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Author Topic: My last KVP entry.  (Read 3198 times)

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My last KVP entry.
« on: 02 March 2008 03:36 AM »
This was the last scene I submitted for the fan fiction contest Kirk vs. Picard.

Ext. Bridge of the Enterprise-D, The Computer is on Self-Destruct Countdown.

Computer, emergency override authorization Picard-4-7-Tango!

Voice Authorization has been locked out.

By who?

80 seconds. Authorization locked out by officer Gary Seven.

Picard turns and notices the unfamiliar crewman

Gary Seven pulls out his pen and shoots Riker and also accidentally hits Data missing Picard

75 seconds.

Picard activates his combadge.

Picard to Transporter room 3 site to site transport to the planet!

Picard is beamed away as Gary Seven fires at him

Ext. Bridge of Kirkís Enterprise, Kirk realizing that the Enterprise-D is about to be destroyed orders that the ship leave orbit!

Captain, we must not leave our close vicinity to the planet is what is preventing us from being affected by the temporal anomalies.

If we stay we will lose shield integrity due to the explosion of the Enterprise-D and we will be destroyed!

Spock jumps at Kirk grabs him and transports to the planet using a micro transporter that can penetrate shielding supplied by Gary Seven.

Spock and Kirk appear on the Guardian planet; Spock promptly performs the Vulcan nerve pinch on Kirk.

Sorry, Captain, but it had to be done.

Spock attempts to call Data on his communicator

Spock to Data what is your current position?

Spock hears only static from his communicator.

Spock walks to the Guardian only to find Captain Picard

Commander Spock!

Captain Picard, I have determined that the interaction between multiple timelines is what is causing the problem in the fabric of time and the only way to stop it is to destroy the Guardian because it is what has caused the interaction.

So you are saying if we destroy the Guardian in this time it will cause a temporal reversion and repair the timeline. Commander wouldnít this also damage the timeline by the fact the Guardian was destroyed?

It is possible but there is no other way, logic dictates that when no other option is available use the option you have.

I outrank you and I order you to help me calculate the time before we are able to go back to the Enterprise before she was destroyed so we can attempt this again!

No, more interaction with the past will only destroy our final chance to save the universe.

Picard pulls his phaser before Spock does and stuns him!

Picard (V.O)
Here alone working on attempt to save the future of the galaxy I ponder what if I am wrong?

Ext. Half of a kilometer away from the Guardian.

Kirk (V.O)
Captainís Log Star date Unknown, I have been knocked unconscious by my first officerís nerve pinch and my ship and the Enterprise-D are presumably destroyed. I am left by everyone that I hold dear and the rest of the universe to fix the timeline once and for all!

Kirk pulls out his communicator and attempts to call Spock

Kirk to Spock, come in Spock!

All Kirk hears from his communicator is static

Ext. the Guardian of Forever

Kirk over communicator
Kirk to Spock, come in Spock!

Kirk is still alive!

Kirk closes his communicator realizing that someone was on the other end

Picard (V.O)
Captainís Log Unknown Knowing Kirk is still alive after the explosion of his ship is a sobering thought for I know he plans on destroying the Guardian and in the end time will be destroyed with it!

Kirk runs to the Guardian

Kirk arrives at the Guardian only to be shot at by Captain Picard

Kirk dives for cover

Picard, I know you believe you should go back in time to stop this, but I believe the Guardian has caused enough trouble for the universe!

Picard continues trying to shoot Kirk

Kirk realizes that the the rock is getting too hot to be used as cover and jumps to the next rock outcropping but is shot in the leg by a stun beam

Picard closes in to defeat Kirk

Spock barely conscious from a previous stun blast a fire a stun blast at Picard but accidentally hits his arm

Captain Picard turns around, sets his phaser to kill and shoots Spock knowing that when he fixed the timeline he would not be dead.


Kirk turns and shoots Picard with his phaser set to vaporize!

Weakly Spock called to Kirk

Captain, you must destroy the Guardian uhhÖ..

Kirk aims his phaser set to vaporize on the Guardian

Kirk (V.O)
Your Sacrifice will not be in vain!

Kirk throws an overloading phaser at the Guardian.

Captainís log 947.2, We are continuing on course for Deep Space Station 5 for resupply.

Captainís Log 2389.4 We are continuing on course for Starbase 13 for scheduled maintenance on the shipís deflector array.

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Re: My last KVP entry.
« Reply #1 on: 02 March 2008 04:58 AM »
good story, I could visualize the entire story the whole time I was reading it