hopes that he got out before it happened. If he did, then the family's estate at Shi'Kahr would be the first place he would go."
     They both stood back up. "What are our orders?"
     "We are to head directly to Qo'no's to speak to Chancellor Martok. Starfleet is worried that this might cause old grudges to rise to the surface, and certain Houses might use this disaster as cover to burn the Romulans out of the galaxy. We're to...keep the Klingons on a leash."
     "You've got to be kidding. Martok would never allow that. What about Donatra's faction?"
     "Donatra's missing. The Valdore vanished right before it happened. SI thinks that Sela might be involved."
     Khyron pinched the bridge of his nose. "Terrific. Billions of Romulans die, and she couldn't have been one of them?"
     Incredulous, Kel stared at Khyron. "How can you say something like that?"
     He sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry. Let's get moving."
     Kel allowed himself a small grin. "It's OK. I'm way ahead of you." He tapped his combadge. "Kel to Valkyrie. Two to beam up."
     "Are you sure about this?", Khyron whispered.
     Kel held his breath and nodded, closing his eyes.
     The familiar whine of the transporter swallowed them up, fading as the surf reclaimed the beach, as if they had never been there.

     It would be the last peaceful thing they would see for a very long time...

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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #4 on: 21 June 2009 11:53 PM »
Bump. =)

Sorry I haven't followed up on this, but we're getting ready to move and there are about a million issues involved. I promise I'll get more out soon!  :startrek078:

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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #5 on: 22 June 2009 09:20 AM »
 Please do Jatal...

...that start is just frakin' awesome!

But get the move over first , okay! lol
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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #6 on: 25 June 2009 11:14 PM »
<just FYI, I had an itch to write, so sue me. =)>

Stardate 57925.0
Starship Valkyrie
Enroute to Qo'no's

     "I'm coming whether you like it or not, you old wartarg."

     Martok, son of Urthog, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, gnashed his crooked teeth and leaned forward. "And what does the Federation think that sending you to me is going to accomplish, you slug?!"

     Commodore Khyron leaned back in his ready room chair, trying to put on an air of nonchalance. "They want....assurances that you're not going to try to stir up the pot now that the Romulan Empire is in such chaos. I don't think that's an unreasonable expectation."

     "Take care, Khyron. Even your laurels have their limits!"

     Khyron narrowed his eyes. "This has nothing to do with me, and you know it, dammit! Worf told you what happened! Nero wasn't a Romulan agent! He was a misguided and erratic miner who blamed Spock for his wife's death. Going to war isn't going to accomplish a damn thing!"

     Martok chuckled. "All your years, and still you do not understand us. The High Council demands blood for what happened to Worf and his fleet! Even I cannot hold back their rage, nor do I believe I should."

     Jatal pinched the bridge of his nose. "Martok, I swear to you, as a member of your house, as a friend, the Romulan Imperial State had nothing to do with this. The Star Empire is already in shambles, and after the Borg invasion the LAST thing we need is more internecine Alpha Quadrant saber rattling."

     Martok lunged forward towards the screen. "Is that what you think this is? Empty threats?!"

     "NO, you hardheaded..."

     The argument was derailed by the door chime. Khyron used that moment to rein in his own temper. "Chancellor, let's continue this...discussion at the Great Hall."

     Martok froze, chewing on his retort. Finally, he relented. "Very well. Your ship, and ONLY your ship, will be allowed to enter orbit! Leave that ragtag bunch of yours behind!"

     "You have my word."

     Martok growled low in his throat. "Very well. Qo'no's out."

     Khyron punched the disconnect button a little harder than he intended. Great, now I probably need a new screen. Again.

     The chime sounded again. So wrapped up in his own thoughts, Jatal almost forgot. "Enter."

     Lt. Slarr, the Gorn tactical officer, glided in. His forked tongue flicked the air, tasting the scent of the room. "My apologiesss for the interruption, ssssir. Are you well?"

     Khyron palmed the nervous sweat from his brow, and tried to manage a weak smile. "Yes, Lieutenant, I'm fine. Just had to spar with the leader of the Klingon Empire for a bit. What can I do for you?"

     The imposing Gorn stepped forward. "I wisshed to requessst you permissssion to ssstage combat drillssss, in anticccipation of possssible attack by rogue elementsssss.

     Jatal raised an eyebrow. "Romulan, or Klingon?"

     Slarr's eyes glittered. "Yesssss."

     Khyron opened his mouth to answer, but at that moment the door chimed again. Suppressing a sigh, he answered "Come!"

     Lt. Cmdr William Austin, chief engineer, sauntered in. Upon seeing Slarr, he rolled his eyes. "Lemme guess. This alligator already asked you for combat drills."

     Slarr's head spun towards the source of the insult. "For the lasssst time, I am NOT an alligator!!"

     "Well, you ain't a genie either! So stop wishin for stuff you ain't gonna get!"

     Commodore Khyron stood up. "Alright, that's enough! Now, what's wrong with the drills, Austin?"

     Running his grease streaked fingers through his dirty blonde hair, Austin grumbled, "The EPS taps are running waaaay too hot tryin' to get us to Qo'no's in record time. I'm also tryin' to keep the warp core runnin smooth since Starfleet, in it's infinite wisdom by the way, decided to try to modify our engines for slipstream. The last thing I need is a bunch of trigger happy redshirts running around causing power blackouts for imaginary intruders!"

     Khyron had to stifle a laugh at the term 'redshirts'. He hadn't heard that appelation for security officers for decades. I should've known his family would have that lingo down pat.  "What does Kel say?"

     They both looked at the other, then back at Jatal. At that moment, he knew what was going on. He's trying to distract me with ship's business. He knows my diplomatic ability is about as persuasive as a drunk Naussican. "OK, you two, drop the act. Tell Captain Kel that he can run all the drills he wants, and stop bothering me with contrived crises."

     Looking abashed, Austin stepped forward. "Sir, we just don't want..."


     Austin pursed his lips, and hung his head in defeat. "Yes, sir." Spinning on his heel, he exited the room, leaving Slarr standing at attention. "Permissssion to ssspeak freely, sssir?"

     Khyron stood up and went to the replicator, dying for a raktajino. "Don't suppose I can stop you, Slarr?" The Gorn hesitated, not knowing how to respond. He really needs to work on his sense of humor. "Go ahead."

     "You carry a great burden. The galaxy is in turmoil, and many look to you as a ssssource of sssstrength. Assss do I. Remember there are thosssse who can help you ssssshoulder thisss burden. Ssssome would even consssider it an honor. In ssshort, sssir, we are here for you."

     Jatal stood transfixed, shocked at this open display of feeling from his normally reserved tactical officer. It took a moment for him to find his voice, but he was very moved by Slarr's support. "Thank you, Slarr. I won't forget that."

     "As you will, Alpha. Permissssion to return to ssstation?"

     Khyron shook his head, chuckling. "Commodore, Slarr. Or sir. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

     "I am here to ssserve."

     I swear, he does that to me on purpose. "Dismissed."

     Performing a perfect about face, Lt. Slarr exited the room, leaving Khyron with his thoughts. Let's hope Martok cools off soon, he wondered, or things are only gonna get worse.


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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #7 on: 26 June 2009 03:39 AM »
I liked this post. A nice distraction given all these deaths recently. I can't wait to see how your character reacts the Nausicaan alliance with the Gorn.
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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #8 on: 04 July 2009 10:01 PM »
Sector 944-Gamma
Inside Klingon Space
Stardate 57926.1

     The bridge of the Valkyrie was quiet. The somber mood of it's inhabitants seemed almost to mute the gentle beeps of the consoles, the faint hum of the straining warp engines.

     Suddenly Lt. Carter, first shift helmsman, perked up in his chair. "Sir, nav sensors are picking up a disturbance ahead."

     Khyron pulled his gaze away from his PADD. "Type and nature, helm?"

     Carter squinted his eyes, his brow furrowing. "It''s..."

     "Well, Lieutenant?"

     "Sir, I'd swear it's weapons fire, but there aren't supposed to be any ships around here."

     Jatal looked over his shoulder at Lt. Slarr. "Tactical sensors?"

     Slarr's attention was locked on his console. "Weapon ssssignsss match Klingon, ssir."

     Commodore Khyron stood up. "Maximum magnification."

     With a nod, Slarr brought up the scene on the viewer. Khyron's eyes widened as he recognized the Vor'cha-class Klingon attack cruiser firing relentlessly onto what appeared to be the beaten carcass of a Romulan transport.

     Scowling, Khyron barked through his clenched jaw. "Hail that ship! Yellow alert!"

     The silent amber lights flashing through the bridge, Khyron spared a look at Kel, who whirled onto the engineering station. "Kel to engineering. Austin, warm up the Victory, we might need it."

     The exasperated engineer's tired voice came onto the intercom. "Acknowledged."

     Slarr looked up at his commanding officer. "Sssir, we are reccceiving a dissstressss sssignal from the transssport. It isss the vessssel V'Loth, out of the independent..."

     Khyron completed the statement. "...independent Romulan colony T'Plana'Hath."

     Slarr's gaze turned quizzical. "How did you know that, sssir?"

     Jatal looked at his brother Kel once again. "Tavek's ship."

     Kel sat at his XO's chair and studied his readout. "That's the one, alright. How in the depths did it get here? I thought it was in the Bajor system?"

     Khyron felt his spots begin to itch. That always happened when he was about to face battle. "I.D. on the attacker?"

     Slarr returned his attention to his console. "Regisssstry is the I.K.S. Ya'Vang, commanded by General Klag."

     Klag. Great., Khyron thought. He's not one to run brazenly. If he's attacking this ship, there's gotta be a reason. "Any response from the Klingons?"

     Slarr shook his massive head. "No, sssir."

     His features hardening, he spun on his tactical officer. "You send this, Lieutenant. Tell him that Khyron, Dahar Master of the House of Martok, demands his attention! NOW!"

     Without breaking stride, Slarr said "Transsssmitting..."

     Kel came up besides Khyron, close enough to speak privately. "You sure that antagonizing Klag is a good idea right now?"

     "I think that if you want to get a Klingon's attention, you speak loud and carry a bigger stick."

     "No Rough Rider quotes, please. That always makes me want to ready damage control teams."

     Before Khyron could formulate a retort, Slarr broke in. "Sssir! The general is resssponding!"

     "On screen."

      The picture on the viewer changed to that of a dark, hot, oppressive bridge. Wisps of smoke permeated the head of the figure at the center chair. General Klag had a distinguished career with the Klingon Defense Force, his first encounter with Starfleet coming when then Commander William Riker of the Enterprise-D temporarily became his superior officer aboard the I.K.S. Pagh. Since then he ascended to Captain, then General under Martok, becoming known as his right hand man. His presence complicated things.

     If he's here, then Martok is allowing this, Khyron thought. This does not bode well.

     The gruff Klingon's voice resonated within his own bridge. "I respond out of respect to your station, Khyron. Do not seek to interfere with an internal Klingon matter."

     Struggling to maintain calm, Khyron's face put on an inscrutable mein. "There are Starfleet officers on board that transport, General. It comes from an independent colony, not the Romulan Star Empire, NOR the Imperial State."

     "It is a Romulan vessel in Klingon territory, something that is expressly forbidden by treaty! Are you saying that this ship is yours?"

     "No, General. As I said, it is from an independent colony, called T'Plana Hath from the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole. It is owned by the former Praetor V'Sharith, father of Starfleet Captain Tavek, who is currently onboard."

     "And you are sure of this?"

     "Well, since you're currently jamming all local subspace frequencies, we cannot speak to him to verify. However, if you would be so kind as to..."

     "So you can coordinate an escape? No, I cannot allow that. The Chancellor's orders were clear regarding border violations at this time. The vessel will be impounded, and it's crew and passengers arrested, processed, and then perhaps returned to you, if things are as you say."

     Khyron's fingers curled into fists. "Klag, I speak the truth. This ship obviously means you no harm. Allow me to speak with them so we can clear this up without bloodshed." Sparing a glance at Kel, he mouthed the words. "Are we sure he's there?"

     Kel looked down at his monitor, then nodded. "Yes, sir. No explanation for why they're here. They couldn't have chosen a worse time to be here."

     Piping up from the helm, Carter deadpanned, "Funny time to have a 'navigational error'..."

     Wishing his gaze could fuse Carter's mouth shut, Khyron tried to deflect Klag's attention so he didn't pick up on the young lieutenant's comment. Soon to be ensign...  "I can promise you we will get to the bottom of this misunderstanding, General..."

     Cutting off Khyron's statement, Klag's hand cut the air. "Enough. Do not interfere, Valkyrie. You have been warned."

     Khyron stepped forward. "Klag, don't do this. If you fire upon that ship again, I will be forced to defend it. I have no wish to fight you."

     The corner of Klag's lips curled. "Nor do I, old friend. But we are creatures of duty. We will do what we must."

     Swallowing hard and knowing the outcome, he nodded slightly at Kel, who signaled for Red Alert. "As will we. This is your last chance, Klag. Let us take them away from here. I swear to you, on my honor, that I will get to the bottom of this."

     Sitting back, Klag resigned himself to the inevitable. "Then perhaps today is a good day to die."

     The transmission blinked out.

     Khyron sat back down in the heaviest chair in the universe, the sounds of his crew preparing for battle thick in his ears. However, only one thought dominated.

     I've died many times, Klag. None on them were any good.

     Slarr's voice was low and predatory. "The prey comessss to ssstrike, sssir. Orders?"

     Once again, the bridge was silent.....


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Re: Star Trek: The Last Guardian
« Reply #9 on: 24 July 2009 02:17 PM »
Sector 944-Gamma
Inside Klingon Space
Stardate 57926.1

     Captain's Log: Supplemental

     On our way to the Klingon homeworld, we have stumbled upon the Romulan transport vessel V'Loth being attacked by the Klingon warship Ya'Vang. I have no explanation for why a Romulan ship is in Klingon space, but General Klag's not letting us talk to them to find out. All attempts at trying to resolve this situation peacefully seem to be going out the airlock, and I might be forced to fire upon a friend to save another.....

     Khyron looked meaningfully at Kel. The latter nodded, then turned to activate his comm. "Beta shift, report to the Victory immediately! Computer, scenario Kel, Delta Tau 271."
     In a shimmer, the ship's transporter swept Kel and a portion of the bridge crew away. From Tactical, Slarr reported "Transssport complete."
     Khyron's eyes narrowed. In an even voice, he said, "Unlock docking clamps, emergency detachment protocols."
     At the helm, Lt. Carter acknowledged the order. The young lieutenant's eyes were wide as he anticipated the next order. "Shall I put some distance between us and the Klingons, sir?"
     Jatal was silent for a moment. "No. Put us between the V'Loth and the Ya'Vang. If Klag wants to destroy that ship, they're gonna have to go through us first. Contact Chancellor Martok at the Great Hall, immediately!"
     The relief Ops officer, a bombastic Tellarite by the name of Chev, spoke up. "Sir, the Klingons are resuming fire upon the transport. Their shields are failing!"
     Carter chimed in, "Maneuvering into position."
     Slarr joined the chorus, "Reinforcing fore sssshields with emergency power. Firing sssolution 1 programmed. Awaiting your order sssir." The anticipatory gleam in his eye was obvious to the entire bridge. Slarr was known well throughout the ship as brave, honest, and intense. They all learned quickly never to get between a Gorn and it's prey. Well, except Khyron.
     "Do NOT fire until fired upon! Understood?"
     "Aye, ssir." Slarr growled.
     Commodore Khyron turned back to the screen as Chev said, "Sir, the Victory is clear and free to navigate. Captain Kel on discreet channel 1."
     "Victory to Valkyrie. I'm thinking we get behind them, force them to peel off."
     Jatal nodded to himself. "Agreed. Get them angry enough to chase you. Make them believe it, Kel. We need to transport any survivors over before the V'Loth explodes, which should be...." He leaned over Chev's console and read the grim news. "...any minute now. Get it done, Kel."
     "We're on it, Valkyrie. Victory out."
     Putting a comforting hand on the Tellarite's shoulder, Jatal said "Contact Dr. Bashir and warn him we're about to bring aboard guests, possibly injured."
     Chev nodded. "Aye, sir."
     Sitting back down in his chair, he spoke over his shoulder. "Slarr, tactical plot on screen."
     "On ssscreen, sssir."
     Khyron saw the blue arrows, one large, one small, that represented the Valkyrie and Victory, respectively. Also on screen were the white circle of the V'Loth, and the angry red arrow of the Ya'Vang. It showed that they were indeed now placed between Klag and his target. For the moment, the firing stopped. But that won't last long, thought Khyron.
     The Victory flew in a wide arc around the Ya'Vang. The tension in the air was palpable.....

<Writer's Note: Sorry this must be a 'To Be Continued'. I'm recovering from surgery and can only write so much at a time, but I so enjoy doing it, my better half has to pull me away from the computer before I pass out on the keyboard. ;) I promise this, chapter will be finished soon. BTW, if there are any question/comments/critiques/etc. please let me know. I welcome them.>
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