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Author Topic: The Hematite Order  (Read 2079 times)

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The Hematite Order
« on: 17 May 2009 08:33 PM »
I am a devoted knight,
Initiated on Mount Oral.
My faith has garnered me might,
I answer the Hierophant's call.

My father was not a Gul,
My father was not a Senator.
Therefore we welcomed the Federation's rule.
But my life was shattered by a fool.

I hunt for ancient treasure,
Obsidion Order vaults are before me.
I seek wealth and pleasure...
Wait! What is it I see?

Some military man,
As green as a blade of grass.
I do not change my plan,
I opened the vault of brass.

We split the wealth in half,
As his gun was dead.
Then we each took a different path.
I went home and to bed.

The soldier's boss will be in shock
By the contract in the sack.
I can almost hear the door lock,
And putting the boy on the wrack.

Yet I can sleep at night,
For I know my cause is right.
The War God will let me be,
Until the Death Goddess takes me.
Time is the fire in which we burn. -Gene Roddenberry